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Biohacking Fitness Upgrade: Whole Body Vibration Training

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Most of us aren’t looking for pro-athlete fitness, but we do want some level of good fitness in our lives.

As people busy with work, family, and play it is difficult to fit normal fitness regimens into a schedule unless you are willing to commit a lot of time and effort. Most people would rather save that time and effort for other things.

The biohack I share with you today is Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT). WBV Training is a way to hack time, strength, and natural hormones to take your fitness regimen to the next level.

I often hear this story from my Silicon Valley friends seeking the benefits of exercise like stronger bones, more strength, and better physique… but in less time.

Even if you are living life to the fullest, eating MCT oil and grass-fed butter regularly, taking vitamin D, or even using a Zeo Sleep Cycle to hack your sleep, one facet of health you don’t always have time for is training. You know that your physique can be upgraded, but with your commitment to work and family, pushing your fitness to another level is a stretch.

The problem is, you want to lose (or gain) an extra five pounds in order to fit better in your clothes, but don’t know if it is worth it. You have at least two options.

One, start working out more and hope that the increased time working out helps get your body in the shape you want. This will take away from your work and leisure time, but it will also lead to muscle over-fatigue and may increase cortisol responses from excessive training. Or two, settle for what you are now and never change. You may not gain the perfect physique you want, but you will look amazing compared to most people since you’re following the Bulletproof Diet.

Fair enough. But if you had the opportunity to get the body you wanted, would you take it?


The Whole Body Vibration Training Plate

Rafeal Nadal, Queen Latifah, Serena Williams, Olympic Athlete Rebecca Romero, and the whole NFL Broncos team get the extra edge over their competition by using WBV Training.  If it works for them, it can help upgrade your physique.

Whole Body Vibration Training boosts your fitness, strength, tone, strength, flexibility, bone density, and range of motion all in a time-efficient manner. Like 15 minutes. That is what I call a fitness hack!

WBVT consists of standing on a platform that vibrates in a way designed to stimulate your hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems simultaneously. You can use it to get the lymphatic and circulatory benefits of hours of walking, or you can perform some simple exercises, Body by Science style, to get actual exercise that grows muscle.

Nadal stated right after his French Open victory:

“This is part of the way I work out regularly. [WBV Training] I hope you could see that everything is possible and at the end, work is what makes you feel satisfaction.” (1)

Everything is definitely possible, and as biohackers we are constantly pushing the envelope on our possibilities. Whole Body Vibration Training helps you do this in a number of ways.

WBVT’s many benefits include decreased time of work out, increased strength compared to resistance training, positive hormonal effect, and much more. This very well may be the way we train in the future, and there is research to back it up.


Whole Body Vibration Training Benefits:

Decrease Your Work Out Time

WBV Training shows us that training does not need to be difficult and time consuming. WBV Training provides a dynamic workout in about 15 minutes. It does this by working up to 95% of the muscle fibers while you exercise. This near-total muscle experience translates into a high-intensity exercise.

High intensity exercise equals less time in the gym and better physical gains. I use my Bulletproof Vibe WBV Plate with weights about once a week for 15 minutes. With my extended travel, two kids, and work schedule, this is the right amount of weight training for me. But most other days, I find 10-15 minutes to stand on the platform to refresh my energy, stimulate circulation, and help my body excrete toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Increase Your Strength, Especially Explosive Strength

The way we conventionally workout uses the formula Force=Mass x Acceleration. Simply put, increasing either of these increases strength. For WBV Training, the mass is your body and the vibration is the acceleration.

Using your body and the vibration, the WBV Plate also uses Gravity as another form of acceleration to generate “G-forces.” It naturally incorporates more acceleration so you become stronger!

According to a study comparing WBV Training to conventional training, WBV produces higher strength levels within six weeks. It does so through its use of gravity – added acceleration in the “force” equation – and the reflexive muscle contraction it provokes. (7)

A scientific leader in this field, Dr. C Bosco, held many studies on WBV Training’s muscular benefits. He came to find out that WBV Training has a neural effect on muscle growth, meaning it constantly puts your muscles under load.

Athletes who used WBV increased their leg press by a significant amount of average velocity, force, and power. While this is what athletes are supposed to do, through repetition without increasing intensity or changing things up, the rate of muscle growth often plateaus. The neural effect of WBV is what made the difference in this study, and is what makes it ideal for maximizing your muscle potential.(20)

Along with enhancing muscle, Busco concluded that vibration enhanced the power capacity we have as humans, which means we may go beyond what our genetic power entails.(21) Both studies show big innovation toward strength, and are the reason why Olympians use these machines. For us, it also may help with weight loss.

Lose More Weight

If you want to cut any excess fat from your body, WBV Training is for you.

A weight loss study done in Europe showed a group using WBV Training lost 11% body weight during intervention phase and maintained 10.5% of that loss. Compared to a group that used Diet + Conventional Exercise, which lost 7%, WBV Training is an efficient way to lose weight, and shrink visceral fat. (2)

In the same study, visceral fat shrank by 48 cm2 in the WBV Training group compared to 18cm2 in the Diet + Conventional Exercise group. This weight loss was caused by the WBV’s metabolic alteration and hormone effect.

Increase Your Positive Hormones (and Vice Versa)

Your hormones should be healthy eating Bulletproof, and WBV Training will take your testosterone and growth hormone to another level. It does this while also decreasing cortisol, which is a big change from conventional training.

Bosco et al. proved that after 10 repetitions of WBV Training there is a tremendous effect on the hormonal system, by:

460% increase in Growth hormone 460%,

7% increase in testosterone

27% decrease in cortisol  (22)

A similar study states WBV stimulates GH secretion, reduces circulating cortisol, and reduces plasma glucose.(10)

Overall WBV Training does not represent a stressful stimulus for the neuroendocrine system, which is the opposite of most conventional training.(8) That’s why I am glad to do it (without weights) whenever I am home.

Notably, a famous study done in 1995 by Frank Perna and Sharon McDowell states that cortisol levels spike 20 hours after conventional training.(23) This stress can negatively affects the body’s recovery process. On the other hand, WBV Training decreases cortisol levels in the body during and after training.

Stress shortens your life, and we’re all better off hacking stress in order to reap the full benefits of WBV.


WBV Training Even Helps the Elderly…a lot!

Studies show that WBV Training improves strength more efficiently in the elderly.(5) Since the elderly have trouble using conventional machines, the WBV was used and many found an improved balance function.(3)

WBVT also improves quality of life, quality of walking, balance, and motor capacity in elderly.(4) It does this for the elderly, and for every age group.

For seniors with knee osteoarthritis, WBV Training reduced the proliferative response of TCD4+, which is a medical anagram for counting T-cell depleted bone marrow.(9)


Other WBV Training Benefits

  • Increased lymphatic drainage(6)
  • Increased bone mass and mineral density(14)
  • Increased flexibility and mobility(6)
  • Metabolic alterations in bone, stomach, bowel, prostate, kidney, and bladder.(14)
  • Enhances knee neuromuscular control(13)
  • Immediate improvement in blood circulation(15)
  • Pain reduction(6)
  • Improved proprioception and balance(4)
  • Multiple Sclerosis Deterrent(17)
  • Increased secretion of serotonin and norepinephrine(6)

Whole Body Vibration Training helps everyone. From Olympic Athletes reaching their peak to the biohacker seeking better blood flow and bone density to the elderly wanting to improve balance and motor capacity, WBV Training is valuable.

Picture of Bulletproof™ VibeThis revolutionary training technology is the upgrade you want in order to hack your fitness. The catch is, most WBV training units like the Power Plate are very expensive. There are a few mass-market ones with a history of weak welds or cheap (but unhealthy) side-to-side rocking motion. Through extensive research and expert help we have created the Bulletproof Vibe WBV Plate, which is used today in professional sports training and chiropractic clinics.

While many WBV units cost between $5,000 and $15,000, the Bulletproof Vibe WBV Plate is about 10% of that including shipping!

If you want stop reading about the benefits, and start feeling and seeing them, then check out a local gym, health club, or buy one now. WBV is pushing humanity’s fitness to new levels.

Before using a WBV Plate, contact your physician if you are pregnant, have foot, knee and hip implants, lumbar disc problems, or acute inflammations or infections. The funny thing is that WBV will most likely help you improve some of these things (not late stage pregnancy!)

If you are living the Bulletproof lifestyle, and need that extra push to reach your fitness goals, or just want more benefits in less time, then WBV Training is for you. Being able to cut your training down by hours in a week while substantially increasing strength and improving your hormonal levels is hard to deny. Get ready for the new innovative machine people are using across the globe to upgrade their fitness.

For information on who and how to use the WBV Plates go here:

How do you train right now? Do you think WBV training can take you to the next level? Leave a comment below and we will test the tide.

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