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Video & Transcript: Joe Rogan, Round 2

4 different photos of Joe Rogan, Tait Fletcher, Werewolf and Dave Asprey
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On the last show together- Joe’s fans called it one of his most awesome two-hour interviews! Even the most hardcore Bulletproof readers said they learned new information from that podcast episode.

Add a werewolf and Upgraded Kale Shakes to the mix, and you’ll understand why it’s called The Joe Rogan Experience!

If you find curse words offensive, don’t listen or read it!  Joe is a comedian and uses explicit language!

If you missed the latest, round 2, of the show— check it out now!

JRE #361 – Dave Asprey, from JoeRogan on Vimeo.

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What have you applied from the show that you’ve seen results from?  What is your favorite quote from the show?

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By Dave Asprey

  • RebelLibertarian

    Can’t wait for Upgraded Activated Charcoal!

  • halo

    what is that app called that at around minute 34 (driving) that measures heartrate, breathing or what part of the brain is active?

  • Michael

    The processs is proprietary? Eh? What? That doesnt seem good for the world.

  • Jurgen

    Going on with mycotoxins. I am from the Netherlands and the coffee there was not affecting me such as when i started living in Shanghai and drinking coffee from beans from *bucks and other sources. The result was crancky, headaches, crashing in the afternoon. Man was i happy when buying and using BP coffee, no more headaches and cranky/crashy feelings.
    Although a study would really convince people, i am already convinced from an experience point of view. Furthermore it is even cheaper buying from Upgraded-Self and shipping to Shanghai than buying the beans from other local sources like *bucks.

    • Hi Jurgen, I live in Shanghai as well. How do you get Upgraded coffee sent to Shanghai? Do you order directly from the upgradedself website?

  • WorkConDriver

    I really wanted to comment on this podcast since I heard this, I am a 50 year old truck driver that has benefitted greatly by both the posted BulletProof Diet and coffee, after presenting a rock solid argument about your product ( BulletProof Coffee), Dave,( that anyone has the the right and freedom to research by the way or prove you wrong!) Joe still seemed like he was trying to put up an argument against it or the value of it?! With all the evidence available, I find it unbelievable!, as a Truck Driver that drives up to 11 hours every night I find that I am more alert and healthier that I have been in years, at this time I weight less now than I have in 15 years. I am looking forward to getting up dated Lab tests on my progress. I was waiting for you to tell Joe respectfully, ” if you don’t think it’s beneficial don’t drink the freakin coffee Joe!!

    • rusHmatic

      Joe is a supporter and Bulletproof Coffee lover. He was basically forwarding questions that he received from fans.

      • Cjr Goodwood

        Not anymore!! The placebo effect is good huh, or it’s pure coincidence you guys are making other adjustments to your life style at the same time.
        I find it unbelievable with the evidence against the product that workcondriver doesn’t question it.

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