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VIDEO: CNN Interview About Provigil!

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CNN recently interviewed me about my Provigil experience. Last Saturday they aired my interview with Don Lemon regarding the benefits of Provigil. As a biohacker, every experiment and enhancement is about maximizing the human experience, and staying there.

I am living my dream which happens to be enough for at least two lifetimes: traveling for business at least a hundred times a year, being an executive, writing about upgrading myself, spending time with my two great kids, and staying connected with my wonderful wife.

For me, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

My life isn’t possible due to Provigil alone.

The Bulletproof diet and lifestyle plays an immense role in making this possible. It is the foundation for all of my other enhancements and hacks. That said, I find all kinds of ways to maximize my ability to get the most out of life. Provigil gives me a noticeable boost on top of everything else I do to keep a healthy and enhanced brain. That is pretty amazing considering how much I get from my other biohacks, my favorite being Upgraded coffee.

If you’re unhealthy, provigil will let you do more, but it will tax your health. Do not use it as an excuse to skip sleep or abuse your health; I don’t!

After ABC’s Dan Harris interviewed me, I put together a Q & A post, and a post based on reader input on their experiences procuring Provigil.

Are you following the Bulletproof diet and lifestyle and later tried Provigil? What’s your experience?

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By Dave Asprey

  • I just had to come to the comments and state that you really nailed that interview. Very well done. Congrats.

    • Vince

      I was coming down here to write the same thing.

      • Thanks guys! I did that on 2 hours of sleep after flying for a couple hours. :)

        • Toni A F

          Dave did you also use or do you have a genuine prescription?

    • mike deamon

      Yeh thanks man. Got 40 pills from and hell yeh they rock

  • Great job Dave, even with the uninformed reporter’s snarky comments. I love when he said his doctor texted him that he shouldn’t take it!

  • Ashley

    Awesome interview! The one thing I would have added is whether or not it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to take. I read somewhere that it is not. Dave, could you please clarify whether this is true or not? I’m just considering women who become pregnant or are feeding infants. Provigil might be tempting to take in these situations.

    • Ashley, provigil has no place in pregnant women or in the performance plans of women who are shortly planning to become pregnant. Not because we know it’s dangerous, but because we haven’t studied it enough to know what it would do to a baby. See

  • Guest

    Do you still take aniracetam with the provigil? Or did you stop? The interview was a bit unclear. Also you mentioned 2 smart drugs you took during your MBA. What were those and how did they compare to provigil?

    • I took piracetam, pramiraetam, vasopressin, deprenyl, and a bunch of smart nutrients at various times during my MBA. I do take aniracetam with provigil.

      • Guest

        Have you stopped taking the other racetams? I’m curious as to what differences you felt on the different racetams? Why do you primarily talk about aniracetam and only have that on upgraded self? I read that it has anxiolytic effects, which I don’t think that piracetam has. But it also seems to have a short ‘half life’ of about 2 hours, which is odd since it’s lipid based right? Could you write a blog post on the different racetams and the differing effects?

        • r1vende11

          any update?

  • carolyn.s

    do you know the chemical difference between add meds and provigil that makes provigil a safer alternative?

    • Provigil is not a stimulant; it’s “arousal promoting”. Different category entirely.

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  • David

    Dave, Thanks for the information. I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before but I have to ask you about tolerance to this drug, yes its great that we have it but does it lose its effectiveness over time? Is there anything we can do to prevent this? Perhaps take it on a schedule that includes off days or maybe take it with some other supplement? Thanks Dave!

    • There is a case for rotating supplements on and off; I tried no provigil on weekends for a couple years but settled on using it most of the time, once a day in the morning.

      • r1vende11


  • James

    I have a question about provigil and calcium d-glucarate.
    Since calcium d-glucarate increases liver activity what
    is the best time to take calcium d-glucarate so it will not interfere with provigil.
    Or should I not worry about it.

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  • Lance

    I enjoyed how Don Lemon threw in his negative digs every now and then in an attempt to keep the interview “balanced” and not an infomercial for Provigil, as well as Dave not engaging back, thereby allowing it to stay on track, and not morph into a time burning argument.

    Dosed my very first Modalert 200 this morning, and I am extremely impressed. If this has any sort of staying power, I’ll be hooked in the best way possible! Wow!!!

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  • I take modafinil regularly and have noticed that the first few times i’ve taken it, it worked extremely well. But i notice that my body has built up a tolerance to it pretty quickly.

    Dave what dosage do you take, just curious?

    • NA

      i knew someone that would take provigil through the week and take the weekends off and when they would start it again on a Monday, they would get the same effects as the week before with no tolerance problems. This drug did wonders for them btw

  • Warren G

    Toward the end of the interview you say armodafinil is the predecessor to modafinil. It’s not the other way around?

    Also, great blog.

    • slide

      He means adrafinil

      • r1vende11

        what is adrafinil?

  • John

    Have their been studies with elderly people taking modafinil?

    I’m 23 with no interest in taking it at this stage of my life but I’m curious how it affects older people where mental and cognitive ability has already declined; does it have a significant effect?

    Thinking is to exercise, eat right, meditate, challenge brain, etc. in early years (i.e. keep everything in good condition) and once natural decline happens (or starts to happen), hit some modafinil and/or caffeine.


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  • Nico

    Can provigil cause a rash? I’ve heard that it can cause life threatening rashes like SJS but has it been known to cause mild rashes that eventually go away with tolerance?

  • chuck

    It so wear i took 200mg of provegil and went to sleep for hours 2 days in a roll , could be is interacting with Paxil

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  • Mike

    Dave – I tried 200mg of Modafinil (ModAlert from SunPharma) for two days and I didn’t notice any effect. Could I be lacking something needed to make it effective? Is there a supplement I should stack with it?

  • Mat

    Hi .Dave
    where I can buy Provigil ???
    I’m from Jordan in the Middle East..

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  • A. Westerman

    I haven no interest in taking that drug, but I enjoyed the interview. Found it strange that the news guy suddenly remembered that his doctor didn’t recommend it, and seemed to lose his smile, his composure, and his flow from that point on! Hm, wonder what that’s about. (Also, he threw in that his co-worker gets headaches from it in a very awkward way.)

  • Brooke Bates

    Ok, now I’m really confused. I first stumbled upon Dave’s podcast because I love learning about how to live longer and be healthier in todays toxic world. With that being said, I’m so confused why he would take an unnatural drug when he is all about being healthy and living longer? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of making you smart via healthy fats? Can someone please explain? I’m calling BS.

  • r1vende11

    Great blog!

    • r1vende11

      cant wait to see more

      • r1vende11

        EDIT: can u do more on other nootropics???

  • Melissa King

    Modafinil is amazing stuff. Modafizone is where I got mine from. Super quick delivery to Huston too.

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