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Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Vanilla

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2 oz. bag price: $24.95

Would you like to have the finest vanilla powder in the world? Would you like to transform boring paleo deserts into something that tastes better than Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Would you like to upgrade your brain function with an ingredient that can increase your cognitive performance, fight inflammation, and bolster your immune system?

Upgraded Vanilla is a high quality natural vanilla made 100% from only the finest Madagascar vanilla beans, and processed in a way that maximizes flavor and minimizes toxins so you get all the benefits of vanilla without the usual negatives.

Upgraded Vanilla Beans are hand selected by experienced pickers who know how to tell if a bean is going to taste good, or if it will be filled with pests or mold. The beans are then sifted and ground so only the highest quality beans are left. This high quality meal is then ground even finer and dried for 12 days under low heat and pressure to kill and eliminate microbes and mold toxins.

The result is a smooth and powerful vanilla powder that can be used to flavor deserts, Bulletproof Coffee, Upgraded Whey, and anything else you like. It also can increase mental performance, fight inflammation, and help your immune system fight pathogens.

How Upgraded Vanilla increases your mental performance

Vanilla contains compounds called vanilloids that are similar to capsaicin (the hot part of hot peppers), which has been used throughout history as an anti-inflammatory and cognitive enhancing agent. Vanilloids work in the body to reduce inflammatory responses. Inflammation decreases your cognitive performance and damages your health.1, 2, 3

When you eat the right kind of vanilla, your body has an easier time mitigating inflammatory responses, and your brain can work faster. Cooking vanilla at high temperatures vaporizes many of these molecules and destroys their anti-inflammatory effects. Upgraded Vanilla is gently made in a way that preserves the cognitive enhancing properties of vanilloids, so you get the biggest boost in brainpower.

How Upgraded Vanilla makes paleo deserts taste like the real thing

Are you tired of making coconut ice cream and feeling like there’s still a little something missing? You love the cool, creamy deliciousness, but there’s still a small part of you that yearns for the taste of a Dairy Queen Blizzard, or Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. The difference is in the flavoring. Upgraded Vanilla allows you to make your own deserts taste just as rich as the real thing. The perfectly ground vanilla beans mix with anything, imparting an irresistible aroma that will allow you never to resort to conventional unhealthy deserts again.

How Upgraded Vanilla saves you money

Most vanilla bean powders are mixed with fillers like acacia gum and inulin, which decreases the quality and concentration of the vanilla. You end up having to use far more vanilla than you should to get the same taste. Upgraded Vanilla is 100% vanilla with no added fillers, so you can use far less while getting even more flavor. When you do the math, you actually save money by buying Upgraded Vanilla over cheaper vanilla products.

Why Upgraded Vanilla makes Bulletproof Coffee even better (gasp)

It’s hard for us to admit that there is any way to improve Bulletproof Coffee, but Upgraded Vanilla does. Adding a pinch of Upgraded Vanilla to a warm cup of Bulletproof Coffee turns it into a creamy concoction that could easily be mistaken for molten ice cream. Not only does vanilla taste good in coffee, it also raises your catecholamine levels, just like coffee does.4 This adds a small kick to your morning routine while improving brain function and concentration.

How Upgraded Vanilla aids digestion

The delicate essential oils in vanilla are believed to boosts the body’s ability to protect gut cells and digest more easily.5 Heating these oils at high temperatures destroys these beneficial properties. Upgraded Vanilla uses a special process to ensure the delicate essential oils in vanilla are preserved, so they can offer all the health benefits possible.

Ingredients: Ground Vanilla (Madagascar)

2 oz. bag price: $24.95

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