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Q&A: How to buy Modafinil (Provigil)

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This blog post addresses many of my readers’ questions and concerns about modafinil, such as: “but Dave, aren’t you all-natural?” and, “how do you know your experiments worked if you were taking drugs?”

Biohacking is about maximizing your potential, not necessarily about being the most all-natural person out there. It just happens to be that a lot of natural solutions help you reach your potential. And when I’m doing experiments, I take account for modafinil – sometimes stopping it, sometimes lowering it, to see how my other biohacks work without it.

Then there were some readers who wanted to know how much modafinil I take, and more urgently, how to get some. Before Bulletproof, I took about 300-400 mg per day. Since I’ve been on the Bulletproof® Diet, I take anywhere from 0 – 100 mg of modafinil per day, which I take in the morning or maybe at lunch.  Unfortunately, you need to get it through a prescription from your doctor, and they’re not all inclined to hand those prescriptions out, even though the medication is pretty low-risk.

In this post, I also go into depth explaining what steps I take to mitigate any possible risk from modafinil (even though the chance of risk is slim to none), and I argue against the claims that it’s addictive and immoral.  I know these things aren’t true, just as I know that on my own I’m good enough, and I also know that by using modafinil, I’m even better.

The recent ABC Nightline piece about me using modafinil as a cognitive enhancer brought out a lot of comments.

This recent publicity became the first time some followers realized I use smart drugs, even though I have been very public for more than a decade about my use of smart drugs to increase my health and performance, including modafinil. This post is here to answer questions that lots of people are asking about modafinil and smart drugs in general.

I’ve attempted to capture them all here; if I missed one, please comment on this post.

Q: “I thought you were all natural and I’m disappointed to hear you use cognitive enhancers.”

A: This blog – and biohacking in general – is about doing all you can safely do to achieve your biological goals. My goals are to live longer, maximize my potential, and literally radiate energy. Of course I use the smart drugs that are safe, and I believe that modafinil is one of the safe ones for a variety of reasons. If you use a healthy diet, or Tylenol, to get more done, you’re doing exactly the same thing as me using smart drugs. The only exception is that Tylenol is more dangerous than most smart drugs, believe it or not (much more toxic to your liver). Many smart drugs (not including modafinil) are neuroprotective and probably extend brain cell life.

Q: How do you know your sleep hacking experiments – and the Bulletproof® Diet actually work? You were just hopped up on drugs.

A: I went off modafinil for 3 months in the middle of my experiment to see how I did. I was fine, but modafinil is an improvement. When I started taking it, my neurological function was such that modafinil was transformative and amazing. It was a 50% boost at the higher doses prescribed. Since 2002 when I started, I’ve increased my health and cognitive function using Bulletproof® Coffee and the Bulletproof® Diet and things like Upgraded Aging Formula, which let me ramp down the dose. But most days, I take it because it gives me a 10% boost even in my already “supercharged” state. That 10% helps me be a better father, husband, and provider. It also raises my ability to meditate as measured by EEG, and it helps me to better serve others.

Modafinil helped me write The Better Baby Book and this blog, all while working full time as a successful executive and raising 2 young children. In fact, in the wake of these comments, I ran another small test. I didn’t take any modafinil. Went to sleep at 3 a.m. Woke at 4 a.m. Drove to airport. At 6:30 a.m. I flew from Victoria to Ottowa, arriving at 5:30 p.m. Business dinner until 11 p.m. Slept from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. (4 hours). Had Bulletproof Coffee. Sat in meetings for 8 hours straight, awake, with one more coffee. Hopped on a plane back to Victoria (7 hour total journey). No modafinil. I was alert and highly productive in the meetings – this is what vibrant health does for me. But on modafinil, I’d probably have been more alert and energetic. I’d have felt just like I do now – but more.

Q: What dose do you take?

A: I took 200 mg in the morning and 100-200 at lunch at first before I discovered Bulletproof® Coffee and the Bulletproof® Diet. The health increases I experienced let me ramp my dose down to 100 mg/day, sometimes 50, and sometimes none. I always perform well if I eat the right foods, avoid the toxins, and have butter, Brain Octane™ and Upgraded™ XCT oil. Provigil is an added boost, not a requirement.

Q: When do you take it?

A: Morning. Maybe at lunch. I never take it at night unless I’m driving and really tired.

Q: Where do you get modafinil?

A: Get it from your doctor with a prescription.

Readers of the blog have recommended some sites for ordering online with or without a prescription, but I have not tried them and do not endorse them specifically. Use at your own risk, and read this post.

Q: How do I get a prescription?

A: In the U.S., it is legally prescribed for “shift worker sleep disorder” and narcolepsy, and insurance will usually reimburse for it. It is also commonly prescribed for ADD and ADHD, and sometimes for MS, lupus, or chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. Describe your symptoms to your doctor. Ask for a prescription. The links here may help you fully grasp the symptoms you need to have to qualify for a prescription. (and as a side note, when are we going to decide we don’t need $150 permission slips from our doctors to decide what substances we want to put into our own bodies? But I digress . . ..)

Q: What are the risks and side effects of modafinil?

A: Low but not non-existent.  Check out my comment, and reader Elspeth’s response for more information.

Q: What do you do to mitigate the risk?

I like my brain, the risk appears low to me, however I want to give my brain additional support.   Here is what I do to keep it healthy

  • Upgraded Aging Formula which is very neuroprotective but has multiple other anti-aging benefits too, like blood sugar, genetic expression improvements, etc.
  • Brain Octane™ and Upgraded™ XCT oil – a form of coconut oil extract with 6 times more of the active MCTs than coconut oil. (It also works for weight loss).
  • Upgraded Coffee which, if brewed without a paper filter (think French Press or espresso) contains two potent anti-inflammatory brain agents, cafestol and kahweol (coffee benefits).
  • Glutathione Force – a very potent, highly absorbable anti-oxidant that helps the body to remove toxins rapidly. Glutathione is required in the brain.
  • Krill oil – a form of fish oil useful for the brain
  • Aniracetam – another smart drug that is neuroprotective
  • Runny or raw egg yolks – full of choline your brain needs.

Am I plugging my own products here? Yes. I designed these formulas specifically for my own health and brain function and had them made because I wanted the best for myself. I give them to my family. I sell them at a much lower profit than normal companies would. They are the best in the world. I have never made one cent from the sales – so far, all the income from all sales goes to pay for more research and the operation of this blog, which itself serves 100,000 people per month, for free. See other posts about brain health.

Q: I’m in college or high school. Should I take it?

A: God no! And stay away from Adderall (prescription meth) too. Good quality coffee (low toxin) is ok in the morning for most people at these ages. Your brain won’t be mature fully until 23-25 years old!

Q: Modafinil is a dangerous addictive narcotic like meth.

A: Uh, no it ‘s not. Not even in the stimulant category. It’s “arousal promoting” not stimulating. You can sleep after you take it; it’s just that you don’t want to. It is not a narcotic. It is not addictive – there is no street value for it. My wife, a Karolinska-trained physician who ran drug and alcohol addiction clinics, flat out says, “I’ve never had an addict ask me for it. It is not addictive.” I found I actually decreased my dose as my health improved.

Q: You used it to sleep only 5 hours a night.

A: No, I didn’t. I slept only 5 hours per night because I had things to do and I was experimenting on myself. I used modafinil to increase my performance during the day after less sleep, but I tested (for 3 months) not using modafinil at all. I programmed myself for more efficient sleep (see podcast with advanced brain monitoring) for more details.

Q: It’s immoral. If you use it, everyone else will have to.

A: No. Only those who want to will take it. Do you drink coffee? Do you use fire to stay warm? Do you use electric lights to out-compete people who have none? How about agriculture? Reading glasses? Technology for human performance is not new.

Q: Do you think you are not good enough without it?

This question makes me smile. I used biohacking to get the same brain state as someone who spends 20-40 years in daily zen practice. I am a certified heart math coach and can control my stress consciously, and I know Art of Living breathing and yoga. I *love* myself and know I’m “good enough.”

I also know my potential, and I believe I owe it to myself to do everything within my power to best serve others, including my family, coworkers, the team here at Bulletproof Executive, the thousands of people who have used this site to upgrade their lives, and the many more who keep coming here seeking knowledge. Modafinil helps me do that. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t live my life fully? I don’t know; that’s not who I am. So I will continue to use all methods I can find to maximize my abilities, including electronic, pharmaceutical (selected, safe ones), meditation, occasional exercise, Whole body vibration, supplements, Bulletproof Coffee, and the Bulletproof Diet.



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Post date: July 20, 2012
  • Howard

    One of the conditions indicated for provigil or nuvigil is sleep apnea. However, I have been unable to get my VA doc to prescribe it for me.

    • Rouzier

      Have you done a sleep study yet. That is how I was able to get mine after I was diagnosed with narcolepsy

      • Howard

        In the past 22 years, I have been through 8 sleep studies. I have been a CPAP user since being diagnosed with OSA in 1990. I still can’t get a prescription for this from the VA. I’m guessing it’s an issue with the expense. This drug is *very* pricey. I have lost about 120 lbs, so I will be getting another sleep study fairly soon, because I’m pretty sure I need to reduce my pressure substantially. Once I reach my weight goal, I may not need CPAP at all, although there is a possibility that two decades of CPAP use may have cause CSA (central sleep apnea).

        BTW, after 10 years of being stalled in my weight loss, I kickstarted it with IF.

  • Johnny J

    It was great seeing you on ABC. Thanks for doing this FAQ on Provigil. I know a lot of people will have hesitations on things like this.

    It seems like a better version of the otc drug, AlphaBrain.

  • Jack Portman

    Would modafinil be a “safer” alternative to Ritalin for a 20 year old student with ADHD? If I had to pick one to use occasionally for increased focus, which do you think is safer? Thanks

    • Andrew Nakamura

      Obviously I’m not Dave but I have a pretty negative opinion of Ritalin. I’ve seen what it does to friends of mine and its not pretty. Take my opinion with a sea of salt but I’d say Modafinil is the way to go, if you restrict your options to only those two.

    • csp8

      and most definitely stay away from adderall. i know someone that took it to get through college and her soul died somewhere along the way

      • Dave Asprey

        I’m no physician, but the safety research would make me want to use Provigil over Adderall or Ritalin for sure.

    • Dave Asprey

      We know what Ritalin does, and it’s addictive!

  • Howard

    Question for Dave: Is your Aniracetam ($25/30caps 750mg) better than the bulk stuff available for $50/100g? Or the $30/60caps 750mg) available from

  • noah

    I thought a paper filter was better for coffee because it absorbs some harmful oils?

    • Dave Asprey

      Those “harmful oils” are neurological anti-inflammatories. ?

      • Erik Uhl

        so we should ‘not’ use paper filters? just the plastic or I think I heard stainless steel ones somewhere?

    • Christoph VonKlinger

      Trade offs and compromises…diterpenes (the oils) are not only anti-inflammatory but also antimicrobial; however, not so good for your heart or liver.

  • Howard

    Just ordered 3 bottles of your upgraded anti-aging. Said on the site that shipping was free for 3 bottles. But it charged me for shipping anyway. Hmmm….

    • Dave Asprey

      So sorry Howard. Will fix it on the site, and refund your shipping. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Ryan

        Is this stuff legit? Kinda sceptical…

  • BrainFogAhoy!

    Hey Dave, any idea why someone would often feel a bit off when taking this? (fuzzy mind, hard to focus, slight headache, sometimes a bit grumpy even, etc.) while sometimes it seems to work? I have found it sometimes works somewhat and I’ll feel a bit (just a tiny bit!) racy high especially if I take it with caffeine… but it often doesn’t have any seemingly beneficial effects unless I take it with at least a bit of caffeine. (I’m talking 20 – 60 mg)

    It feels like it drains, burns through, or screws up my neurotransmitters or something… but other times I can get a pleasant effect and it can really help when needing to drive overnight and not sleep when you get to your destination….

    It sounds like when it works for other people, it “WORKS!”… but it only sometimes works for me… and not for as long as it should (6-8 hours at most… sometimes 3-4) or with the amazing effect that I’m expecting. I tried with the real stuff (USA branded Provigil) as well as various generics at various doses (50mg once per day up to 200mg twice a day, with various increments between to test.)

    Any ideas?

    • BrainFogAhoy!

      Heh. After re-reading my comment it strikes me that I should have proofread and edited it. Oh well, please forgive my rambling. As you can tell, no modafinil in me at all today ;-)

    • elspeth

      As many drugs, for some people, Modafinil has side effects or reduced efficacy. We don’t yet understand the mechanism of action for Modafinil, which makes it somewhere between difficult and impossible to predict who will get which side effects. Incidentally, the side effects you mention are fairly common reactions to the drug, as mentioned on the PI sheet.

      I take Modafinil every day for a medical condition, similar to narcolepsy. Some days, it only just barely keeps me conscious; other days, I’m bright and alert. I find that ineffective days tend to coincide with periods of high liver load (eg, drinking alcohol the previous day or taking other medications, such as antibiotics), not eating enough the day previous. There does also seem to be a correlation with exercise recovery and with contagious illness – that is to say, during periods my body is working hard at repair and fighting off things, Modafinil tends to work significantly less well, above and beyond the tiredness I’d normally expect to feel in those situations.

      I do not suggest increasing your dose to overcome this; rather, I’d suggest taking a long hard look (and keeping a diary) of what else is going on at the time. Keep in mind that correlation is not causation; but that the environment your body is in certainly can have an effect on your response to medications.

      • Dave Asprey

        +1 on the diary idea. It’s important to know your kryptonite!

    • Dave Asprey

      There are some people for whom it just doesn’t work – individual variations in neurochem I suspect. Try something else! ?

  • Maxshralp

    Hard to see how safe it is when college students shouldn’t be taking it?

    • TL

      Can’t speak for Dave here, but I suspect, given my own research and experience on the topic, that it is unwise to mess with a developing brain. Current research shows that the brain keeps developing until around 25, with an added spurt of new neurons around this period. I think that may be a bit of the thinking behind the general precaution.

    • Andrew Nakamura

      I think its more of a general principle than a hard rule. I’m sure taking Modafinil even semi-regularly is better than swallowing down the Standard American Diet and the even more atrocious typical college-aged fare. Everything we eat affects our brain, and 90% of college kids simply give zero fucks about taking care of themselves. I’m 19 years old and follow many of the same biohacking principles talked about on this blog, including cognitive enhancement, supplementation, and sleep hacking (even doing this I still sleep much more than many of my peers), to great benefit. Are there potential hidden negatives? I suppose, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. As Dave says, everything is a trade-off. We retain neuroplasticity well into old age and perhaps right up until death if we do it right, so if I fuck myself up I’m sure I can find some way to unfuck myself sometime during the 80+ more years I plan to live.

      And no matter what I get myself into, it’s still definitely healthier than how I lived the first 16 years of my life.

      • Sean

        “…give zero fucks” that’s poetry, bro!!!!

      • golooraam

        really well written, gosh knows how much damage my daily cheesesteak and curly fries fried deep fried in God knows what did to my brain…

        btw – have you tried the Nuvigil analogue from ? I decided to take the plunge and get some

        really hoping this pans out

        • Andrew Nakamura

          Nope but I’m going to order a small amount for my next batch. I remember reading something by Dave saying that Armodafinil leads to liver problems though. Will have to do more research.

        • Dave Asprey

          Nuvigil is awesome stuff I hear; if what you get is real, it’s the strongest. Not armodafinil.

        • golooraam

          of course I risk ruining the mood of my day by asking you Dave… but what do you mean by ‘not armodafinil’?

          do you mean it’s not as strong or as good? If it’s something like provigil I’ll take it – I ordered from and they seemed to advertise it as liking it…

          then I read about some liver stuff from the comments – I will be sure to just take only a few days a week on ‘really tough’ days whle making sure I eat very very BP to offset any liver issues (I guess eating some raw liver would help too)

          thanks again Dave

        • Endymion

          You’re confusing armodafinil (Nuvigil) with adrafinil. Adrafinil is responsible for liver problems because of its additional metabolism. It is a prodrug and needs to be converted to modafinil by enzymes in your liver. Armodafinil is just a stronger version of modafinil (the active R-enantiomer, hence the name AR-modafinil), so if that’s what you’ve got you don’t need to worry.

        • Phil George

          Dave, isn’t Nuvigil just the pharma name for Armodafinil?

          Andrew & golooraam: The stuff they sell at myModafinil isn’t Nuvigil, its the Sun Pharma version.

      • Marshall

        the chances of you living to 100 are like 1 in 1000 its all genes

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  • Cyrus

    So you don’t advise anyone to take it if they are 24 ? I am finishing college but I find myself having trouble focusing or sometimes getting things done, also sometimes lack motivation. Worst part is that I have horrible memory and difficulty articulating my thoughts into words (maybe I need to get more sleep)

    • Dave Asprey

      Cyrus, I was like that when I was 24. It was brain damage from toxins (seriously, I have the tests to prove it “toxic exposure brain damage”). You need to get on the BP diet quickly and get some sleep. ?

      • Cyrus

        Would you say that some of the toxins are from the fact that my mouth is filled with silver fillings? I am hesitant on having them replaced as I don’t see how the composite materials are any safer, they contain BISGMA or BPA which can wreck havoc on the endocrine system. Would taking Modafinil help in my case combined with the BP diet?

        • Joey

          Cyrus, I have had trouble with brain fog, lack of concentration, malaise, and memory/word retrieval as well and also contribute it to toxins. huge improvement with clean bulletproof living. also, yes…those mercury fillings are such bad news. I saw a video at a conference once that every time you bite down they release toxic vapor into your system. would you consider taking clean chloropyll/cilantro pills to chelate before and after and have them replaced by a holistic dentist? not sure what they offer besides composite these days though. Hulda clark recommends just having bad teeth pulled ( seems extreme I know). maybe they have something less toxic these days? porcelain? gold? Curious what Dave thinks about fillings too.

        • Steve

          Get those out now. Find a dentist that takes the safety of the removal seriously and get gold fillings as replacements. I believe those are the safest ones.

  • Joey Lentz

    Thank you Dave for taking the time to address our questions. really appreciate it, Joey

  • TL

    Thank you so much for this Dave, as well as the links for purchase. I’ve been taking Moda for some time now, but one of the most important things I would caution newcomers is: when on Moda, you’ll get better at what you do while you’re on it. So make sure you’re using it DELIBERATELY — with purpose as part of an extended effort for business or part of a study program for a test, etc. As with Aniracetam/Piracetam, what you learn while on it will condition your brain. I would hate for people to get better at watching soaps or surfing the Internet in a frenzy. Just a little bit of caution from the trenches. Thanks again.

    • Dave Asprey

      Yep. Provigil can make you more Darth Vader is that’s what you already are. ?

      • Kelly Ardon

        Any of you guys heard of Modafresh 200 mg? I the pharma where I get my Mod from have introduced them,. I think SUnrise Pharmaceutical make them. They are new this year but cant find much info. Im new to Mod so thought I would ask some pros :)

  • Endymion

    Some words of warning before rushing into the use of modafinil.

    The mechanisms of action for modafinil are unknown. Part of its effect is thought to be mediated by orexins, neuropeptides that promote wakefulness. Stimuation of orexinergic neurons has been shown to increase the concentration of amyloid-beta in the brain and the aggregation of amyloid-beta is concentration-dependent (
    Amyloid-beta aggregation is implicated in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, so I would doubt the wisdom of taking modafinil and artificially accelerating the pathways implicated in this process.

    Using modafinil may increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease, that’s the bottom line.

    The mechanism is plausible and while there are no long-term studies to support this, maybe that is just because these studies simply haven’t been done.

    • Dave Asprey

      An interesting study. But underactive orexin causes narcolepsy. It’s a spectrum – you want enough orexin to feel great, but not enough to (possibly maybe) get alzheimers. But look at what MCT does to alzheimers. Alzheimers appears to be “diabetes of the brain” and is tied to mitochondrial problems there too. We address all those with the BP diet!

    • jack

      You got down-voted because you dared to question the miraculous Modafinil. People here say they are interested in science until it’s no longer convenient.

  • Sean

    hahhaha “I *love* myself and know I’m “good enough.””… “and doggone it, people like me.” – Stuart Smalley

  • crioux

    I took modafinil once many years back, I don’t remember the dosage, but the stuff made my sweat and urine smell strongly of sulfur. I couldn’t handle smelling like rotten eggs. Thoughts?

    • Dave Asprey

      Bizarre! Never heard of this. A histame reaction?

      • Steve

        It smells kind of like the infamous asparagus piss. I thought everyone has this when using modafinil.

    • Michael Attanasio

      The strange smelling sweat and/or urine is a relatively normal response, just try googling “Modafinil Urine Sweat Smell”. I think it is the metabolites escaping through your sweat and urine but not 100% sure.

  • Adam Fiddler

    Hi Dave,

    Have you given thought to doing a similar article on what you take for muscle buildling? I’ve heard you mention you’re on testosterone and some other things, and am interested in how much you think this has contributed to you maintaining muscle mass without exercise.


    • Dave Asprey

      There are bodybuilders who are into muscle way more than I am. See “Geek to Freak” by Ferriss type stuff. My testo has little to do with it – I take a small amount of prescription bioidentical testo that keeps my levels at about the center of the curve for a male my age. The damage to my endocrine system from mycotoxins and being obese is such that my endogenous production of testo is pretty low. It’s much higher on the BP diet than it was without, but at max production, I’m in the lower quartile of the SD. My blood tests don’t show abnormally high testo levels; on the contrary, they’re a bit low usually.

      • Marc Theiler

        Dave, again, just wanted you to know, I admire you for your courage and sincerity. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Joe

    Just wanna say, if what you’re advocating on this site is beneficial to people, you surely deserve to make profits from the products you offer.

    • Richard Patterson


      • Ed

        I don’t think Dave needs it. It would also ruin his credibility.

  • Jay

    Hi Dave,

    Nice article! I’ve seen several doctors about my narcolepsy and all of them have mentioned how safe both provigil and nuvigil are, with very few side effects at all. However, one side effect that you did not mention was that these drugs have the potential to keep you awake at night time – not because you don’t want to sleep necessarily.

    Although you can go to sleep after taking these drugs, I noticed that if I take provigil/nuvigil several hours after waking up, instead of right after I wake up, then it keeps me up at night. Mind you I will be very tired but my brain just won’t shut down.

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  • George

    I live here in NYC. Without going into all the details, I really think provigil is what I need. Any suggestions on a doctor in manhattan that will prescribe it? Or anyone know where I can get a weeks sample to try?

  • John

    I would really like to try Modafinil/Provigil. Not just as a cognitive enhancer but to help my chronic fatigue and sleepiness.

    But I do not like the idea that there’s small chance that I’ll get steven johnson’s syndrome and have my skin fall off and have organ failure and death.

    How likely really is it?

    • Michael Attanasio

      I think that effect only occurred in children. 933 kids were tested, 2 developed what was believed be Steven Johnson’s, and neither died, according to Wikipedia. You could start at low doses and then increase? I suspect Modafinil would be very good as an anti-fatigue/sleepiness though BP dieting and certain supplements may work as well.

  • Dan

    This drug definitely can act as an anti-craving agent in getting off dopamine release type stimulants such as long term adderall abuse. in fact, when I used Nuvigil, the stronger version of Modafinil, I stopped taking 90mg adderall I was on daily for over two years.. it’s too bad not enough “studies” are given in understanding how this stimulant does NOT act like addictive stronger dopamine stimulants. While I’m not saying to use this medication only if you are trying to get off adderall, and switching to this, it has properties that could really help individuals that have become dependant on other stimulants. Modafinil is a much stronger “Waking agent” than any other stimulant because while it may not act nearly as heavy on your dopamine, hence doesn’t elevate mood like other stimulants do, it will keep you awake. Adderall decreases it’s potency eventually, causes in some people increased mental fatigue, which leads to mood disorders, irritability,etc..

  • Dan

    And yes, while there is no true understanding as the case with many cognitive, nootropic or in reality understanding of the affects of drugs on the neurochemistry of the brain(that includes herbs such as Kratom), it would seem being that Modafinil acts as a much more potent agent for aiding with mental fatigue in short and long term than say, Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta. Perhaps, Modafinil hits and binds to the adrenergic type receptors, stronger and lasts much longer than any other stimulant within that region of the brain??

  • mark

    Just ordered from Looks like I’ll be getting next week some time. I’ll be sure to post my experience with it.

    I’m a sleep deprived small business owner with a little girl coming due in September so I am hoping that this will help me maintain/increase my ability to stay on top of things.

    Does anyone have any recommendations of dosage ?

    • Michael Attanasio

      With supplements your best bet in general is to start small and adjust based on your experience. You should feel energized and very awake. You may feel overstimulated with too much and tired with too little. I started at 50mg (1/4 200mg pill) and it was a little underwhelming. I jumped to a whole pill (200mg) and it was too much – felt like a drank too much coffee. I then tried 1/2 a pill (100mg) and it seemed right – clean energy and very awake. You should not exceed one pill, though I know people who have with no issues.

      ALSO! By doing this and finding your most effective dose (if it is lower than 1 pill) you may save a lot of money!

      NOTE: I’m not a doctor, not responsible for your actions, and I do not recommend anything in this post for you personally. It is merely information I believe to be true. You know, disclaimer and whatnot :)

      • Chriscoc1

        I have been taking modafinal for several years as an answer for chronic fatigue. I am a professor and am now experiencing most of the side effects. I didn’t think it was the modafinal, probably because I didn’t want it to be. I want to know should I quit taking it straight out or slack off. I take 100 mg in the morning.

        • TheJeebus

          Generally, you should always taper off. But since your post is a year old, you’ve already done something.
          What’s your current status?

    • Andrew Nakamura

      Definitely keep it small. With me, less is more. The first day I got my shipment (from the same site), I took 400mg over the course of a day, divided into three doses spread out over a total of maybe 6 hours (100mg, 200mg, 100mg). I felt like shit. Whether that was due to the modafinil itself or just the circumstances of the day, modafinil did nothing to help. I did not feel awake, alert, or any mood-brightening.

      The next time I used 100mg, experiencing some of the effects, but I still felt a little tired while on it. Well, not exactly tired, but I felt like I could easily fall asleep. Note: This may be due to sleep debt, as I most likely have a lot.

      I went off it for two days and today I wasn’t going to take any, but I had an urge to for whatever reason, and I popped 1/4 of a pill (roughly 50mg) and holy shit man. I am awake as all hell and I feel great. More detailed testing required.

      • Dan

        interesting, maybe try Nuvigil. While there is some controversy as to whether Nuvigil quote on quote is actually stronger than Provigil is up for debate. Some say because Provigil’s patent expired, Nuvigil is sold as a stronger version of Provigil. However, it may be both are same strength, act on same areas of brain, promoting wakefulness, like no other stimulant does. While I’m not a guru in this matter, buying this online may lead to getting ripped off(added ingredients, or lack of main ones,etc..) Using 200mg 2x daily of Nuvigil(what I took) should definitely keep you awake. Just be sure to take it in a.m. and around 12p.m. You also want to probably take something like this similar times each day to keep your circadian rhythm stabilized, hence ability for mind and body to know when to stay awake, and fall asleep.

      • Peter

        Did it continue working for you with future attempts?

      • pootoe mod-ray

        I don’t believe you have given any”bullet proof” or evidence! Science is the most important aspect when talking bodily chemistry. Look you seem like a good guy… not judging you. But…. This seems like the ranting of an addict! This is your salesman website… no need to lie… The only way to improve cognition is through statin blocker therapies.The rest is classified under Sensitive Info Act. DOD EO 1947.

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  • AndrewinNH

    I noticed a bad reaction when I took modafinil and aniracetam near each other. I felt very hot, ill, jittery, foggy and couldn’t focus. I received none of the benefits of either, except that I was not blacking out. I have been on Provigil for 6 years for narcolepsy, so it only allows me to function normally. So, I have to pick and choose between staying awake and brainpower. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Dave- Thank you for your reply to my comments in the Dr. Wahls podcast. I am working on your recommendations!

    • AndrewinNH

      P.S. Before I contracted Lyme disease, for a few months, I was able to go completely off modafinil and caffeine without even trying by being Paleo. This was before/right around the time I discovered/implemented the Bulletproof Diet. Nothing beats that feeling of energy and well-being, except, that is, being Bulletproof with some Aniracetam. That stuff is amazing!

  • Pingback: How To Become Smarter By Using Provigil And Piracetam - |

  • carolyn.s

    I have been taking concerta (methylphenidate) for about 5 years for ADD and feel that I shouldn’t have to take pills to live the life I’m intended to live. I really want to eliminate as many pills as possible from my everyday life, but I’m used to operating at a much higher efficiency and I’m not sure that it will be practical to stop taking concerta. Could provigil be an adequate replacement for concerta? And do you know what the chemical difference between concerta and provigil is that makes provigil safer? Also, I notice differences in my personality with long term concerta use, is this noticeable taking provigil?

  • Leslie

    I think you mean “OTTAWA”, not “OTTOWA”. Makes me wonder about the quality of those smart drugs. Don’t worry, it’s only the capital of the country.

    • Big Mike

      Converting pre-existing phonetic linguistic maps to text-based grammatical outputs while focusing on meaning instead of detail is a recipe for typos. This particular one didn’t cause any meaning to be lost in the message, which I suggest is testament to the author’s ability to communicate effectively.
      As for the drug’s involvement, I don’t think natural and common linguistic barriers are necessarily a useful basis for measuring their effectiveness.
      I don’t mean offense by that, I highly respect people like you Leslie who have high standards. They preserve language integrity.

      • kerik

        Wow! Back off your dose a bit mate.

    • USA

      What Mike said! Plus, don’t get you panties in a bunch. For heaven sake, it’s Canada! Who cares really?

  • Danny J Albers

    In Canada this is known as Allertec, and Health Canada has a few additional warnings issued on this, so please go in as knowledgeable consumers. We all have a duty to know the complications possible while embarking on any unorthodox approach if they are available.

  • sarah

    I said it once and I’ll say it again…if these smart drugs increase efficiency and make one “bullet-proof”, it’s alarming to see you spell “Ottawa” (not OttOwa) wrong in your article. We all make mistakes, but it’s the capital of Canada and perhaps a sign that these drugs give the illusion of efficiency more than they deliver the goods.

    • Rick Pack

      haha, I respectfully think that’s nitpicking. One’s ability to spell certain words will depend on so many factors including number of exposures to the word as well as how fast one is typing. As long as I can understand what word a person attempted to spell correctly and do not see numerous typos, I do not assume anything about the writer’s abilities.

      • sarah

        Again, it’s the capital of the country Dave lives in — and it’s a hilarious mistake when touting the benefits of smart drugs. Is it nitpicking? I don’t think so. I’m not saying Dave is stupid — he’s clearly an intelligent guy — but people tend to overestimate their efficiency on these kinds of drugs. I genuinely believe the slight euphoria coupled with the energy makes people feel like Supermen while performing at the same level, if not lower.

        • MR

          Sarah – seriously, please don’t waste our time with your judgemental attitude. I could point out at least two grammatical “errors” of yours in your last post, but I have a LIFE, and do not care to waste it on meaningless stuff! We are all trying to help each other here – why don’t you be a team member, and put your finger-pointing to rest.

        • jack

          Yes, be a “team” member and NEVER criticize or question the efficacy of those little pills ;)

        • amyskene

          Sarah, one needs to be smart enough to recognize the subtle difference between “smart” and “perfect”.

          Modafinil is proven to increase test scores – nobody claims it comes with a built in spell-checker.

          There are those who make good editors, and then there are those who become great influencers by getting a message out.

          My guess is the average visitor of this site is focused on something higher than being the editor.

      • MR

        I agree Rick!

    • NA

      not a valid point in rating the efficiency of a smart drug…If someone is typing from a smart phone it is very easy to misspell when on the go, sometimes phones respell and misspell words. Apply common sense to your logic, instead of writing snide comments from a dark room. If your not commenting to help or aid people in receiving helpful information, what is the point of your posts, other than being jack ass. There is such thing as placebo effect, but if you took the time to read any researching(s) on the cognitive effects of modafinil or any of its trade(s) and or pharmaceutical relatives. You would see that science says other wise, in regards to your condescending comment. Oh does my random use of capitalization or grammatical elements bother you LOL. My SmArT druGs must not be working today.

  • sarah

    I said it before and I’ll say it again…how can we be expected to believe in the efficiency of smart drugs when you spell the capital of Canada wrong (it’s Ottawa, not OttOwa). Makes me wonder whether smart drugs give the illusion of intelligence and efficiency more than they deliver the goods.
    And for what it’s worth, I’m not trolling and I have respect for what you’re trying to do — but let’s face it, this is a valid point!

    • db


      • Joey

        Agreed! Quit splitting hairs and hammering away at what could easily be a simple typo. Dave is extremely smart and hyper educated. Let it go sarah.

    • Synthia Fagen

      At this point in the thread I would consider this comment to be SPAM. It is not a sign of intelligence nor the ability to effectively reason with others to continue making the same argument simply by copying and pasting your aggressive post over and over verbatim.

      No matter how rational and brilliantly reasoned your point may be (especially from your own perspective), you are having little to no success and largely because no one responds well to antagonism.

      To continue to display your negative emotion is only to create further antagonism, showing only an intention to annoy and not at all to be understood. That’s not very smart, a serious waste of time and petty to the extreme.

      • sarah

        Haha — I wrote that a YEAR ago. You wrote this at 2:30 in the morning. There is something really wrong with you to react this way.
        I realize people get upset when you question their ability to obtain super powers in a single pill, but your reaction is a little over the top.

        • Synthia Fagen

          No I wrote it 1:30 am, and YOU responded at 2:30 in the morning. Thanks for stating the obvious though.

          I know that you wrote this post a year ago but as a first time reader of this blog, I was going through these comments in real time for the as well as commenting for the benefit of other current readers.

          I saw you copy/pasta the same thing many times AND I also saw you that you responded to someone else on your same posting 15 days ago (as you are here) so don’t act like you’re “all over it”.

          There is not something wrong in my reaction and you have NO IDEA why I am on this blog or if I am or am not seeking “Super Powers”. I was simply commenting on your style, not so much the content. Ya might wanna bring the petty vitriol done a notch. Just sayin’

          Oh, and I work at night. Is it okay with you that I am up at this hour? Just checking.

          Now, make some better arguments so I can get something out of your comment. The fact that there was a misspelling of the capital of Canada is not as profound as you think it is.

        • sarah

          Actually Synthia:
          1) I didn’t copy and paste. I apologize if the comment came up more than once in the same context but it didn’t appear so to me at the time.
          2) Your message came through at 2:30, so I’m sorry if I’m an hour off but it still seems hilarious that you’re criticizing me for being antagonizing and petty when what you wrote is the epitome of small-minded group-think about a potentially dangerous drug created by a) Big Pharma or b) unregulated producers selling it semi-legally out of India, with God knows what mixed in.
          3) Mis-spelling something does matter! Dave is touting this is a smart drug. One that makes you Bullet-proof. Operating at a higher level. And I’m sorry, but I just don’t see that. What I do see, and what the studies confirm, is a drug that keeps you awake but not necessarily achieving more. In fact, such drugs often lower creativity and impair judgement. And there’s the distinct possibility they harm you over time — and I’m sorry, but anyone who has taken it knows this. Even the sites that sell Modafinil do a more thorough job than Dave of acknowledging the dangers, both short term (headaches, rashes, etc) and long term.
          Now, I’m sure you will dispute this. You will claim there’s no health risks and that you can perform better. If that’s the case, great Synthia. You already seem a mite aggressive and moody and prone to writing in BOLD to get attention, and I promise you Modafinil will exacerbate this. You won’t perform better. It will take its toll on you. You will likely suffer consequences, both physical and mental.
          I know I’m the bearer of bad news here, and I will take the consequent heat, but the answer is not a pill from a lab.
          Have you taken Modafinil or hung out with people who have? Sure, you can answer more e-mails, you can function as a slightly more awake robot — but that’s about it.
          The world is full of high functioning, great people doing fantastic things with their lives. I promise you none of them take Modafinil.
          But if you’d prefer to find the answer to your problems in a pill sold by either Big Pharma or sketchy websites in India, by all means, do what you think is best. I’m sure who ever employs you will be thrilled that you can push the broom harder and with greater efficiency. But you will not become Bulletproof…neither metaphorically nor literally.
          But as I said, do what you think is best. We can always use better robots.

        • Synthia Fagen


          Now, I actually liked this comment. Thank you….and I mean that — thank you.

          No I do not take Modafinal and have never taken it. I don’t use or abuse any substance except for maybe Chai Tea :)

          You need to read my message again because you said that I claimed this was safe. I didn’t make any claims at all about anything.

          Like I said before, you don’t know why I am reading this blog but no matter what my reason, I still felt that your comments in particular came across as more ad hom attack than reasoned argumentation. I simply don’t listen to that.

          There are quite a few comments on here that seem to come from quite educated folks who, it appears, also share in your views and who I took seriously.

          Snide, carping remarks will never change my perspective about a topic. Good, sound reasoning along with kindness is a combination that is very hard to argue against.

        • alexandru benza

          Pointless nitpicking. There are NO DRUGS, smart or otherwise that will claim or should be expected to make you spell perfectly. Stimulants like Ritalin, Adderall, and coffee or non-stimulant drugs like Strattera and Modafinil generally claim to be able to focus you.

          I think correct spelling is a function of education and attention to detail (and giving s shit). If anything the Dave fella can be blamed for ignoring the red squiggly under the word (if it was there) or the suggestions in the word processing program he was using (if it has spell check active).

          On the internet, I personally don’t care about capitalizing every sentence and more often than not avoid it. I’m still stupidly anal about spelling and punctuation, to the point that I found an article that removed “its'” from my vocabulary, but generally I save that level of perfection for where it matters… like on a graded paper.

          If you can’t see the meaning through a silly mistake then you’re just petty. I don’t care if the man can spell. The meaning got to me, as did the specifics.

          A lot of the research papers I read, and a lot of the notes from my professors have fairly awful grammar mistakes, especially the classic question ended with a period.

          Doesn’t matter, I still understand what’s being asked or what’s being answered, and these men and women um, you know, still have PhD’s.

        • alexandru benza

          Really my first reaction was “you’re an idiot,” but I’m procrastinating studying right now.

        • lee

          The problem with your logic, Alexandru, is that Dave is not a PHD. Or a doctor. He’s a guy who sells coffee and a few other products.
          I’m not saying that disqualifies his knowledge. But as to Sarah’s point, I don’t think she’s snickering at the authority — I think she’s questioning the health claims of a somewhat sketchy drug made by a guy who sells really expensive vanilla on the internet.

        • alexandru benza

          oh for sure we can quickly dismiss a guy’s experiences and advice etc by taking into account stuff like “he sells things on the internet,” but i didn’t come to this site to find out if he’s 100% legit or 100% a fraud. I came because I was trying to find ways to circumvent sleep (without killing myself) and like ALL information i find on the internet, i was picking it apart.

          by no means am i saying that this guy is reliable or trustworthy or whatever, i don’t bother with such judgement. i just want to know his methods, and i judge those.

          i was pointing out that nit-picking grammar errors as the main meat of an argument meant to discredit someone… is petty and to me, ineffective. laughable.

          I feel like if you’ve used the internet for more than a year or so, you’ll become painfully aware that an alarming portion of the information you find is not only not what you are looking for, but downright misleading.

          and i’m not sure modafinil is a “sketchy” drug, at least not more so than a ritalin or adderal.

        • lee

          Fair enough.

        • alexandru benza

          but thank you for taking the time to read and reply. i know the original was a stupidly long post.

        • Jeremy Williams

          Check out Joe Rogans podcast about his experience with Provigil. Funny and he’s a straight shooter on nootropics and some other cool shit.

        • M.R

          Sarah I have one question , are you single? hahaha

  • sarah

    I said it before and I’ll say it again…how can we be expected to believe in the efficiency of smart drugs when you spell the capital of Canada wrong (it’s Ottawa, not OttOwa). Makes me wonder whether smart drugs give the illusion of intelligence and efficiency more than they deliver the goods.
    And for what it’s worth, I’m not trolling and I have respect for what you’re trying to do — but let’s face it, this is a valid point!

    • SmartSarah

      Sarah you honestly have impressed me with your incredible lack of intelligence. You clearly have no comprehension of even the most basic logic.

      • sarah

        Why don’t you refute my point instead of just attacking?

        • TheJeebus

          What IS your point? That there’s a strong correlation (perhaps even causation?) between city misspellings and smart drug efficiency?

        • lee

          Her point seems pretty obvious to me. Dave is claiming that Modafinil gives you lazer focus, and this is not borne out by the typo.
          Obviously it’s a minor mistake. We can all see that. But she said herself she thinks Dave is intelligent.
          I have to say, I know exactly what she means when she describes people on speedy smart drugs thinking they’re performing at a high level, when as often as not that simply isn’t the case.

        • lee

          Also, I should add that a lot of the comments on here from Modafinil users confirm that Dave’s description of the wonders of Modafnil are exaggerated, and maybe even dangerous.

  • dexter

    I was actually taking your advice seriously until I found out that you depend on a stimulant to enhance your cognitive abilities and are actually encouraging its use. For the high school kids reading your blog, it really sucks that you encourage the use of a stimulant. However, I will still read the other portions of your blog, but I think you could go without the added stimulant.

    • amyskene

      It’s not a stimulant dexter. In layman’s terms it’s a “blocks the sensation of being tired” drug, much the same as caffeine except without many of the well-documented drawbacks.

      One needs to separate the propaganda we’ve all been fed throughout our life and try something for its effect instead of blindly accepting “the message”.

      After a great deal of research I tried Modafinil and can confirm that everything said about it here is accurate in my experience. Presently I only use 100mg, here and there, and it makes a radical difference in what I’m able to accomplish.

      Although it shows no adverse side-effects or addictive properties I would *knowingly* continue to use it even if I knew it would take years off the end of my life. Why? Because 75 great years are better than 80 mediocre ones IMHO.

      But again, Modafinil is NOT a stimulant.

  • mnmkid

    Well, i get my sleep interrupted ONCE a night (4 year old), i get up at 4 a.m. to go to work. Im sleepy through out the day not allowing me to teach properly n still coming home bringing work (papers n lesson plans). I try to be in bed by 10 p.m.. Told doctor at Kaiser all this, and this is what she said after i asked if Provigil could be prescribed to me. I did my research first, and found that Provigil would be very beneficial considering there is not much danger to it:
    Couple issues with the your request of provigil:
    1) it is not on our formulary at Kaiser -> therefore, even if i would like too not able to order it

    2) this medication is used for patients with narcolepsy and sleep apnea

    i do not order the stimulant medication on regular basis

    Thank you
    ……………….: SO, what am i to do now? Bummer. Id hate to even consider adderal or ritalin since in reality its Methamphetimine in a legal form. Anyhow, been doin Executive Diet for a lil less than a year, n my sleepiness n fatigue is the only thing i have not been able to def

  • Marc Theiler

    Great read Dave, thanks – true pioneer.

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  • David

    I received my order of modafinil today from Took 1 x 200mg tablet , T+1hr starting to feel the effects, a clear calm alertness with a slight euphoric feeling.

    • Stephen

      my friend, you realize that if you live in the US, it is a scheduled substance? it’s illegal for you to possess modafinil without a prescription. don’t get in trouble ):

      • Ruban

        If you check out he’s done extensive research in this area and there’s little risk importing modafinil. No one’s every had any repercussions. But for those who are paranoid just pay using a prepaid card.

        • Anonymous

          I know a friend / semi famous athlete who went to prison over having an unopened vial of testosterone on his counter that a friend sent him in the mail but he never asked for. If its scheduled and you don’t have a prescription, don’t possess it, and for heaven’s sake, don’t import it. See 18 USC Sect 545 Clause 2 (merchandise contrary to law)… 20 years maximum sentence. The feds are animals and they live for convictions. It’s not worth losing life and family over.

        • Freddy

          All these posts with people getting worried about Modafinil consumption and spending 50 years in jail..chill out you’re doing Modafs not cocaine!

          Ordered a starter pack from – like the customer service there, prices are similar/slightly less than elsewhere from what i have seen.

        • Emily

 is a scam! Our new site is

        • Anonymous

          People like you are such goons.

        • justme

          There is always someone who has friend who has another friend…please refrain from cautionary tales and share facts.

        • sumukh shetty

 has both paypal and bitcoin as a payment option so there is no risk at all.

        • SpamHate

          Stop Spamming!

    • Anonymous

      2nd order placed, with a 7 day postal delivery request. 1st order last month came onn? the 7th day exactly. Products was as described. No issue’s. will keep ya’ll posted!

      • Sarah

        Ordered from this site a while back seemed pretty neat, but as far as price goes I’ve started just going to – your standard Modalert, and keen customer service.

        Just wish I could get some Ritalin as well!!

        • Freddy

          I heard they’re based at
          now – just like the others who moved servers.

          Though the prices are priced in pounds, if u calculate the dollar values they’re very decent.

          And yeah, Ritalin is more of a controlled substance than Modafs so you won’t find many selling unfortunately.

    • Frank Marques

      Did your email happen to get hacked after you purchased from

      • Alex

        How could anyone hack your email unless you give them your password?

        I doubt a business as large as modup has any interest in customers email accounts.

      • Ann

        You can order a product very quickly and easily. You can place an order
        by filling it in online. That is the most easy way for people who prefer
        the convenience of online ordering. Our delivery service will provide
        you with your order in the shortest possible time! Our customer service
        is opened to everyone and requires no signup. We are happy to help you!
        From pharmacy with care! http://MODAFINIL.GA

        • chester

          wow, them some crazy high prices!

      • Ann

        We guarantee to provide you with accurate and speedy delivery. For your
        convenience we accept all major credit cards with additional payment
        methods coming in the future.

        • Spamcop

          Great the spammers are here…

    • Sarah

      Ordered from this site a while back seemed pretty neat, but as far as price goes I’ve started just going to – your standard Modalert, and keen customer service.

      Just wish I could get some Ritalin as well!!

    • Clay Hughes

      did you have a script?

    • Clay Hughes

      i ordered from them, my card was charged by somebody from Nubrain, i hope it’s legitimate

    • BritishMedStore

      Just an update to everyone has now moved to, is a scam!

      • Freddy

        I ordered from last week, got my pills! Not a scam at all !

        • Jakey

          I live in Holland and ordered from and the package got held at customs – they didn’t even bother to refund my money!

        • Sarah

          Typical modup really – that’s why I aways go to BritishMedStore – will check out their .net address

          A lot cheaper as well

          I find modup pretty rude as well – doesn’t budge on refunding orders that get lost etc

        • Modup

          Yeah im not taking responsibility for parcels that get lost.

          im here to run a business you fool

        • danfromct

          Do you ship to the U.S.?

        • razalas

          i was going to ask the same question, have you found any ?

        • jake77

          They do. I live in California and got mine from India. It got here in 15 days.

        • Guest2014

          Your website says: “You can have piece of mind knowing that if for any reason your order doesn’t reach you, we will reship it for free or provide a full refund.”
          You just lost my order.

        • Holland Spam

          This looks like competitor spam…

        • sumukh shetty

          You should try
          Pay using paypal, bitcoin or credit card ,and 14 day no questions asked refund guarantee

    • Chris B

      Got my order last week, modafinil works just like Mr Asprey describes! I have to give a mention Emma for providing the amazing support!

      • Guest

        Click this link Buy Modafinil Online and use the voucher Limitless to get 10 free modafinil tablets from

        • Rick Voss

          The link was

    • GreenT3a

      Got my order no problems, but the effects started within 20 minutes, is that how it should be? I see other people mention it should take 1 hour to kick in?

      • Riley

        its pretty quick with me also. nothing to worry about

      • eyezonu

        Where did you order yours from? Very interested in purchasing but want to avoid being scammed.

        • nextlvl

          Where did you order yours from? Very interested in purchasing but want to avoid being scammed.

    • Joey

      Be careful with this site folks… This person not sure real or not maybe he did get his but I placed an order and nothing at all yet… They sent a tracking number and nothing. . . Almost 2 weeks in from when they sent said number… There is a site called pharmacy reviewer that reviews sites and the shady ones get bad marks and the good ones get good marks. I think I lost on this one, move on. If I really do get it I will delete this comment.

    • Joey

      Okay now it says it’s on it way folks… I shall report with results . . .

    • Joey

      Just got mine… split a tablet to take 100mg. . . Idk what to say about it yet.. Not sure.

    • Hannah

      I have been using for over a year, great service and product!

    • justme

      I’ve order Modafinil from three times now to the US and have gotten my product just fine. It does take 3-4 weeks to arrive but it has always arrived. Here is what I do every time I don’t feel comfortable giving out my credit card information. I place the order with my credit card and then go to my online banking page and report my credit card lost having been my latest transaction the one I just made (I pay for the pills). The bank in turns cancels that credit card and gives me a new card with a new number. I have credit card designated for this type of transactions so that I don’t have to change every account I have set up with my main credit card. I’ve been doing this since I bough some supplements 10 yrs ago and I dint realized that the company subscribed me to another product and charged me a monthly fee. I always take free trial or the pay shipping only offer and then cancel my card. This is the only way that I can assure that I will not get charged again for anything to include fraudulent charges of any sort. It has always worked for me. Good luck!

    • Guest
    • mm

      hello, anybody used ?

    • TimF

      Got mine today, pretty satisfied

  • Alex

    I can vouch for mymodafinil. I got my address wrong and customer service was incredibly responsive and fixed everything. They are great, highly recommend them.

  • Aaron Ott

    I hate going to the doctor (we all know how long it takes to make an appointment) just to find out he is either not going to run needed tests or prescribe the meds I need. Does anyone know off the bat any doctors in central NJ that prescribe provigil?

  • DK

    NYC Referral? I used to take Provigil for 2 years, i would cut it in half and just take 100 mg a day around noon. It was an amazing drug. I am also very sensitive to most medicines, but had no side effects. I thought i should feel this way all the time because it helped me get over mild depression and cleared up horrible brain fog. It was amazing and i didn’t feel high, but really felt in my life and very aware in a most positive way. I did not feel addicted to it, because i would easily not take it for days or sometimes weeks. I suffer from extreme sleep deprivation and chronic muscle pain and out of about 12 things i have tried both holistic and over the counter, it’s the only one that ever helped. Needless to say, i have not been on it for 2 years because of the cost. Now that there’s generic though,and i’m wanting to try Nuvigil. Can anyone recommend a doctor in NYC that prescribes Provigil/Nuvigl easily. The doctor i used to go to is $500 out of pocket, which i can’t afford in addition the medication. I’m hoping there are cheaper specialists. I have complete paperwork to be prescribed this medication, with history of pain and sleep study. Any help for a good NYC referral is most appreciated. Thank you!

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  • moreen
  • Tom

    I take Vyvanse every day, which is like an adult version of Adderall (although less speedy). I bought some Modafinil from an Indian website after reading this post. Sounded like a good substitute – perhaps healthier, perhaps more effective at improving concentration and memory. However, I didn’t really notice any effect. I tried taking two pills (400 mg) and still didn’t notice much, if any, impact. The third day I tried it I felt a shortness of breath that was so unnerving I haven’t tried it since.

    Does Modafinil simply not work for some people? I was thinking I just received diluted pills, but my mind changed when I had the asthmatic-type attack.

    Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and whether it’s worth another shot.

  • james

    hey dave
    i was wondering dies taking JUST the pill on a daily basis (or 5 times a week) lower the effects in the long term?
    would you need to up the dosage? or type of stimulants?

  • Michael

    Hi Dave,

    I appreciate any feedback.
    I recently ordered Modafinil and AlphaBrain.

    I have some questions.

    1) If you have tried both Armodafinil and AlphaBrain together, what effects have you noticed?

    2) My BMI is 19. I took 150mg of Armodafinil in the morning and 150mg around noon. I felt kind of nauseous after. Is this a sign of overdose or will my body get used to it over time? How much of a dosage would you recommend?(I know you are not a Doctor)

    This question is for anyone to answer:

    – Have you noticed any decline from your baseline concentration level after the effects of modafinil( or any of the brands) wear off?

    Best Regards

    • Luke

      Where did you get your modafinil?

    • Ed

      As far as I know that’s a LOT of armodafinil. Try to start on a 50mg dose then work your way up, even if you do this every 3 or 4 or so hours. And don’t forget to eat and drink

  • jaycetan

    put in an order 2 days ago with for the combo pack. very excited. will track results for both provigil and modafinil here.

    • jaycetan

      have not yet received tracking number. will provide eta when available.

  • EdwardCole
    • jeff

      do you happen to have a website for ordering, I personally am a little skep on sending too much through email

    • ruth brown

      are you still able to get provigil

  • Anonymous

    Well, here’s my take after about a month. At 100mg modafinil is like the effects the author describes drinking bullet-proof coffee without the dang nasty taste (sorry, to me it tastes nasty and guarantees heart burn). I feel awake, alert, cheerful, comfortable in my station in life, and I am ready to tackle the day on 100mg. I can focus better and avoid distractions. But, on 200mg it is a different story. IF I have a focused task, then I’m like Hercules, or should I say Aristotle? But if I don’t have a focused task, then watch out. My brain is on overdrive and, as another blogger describes, I go down rabbit hole after rabbit hole after rabbit hole, and have soon blown a great deal of time researching everything and nothing. I also feel a bit “out of sorts” on 200 mg. So FOR ME: 100mg as the daily wonder drug (hope my synapses don’t turn to mush in 10 years), while 200mg is reserved for more traditional “cram time” types of situations, where I ensure I have my task well defined and laid out before me. I also plan on ensuring I don’t have the Internet in front of me when I take 200mg, as I could easily blow a day on Wikipedia studying everything from earthworms to Islam to supernovas to education theory to ….

    • ?. ??? ???????

      Really. I couldn’t describe it better .

      • Big Mike

        Bet you could if you took 300mg!

    • TheJeebus

      Yes, please try 300mg and report back. We await your answer.

    • Alex

      Just bought 100mg 90 caps i think i never been that focus… wish i had that when i was in school lol! I havent seen any side effect on my creative juice so far… i know it can be one downside

      • Ed

        Did you get the Provigil branded ones, or something like Modalert? If so you probably got ripped off. Try GetSmartNow for a much better deal, or anywhere else that is selling either the real stuff or the generic for a valid price

        • Alex

          Hey Ed, Don’t bugged down on price, whats the point if you never receive your shipment… the place i bought the stuff is legit as far as im concern. They take credit card, sent me a tracking number so i could track my shipment and they answer my email when i had a question. It’s basically everything i’m looking for in a vendor.

        • Ed

          I also had a tracking number for my bulk order from Get Smart Now which came with EMS shipping included. MyModafinil is the same and comes with free EMS shipping on all options but you can only use bit coins to order from them. They are the real Modalert. You are probably paying more than you need to!

        • alex

          i only use provigil i don’t like modalert. Personal choice :)

        • Ed

          I would love to try Provigil and pay more but I can’t find the real thing anywhere!! :-(. When I think I found a place you read a bit deeper and then you find out they are actually selling modalert or some other similar generic.

          I really like Modalert so I can’t imagine what Provigil is like

      • Brainiac

        Their website is gone. Have you found another good vendor?

    • Valerie DuVall

      Your experience on 200 mg sounds like my life without any of these supplements. I am wondering if this will make my a.d.d. worse.

  • prince bariya

    well i take this (Provigil) medicine since 3-4 months but i don’t get much more satisfaction from used this medication. it is totally waste my money. and it was gain more side effects in my body like headache etc.

  • jeff

    has anyone tried drinking bullet proof coffee and taking modafinil? maybe tweaking the doses and or amount(s) of either one so to not be over stimulated. I’m considering giving this a shot myself. I’m wondering if the combination of modafinil with a fatty acid complex will increase absorption and or offer any other effects to make the over all effects more prolific or just better in any way. Taking a fatty acid complex can have a better effect when taken simultaneously with thermogenics or stimulants, so if any one has tried this or has any suggestions or ideas id like to hear some thoughts

  • mitch

    If you live in Canada, it can be extremely difficult to get this over the border. I found one that seems to get through customs, super stealth. Google top10meds. And don’t start writing the URL all over the internet,llet’s keep it on the low so they don’t get too much heat and go out of business. I just want to help my Canadian friends cuz its fucking hard to source here

  • Isaiah

    Hey Dave,
    I was wondering where I should get modafinil. I don’t really want to get a prescription for it… Is there an online company or website that you trust and that you can verify the products efficiency and effectiveness? Thanks

  • Billy Brown

    I published several articles regarding “smart drugs” with many more to come at What is Nootropics?

  • Pingback: Where to Get the Best Nootropics? | What is Nootropics? | Smart Drugs

  • Jim

    A great reliable supplier that ships to many countries without customs hassles: Buy Modafil

    • elvis

      These guys scammed me.

      • Elvis’s Brother

        lol :D

      • Brainiac

        They have one positive report on How did they scam you?

  • Dane

    I’m really interested in performance enhancing drugs, and I think it’s absolutely awesome that a successful person is talking about it openly. I can only hope more successful people talk about their experience with smart drugs. It would be awesome to improve the human body without any negative consequences. That’s what the future is about – doing things more efficiently and effectively.

  • John

    Modafinil is amazing and you can get it here also: It has been used in the military to keep jet pilots awake. I have been taking it for a month now and I think clearer, I feel focused. I started with 200mg but it was a little to much so i broke it in half.

  • Morpheus Mind

    How’s your memory? Can you remember numerical problems you did one week ago? Say you read a credit card 2 weeks ago,can you remember the numbers ?

  • Alfred Francis Mtutuma

    hi, i would like to buy modafinil on line please guys can you assist me please. Alfred from Tanzania

  • sim

    Dave, in the interest of impartiality I have to ask, does Teva Pharma. pay you for promoting their product Provagil?

  • Whitley Blaine

    So It’s toooootally safe…..unless you’re under 25, in which case “GOD NO YOU SHOULDN’T USE IT!” I call bs….

  • VanessaElizebeth

    Thanks for the post.I have been searching for the same topic.

  • Gazza

    Hey im from ireland and im trying to buy modafinil online ….please help!!

    • Ronan

      Hey Gazza,

      I’m in Dublin myself. Just ordered some off a site which I’m told is reputable. Ill let you know if it gets past Customs..


      • Ronan

        Update: DON’T order Modafinil if you’re in Ireland. Mine didn’t get past customs unfortunately. You’ll just get a slap on the wrist if you’re caught, but you’ll be throwing away your money. Irish customs seem to be particularly adept at stopping stuff through the mail.

        Be careful.

  • Gazza

    Please help im from ireland and trying to buy modafinil online safely any suggestions….

  • Jackball

    Hello. I guess I am one of a few users of modafinil with terrible side effects. After about four years of using Provigil, prescribed by a reputable doctor for my narcolepsy, the area around my ankles and the tops of both feet began discolor to the point that my feet looked like eggplants. I also began experiencing itchy skin. Whenever I would shower the bottom of the shower would be covered in dead skin. Of course I became alarmed and consulted with my doctor who told me that it more than likely something else. I then went to my Walgreens and spoke on several occasions with my pharmacist about the issues. He called me about 2 weeks later and asked me to come meet with him. He handed me a report of the side effects of Provigil and both my issues were listed. I also began forgetting things. I would put something down and 5 minutes later I would not remember where I put it. There are many other issues that I wont go into. I quit taking the Provigil and all my issues cleared up. No more eggplant feet and my skin is now staying where God intented it to stay. Not on the bottom of a shower. I know am only one, but one leads to two, to three, etc. Hope this helps with some answers people might have about side effects. Thanks

    • kris

      try cut it in half and dose on 100mg, daily untill you build a tolerance and assess your intake from there.

  • Kelly Ardon

    Hi guys. My regular pharma for buying Mod has introduced a new Mod product on their website. Its called Modafresh 200. I cant find much info on it but its cheaper than the Modalert that I buy now. I want to give it a try but thought I would ask first. Thanks.

  • jj

    It’s not really a big deal, but I think you should refrain from categorizing Adderall as “prescription meth”. It’s akin to calling Vicodin ‘prescription heroin’. Adderall is a mixed ratio of dextro- and levoamphetamine, neither of
    which have the added methyl group that accounts for methamphetamine’s
    more potent and neurotoxic profile. In fact, ‘prescription meth’ does
    exist, sold under the trade name “Desoxyn”, but rarely prescribed, for
    obvious reasons.

    Nonetheless, I agree Adderall, or any other potent psychostimulant, should not be given to anyone under, at least, 21 years old. However when we engage in dialogue about the risks and benefits of the countless ‘cognitive enhancement agents’ currently flooding the market, I think it’s important to ensure people are aware of the differences in all of these compounds, because even the slightest change in a chemical’s molecular structure can drastically alter the way it’s
    metabolized and tolerated by the human body.

  • David

    Isnt getting a prescription for provigil very expensive?

  • Pingback: In my Opinion a report on a serious occurance: ADHD Drug Emergencies Quadrupled In 6 Years, Says Government Report, and Cathal Grant will keep prescribing these drugs no matter what harm they do since he is paid by the drug companies to do so. | In My Opi

  • TTDub

    Couldn’t find MYMODAFINIL.COM that many were recommending so I did a search and found the following…


    Due to issues with our domain registrant, we unfortunately had to give up our previous domain (, and we are now online at Beyond that, everything is as it was before, so go ahead and order some modafinil, armodafinil, or if you’re not sure which one to choose – try one of our mixed packaged. […]

  • Dude

    Finally got a prescription through my doctor, but my insurance didn’t cover it and rite-aid just told me for a 30-day supply of 200mg out of pocket would be $850. Nope. Bummer.

  • Ryan

    I placed my order with on the 15th, received a tracking number on the 16th and it arrived 24th. Great service, you’ve got a life time customer!

    • Mod and Coffe

      I have been using for 6 months or so now, by far the easiest place to buy Modafinil online, they accept Visa/Mastercard/Paypal/Bitcoin/Litecoin.

      I have only used my Visa card in the past, but the 33% Bitcoin discount is very tempting, can anyone recommend a good place to buy small amounts of Bitcoin for credit card or paypal?

      I am also going to try stacking Modafinil with my Bulletproof coffe next week, so I will report back on how that goes.

      • GreenT3a

        If you are from the USA you can get Bitcoin from, if you are in Europe I would recommend, if you are in Asia I think your only real option is

      • Albert87

        I take 200 mg of modafinil and 300 mg caffeine and I’m fine. but of
        course every one is different, but there isn’t anything universally
        wrong with mixing modafinil and caffeine.

        • synergistic

          I’m sorry, but 300mg of caffeine is a dangerous daily amount. You
          shouldn’t exceed 250 in a day. Modafinil will make you sensitive to
          caffeine, as they are synergistic to each other.

        • Em

          I think that’s silly. 300mg of caffeine is about 16 oz of coffee. As long as you’re healthy and not caffeine sensitive, 2 cups of coffee shouldn’t do anything.

      • LiamsIncubator
    • Petal

      I went with Modup as they are the only supplier I can see that test for purity:

      I am yet to see another supplier with any kind of testing, let alone this level of detail.

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  • Frank Marques

    I went to Dr. to get modafinil and walked out with Strattera. Strattera looks like garbage compared to modafinil. I’m guessing Strattera is not Bulletproof. Any suggestions for my next step? Greatly appreciate any feedback.

    • TheJeebus

      Doctors generally hate for you to tell them what to do. Had you asked for Strattera I bet he would have given you Provigil.

      • Frank Marques

        I would have to agree with you. Never heard of Strattera so I got caught off guard when he recommended it. It’s cool though, I proposed giving it a trail run for two weeks then trying Modafinil. He was actually down for that. I’m just going to tell him that being on ADD medication 24/7 is not acceptable. I want to have the option of medicating myself when I want.

  • smith brown

    i thank you dr osarenti as you put smile on my face again. back,because it has been a lonely life for me since 3years ago because of my body no one want to marry me but when i contacted you i became every man desire and my Ex has come back again with many flowers and even begging me to come have a marriage with these is the happiest time of my life and i thank you papa,but if you also need help, you can contact him via [email protected]

  • Jon

    I just bought Modafinil from, they have pretty good prices for being an American company…we’ll see how it goes

    • Scam Alert

      $4 a tablet, the most expensive vendor around.

      These guys have been posting fake comments all day:

    • Alex

      How did you find this site and buy from it?

      It has been around for less than 24 hours according to WHOIS.

      No one should by from such a deceptive company posting fake reviews like this.

    • ruth brown

      have you heard anything about your order? just wondering if you were scammed or not

      • Scammed

        Scammed, I was sent a empty package from Ohio and now they are fighting the paypal case.

  • gearge

    it’s nearly impossible to just get a prescription for this. Insurance will only pay for it if you have narcolepsy or shift work disorder (and then for a limited time only) as diagnosed with sleep studies etc. otherwise it’s around $30 a pill. I don’t happen to have $900 plus a month extra lying around…

  • kremit

    I’ve been using provigil for a year now, it doesn’t help anything after 6 months. My ADD went away and I can finally concentrate, but I was still tired as all hell. I am still trying to figure out how to stay up longer then 32 hours with no tired “feeling” problems. I know the biggest way to crashville is eating after the first 12 hours. Eat most of my calories for a 24 hour period in 12 or less, I stay awake with no issues the first 12, but after that I start feeling tired because at that point I’ve been up for 4 hours before my 12 hour shift.

    Any recommendations anyone? I want this tired feeling removed. It makes me feel so damn weak. I know people here in my city that stay up for a week straight with no problems. No signs of any kind of weakness. But that is because they have a weird disease that allows them to do this. I am not so lucky.

  • satrams

    The one thing I want to point out here, as a person who is required to take Provigil myself- the half life of Provigil is very long. Your observations based on not taking it for a day or part of a day are therefor erroneous. If you have been taking the 100mg or more for a week or 2, you will still have a large portion of the drug in your system.

  • JasonMathers

    For modafinil and armodafinil seems the most reliable
    – as I think others have found too, the customer Service from Emily is second to none!

    • Heapy_Swapking

      yeah have heard good things about this site as well..think they do their customer service by twitter which is always a gd shout

      • RafeSpooner

        I took modafinil for about a year. It was 2007, I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I read about people taking it in the guardian. So I ordered some from a company in India. Back then it wasn’t as easy to get, and was fairly expensive. I paid about £70 for a pack of 40.

        The first time I took it, it was amazing. I took three which was way too much, read three quarters of a novel in one night, did an interview the next day, and felt fine. What the author says about needing to go to the toilet all the time is true. It also makes you feel nauseated.

        I used it primarily to write essays, and it was really really great for the first four or five, but there was a drastic trailing off, and the physical side-effects got worse. Those who say they could sleep on it – that’s pretty good, as I never could, and would often wake up feeling wrecked when I finally did get to bed.

        So I stopped for a while and would only take it to pull through an all-nighter. Once I’d finished university, I stopped all together and have never taken it since.

        However, if you have a big project coming up, and you’ve not taken it yet, I recommend it. Remember to drink a lot of water, take two or three medium doses over the course of the day, and focus on a specific task. Stretch a lot (I found myself sitting in crazy positions for hours), eat even if you don’t want to, and then give yourself a few days off. Taking it long-term, just to get through school, is a very bad idea as there are other ways you can improve your concentration / productivity.

        • RafeSpooner

          My advice therefore:

          If I had a deadline in 36 hours at the end of term I would:

          – work as hard as possible in morning without it. 8am-12:30pm. At 12:30 TAKE 100mg (half a pill).
          -Then eat lunch and relax for an hour.
          – 1:30pm: 1h in and starting to feel effects, go to work hard through to dinner. These 6 hours go fast and feel like 2. You dont lose focus on work or even seem to need 5 minute breaks every hour.
          – Force yourself to go to dinner. You feel less hungry than normal, and want to keep working – but you need to eat.
          – have 40 mins off. maybe an hour. but you want to get back to work.
          – 7pm-3am : total flow. feel great. so much done. finally nobody around to distract you! its just peace and quiet. zen. AT 1AM TAKE 50MG MORE
          – 4am: start to feel sick from having eaten sugary sweets to keep glucose up after midnight. Brain feels tired and you are a little slow, but still have focus and can keep pushing. Keep going.
          – 6am-7am: have a ‘nap’ – lie in bed with eyes closed and stop thinking. maybe hit theta wave sleep but nothing deeper. work 7-8.
          – 8am breakfast. work til lunch.
          – 12pm lunch, see people in hall and tell a couple friends what i’m up to as i <3 attention.
          – work til 6pm. Hand in final report. fuccck I feel like shit now. my digestive system even more so than my head.
          – dinner – have eaten more than normal as body has not rested. glucosey snacks all night too. definitely burning up energy reserves hard. not a long term solution at all.
          – sleep from 7pm to 10pm, then wake up naturally and very refreshed. seems i went into immediate deep sleep. (First time this happened I thought it was 10am when i looked at the clock.)
          – force self to sleep at midnight.
          – slightly sluggish next day, but its always a weekend/end of term so does not matter.

          ALL of the above happened 3 times to me, basically to the letter. I would get 1 solid week's worth of work done in those 36 hours, and it would get a high first each time, rather than a mid 2.1 (my typical mark).

          My point is: you do not need 200mg! All of that was with 150mg!!! people who are doing 200mg, especially in one dose, regularly, are fucking themselves up. Maybe not immediately – or even physically – but in other ways…

          intentionally poor grammar and formatting. political statement etc

        • Richard

          I take modafinil on a semi regular basis (prescribed for a sleeping disorder) – i’m not sure how much effect it has, and neither can you be.

          The evidence for modafinil’s efficacy is on the whole weak, mostly undertaken by industry (making it much more likely to present a positive result) and hasn’t been subject to proper independent meta-analysis.

          It could possibly help, but we’re not sure, your experiences using it are not a reliable guide as to whether it ‘works for you’ particularly for such a subjective and unmeasurable outcome such as sleepiness – if you take a drug believing it is going to be a wonder drug you’re almost certainly going to feel like it is, when you could in reality just be wasting your money and exposing yourself to side effects.

          Individuals need to be more critical when it comes to self medication. Remember that there is a massive Cephalon PR machine trying to get people thinking that this is a wonder drug.

          (sources: doesn’t necessarily make me right but I’m a medical doctor, UK. competing interests: none)

        • JamesG

          Bought and received 200mg Modalert – going to take a pill today to help me through some work I have, will update everyone on how it goes!

          Wish me luck!

        • FerranteA

          Yes for me, is the most reliable place to purchase Modafinil

      • WalterW

        Paid for 200mg Modalert and it arrived today – will post back on how it goes!

      • CrunchyNut1

        Nuvigil is awesome stuff I hear; if what you get is real, it’s the strongest. Not as strong as armodafinil though

        • Sam

          Avoid any vendor that’s been around less than a year. These people have been around a week according to their whois information.

          See links for *unbiased* reviews on modafinil sellers:

        • dan thompson

          reddit is the only source i trust for moda vendors. i have recently ordered x2 from rx_rex, a vendor recommended on reddit and had A++ experience.

        • Sarah

          Definitely keep it small. With me, less is more. The first day I got my shipment (from the same site), I took 400mg over the course of a day, divided into three doses spread out over a total of maybe 6 hours (100mg, 200mg, 100mg). I felt like shit. Whether that was due to the modafinil itself or just the circumstances of the day, modafinil did nothing to help. I did not feel awake, alert, or any mood-brightening.

          The next time I used 100mg, experiencing some of the effects, but I still felt a little tired while on it. Well, not exactly tired, but I felt like I could easily fall asleep. Note: This may be due to sleep debt, as I most likely have a lot.

          I went off it for two days and today I wasn’t going to take any, but I had an urge to for whatever reason, and I popped 1/4 of a pill (roughly 50mg) and holy shit man. I am awake as all hell and I feel great. More detailed testing required.

      • GreenT3a

        Was you talking about or

    • O’Hay

      I took modafinil for about a year. It was 2007, I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I read about people taking it in the guardian. So I ordered some from a company in India. Back then it wasn’t as easy to get, and was fairly expensive. I paid about £70 for a pack of 40.

      The first time I took it, it was amazing. I took three which was way too much, read three quarters of a novel in one night, did an interview the next day, and felt fine. What the author says about needing to go to the toilet all the time is true. It also makes you feel nauseated.

      I used it primarily to write essays, and it was really really great for the first four or five, but there was a drastic trailing off, and the physical side-effects got worse. Those who say they could sleep on it – that’s pretty good, as I never could, and would often wake up feeling wrecked when I finally did get to bed.

      So I stopped for a while and would only take it to pull through an all-nighter. Once I’d finished university, I stopped all together and have never taken it since.

      However, if you have a big project coming up, and you’ve not taken it yet, I recommend it. Remember to drink a lot of water, take two or three medium doses over the course of the day, and focus on a specific task. Stretch a lot (I found myself sitting in crazy positions for hours), eat even if you don’t want to, and then give yourself a few days off. Taking it long-term, just to get through school, is a very bad idea as there are other ways you can improve your concentration / productivity.

    • AnnaS

      I have experience with both Provigil and Nuvigil.

      The best way to know if either are for you is to buy it in bulk using the manufacturers discount, available from the cephalon website.

      Have your nearest compounding pharmacy fill the prescription and compound either into 10mg capsules. Use multiple capsules of this precise amount to determine the exact dose that is right for you.

      This is important because the recommended dosages are meant to treat sleep and shift/wake disorders.

      Crumbling or breaking at home is not precise enough for this drug. You gotta get the dose just right or else you cross the threshold between benefit and amphetamine effects.

      I have determined that 40mg then 10mg every 2 hours is perfect.

      Nuvigil feels more like an amphetamine that provigil, which is ironic considering that it is meant to be to the newer formulation. But in this case, newer means molecularly newer and not necessarily better.

      Best of biohacking to all!

  • arun kumar

    When you decided to take Modofinil, then go for the general health check up as well as to prescribe about this before you Buy Smart Drugs.

  • Roger Sheldon

    Uh, this is disappointingly poorly informed. I clicked this link for information, but found more misinformation or simply vague deus ex machina type answers which fail to result in the reader fully understanding risks and the like appropriately and adequately. The fact is, I do not know if the author of this has done any study into neuro/biochem, and the subsequent science at the larger and smaller scale, but it takes comprehensive knowledge to understand the biological effects of ANYTHING (frankly, you will never KNOW, nor will I – the more I study neuro/biochem the more I accept this…I only find more questions, no answers) IF ANYONE TELLS YOU THEY ‘KNOW’ WHEN IT REGARDS NEUROCHEM, THEY ARE LYING – AT BEST THEY HAVE A GOOD IDEA WHAT LIKELY HAPPENS TO X SAMPLE PER Y DATA…in addition, the credibility of data in this field is mixed, as it requires such an enormous amount of understanding – at least from quantum-scale mechanics up to anatomy with STRONG ORGOCHEM understanding…it’s all a work in progress, discovery, no answer….and the use of semantics is laughable and shameful…”IS MODAFINIL A ‘NARCOTIC STIMULANT’?” A question that is both absurd and also arbitrary; but the answer is REALLY frustrating: more or less the above text says “NO”. What is our working definition of “STIMULANT”? And, most especially, “NARCOTIC”? And, in addition, it’s hard to imagine a paradigm where modafinil is NOT considered a stimulant – it works in a way resulting in alterations in histamine in the hypothalamus reducing fatigue, and works on the catecholamines as well! Without getting to technical, for virtually ALL logical definitions of a “stimulant” modafinil would be one. NARCOTIC means “to make numb”, and is universally misused by the laymen….And the significant other claiming it’s not addictive, and then giving anecdotal, irrelevant information…this reads like a fucking heroin ad from the Dreser period – there are plenty of examples of “scientists” and “doctors” (witch doctors, the ignorant, the profiteering, etc – i.e. most scientists and especially most medical professionals) saying more or less “HEROIN, NON-ADDICTIVE, NOT STUPID LIKE MORPHINE, WHICH IS CLEARLY RX OPIUM; BUT HEROIN IS NON-NARCOTIC.” have some fucking foresight, Jesus. There is no good or bad, so stop putting it in the context (whether it’s subtext or not, the little I had the patience to read of this was clearly presented with this more-or-less internal environment elite-ism ) drugs are not GOOD or BAD or HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY, it depends on application…you can, however, determine within reason, associated risk – assuming you have healthy skepticism which results in the understanding that there are both known and unknown unknowns in this situation…everyone needs to truly educate themselves and make these determinations FOR themselves and their best interests.

    That being said, the spirit is right, use your resources, that is the key – manipulate the environment to your benefit, but if you are going to think at all, especially to think about improving your thinking, for christ’s sake do some real research, this page is FULL of just…UGH!

    The comment regarding ADDERALL being RX meth is an example of pretension and pomposity on behalf of the author. this article says to me “you need to explore your resources to be more happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and intelligent…but people who use ADDERALL are like people who use METHAMPHETAMINE – albeit, they are both phenylethylamines – but the connotation is derogatory, like people manipulating that chemistry are LESS THAN; these types of statements lead to stereotyping and further ignorance; the fact is, EVERYTHING has health consequences: EVERYTHING, ‘natural’ or otherwise. (SOMEONE, PLEASE DEFINE ‘NATURAL’ FOR ME WITHOUT MAKING ME LAUGH)…Now, taking alpha-methyl substituted phenylethylamines may exhibit health risks beyond what the author or even a reader would be willing to potentially expose themself to, but that DOES NOT justify the underlying judgements that result from this type of language….Jesus, just do the research, understand the concepts, learn how your brains works at the neuroamine level (to the point that you realize you know nothing about how the brain works, but you THINK that THIS should be closer to accurate than anything else i’ve read – this being the conclusion…and try to be objective, personal influence on this type of science has set us back SO LONG.) If you take the time at least and you can manipulate all types of chemistry with minimal risk – but, let us not fool ourselves into EVER thinking there is no risk to any behavior…And, PLEASE, drugs are THINGS, like guns, some are POTENTIALLY MORE DANGEROUS THAN OTHERS, ESPECIALLY IN THE WRONG HANDS, but they also can have REMARKABLE UTILITY. whatever, this just frustrates me, it’s like fucking sanjay gupta’s retarded ass wrote this. JESUS, these media medicine people and media science people are largely damn uninformed and further perpetuate ignorance.

    JESUS. if i hear one more time about people needing more “Serotonin” i might lose my F*************** mind – most 5HT receptors and subsequently “SEROTONIN” is in the “GUT” – Serotonin plays a huge role in communicating the sensation of most nausea…(well, it’s really difficult to make good 1to1 relationships between chems and “FEELINGS” or the like, but if there was ever a clear response in the PNS/CNS system, it is certain cascades related to 5HT(5-hydroxytrytamine = serotonin) and ‘nausea’…]

    …all that being said, i read so little of this post because it clearly can offer me no usable information, every sentence pisses me off because it PERPETUATES IGNORANCE! au revoir homies.


    • lee

      Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dynamix_X

      This guy definitely took some stimulants before writing this essay, anyone wanna take bets on how long it took him!

  • Brundle

    Started Sun Pharma Modalert today half a tablet 100mg, my urine smells like a bonfire, or smoke from a wood fire, is this normal?. Other people say their’s smells like sulphur, which I thought might smells like rotten eggs??. The reason I ask is because although the packaging looked genuine, I’m trying to confirm if the smell is right after taking the tablet.

    • JeffPowell

      it has sulfur in it so that shouldn’t be very suprising

  • Yupper

    Just use meth lol

  • Whinnypot

    While I truly hate the attitude that life is to be ‘won’ and not enjoyed and shared, I do applaud your willingness to try new things and explore life. I think your assertion that it has little to no side effects is dangerous and presumptive. In some cases prescription medications that are intended to alter the brain’s functions can have side effects that take decades to appear, but can be intense and irreversible. I hope, however, that you are right and only find success in your continued use of this chemical. :-) (Also you should avoid measuring or expressing Intellectual ability through I.Q. points, because that test design is highly prejudicial.)

    • Jeremy Williams

      theres a woman with a vid online that will tell you all the side affects of it…most of them are extremely rare but are pretty bad if they do happen.

  • bruce


  • RoxxViolet

    Ok, I am 27, a college student and I can’t seem to stay awake through the day. Every hour is a battle to keep my eyes open, I’ve fallen asleep during every class this quarter. I’m afraid to drive more than a few miles for fear of falling asleep at the wheel. There are days I sleep for 18+ hours total, I pull myself out of bed, go for walks and try to engage my body and mind, but as soon as I am at rest I dose off. It wasn’t always this bad. I was prescribed Risperidone for anxiety and insomnia over the summer. I was on that drug for 3 months and since then I’ve lost the ability to focus, had to relearn how to read, still cannot participate in a conversation. I’ve been off Risperidone for 3 months now and I still feel as dumb as a rock as well as exhausted constantly. I am going to look into Modafinil, I think it could benefit me. It would be incredible to regain some mental sharpness, but I would be so grateful just to be able to keep my eyes open for more than a few hours.

  • Joe

    Has anyone in the USA went to jail or been charged with a felony for ordering Modafinil online from a website in a foreign country? (Without prescription). Thanks!

  • Guest

    Would be nice if there was a drug similar to the one in the movie “limitless”.

  • D

    Can an updated post on modafinil be made? How to legally get a prescription, etc.

  • JD

    I like the pricing on this one . Still checking around though.

  • lovebiteme

    Can anyone tell me which helps you focus better: adderall xr or modafinil?

  • cg

    i bought from mymodafinil net and it arrived great

  • Brad Mills

    I first heard about modafinil while researching piracetam & choline, I came across Dave’s blog and filed Modafinil in my procrastination list of things to do.

    Then I heard about modafinil again on the Joe Rogan podcast with both Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss and gave it some priority on my to do list.

    I finally got some this week, after a year of thinking of trying Provigil. I used the tactics I learned on this blog – I told my dr that I’m only sleeping a few hours a night, and that I need something that will keep me awake since I run 2 companies and have to cover a 24 hour time period to communicate with all of my teams.

    I told the doctor about what I learned from googling modafinil, he said he never had prescribed it before, but after the appointment my doc was telling me that he was probably going to get some for himself ;)

    a bit about me and why I want to try modafinil:

    I’m 30, and the CEO of an iphone game company in Canada. We raised 7 figures last January and since then we’ve released over 300 iphone games.

    I had to start taking Lorazepam to shut my mind off half way through 2013 because of the stress of running a funded startup while trying to balance being a good father and husband had made my face go numb and my memory fade.

    Besides running the game company, I also advise other startups, and I’m co-founder of a healthy coffee company which sells into health food stores in the US.

    I’m always under a lot of stress and have to perform higher than I ever have in my life. I’m really interested in seeing how modafinil helps me over the next month, I’ll report my findings after I’ve tested it.

  • Modafinil Seller NYC

    I actually sell them in NY! I can meet you anywhere in the 5 boroughs, for more info go to and email me. I figured as New Yorkers we don’t have much time to wait for weeks in order to get the Modafinil. So I started making it available, I use it myself by the way. It is packaged and pure.

    • Juan Mendez

      are you still around

  • Guest

    These posts mostly look pretty old. Is anyone still ordering from

  • Rachel

    I took my 200mg this morning. The only real difference I could feel was nausea and kinda slow ( almost sleepy). I got my order from Did I get a bad batch or has anyone else not really been effected?

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  • Mark S

    Are you still selling Aniracetam? Do you have a recommendation about where to get it?

  • OLI
  • areta newland

    I love Provigil took it for about 10 yrs for the alert fine feeling i received ..a few years back all the while feeling great I was told I had Indolent Fulicular Lymphoma…bummer,, no symptoms ever they found out from a blood test…Than many tests later my oncoligest told me to stop taking Provigil…”..bummer ” It was the least I said but I stopped. His reasoning was “the drug companies lie and since they admit to a very small chance of contracting Lymphoma their percentage is higher then they print. I stopped and as the years went by and I was always symptom free he said “you can go back on Provigil, quality of life etc; was his reasoning by then. I am still free of any symptoms but just today I saw my doc (every 3 to 4 mons) he was upset that my encinophills had gone higher (white blood cells), he didn’t say take no more provigil but i could tell he wasn’t happy.
    Now, I am 82 in otherwise perfect health and an active professional artist so I will not stop taking the drug I see no reason at this time to do so and of course I will search (with my internist) for an alternative their has to be one.

    I write this FYI if you are considering taking this do not get it any way possible cause it is possible you could end up “in that small percentage” so whatever your age bracket is 6 to 80 talk to your Dr first and do your own due dilagence if you decide to take it it is great drug.. but keep getting quarterly blood tests and listen only to your Doc and demand that you quarterly take blood tests!!! Be well and content… but BE AWARE. aretanewland@comcast,net

  • Nate

    I started breaking the 200mg tablets in half and still experience alertness for 9 hours.

  • ModaBoost has great customer service and the product is great !

  • O

    What is your regime? Do you take Provigil and Alpha Brain in the morning?

  • MovieRich

    I’ve used brand name Provigil for over ten years now. With insurance changes in January, I was compelled to change to the generic modafinil. Now, after two months, I tend to blame every dull or sleepy moment on the generic drug. I think it is all in my head :-) but I am wondering if else has noticed a difference between the brand name and generic.

  • Frank

    I live in the Hawaii. I made an order at about a month ago and I still haven’t recieved my order. Moreover, I’ve email MODUP.NET support but no one is responding to my email.
    Any advice…

    • Patrick Golden

      MODup is experiencing severe issues due to FDA problems in India, though there’s no excuse for them not responding to customer support e-mails. At, we have deliveries with 7-10 postal work days after the order is shipped. Thanks!

  • razalas

    Has anyone found a legit online pharmacy that ships the the US?

  • razalas

    Has anyone found an online pharmacy that will ship to the US? It seems like dose not ship to the US , any suggestions ?

  • Rosie Evie

    Outstanding post, you have pointed out some good details , I too conceive this s a very fantastic website.

  • Deborah Shuman

    Thanks a lot. Because of people like you, who take modanifil when they don’t really need it, people like me, with MS-related fatigue, who have a legitimate need for the drug in order to function anywhere near normal, are being denied coverage for the medication because insurance companies are becoming increasingly vigilant to street use. I am trying to struggle through my days, hoping not to lose my job, while waging a battle with my insurance company to allow me to take the medication that has been helping me live normally for two years now.
    So, I hope you’re enjoying your drug use, knowing that you are in effect denying the legitimate use of this medication by people who truly have a medical need for it. Sleep well.

  • Jenny
  • Frank Vitale

    My order was seized by the fine folks at the FDA :(

  • Nika

    Modafinil can have long-term consequences on your nervous system. A friend of mine suffered disbalance in his emotional regulation and had to treat a serious depression after regular use of modafinil. It is less agressive than adderall only at first sight, but it has possible side-effects and consequences that are not negligible.

  • Pingback: Jesse's Aniracetam Self-Experiment - Smart Drug Smarts

  • James Bos

    I’m interested in Modafinil, it seems like a clever biohack. But can someone more knowledgeable on the subject comment on the following statement:

    –The darker side is the potential for long-term neurological or psychiatric harm. A 2008 communication to Irish doctors, from pharma company, Cephalon, warned of potential for “psychosis, mania, delusions, suicidal ideation and aggression”. Of course, every medication comes with a long list of potential side-effects, many of which are terrifying, but drugs that work primarily on brain chemistry naturally have the potential to harm the brain. This is where medical supervision is required.

    Dr Niall Crumlish, a psychiatrist at St James’s Hospital in Dublin, says “these are stimulant drugs … psychosis is a possibility.”–

    I don’t really have any experience with taking medication of any sort, so I just want to be on the safe side before trying it.

    Source –

  • jacAUS
  • Tom

    Just recieved my order from I am trying to split the dose. Half at 8 am and the other half around 1 pm. I usually start feeling drowsy are 3 pm each day so I’m hoping this will help

    • Ian86

      I wouldn’t trust I contacted them via their contact page about an order that I had made with them and it led me to a totally different modafinil supplier. It was pretty clear that had completely copyrighted their website and didn’t bother changing the coding for the contact us email. Thankfully (the original website) helped me out in my hour of need. Not happy.

  • Jen

    I buy it from,shipped within US and usually receive it in two days

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    Best Modafinil vendor , 3 day delivery , great prices.

    I have ordered from them 3 times over the past 6 months. Great communication, Fast Shipping, Discrete envelope and no signature required. They ship form a USA address. Highly Recommended.

  • Danny

    Anyone ordered from ? Prices seem good and I saw fab reviews on reddit and I kinda dont want to get my credit card number stolen by some of the other sites lol :|

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    • dontheman

      anyone else used mod-depot?

  • Justin is legit but they dont ship to Canada at the moment. I ordered from I have ordered from them before and received it without any problems.

  • Anon

    But I don’t suppose you would allow my comments to be posted here, now will you.

  • rickyrolo

    Go here and use the voucher code Limitless to get 10 free modafinil tablets with your order

  • Rick Voss was quick and easy to buy modafinil online . Got them in 2 weeks . Used visa gift card. I used the voucher limitless to get 10 free extra tablets.

    • Guest


  • RealG4L21

    I ordered from and I still haven’t received my order! I paid for the 7 day rush and its been 10 days and nothing! SMH

    • dontheman

      did it arrive yet?

  • McGodly

    Try New kid on the block- rapid and had no nonsense.

  • Ben

    Mod2Wake has the best pricing I have seen online.

  • Chris Mesnard

    I’m desperately trying to get my modafinil prescription approved. My request was denied, and I was informed that I would not be able to obtain a prescription unless I was diagnosed with work-shift disorder, sleep apnea, or narcolepsy. I’m not giving up yet. Any suggestions? I’m a premed student, so I wouldn’t think a sleep order would be too difficult to diagnose.

  • TroliusMaximus

    Just ordered from .

    Will report back in future to confirm / deny legitimacy of website…

  • Vicky

    Provigil affiliate program:

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    .The delivery process took only 4 days.I got the modafinil product on 28th oct,2014.

  • Alex

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on Modafinil and it appears to be relatively safe. Like the famous saying goes ” too much of anything is bad for you. ” Dave mentions above that an important diet and quality rest is a good place to start if you want to be more productive and I agree. However, even with that, we’d all like a little extra boost to improve the quality of our work. I run a blog and sometimes work until 2 or 3 in the morning which results in getting little rest since U get up at 6 am for work. I am considering tryingModafinil but have yet to make a final decision. Like I said, it appears relatively safe if used in moderation.

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  • snarf

    This guy is a quack, biohacking? wow, do you think you are are some superhuman from drugs and vitamins? The fact that you and anyone else here rely’s on a substance to improve your performance is sad. This is sadder than someone who rely’s on alcohol to get through the day

  • SoSleepy

    Let me shed some light on this whole thing. All online pharmacies ship the same shit from the same countries. If you’re lucky, you’re package will come from one of the more reputable brands available in these countries. For the record, none of these sites are 100% legal. There are the companies that give a fu** (actually want your recurring business that will ensure you get a high quality product making sure you know where to order next time you need something). And then there are the bullshit sites that haven’t a fu**ing clue what they’re sending/doing or what western consumers expect. Most sites are NOT trying to steal your credit card info or personal information. In a worst case scenario, you’ll start getting a few emails about how amazing your di** would be with viagra. So I’ve ordered from a few places, the site I usually order from got shut down, or changed names, or god knows what. I now use a site called . Two orders later, so far, so good. They have the same brand as I used to get from my other place, and got here pretty quick(around 10 days). Seems legit.

  • McGrudder

    Hello, all!

    The last post here was from about a year ago. Ryan states that he has ordered from Also, I’m seeing a lot of positive reviews on modafinil.

    Does anybody have any more recent information?


  • hengels

    I am taking between 50 and 75 mg in the late morning on approx 3 days a week since a year. I am noticing already that my sensitivity for Modafinil is decreasing. But increasing the dosage (to e.g. 100 mg) makes me feeling overdosed. The effect of my dosage is mild but my focus and ability to solve difficult problems increases significantly. There are no signs of dependency although it is nice and desirable to get tasks done in a straight manner. I experienced a strong amplification of caffeine intake with an arrhythmia what is quite unpleasant, especially when physical performance is required. Beside that Modafinil is working well for me.

  • Ryan Joseph

    I am a 15 years old. If I ask my doctor for a prescription of provigil and tell him I have all those sysptoms can he still give it to me even though I am 15.

  • Micah

    Would like to take it. I am a bit discouraged by the price and availability.

  • Francisco
  • Elle Manish

    Here is a good Modafinil pricechart:

  • David

    Can anyone recommend a non-prescription site for Modafinil where the product has actually been regularly tested (ie by an independent 3rd party)?

    I’m trying to work out whether I’d be a complete moron to buy from one of those sites or whether any of them are actually scrutinised to some degree.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • Opinion420

    Its when you run out of those supplements, and you haven’t developed the willpower to maintain the same neurochemistry that it will become a problem…such as when you are going through the death experience.

  • Hilary

    Hi, I am looking for modafinil without prescription from a safe online pharmacy.. Anyone have any suggestions??

    • brainpowers

      Great buying experience from Rex. Package arrived in 11 days. There
      was absolutely no hassle at all. I can definitely recommend and will
      order again from him.

  • Denise Is

    Hi Guys…I am denise from India. I hav been using the indian version of provigil called Modalert. Its amazing. My co-workers look at me suspiciously cuz i hav started to radiate super confidence, feeling invincible. I have prescription. If you want to order, I can ship it to you keeping a small margin of profit. You wud be saving a lot!

  • Denise Is
  • tenniscranky

    I ordered 40 Modalert tablets 6 days ago from and they arrived yesterday

  • Zippo

    I would really like to try modafinil since I will be learning two ancient languages simultaneously beginning next fall, among other things. I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid. I am a little nervous about the non-prescription sights. Has anyone compared prescripition modafinil to the products available from any of these sights? I just want to know what I would be putting into my body.

  • unistudent2

    I have started using and it is pretty great. Orders arrive very quickly, the website is beautiful. They sell premium product at good prices and unlike some other stores they have a selection on offer. I wouldnt be able to study for exams without these guys ;) Upvote if you are in a similar situation!

    • hedgehopped9

      I take 200 mg of modafinil a day supplied by these folk. Modatrack is cool too. Does anyone know much about modafinil stacks?

    • ModcatThrowaway

      From start to finish everything with this company was on par. I got a pretty quick delivery to the USA (5 days)

  • InsideLife

    i was super pleased by the service was superb. What I found most useful was their tracking system and live updates :)

  • Jamie Phillips

    Prefer to the cat (cheaper and delivery is faster to US)

  • ken walters

    Would highly recommend [RX ReX]( . Cant say enough about the quality of his service. Rex is also at the top of reddit’s recommended vendors lists for both modafinil and armodafinil – a ringing endorsement for those questioning whom to make a purchase from.

  • bpnoob

    i can vouch for Rex – legit product and fast delivery. solid seller.

  • Doug

    Modafinil does not work for me, it’s like taking a sleeping pill

  • Johnny

    Dave Asprey : “I used biohacking to get the same brain state as someone who spends 20-40 years in daily zen practice.” Looks like you’ve developed their humility as well. You simply cannot know whether you have reached the same state of being as an experienced zen meditator. Don’t fall into trap of being overly reductive. Even if scanned brain states are in concert, this doesn’t mean that the subjective experience is the same. Anyways, one who has meditated for 40 years would likely have little to no conventional sense of self. Their motivations and intersts are radically transformed. In short, they would almost certainly would not be intersted in the ultimatelty meaningless drivel of corporate life, being an executive, etc.

  • zach jonez

    Sounds like your typical speed addict. It never ends well…..

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