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"I have been bulletproof for about 2 weeks now andy I have a total new outlook on becoming a healthier person! and the best part other then the amazing coffee (which your right is better with butter) is that I can eat and still lose weight!"

Kelsey Gonzalez
"Just got the upgraded Vanilla. Used it in my BP coffee. LOVE. Better than any of the nasty, sugar/chemically altered coffee shop concoctions!"

Lisa Salvatore
"For the last 30+ years my hands have been so dry that at times they crack and bleed. I have tried countless creams, Rx medicines, etc. After only 1 month of drinking the bulletproof coffee, my hands no longer crack! My skin loves it !!! :)"

Dr. Russ
"@bulletproofexec 237lbs to 181lbs by drinking butter and working out 12 mins a week. It's so easy to be in excuses"

Frank Marques
"@Rifeqna @jedifit the science behind @bulletproofexec diet is astounding. The more incredible part is how I feel on it. #alldayenergy"

Trevor Tierney
"Had a patient lose 20 pounds in 21 days with no exercise, cut BP meds in 1/2 #LCHF #bulletproofdiet @bulletproofexec"

Rakesh Patel, MD
"Hit a new body weight low for 2013. Down 17lbs in 11 weeks without counting calories! Thanks @bulletproofexec"

Mike Kozai
"@bulletproofexec lost 30lb & have more energy since I found your site in Oct just wanted to thank you i havent been this shape in 20 years"

George Cocoros
"I was a vegetarian for 6 years thinking it was healthy. Since adding meat back into my diet and cutting wheat, I feel better and have lost 45+ lbs in months, and kept it off for over a year."

Steve King
"I really thought I had a shot at immortality, Dave, but I came down with a cold last week. The good news...that's 19 months after I started Bulletproofing myself. Beats six per year, which was the pre-BP freq."

John Fishman