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Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain

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Your intelligence is infinite.

Intelligence is not fixed.  Studies have shown repeatedly that with training, supplements, and time – intelligence can always be increased.  Neuroplasticity – your ability to reshape your nervous system and brain – is proven to exist and we even know how to increase it.

However, your mindset often dictates your boundaries of intellectual capacity.  How you think and perceive the world impacts  your intelligence and ability to rise to a challenge. You can see clear examples in the effects of stereotype threat as well as studies on what children are told about their performance.

People who believe intelligence is fixed are the ones who never reach their full potential.  The people who believe they can achieve anything will outperform and may very well achieve anything. In a fascinating EEG study of 480 trials at Michigan State University, researchers found that participants who thought they could raise their intelligence performed far better than those who thought they couldn’t.

I’ve been brain hacking even longer than I’ve been hacking my body.  To share all of my secrets would take an entire book (anther project I’m working on).  In the meantime, here are my top five methods for increasing brain function.  Think of this as getting a software update.

1. Challenge Your Brain

Before you get into the fancy techniques, focus on challenging your mind in new ways every day.  Take a new route to work, learn a new language, read a challenging book, or start a new project.  Most entrepreneurs don’t have a problem with this, but many people go through their day without any kind of mental stimulation.  Studies have shown that people who continually challenge their brains with even the smallest tasks live longer and retain their brain function until the very end. Keep your curiosity engaged and ask yourself, “why?” in exactly the way a 3 year old would.

2. Dual N-Back Training

Now we’re getting into the cool stuff.

This software program consists of 20 minute computer lessons designed to challenge every part of your brain necessary to boost your IQ.  Dual N-Back Training was the focus of our article titled “How To Add 2.75 IQ Points Per Hour of Training.”  A person I coach increased his IQ 18 points, and I increased mine 12 points with this method alone.  Considering all the other techniques I’ve used over the years prior to Dual N-Back training, that’s a massive increase.

Dual N-Back Training improves memory, problem solving, imagination, and REM sleep.  There are some open source versions of Dual N-Back Training such as Brain Workshop that you can download for free.

It takes about a month of daily exercise. Your brain won’t like it at first – you will get bored and frustrated and probably have strange dreams. But when you’re done, you won’t know how you functioned with only half the working memory you just gained. It’s that strong, like a RAM upgrade for your brain.

3. Nutraceuticals

These are nutrients that have a specific medicinal or pharmacological effect.  Nutraceuticals are usually compounds made by the body or plant based.  They’re more natural than other drugs and are good for beginners who are apprehensive at the thought of taking a “drug.”

These are all  effective brain enhancers that can be purchased for relatively cheap.


Acetyle-L-carnitine (ALC) crosses the blood-brain barrier where it acts as a powerful antioxidant.  It acts on both acetylcholine and dopamine function.  ALC is neuroprotective and works as a powerful cognitive enhancer.  While most studies have been done on rodents, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s effectiveness in humans.  Some other interesting benefits are better sperm motility and as a treatment for heart dysfunction. It supercharges your mitochondria which helps your entire system, not just your body.

Krill Oil (EPA/DHA)

I discussed the omega-3’s back in Step 2, so I won’t go into great detail here.  These two omega-3 fatty acids are essential for proper brain function and development.  They can improve memory, executive thought processes, and are neuroprotective.  However, the need for these fats is low, about 350mg a day if you have an optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats from your diet.  It’s important to supplement especially if you eat omega-6 oils (nuts and seed oils). I prefer krill oil to fish oil.

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil

MCT oil turns on your body’s fat burning mode and helps your brain to run more efficiently. It is one of my favorite ways to have more energy, both in my brain and my body. A physician, Dr. Mary Newport, recently used MCT from coconut oil to reverse her husband’s early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript for free here. When you start using MCT oil, start slowly to allow your body to get used to this much energy this quickly.

Upgraded Coffee

Coffee isn’t just caffeine, but caffeine by itself can give you a massive boost in brain power.  Caffeine can improve short term memory, alertness, and cognitive function.

A good dose is around 20mg per hour.  If you’re taking a big test, you can take one large hit.  Studies have shown caffeine can be almost as effective as Modafinil, another supplement I’m about to tell you about.  A cup of coffee supplies 95-200 mg of caffeine. Studies have shown caffeine mainly improves your ability to perform less demanding work like simple math problems and organization, may improve mood and has little effect on things like systems thinking and other complicated stuff.

However, if you brew them properly, Upgraded Coffee beans contains two potent brain anti-inflammatory agents, cafestrol and kawehol, which can boost cognitive performance differently than caffeine, especially if you have inflammation in your body. Most coffee has a chemical residue left over from the fermentation process, and this residue (called mycotoxin) has a negative impact on brain function.

Prepared with butter and MCT, Bulletproof Coffee is my favorite adaptogenic herb and my top rated smart “nutraceutical.” I literally have this every day.

4. Smart Drugs (nootropics)


Nootropics from the “racetam” family are some of the most trusted and widely used. I rely on Aniracetam because it’s fat soluble, fastest acting, and has effects on memory I/O, creativity, and stress. The “racetam” family of nootropics is known for improving mitochondrial function and oxygen in the brain.

Most of the research has been done on people with neurological problems (with amazing results), but there is plenty of good evidence to support it’s use in healthy individuals.  A double blind placebo controlled trial showed the oldest racetam, piracetam, improved verbal memory in healthy college students.

I’ve used piracetam and aniracetam for years, but I like the next smart drug even more.

Modafinil (Provigil)

This is one of the smart drugs closest to my heart, err, brain.  I’ve used this for years for everything from studying at Wharton to working on a start-up that sold for $600 million dollars.  I’ve recommended it to countless friends with massive results, and you may have seen me on ABC Nightline or CNN talking about using it for executive performance. Modafinil improves memory and mood, reduces impulsive decision making, increases your resistance to fatigue, and even improves brain function during sleep debt.  I’m more inclined to believe people suffer from Modafinil deficiency, rather than it being a supplement. It doesn’t work for everyone, but if it works for you, you’ll love it.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an alkaloid found in the plant moss Huperzia serrota.  This plant has been used medicinally for headaches, swelling, fever, and blood disorders by the Chinese for centuries.   It enhances memory, increases nerve growth, and protects against Alzheimer’s.  It also increases REM sleep. But beware; it raises acetylcholine levels, which is helpful in 2/3 of people, but harmful in those who are choline dominant (like me). Watch out for a clenching jaw or headaches – if you get those, stop taking it, and double up on Aniracetam until the symptoms go away. (the racetams lower choline, which is a good thing if you have too much!)

Upgraded Aging

Upgraded Aging Formula contains stabilized oxaloacetate, which is a part of the kreb’s cycle that powers your cells’ energy production. It has hugely positive effects on blood sugar control and mimics caloric restriction, but the real win for your brain is that it protects brain cells from excess glutamate. High levels of glutamate are neurodestructive – and you get some every time you eat restaurant food, because restaurants hide MSG in lots of dishes (legally) because people who eat MSG almost always order more drinks and dessert to counteract the blood sugar plunge from the MSG. Sneaky but legal. Upgraded Aging has other metabolic effects around blood sugar too.

5. Sleep

Improving your sleep is one of the best ways to boost your brain power.  Without enough REM sleep, you increase neurodegeneration and decrease your ability to perform on a day to day basis.

I wrote about ways to improve your sleep in Step 5.

6. Creatine

Just when you thought the only similarity between body builders and nerds was their secret obsession with World of Warcraft – it turns out they also take some of the same supplements.  Creatine helps you lift more weight, both mentally and physically.  Your brain uses creatine to perform synapses, and studies have shown that it improves your brain function, especially in vegetarians who are almost guaranteed to be creatine deficient.  The study referenced above used 5 grams per day, which is a good starting place for improving brain function.

Increasing your brain power is not just something for executives and nerds – it’s for anyone with a brain.  Imagine if you almost never forgot things.  Imagine managing more tasks than you ever dreamed possible without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  No more forgetting where you put your keys or leaving behind papers for work.

7. Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer

This is a newly released technology with a headband to measure the flow of blood in your brain so you can use real time feedback to quickly increase blood flow to your pre-frontal cortex. This most evolved part of your brain handles executive functions such as focused attention, organization/planning, decision making and working memory. The pre-frontal cortex also handles emotional regulation, control of mood, behavior, inhibition and motivation.

With less than 10 minutes of training every now and then, you can consciously increase blood flow by 7 to 12%. These changes in blood flow can result in improvements and psychological testing designs to measure your ability to pay attention and focus. All the details are here.

That’s the main list! Upgrading your brain makes life a lot simpler. Try it!



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  • Noah

    Great article! I’ve been using Piracetam for about two weeks, now and it is awesome! I tend to tell people that thoughts just “flow” better. No love for creatine though?

    • Raymond William Barron

      Yeah this is something that Dave has mentioned in other videos. Interesting to see that it’s not on here.

      • Dave Asprey

        Crap! How could I overlook this? Creatine totally belongs here. Will fix. ?

        • Raymond William Barron

          Good job.

        • bd

          Dave is there a certain brand or type of creatine that I should use?

        • Addison Melton

          Dave, was wondering if in your opinion aniracetam lowers choline levels in the same fashion piracetam does, and if so, to the same extent? Being fat soluble does that mean your body actually retains and accumulates aniracetam, or does that solubility only apply to digestion?

  • Ben

    This stuff is just brilliant. Cheers Dave!

  • Steven

    Dave, thanks for the article! One quick question, would Pramiracetam be as good as Piracetam or Aniracetam?

    • Endymion

      Dave says in response to comments on another post:
      “I’ve tried every racetam I could find over the last 15 years. Phenyl piracetam is the best of all, but not available anymore. I miss it. Pramiracetam and oxiracetam are harder to find often; both are more powerful than piracetam, but piracetam is the most studied so I talk about it the most. Aniracetam is fat soluble so it has special advantages too. It’s what I take!”

      • Dave Asprey

        Pram is very high strength and I like it. As far as I know it is also water-soluble like piracetam.

        • Ashwin Murali

          Actually, small correction, Pram is fat soluble.

        • Dave Asprey

          I stand corrected!

  • Endymion

    Is there any reason that you know of why some people seem to respond to piracetam and others do not? I never felt any positive benefit from it. I’m trying aniracetam now and would like to know how long the effects will take to become noticeable, i.e first dose or after using it for a period of weeks?

    • Noah

      From Smart Drugs and Nutrients: “We have noticed that often when people first take piracetam they do not notice any effect at all until they take a high dose (approximately 4000 to 8000mg). Thereafter, they may notice that a lower dosage is sufficient.” (page 48)

      • Dave Asprey

        Great book, great quote!

    • Dave Asprey

      Test yourself using and you will probably find a difference that you are unaware of

  • Sean

    Bro, please don’t link to another blog post praising Little-Rock-Mafia filth, puss-bag, human trash, “Hillary Clinton”.

    There’s plenty of Non-Parasite-Worshipping articles online about “stereotype threat”

  • Sean

    Huperzine-A – Choline Dominant… If one experiences extreme sensitivity to Hup-A (extreme light-headed dizziness from 5micro-grams), what would you look to as the likely problem here?

    This happened to me with Hup-A and also Pantethine (experiments months apart). But after taking a break from the first 3 or 4 experiments with these two, I now feel nothing at all from a 20mcg tablet of Hup-A, nor 500mg cap of Pantethine……….. It’s as if my brain had a deficiency in some cofactors which these two supplements consumed and left me feeling extremely light-headed verging on a migraine. Dunno….

    After the failed (painful) experiment with Hup-A, I tried Alpha-GPC and CDP-choline, and felt a pleasant benefit. A week later, no Hup-A sensitivity.

    • Dave Asprey

      Watch out – excess GPC is a very bad idea for about 1/3 of us.

  • Joshua Kitlas

    It appears that Modafinil is not a supplement but a narcotic requiring a prescription. Is this true or am I just looking in the wrong place?

    • Endymion

      Unfortunately it’s true, it does require a prescription. However, there are certain sites online that overlook this legal requirement, if you’re willing to go down that route…

      • yodude


    • Dave Asprey

      It is not a narcotic but it is a prescription

      • Drd224

        It seems like modafinil’s patent has recently expired according to Wikipedia. However, Cephalon is suing the generic drug manufacturers from producing their version of modafinil’s. Anybody know what generic from a reputable manufacturer, e.g., Teva or Barr, has hit the market?

  • Endymion

    Any experience with Noopept? It’s allegedly the most potent racetam derivative of all….

    Do you take a choline supplement in addition to the aniracetam (as is often suggested in the blogosphere), or do you consider this unnecessary or that the choline content of the BP diet is sufficient (BP ice cream!)?

    Fantastic post.

  • Joshua Whiteman

    I began using upgraded bulletproof coffee at the same time as aniracetam and choline. Coffee and racetams were exceptionally great. Then I tried DMAE and huperzine- a. Shortly after this, I began getting very bad orthostatic hypotension, headaches and a generally off feeling, within 1-3 hours of consuming the coffee and aniracetam/choline. After reading this article and having Dave respond to a forum comment, it is a high probability I am choline dominant. Some suggestions from Dave for others having potential choline issues.

    “Try turmeric, ginger, glutathione, betaine HCL, hydroxycobalamin, P5P, magnesium, and very high dose 5-MTHF (aka folate, NOT folic acid). Do not take folate without a source of B12.”

    I am going keep eating raw ginger, taking betaine HCL and magnesium and also consume higher doses of piracetam to lower choline levels. I had coffee for first time in a week, today and still felt the affects.

    • Dave Asprey

      Joshua, you completely overwhelmed your choline system. When this happens you may benefit from piracetam because it lowers choline, and unfiltered (metal filter) coffee is a good idea (stops iNOS problem that excess acetylcholine causes.) And stay the heck away from huperzine and any other cholinesterase inhibitors (like pesticides and roundup).

      • Jeremy

        Hay eyv bin drunking roundup foar yeehars and yme fine :p

      • Derek Murphy

        Hi Dave, I’m trying to figure this out as well… took huperzineA for three days and went into a period of creative mania. Loved it, got a ton of shit down, but realized I was “off” so I stopped. I’ve tried many other nootropics; piracetam and choline supplements didn’t do anything for me (felt nauseous or brain fog). But maybe I could stagger a bit of huperzinerA with some oxi/aniracetam? Or could you think of a particular stack for choline-dominant (is that right?) people like me?

  • Sean

    Dave, Caffeine, Modafinil, & Racetams — are general CNS stimulants best avoided for people who suffer chronic SNS dominance?

    Even with cognitive benefits from these supplements, might they do more harm than good for “sympathetic dominant” types or basically people already “running on adrenaline”?

    • Dave Asprey

      Great question. The short answer is that if you’re running on adrenaline and sympathetic dominant you need to fix the problem or your life and quality of life will be dramatically reduced. Get an emwave2. Do neurofeedback. Yoga.

  • Chris

    Hey Dave, I have played with modafinil in the past. Immediate improvement in memory and learning curve. But it can be somewhat “tricky” to obtain legitimate stuff (I.E. not made in a piss poor generic company). How would it even be possible to obtain this for the average Joe? I know my physician isn’t just going to write me a script.

    • Dave Asprey

      Shift worker sleep disorder is 100% reimbursable. ?

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  • PhysicsMaestro

    Hey Dave, nice post on noots, keep ‘em coming! Do you find modafinil builds a tolerance? I have heard several anecdotal reports alleging this, which keeps me from using it daily, and was wondering what your mileage with it is. I think it’s fantastic stuff and would love to use it daily as a tool to finish my DPhil.

    Also, do you know any modafinil or even caffeine alternatives? Seems like all the interesting stims are Px.

    p.s.: I haven’t noticed any effects from the racetams (with choline) or hup-A either.

  • Endymion

    Does modafinil build tolerance? It is reported as not building tolerance but there seems to be a lot in the way of anecdotal reports that it loses its effect over the long-haul.
    Would you recommend against its daily use?

    • Dave Asprey

      I use it daily for about 8 years. Sometimes I would take weekends off. I actually reduce my dosage over time. No tolerance was ever an issue for me.

      • Ashwin Murali

        Did you note that the first 1-2 times were more effective and then the effects remained level (still significantly above baseline) ?

      • Jon Hungerford

        Quote from

        “In adults, decreases in trough levels of modafinil have sometimes been observed after multiple weeks of dosing, suggesting auto-induction, but the magnitude of the decreases and the inconsistency of their occurrence suggest that their clinical significance is minimal.”

        Does this mean the troughs rise and the mean is higher, or the troughs “deepen” and the mean is lower?

  • elspeth

    Hm, I daily take Modafinil (400mg) because I have idiopathic hypersomnia. It is enough to keep me from falling asleep, most days (not if I’m having a bad day, though). I wouldn’t say that it has improved my memory or concentration, though – I’d need a much higher dose to regain my pre-hypersomnia levels, I think.

    For comparison to wakefulness effect, prior to diagnosis I was on about 3-4 high power energy drinks a day, and in retrospect, I’m pretty sure the sugar in them was more effective than the caffeine at promoting wakefulness.

    Other things you don’t mention about Modafinil: it has side effects. It lingers in the body for 8-10 hours, so it will interfere with any attempt to sleep in that time. Also, it operates by flooding the brain with dopamine – be very cautious with its use in conjunction with other neurochemistry affecting substances, such as antidepresssants. It could kill you. Additionally, it retards appetite – during periods where I am avoiding (for my health) junk food and liquid calories, I find it difficult to eat above starvation level – the degree of this effect is probably dependent on the dosage level, however.

    Additionally, Modafinil doesn’t develop a tolerance as such; it’s more prone to what’s colloquially known as ‘poop-out’ – one day it simply stops working. This isn’t particularly common, but it tends to happen at levels of high and more frequent use. Basically your brain just starts going ‘so what?’ to the high levels of dopamine. I have heard anecdotally that after several years it may possibly be effective again, but that isn’t well confirmed.

    In short, I would be extremely careful about recommending such a medication without the standard disclaimers. I also think it is slightly irresponsible to advise your readership to take such medications without informing them of possible interactions, side effects, and counter indicative situations. Please, it isn’t safe.

    • Dave Asprey


      You have a medical condition! Everything we take “lingers in the body” for a while, but Modafinil is a wakefulness promoting agent that is not a stimulant. You can go to sleep on it; you just don’t want to.
      It affects more than dopamine. “It could kill you,” yes, but so can grapefruit juice. There are exactly four medications with major interactions with modafinil: Citalopram, clopidogrel, levomethadyl acetate, and ranolazine. Three interact because of P450 liver detox inhibition makes the drugs stronger and one because the same mechanism reduces the effectiveness of a drug. All this is free on I’d add that grapefruit and Tylenol are more potent inhibitors of P450 than Modafinil. When you get modafinil prescribed, or google it, these are readily searchable and apparent.
      Poop out as you put it “isn’t particularly common.” Yep. I reduced my dose over the years (from 200-400/day to 100/day and sometimes 50/day.
      Appetite is a mixed bag. The prescribing information for Provigil notes that “There were no clinically significant differences in body weight change in patients treated with PROVIGIL compared to placebo-treated patients in the placebo-controlled clinical trials.” And Cephalon even filed an appetite stimulating patent for it, although some studies show reduced appetite too. I was able to eat 4,000 calories per day on average for a long period of time on it.
      To say modafinil isn’t safe is absolutely true. Neither are most herbal supplements given dosage and individual parameters and pharmaceutical interactions. But on the spectrum of drugs, modafinil is safer than average by far, and has very pronounced benefits. If we live our lives to always be safe, we would be paralyzed by inaction, because all drugs can be safe or dangerous depending on how they are used.

      • elspeth

        Modafinil definitely interferes with hormonal contraception, I’ll note. That’s on the PI sheet. There’s a (non-fatal, but potentially really inconvenient) interaction you don’t mention. My doctor says it’s probably something to do with the load it places on the liver, and therefore the rate at which the contraceptive is metabolised. I haven’t yet found a study which explains the specific method of action, though. Also, its effects on fetuses and babies haven’t been studied, so it isn’t recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Not that you’ll ever have to worry about it, but some of your readership might.

        I’m aware that it doesn’t just affect dopamine. I’m also aware that the current science actually isn’t quite sure how it works, although a current hypothesis that is gaining ground states that it lowers electrical resistance amongst a particular set of neurons, and the dopamine increases (and other neurochemical increases) are downstream effects.

        As an aside, being told what amounts to ‘We don’t know what’s wrong with you, but this drug helps, and we don’t know how it works either’ is a somewhat disturbing thing to hear from a medical professional.

        Oh, another thing – be careful with exercise. Modafinil is banned by some sporting federations because it is considered a doping agent. It increases the ability of the body to do work, while suppressing perception of effort. This can lead to surprising amounts of next day soreness (to the point of injury) if you’re not aware you have to compensate for it.

        People with a lactose sensitivity or allergy shouldn’t take it either – the pills contain lactose (or, at least, all the brands I’ve seen do).

        I’m not saying don’t use it. Sure, it’s a useful tool. But I would say that it can have side effects, like any drug, and that not advising your readers upfront of potential adverse reactions, as well as the usual ‘this is not medical advice, I am not a health practitioner, I am not your health practitioner’ disclaimers is a potential legal problem for you. They’re boring and a bit of a downer, but the fine print really ought to be there somewhere for your own protection.

        I apologise if I come across as hostile – that isn’t my intention. I am simply concerned. Perhaps I am overly cautious; personally, I am satisfied with my current level of risk taking behaviour. I don’t feel paralyzed by inaction; I feel that I am making vast, positive changes to my life, fuelled by sufficient information to make good decisions (and 400mg of Modafinil a day). I do appreciate that you have collected a great deal of information here, and I think that is laudable.

        • Dallas McMillan

          Thanks Elspeth, I appreciated your thoughtful and backed-by-experience input – best of health to you!

      • Marc Theiler

        I have been supplementing with Mod for a year now along with a stack of nootropics. I have had nothing but outstanding benefits. I cannot rightfully note a single down side. I am an exceptionally fast-paced, professional and have exalted all aspects of my “being” through bio-hacking. I am thankful that Dave takes the time.

        We need to get up soon Dave! Hope you are doing outstanding. I know you are.

      • Flavor

        Very good answer!

      • Tim

        Interesting blog, and thanks for your perspective on modafinil. Just thought I should point out that there’s a fifth, and very important drug-drug interaction with modafinil that you didn’t mention: ethanol.

        I’m a semi-regular nootropic modafinil user here in the UK and once or twice made the mistake of having a beer or glass of wine at the end of the day after using modafinil. It was a big mistake. It can cause rapid drowsiness, almost to the point of narcolepsy, as well as massively amplified hangover. I couldn’t tell from your site if you’re teetotal or not, but I thought the advice would be useful to some readers.

        Also on the point of modafinil’s mechanism of action. We really don’t know enough yet to be sure about this. What Elspeth says is partially correct, modafinil has affinity for the dopamine transporter, and appears to act as a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor. However, this doesn’t appear to be sufficient to account for its effects, and other research suggests it works by promoting gap junction expression in key groups of hormone or neuromodulator-releasing neurons in the hypothalamus and locus ceruleus. The increased gap junctions make it more likely for all the neurons in these regions to fire in a synchronised manner, and less likely to fire on their own, thereby improving the signal-to-noise ratio of neuromodulatory transmitter release. All pretty speculative at the moment though…

    • CW7

      I felt the need to chime in here. I’ve been using modafinil for a few years to supplement what I will call partially-effective conventional treatment of sleep apnea. I take one 200mg tablet in the morning “as-needed”, which is about 3 days in 7. I have noticed only one side-effect that you all have not mentioned. I will usually experience a “hangover” effect. It is a coming-down reaction – just a regular run-of-the-mill headache which is seldom a deterrent when I decide I’ll be more productive if I take a pill on any given day.

  • John Lushefski

    Intelligence is definitely not fixed, but it is probably finite. At some point the size/structure of the brain should be a limiting factor.

    I try to keep track of my chess rating according what I eat, but it’s too difficult to know how quickly things would take effect, etc. A longer, consistent change would be necessary, but I don’t have the patience for that.

    • Dave Asprey

      So you believe your intelligence is finite? Even with continued increases in technology?

      • John Lushefski

        It’s sort of hard to describe intelligence as finite or infinite I guess. I do know that the brain/mind isn’t some mystical orb that has endless possibility. “Energy charge,” metabolic rate, and structure [of the brain] are going to influence/limit intelligence, and I think that with current knowledge and technology, one can only improve so much, perhaps, even now, more than double the average human? However, an arbitrary person will never be able to read like Kim Peek for instance, no matter the time/method of practice. Technology will maybe end up changing that; wouldn’t it be great to live to 400 while reading 10,000 wpm and solving the Millennium Prize Problems?

  • Andrew Nakamura

    What are your recommended dosages and scheduling for Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Huperzine A, and Aniracetam?

    I would just follow the bottle instructions but I find that often times you recommend much larger dosages of supplements than the manufacturers do.

    • Andrew Nakamura

      Also I’ve been reading on various nootropic-oriented communities that you should take choline along with any -racetam. Is this necessary in your experience?

      • Dave Asprey

        For 1/3 of people it is dangerous, for the other 2/3, beneficial. Depends on if you’re choline dominant.

        • Zack_Leman

          Is there a test to see if you are Choline dominant? When I used to take choline + Huperzine I would get a sharp pa bitartrate in/headache in a spot above my ear very suddenly (I think my jaw felt tighter too). Since stopping I have never had that problem. Does this suggest or confirm choline dominance?

        • Andrew Nakamura

          Yes it does. To quote Dave in the section above regarding Huperzine A : “…it raises acetylcholine levels, which is helpful in 2/3 of people, but harmful in those who are choline dominant (like me). Watch out for a clenching jaw or headaches – if you get those, stop taking it, and double up on piracetam until the symptoms go away. (Piracetam lowers choline, which is a good thing if you have too much!)”

    • Dave Asprey

      I titrated ALC to however much doesn’t give me a headache. A gram or two usually. Aniracetam, 750, and I don’t take huperzine since I’m choline dominant (but it’s great for others !) Take them all in the morning.

  • Phil George

    Dave, do you combine these substances. For example, would you typically use 100mg of Modafinil with 1 capsule of Aniracetam and your preferred dosage of Huperzine A?

    I have tested each individually without side effects but have hesitated to combine all three + choline.

    Keen to get your feedback!!

    P.S. Any news on Bulletproof Chocolate?

    • Andrew Nakamura

      I’m not Dave but I have combined all of them, 100mg Modafinil + 750mg Aniracetam + 200mcg Huperzine A +1g ALC + 600mg ALA + 5g Creatine Monohydrate + 100mg Oxaloacetate (considering switching this one to the before-bed regime) are about 1/3 of my total morning supplements and I have experienced no problems. I wash them all down with Bulletproof Coffee.

      That said, I do not take choline. I doubt I’m choline dominant or I probably would have experienced side effects from the Huperzine A, but for right now I don’t see a real reason to take it. May try it out though.

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  • Barry

    Dave, Have you tried DMAA? I’ve been stacking it with caffeine and getting good focus. Just wondering what your opinion is on it.

  • Drew

    Do you ever talk about the use of marijuana on the bulletproofexec? I have tried to look through you site for info, any links or information would be appreciated.

    • Gladina Vuletic

      I don’t like weed. I only ever used it when I was severely stressed and leading up to a huge crash. It actually didn’t make me stoned, instead it made me ‘be able to work’ (and at un-godly hours of the night.) Don’t know if it somehow enhanced PTSD I was having at that time, too. I stay away from the stuff now.

    • Andrea Kuszewski

      Weed is not a cognitive enhancer. It is a cognitive depressant. Some claim it is a creativity enhancer (and this is true for some people, especially those who are more rigid thinkers as their baseline), but it is definitely not something that will enhance your focused, deep thinking, which is required to actually increase your fluid intelligence.

      • Mike Schlottig

        Well…Cannabis is clinically proven (by the US Department of Health, circa 2001–go ahead, look it up) as a neurologic protectant and powerful anti-inflammatory capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, stopping, and in some cases reversing degenerative brain disease(s)–So I’d say there is definitely some value as a cognitive enhancer. Also, while THC consumption does seem to work as a cognitive depressant; it also work as a CNS stimulant that boosts metabolism and blood pressure while working as a pain killer and muscle relaxant. To discount cannabis as a potential cognitive enhancer without exploring the research is a tribute to the power of preformed biases and damaging group-thinking–even in an enlightening forum such as this.

        • Baron Boselli

          Pot heads always try to justify their weed consumption I know because I used to be one and I used to advocate its “healing” properties, but the fact of the matter is it is a habit forming substance and Dave Actually is against smoking it.. but he says its fine in oils, butters etc. if your gonna consume weed by all means do it! some of my greatest experiences where under the influence of it, but stop trying to convince the world they should do it too! it does have concrete benefits when you remove its psychoactive properties… but thc is not for everyone !

        • Mike Schlottig

          If you leave your personal bias out and re-read my comment you will find that nowhere do I advocate smoking pot; nor do I claim that it optimizes my performance; nor do I encourage anyone to go out and use it. Like any drug or supplement it has both risks and benefits that vary based on ROA and the person. I doubt there are any mind-altering substance out there that work positively for “everyone”, Baron!

        • Kate

          The difference between medical marijuana and smoking weed is like the difference between coffee’s. A high grade medicinal oil is one of the top three herbs in the Chines pharmacopeia. It works on both seretonin and melatonin release, and begins the de-calcification process in the brain. Inflammation is one of the first signs of degeneration due to over stimulation of the nervous system. Many anti-inflamotaries are based on its chemical make up. The oil stills the mind, and supports the CNS in coming out of fight or flight. Not only is it hugely successful in cancer, digestive disorders, depression, bacterial infections, nausea, headaches, migraines, constipation, sleep disorders, muscular pain, stress and emotional trauma, but it works on all levels of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. In fact it was used as a means of vision quest, astral travel and stimulating DMT release. I have been working with it for two years, the results are astounding… That is why it is illegal, not because it is toxic, but because it works and could be free. How it is abused is the individual wound, not a reflection of its medical properties. The proof is in the pudding.

    • gwynthfair

      It provides me instant relief from anxiety and irritability without the need to nap I would get from a benzo.

    • Mullar Sharron

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  • Trevor

    Hi Dave, do you know of any nootropics that increase ngf? Do lions mane and the like have evidence of cognitive enhancement?

  • Pingback: » Top 8 Personal Upgrades: Series Introduction The Bulletproof Executive

  • Ryan Critchett

    Awesome details. I haven’t used any smart drugs, but it’s something I’ll get around to exploring. For me, I’ve been able to induce ridiculously powerful cognitive states by a couple of things, but I’m trying to nail down an exact syntax, duration of facilitators, etc. Here’s what I mean:

    Very recently, at around 9PM one night, I was able to induce one of the most powerful brain states I’ve been in in a very long time. Any word or thought that I needed to capture and articulate was just.. there. My ability to “do” certain mental events or states, like confidence and others, was just supercharged and easy.

    But – I’m not sure what to attribute it to exactly. Here’s why. That day, I started the day with a a good amount of Whey Protein in a fruit and vegetable smoothie.

    In the middle of the day, I consumed a significant amount of full, organic butter both in a small cup of coffee, and in an afternoon salad.

    Driving home, at around 8:50, while driving, I put myself into a meditative state, but not enough where I couldn’t drive of course, but enough to slow down mental processes to near dead silence. I’m an experienced meditator, so, as you probably have experienced also, you get good enough at it to the point where your brain just knows how to stop all running faucets, and go into alpha.

    So, I just went into alpha a bit, and calmed everything down, and about 15 minutes later, I started thinking again. Upon me re-starting to think, I deliberately tried to process information fast in my brain. I added a good dose of relaxed thinking, almost like I believed I knew my brain would work really well and that what I was thinking would just flow, and I just proceeded to verbalize some things that were relevant to my life (I’m in a startup, growing the company, doing the bizdev and marketing).

    Suddenly, I was on fire. And it all just crept up on me. Was it the meditative state I put myself in? If so, how come I don’t get that supercharge every time I meditate? Was it the addition of butter into my coffee and other foods, mixed with meditation? Was it the whey protein and energy, mixed with the butter, and the meditation? I’m really trying to nail down a strategy here!!

    • Dave Asprey

      Love this!

      It was the butyric acid and coffee acting to reduce brain inflammation. Less inflammation, better meditation! There’s a reason Tibetan monks drink butter tea. ;)
      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

    • Isaiah

      Totally understand you on this. Not sure what Dave thinks “exactly” about this. But I achieve a similar mental state when I take creatine, normal butter, and coffee! I think so much faster, much more creatively and when I talk, the words flow out of my mouth. No, not flow. They rush out, like my brain is creating a world of its own and making up these words. I used to have a hard and difficult time putting words together, trying to decide what to say, unable to articulate what and how I felt. It was problematic for me to rationalize and communicate my thoughts into a coherent speech, like I was attempting to create a logical verse of wisdom. As if I am a Jedi! This is me on my version of Bulletproof Coffee. And I love it! I can get so much done. Laser focused, mind is not jittery. It is solid but quick, high-speed, motivated, and happy. :) Just thought I should share…….

      • Ryan Critchett

        Very cool! Ya know, so many people talk about Creatine. I just may have to try this! — btw, since I commented first a while back, I’ve experimented with a couple of the racetams, namely Pramiracetam and Aniracetam. Both of them were pretty amazing, especially pram. A much better ability to synthesize and store information in my brain, which helped virtually every other cognitive process as a byproduct.

        They have their place, especially in staving off neurodegenerative disorders. — I’m a huge fan of things like ALCAR, Alpha GPC and L-Tyrosine both for staving off brain degeneration, and for keeping acuity and functioning in the moment.

        Love your concoction! If it isn’t grass fed though (the butter), not sure you’re getting the butyric acid. But hey, the sat fat is still there, and that’s still fueling your brain.

        BP coffee, with the butter and the MCT oil is definitely in a league of its own. Massive inflammation decrease + surge of powerful fatty acids to the brain + the magic of the diterpenes. Dave.. you’re a genius for putting this together. Thanks to that Yak Butter Tea !!

      • Benny

        Thanks for sharing your creating bulletproof coffee success!

        I’m keen to try it myself!

        Did you add the creatine powder straight into the coffee? How many grams/teaspoons of creatine did you take? Did you add any MCT or Brain Octane to your coffee as well?

  • Pinecone

    Your recent twitter post about alcohol and its impact on cognitive performance freaked me out. I’ve been a heavy social drinker for many, many years (10+). How can I reverse the damage that has been done?? Supplements, reduce/stop consuming alcohol, cognitive exercises?

  • Kurt

    Hey Dave,

    I am curious to know your thoughts on supplementing with Ginseng and Bacopa, for a mental boost. There is some good science out there, on pubmed, regarding the cognitive enhancing properties of each. The question remains: are they Bullet Proof?

  • Mike Bull

    Any thoughts on aniracetam causing weight gain? It gives me great focus as well as amazing energy and endurance for exercise but I usually stop after 4-5 days because my weight starts to go up suddenly.

    • Ashwin Murali

      While I have not seen any weight gain on it’s own, I notice it does make one eat more, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since you need good raw materials for high level brain function. I have the aniracetam w/ my bulletproof coffee (tastes funny but combo is the closest Provigil alternative I know of) The appetite stimulation occurs significantly less when consumed concurrently with caffiene.

  • Anne

    Hi everybody,
    I am Anne, Could you please be so kind to recommend someone who is an expert about the “Racetam” family of drugs? I’m researching about it, and need someone who is available to talk with and professional about this area.

    Thanks for your help.

  • jared

    Can someone please recommend a good book or website on smart drugs? The books on Amazon seem dated, and the websites I have found are terrible. This is all very confusing.


    • Gianlazz

      The original Smart drug books are a bit dated but definitely still amazing and worth reading.

      And you can learn just about everything you’d ever need to about smart drugs at

    • Gunnar

      Game of Thrones

  • Mwalk

    What happened to Upgraded Brain… Why is it no longer available?

    • Chad Walsh

      From recent Bulletproof email newsletter:

      “Unfortunately for us, we’re having manufacturing and supply issues with one of our latest products, Bulletproof Upgraded Brain. As a result, we need to discontinue the product and set out hunting for a new supplier.”

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  • Antony W.

    Dave, Is creatine really compatible with ketosis? I heard that low insulin levels make creatine impossible to digest/absorb. I heard reports of people throwing up etc.
    Also, have you read this study about auditory closed-loop stimulation ? Are there ways to achieve this in a non-clinical setting?

  • Nina

    Hi Dave, this is awesome info, thanks for sharing! Hey, I watched one of your videos and you talked about your trips to Peru, doing pre natal therapy, meditation retreats, neurofeedback, Dr Amen’s SPECT scan etc So you talk lots about Upgrading the Brain, but what about upgrading the Mind? OR fixing the Brain-Mind-Brain loop? I’m jumping around too, just came back from Peru, tried lots of thérapies, and before i go looking for answers in Gabon or China, i need to know…? Upgrade your Mind, what is the Bulletproof *process*?

    • Nina

      oups confusing, what i meant is … your video mentions a process you followed to upgrade your mind and brain, yet the posts i am finding only mention brain upgrades?

  • Gladina Vuletic

    Hi, do you know if nootropics such as anaracetem interact in any way with thyroid hormones? I would like to try nootropics sometime, but I will be starting NDT soon (so will wait to see how that works first before adding too many variables). Also is the nootropics from Anti-aging systems website good quality? Thanks. I’m getting my health better and better these days. I’ve come a long way in the last two years.

  • Berta Hargrove

    Fine method of telling, and enjoyable article to acquire factual statements.


  • Andre’

    I have never taken a smart drug, How do I start? Any first time advice? Whatdo i take? Do I have to go to my doctor?

    • jon jay

      Check out Noopept; you can get it on eBay. I started taking it with piracetams for college. It definitely gives me a nice kick before I drink my daily BP Coffee.

  • Christinina

    Can I take Modafinil and Bacopa together?

  • JB YAD

    Lets say you wanted to do everything for the brain that is mentioned in this website to improve it, WHAT IS THE BEST ORDER IN WHICH TO DO ALL THESE THINGS?

    My guess whould be:

    1. 20 Days of N-Backing
    2. HeartMath EMwave2
    3. PowerLung
    4. Zona

    I suppose do all of these above in conjunction for the 20 days while doing N-Backing

    Then after N-Backing

    6. EEG Training at a facility

    After that training is complete do

    7. Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer

    then after or in conjunction with 7 do

    8. Neuro Optimal Personal Training Bundle (or unneccessary because you went to the facility in 6)

  • nando

    how about using oxygen to increase blood flow to the brain.what if you use a oxygen tank while meditating and breath in 100% oxygen. could that work and help brain function.

    • Bill

      If you look into hemoglobin binding, inhaling 100 percent oxygen doesn’t increase oxygen transport in the blood. All it does is increase dissolved oxygen (very small fraction of transported O2) and increase formation of reactive oxygen species (which is bad). There might even be an argument for intermittent hypoxia to increase cognition but the research eludes me atm.

    • patrick

      ck out holotropic breathing,transformational breathwork & kali/kundalini/hatha yoga practices that involve tons of breathwork! dont let the chanting spook u either,sound creates profound effects on mind body cells.

  • Pratt

    Dave would you recommend this protocol . Curretly i am taking 1000 mg of Acetyl L carnitine + 600 mg NAC morning / evening before meals .

    I am also on low dose DHEA 10 mg in the morning.

    I want to try Provigil at a dose of 50 mg every other day to see the cognitive benefits. Would there be any interaction between ALC and Provigil combo . I am Taking NAC to raise glutathione and keep my liver functioning at optimal level.

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated – Pratt

  • Pratt

    Dave had my first cup of Bulletproof Coffee ( Cartridge ) with Ghee and MCT . Now i get it …. Brain fog was out , my focus was lazer like.

    Please keep those cartridges in stock . I am ordering two more cases just in case . Everyone that works for me should drink BPC . This will make my workplace and my people more productive. Thanks again and keep up the great work – Pratt

  • Pratt

    Took 100 mg provigil for three days . few hours after taking it my body temperature increased . Does anyone experience it .

  • Arty


    I have watched a presentation on QS by David Charron on attention tracking. During the q&a you mention a method called consciousness bifurcation.
    Now, I understand that it was long time ago, but could you please shed soemme light on it?

    Having music as a hobby, it is very easy for me to generate a sound file with white noise and random beeps. The questions I have are: how long of a session, min/max intervals between the beeps and what should one actually do during the session?

    Oh, and do you really think this can help train focus/attention?


  • James Vince

    Hey Dave, I’ve searched everywhere within your site for “Galantamine” and wondering why it hasn’t been mentioned. It seems to go hand-in-hand with Choline supplementation, as far as I’ve researched and tested. I am choline dominate so I also use Racetams in the mix. This seems to be a great stack.

    Also, all Cholinesterases, including Galantamine, seem to prevent the breakdown of Acetylcholin, so taking it alone would be very good for someone who is non-Choline-dominate, I am thinking. For for people who are dominate, I am thinking they need to include plenty of Racetams. Will Galantamine, and other Cholinesterase supplements, interfere with Racetams? What are your thoughts and recommendations concerning Galantamine, or Cholinesterase in general? Thanks! You are the greatest!

    • jon jay

      Anybody have any input? I do experience with Galantamine from time to time on my off days when I’m not taking piracetams and Noopept. Galantamine has strange side-effects like slight headaches and makes me feel dysfunctional, but it feels like it is beneficial for the long term. Anyone else use it?

    • Tim H

      Just to clarify, there’s a distinction between a cholinesterase, and a cholinesterase inhibitor. The cholinesterase will increase the rate at which acetylcholine is broken down, by breaking, as the name suggests, the ester bond, and producing choline and acetic acid. Your body uses them at synapses to damp cholinergic signalling following acetylcholine release.

      Cholinesterase inhibitors will do the opposite: they’ll inhibit the cholinesterases your body produces, and so will broaden the spatial and temporal tuning of a cholinergic signal. Personally I’m not convinced that this is a good thing, given my experience as a neuroscientist working on spatially and temporally localised signalling in neurons, I think it would be detrimental to cognition. I can’t be certain though!

  • Bradley Sheldon

    Does Modafinil or Aniracetam show up on a standard drug test (THC, Amphetamines, etc.)? I’ve found a bit about the former but almost nothing for the latter.

  • Adam Breen

    Can Creatine + Green Tea cause problems? I just had quite a strong reaction after drinking my regular morning cup of green tea. I took 5g of Creatine about 1 hour previous, following my regular morning supplements.

    I’ve only just started taking 5g of Creatine in the mornings (in addition to my other regular supplements – i.e. Glutathione, Upgraded Ageing, Selenium, B12 (methylcobalamin), Folinic Acid, C, D3, Kelp – in the dosages recommended on

    So I suspect the Creatine is the cause of my issue… which was quite a discombobulating reaction – I felt dizzy, a little sick in the stomach, and had to go for a walk to clear my head. Definitely NOT a Bulletproof feeling!

    I’ve never had that reaction with the above supplements previously (have been taking them for 7 weeks, daily).

    Can anyone tell me what might have happened?

  • Ron

    Creatine ONLY works for vegetarians, if you eat meat you will get very little cognitive benefits. –

  • Jeremy

    Is there a way of finding out weather i need choline or not without the migraine test ?

    • Derek Murphy

      Just saw this comment but I can’t see what it’s referring to – what’s the migraine text? I’d like clarification… recently took some HuperzineA that put me into hyperactivity/mania. I also get migraines.

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  • Eric

    Hey Dave (or anyone else with input!),

    You said you don’t recommend taking Modafinil if you’re a college student. I’m a (just turned) 24 year old college student with strong ADD-like symptoms (I say “ADD-like” because I haven’t received an official diagnosis, and I know people have widely-differing opinions on ADD). Given these circumstances, would you have any input on the risks versus benefits of me taking Modafinil to help with my studies?
    Thanks a lot!

    • kevin

      bulletproof mindware link does not work

  • Sandro

    Hi Dave I have a quick question for you. i started drinking coffee with butter and MCT oil for about two months now . And last couple weeks I noticed after drinking coffee with butter and MCT oil in the morning I would have brain fog and energy drop by noon . And one day I did a test and I made a bulletproof coffee without butter and MCT oil in the morning And I did not have the same symptoms like brain fog or Feeling tired. And then I added a second coffee around 2 PM This time with MCT oil and butter Second coffee give me plenty energy no negative side effects . Any suggestions Why coffee with butter and Mct oil in the morning makes me tired by noon . But not the second one around 2 PM

  • Rik

    4th alinea, forgot an ”o”? Challenge your brain you wrote, that’s just what I did.

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  • Andrew

    “Just when you thought the only similarity between body builders and nerds was their secret obsession with World of Warcraft” LMAO THIS IS SO TRUE!!!

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  • Karla

    Are there dosage recommendations of the nutraceuticals and the nootropics?

  • Bill

    Hey dave! I need to ask you if noopept is any good. And wether if it’s safe for long term use and if it’s better than other nootropics.

  • sarah

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    • darksidedave

      seems legit

      • darksidedave


    • Sean

      HAhahaa WOW, this spam is golden….. Prophet…count-JAKULA hahahaha Bullet-Proof SPAM!

  • Toon Alfrink
    • mime

      You shouldn’t believe everything you read. I have used it and seen quantifiable benefits. It works better for people who like it also

      • Toon Alfrink

        I’d like to know what kind of benefits, because this study I linked didn’t notice anything in about 70 people using 17 different intelligence tests on each of them. The only measurable result was ‘subjective improvement’, e.g. thinking you’ve improved while you haven’t.

        • Ryan

          Agreed. We need to be as scientific as possible about anything related to self-experimentation or self-improvement. That’s what the concept behind bulletproof is about. We’re actually treading a fine line between quackery and pushing the knowledge boundary about nutrition and self improvement. Without science, we’re lost and headed straight into quackery.

  • Lodestar

    Have you looked into tDCS enabled devices such as the

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  • james


  • Mike Schlottig

    Anyone have an opinion or experience on the use of MACA root or extract? It gives me a subtle but noticable kick and is supposedly packed full of nutrients.

  • Craig_Knaak

    Any word about creatine causing gout? I have taking creatine before but now it 40 I started again and within a week I began to have gout symptoms in my feet…

  • Pao Yen

    Most people
    don’t know that they can pump more blood to all their brain cells, if they trick
    their brains a little bit. This is how traditional taichi (much slower than the
    modern taichi) elevates your heart rate to increase brain size and heal
    everything. Now, we begin to understand how imperfect our
    capillaries(sphincters/pericytes) are even from young age. This is all about micro-circulation. Same as taking all kinds of stimulants, you must do it before meals and you should not move around.'s_Law_of_Exercise_And_Its_Wide_Range_of_Benefits

  • Peter M

    Hi i have bought 2×90 alpha-brain pills, matcha tea, creatin, fish oil, BP coffe and i am about to buy: BP choclate modafinil and maybe Aniracetam or paracetam. So now is my question, how much should I take if these and wich times should i take what and how do i best comming these and what i cant combind? Simply asking what should I use and how? Would love if David also could answer this. PS i am 20, just cus Brain best age growing is up to 25

  • mabel

    Oh Dr. Oduwa, I GOT JUDE BACK. Im so excited, It only took 3days for him to come back home. bless divinity and bless god. i must be dreaming as i never thoughts he would be back to me after all this time. I am so much shock and just cant believe my eyes. thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. because if not for Dr. Oduwa i would have committed suicide!!! is the email to contact in getting your ex back and any problem you are facing in your life.

  • bingo

    Hi Dave,

    What supplier do you trust for aniracetam?

  • Urb Vei

    “Studies have shown repeatedly that with training, supplements, and time – intelligence can always be increased. ”

    Can you link to some studies? I’m really interested. Thanks in advance

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  • Victor

    what would you say the optimal dosage for aniracetam and piracetam would be?

  • Victor

    What would be the optimal dosage for piracetam and aniracetam?

  • Pingback: ??????????,????????? ????????????,????????? ??????,????????? | ??????? ??????

  • Brad

    I know Modafinil should wait until after age 25, what are your thoughts on aniracetam and age?

  • Gavin Morrice

    I think you’ve mentioned the $600M thing once or twice before…

  • mrs jennet

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  • Drew

    Dave, someone really needs to Mod these comments. See the post below mine. Ridiculous.

  • Stacey Lee

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  • Denise F

    Dave, I’ve been using racetams (piracetam/aniracrtam) for about 4 months. Over the last few months I’ve noticed that both my eyes are swollen underneath. Everyone has commented on them. Can it be the racetams causing it?

  • Emma Jurgens

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    Hi Dave. Im a massive fan of your work. However, after a ton of experimentation I think I can say that modafinil doesn’t seem to have a positive effect on me. I feel a little spaced out and totally lose all motivation to do anything on modafinil except sit in a corner. I originally thought this was because of my brand of modafinil (I got modvigil from India which everyone says sucks), but then of recent I got modasomil (the licensed Provigil brand in Switzerland) from a pharmacy and although the side effects are less to zero, I have received zero of the positive energy, focus, attention, memory etc benefits. I just feel kind of weird and just want to rest and do nothing which is much worse than the non-modafinil me. I tried upto 300 mg in a 24 hour period but the amazing drive, focus, tunnel vision etc people describe just doesn’t arrive. I always feel like I would do 100 times better just being without the modafinil which is not how things are supposed to be. Would you suggest any thing I can do to get atleast some positive effect from modafinil. I’ve done oxiracetam + egg yolks for choline then modafinil, ciltep (which unfortunately I’ve had no good effect from), caffeine and l-theanine etc and nothing has had a better than base-line effect for me. It is statistically unlikely that I am a non-responder but do you think there is something I am doing wrong or something I can try.

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  • sarah

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