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The Steve Jobs Diet, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Vegetarian Cancer

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 Update as of 1/6/2011: Dr. Ornish contacted me to point out a NY Times piece (published 3 weeks after my original post) where Dr. Ornish indicates that he recommended to Steve Jobs that he have surgery immediately upon getting his first cancer diagnosis. See his comments below in the post discussion. He declined my offer of airtime to discuss his dietary recommendations.

_____Begin original post______

I hesitated to even write this post. I do not want to capitalize on the death of a visionary man like Steve Jobs, but I do want to let it help as many people as it can. Last week in New York, I met with an old friend and entrepreneur who just signed his company’s first billion-dollar deal. He explained why Steve Job’s death seems personal to so many of us.

He explained, “Steve Jobs was only 56. As a tech ‘superhero’ with all the money in the world, he couldn’t beat the cancer. It makes me feel more mortal. How much more time do I have? I need to do more to make a difference.” But is it really true that Steve “couldn’t” beat the cancer? Or did Steve make some well-intentioned lifestyle choices that made it really hard to cure his cancer?

Most media reports state that Jobs used a “special diet” for almost a year before going for Western medicine approaches, but it’s almost impossible to figure out what that diet was. After a couple hours of research, it appears that Steve Jobs was using the Dr. Dean Ornish Cancer Diet, which is almost the complete opposite of the Bulletproof Diet. In case you haven’t heard of him, Dean Ornish, MD, author of “Eat More, Weigh Less,” is one of the leaders of a small group of radical physicians who tout incredibly low fat diets with strict avoidance of (healthy) saturated fats as the path to health, despite years of research showing how misguided that is (see Gary Taubes epic work “Good Calories Bad Calories” or any competent body building coach for more info…)

As a biohacker and tech entrepreneur who studies techniques for manifesting creativity and performance,  I  took note of Jobs’ early trips to an ashram in India. He came back a Buddhist with his head shaved and he experimented with psychedelics , calling his LSD experiences “one of the two or three most important things [he had] done in [his] life.” I’m not kidding – that’s from Wikipedia. He also became a vegetarian from those experiences.

I did something similar, spending 3 months in Nepal and Tibet, complete with 10 days at Kopan Buddhist monastery in Nepal, a vegetarian diet, and a shaved head.

But I ditched the vegetarian diet. First of all, it’s hard to sit still to meditate when you keep having to tilt sideways because beans give you endless gas,  not to mention that a 70% carb, low fat diet like Ornish’s makes your mind less focused.

But the main reason I eat meat, aside from doing it for health reasons, comes from a Tibetan monk at a monastery in Tibet. I saw a yak skin hanging from a prayer pole and asked the local Lama how that was in line with Buddhist principles of no killing. He smiled at me and said very simply, “One death feeds many. It is very high altitude here. We need to eat meat and fat to survive.” That monastery was at about 14,000 feet altitude. That monk’s simple wisdom may very well have saved me from sabotaging my health with more vegetarian diet experiments. I still don’t eat chicken, in part because the fat in it is not good quality, but more because one chicken death only feeds one person, or two anemic ones.

But back to the Ornish diet that Steve Jobs almost certainly pursued when he found he had cancer. Let’s look at this radical and dangerous diet and get a feel for what it can do to you, and why. has an overview of the Ornish diet.

The Ornish Diet Starves You of Vital Fat Based Nutrients

On a low fat diet, your body is tricked into believing you are experiencing a famine, even if you use bizarre tricks (like eating sawdust or other fiber supplements)  to make your stomach feel full. Your stress hormones will rise in response and even your genes will respond. For short periods of time, this can even be healthy, but after longer periods, your hormones will run out of raw materials (saturated fat and cholesterol) to function optimally, and your nerve sheath (70% fat) and brain will suffer. Basic nutritional research and examination of native diets shows that the human body performs best on quite a lot of fat, and even high-carb diets work better with significant saturated fat (see the Kitavans who eat 70% carbs but mostly saturated fat, smoke like chimneys, don’t exercise, and look like body builders.) On a low fat Ornish Diet you may not receive the nutrition you need. There is good research that eating fat with your vegetables lets you absorb the nutrients in them better.

My own experience on a low fat, low calorie diet was disastrous – it helped me reach 300 lbs. I can’t imagine what a powerful man like Steve Jobs would have accomplished if he’d given his brain and hormones what they need to function optimally. If he’d received better nutritional guidance in India, perhaps we’d be on the iPhone 12 by now.

The Ornish Diet Relies on Vegetarian Dogma

The Ornish diet basically encourages you to avoid even lean meat because there might be some (healthy) saturated fat in it, creating a recommendation for low-fat vegetarianism.  Sadly, vegetarians have a higher mortality rate than people who eat only grass-fed (mycotoxin free) meat. No amount of statistical wiggling is going to disprove this basic fact of human existence. I don’t like it – I’d prefer to thrive on sunshine and smiles to be honest – but careful experiments and the preponderance of data says we do better on lower carb, higher saturated fat diets devoid of fat-soluble endocrine disrupting toxins. Vegetables taste good, but they are not proper food by themselves, even soaked in grass fed butter.

It is true that a vegetarian diet lower in toxins will cause less cancer than a processed food diet containing low quality meat. However, a meat-based diet with high quality meat and fat will outperform a vegetarian diet every time. And entrepreneurs who include grass-fed meat in their diets will find they have more energy and even more passion for what they do.

The Ornish Diet is Anti-Fish

A commenter named Musesum just provided a link showing that the Ornish diet is not anti-fish. Most web sites and reviews claim he is, but on page 42 of his book, Dr. Ornish recommends fish for some omega 3 oils. I stand corrected (next 2 paragraphs are unedited from original.)

Fish are pretty darn good for you and research into native peoples’ diets shows how important they are for trace nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids. While many have excess mercury, consuming low mercury fish (or krill oil) will go a long way towards improving your health and mental performance. Dr. Ornish’s fat phobia does not justify avoidance of fish. If mercury concerns you, see the articles on the site about how to bind it as you eat fish.

We do know that Steve Jobs ate fish – he was a pescatarian until his cancer – but cutting his only source of healthy protein right as he got cancer must have been a disastrous decision. Those missing calories would have been replaced with starch on an Ornish diet. Cancer cells have 28 times more insulin receptors than normal cells, which is why starch and sugar make cancer explode. Cancer patients have no business being on a high carb diet. Recommending one is dangerous and irresponsible.

The Ornish Diet Recomends Endocrine-Disruptive, Thyroid-killing Soy

The Ornish Diet recommends frankenfoods like tofurkey and frozen processed meals, which are full of Roundup-soaked, genetically modified soybeans and partially hydrogenated oils. Even Fox News knows the health risks of  soy and partially hydrogenated oils, yet somehow they are allowed on the Ornish Diet. First off, that’s gross, especially compared to bacon. Secondly, I find it really hard to believe that a modern physician who reads any studies can in good conscience recommend a soy-based diet to anyone, especially a cancer patient. Soy is inflammatory and endocrine disrupting and inhibits your ability to absorb minerals. It is fertility destroying.

If Steve Jobs was able to perform at his level on a terribly unhealthy diet laced with estrogen (soy), I can’t imagine what he’d have done on a clean diet. I am in awe of what he was able to accomplish while sporting the nutritional equivalent of a ball and chain. It make me sad that he did that to himself because he was misinformed about basic nutritional science.

Dr. Ornish Believes That Grains Are Food for Healthy Humans

Simply put, we have genetic evidence that 70% of people are intolerant to gluten. Eating “whole grains” is simply not a way to pursue health no matter how many times we repeat the mantra, “whole grains are healthy.” They’re not. They’re cheap and easy to store, but they are responsible for a whole host of chronic diseases. Historical records show that when societies of hunter gatherers settle down and start to grow grain, their skeletons become deformed over multiple generations. I write about this extensively in my upcoming book on pregnancy health.

There is simply no good reason for a pregnant woman – or a man with cancer – to eat grains, whole or not. Throw them out and watch your waist shrink.

Ornish Dieters Eat Sick Amounts of Carbohydrates

The Ornish Diet recommends that about 70 percent of calories should come from carbohydrates. The body is capable of converting carbs into protein and only 1 type of fat (fully saturated palmitic acid) but the metabolic cost of doing so is extreme. High carb diets lower immune function. They lead to yeast overgrowth and they feed cancer cells by providing excess insulin. They also lead to mood swings and hormonal disorders, especially very bad PMS. Even worse, high carbs put stress on the pancreas, which cranks out all the insulin you need to absorb those carbs. Steve Jobs had pancreatic cancer.

The bottom line

We’ve lost a luminary before his time.

It is simply unacceptable that unfathomably poor nutritional advice concocted in the 1970′s contributed not only to Steve Jobs’ early demise, but to the fattening of an entire generation.

Dr. Ornish, it’s time for you to recant your extremist low-fat views. They’re killing people every day.



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  • Hgt

    Needed to be said. Thanks.

  • Shikatzu06

    If you have no idea, what diet Mr. Jobs used, then don’t make assumptions and bash a diet that has been proven right for so many cases.

    • Dave Asprey

      If you read the real research on low cal veg low fat diets, they are a statistical abberation in the history of nutrition research going back 200 years, or 5000 years if you include Chinese Medicine. Gary Taubes has the best research I’ve seen compiled in one place – try “Good Calories, Bad Calories” for a little while. It makes “The China Study” look like the waste of paper it actually is.

  • Anonymous

    You may be right that a lack of fats in his diet was a problem. I had not known of that. iMsad2 since perhaps that might have been prevented.

    Interesting article. To quote:

    “[T]he main reason I eat meat, aside from doing it for health reasons, comes from a Tibetan monk at a monastery in Tibet. I saw a yak skin hanging from a prayer pole and asked the local Lama how that was in line with Buddhist principles of no killing. He smiled at me and said very simply, “One death feeds many. It is very high altitude here. We need to eat meat and fat to survive.” That monastery was at about 14,000 feet altitude. That monk’s simple wisdom may very well have saved me from sabotaging my health with more vegetarian diet experiments.”

    This is a very good point. People in warm climates and not doing a lot of physical work often forget that meat and fats are an important part of our diet and were key for our ancestors. I’m a firm believer that we are part of the web of life, part of the food web. We are not separate from Nature. Our bodies are adapted through hundreds of millions of years for eating a balanced diet that includes meat. At various times I’ve tried the vegetarian diet, simply because I was living with vegetarians, but it never left me feeling healthy. In fact, just the opposite – while I was eating a vegetarian diet I broke a bone and it didn’t heal for nine months. Through some research I found why and started eating a small amount of meat. My bone healed very quickly once I started eating meat again and the healing was so complete the doctors were amazed – they had been talking surgery and pins prior to that. I have broken 46 bones in my life (I live a rough life) and normally I heal very quickly, in days to a week, probably because normally I have a balanced diet which includes plenty of meat. It is only while being a vegetarian that I have had bones not heal and had other health problems.

    The other issue is that in our northern climate a vegetarian diet simply is not sustainable without either importing foods from great distances at a high petroleum cost or by using supplements. A vegetarian diet is simply not sustainable or natural in the northern lands.

    Purported Ethics are another oddity. What many evangelistic vegetarian and vegan people don’t realize is that Billions of animals are killed in the process of producing their vegetable based foods through clearing the land, displacement, tillage, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, mechanical weeding and harvest. A vegetarian diet isn’t moral or ethical, it is just another choice which has similar consequences. To insist otherwise is to deny reality and to be hypocritical. If they are against factory farming then go with pastured livestock and keep in mind that factory farming of vegetables is just as bad for the planet.

    I’m all for people making their own choices as to diet, it’s their life, but I don’t like it when people insist that other people have to eat only their way. It is also sad to think that perhaps Mr. Job’s dietary choices deprived him of more years of creativity. I am a big fan of him and what he achieved.

    • Dave Asprey

      Walter, thanks for taking the time to write that well-reasoned post here. You’ve learned to do your own thinking, and it shows.

      I am comfortable with death – my own will come – and to think I can live here without other things dying is just hypocrisy. I eat a diet that helps me develop my physical and emotional and even spiritual skills because it provides more energy than a famine-like vegetarian diet. I give thanks when I eat an animal that grew up near my home and was killed within 10 minutes of where I live. Then I add extra salt and enjoy the meal…

      • BuddhaBandit

        Once again, an idiotic response. Salt is horrible for people and has been linked to all sorts of disease. Again, consult the google machine. You’re a childish moron.

        • Dave Asprey

          LOL – “consult the google machine.” Yes, I did that. Heck, I helped to build the company that ran Google’s first servers. But I actually read the links and the research. To quote the head of the American Hypertension Society, Dr. Alderman, “If you want to live longer, eat more salt.” That was based on a real study of 3,000 people.[][]

        • mhikl

          “The stupid are cocksure; the intelligent are full of doubt.” Bertrand Russell

          You should be ashamed to use the sacred name of the Buddha. Name calling does not a point make save the point of deficit argument.

    • Kiyodada

      46 bones…. and you use rough life as the reason…. A body running high on the acid side requires neutralization to come from where. …. Our bodies are basically cave man cave women but our minds have changed dramatically, and with that understanding and compassion.

      • Walter Jeffries

        You are confused. I have compassion – I kill quickly, cleanly and humanely with the purpose of providing food. What you are have is hyper-empathy which is a disease of modern people, especially those who live in the urban areas and have become divorced from nature. I understand the difference. Fortunately, I’m also tolerant – feel free to be hypocritical in your killing of billions of animals for a vegan diet. Just don’t expect others to follow your bad example.

    • CommonSense

      I don’t consider 46 broken bones a sign of intelligence. The opposite may be true however. “I break a lot of bones…” and therefore?

  • Mike Polsky

    Excellent Article. Congrats on being so well informed, There’s other good blogs you should check out like livin la vida low carb blog, Fathead and Wheat Belly. Google them and you will find them.

  • Curt Finch

    Ornish recommends whole plants, which soy products are not. Your post is misleading or outright wrong about what he says to do in many respects.

    • Anonymous

      Dr Ornish does recoomend soy, including soy infant formulas. Here is a link to an itnerview with him:

      • Dave Asprey

        Steve, thanks for saving me the time it would take to dig that up. ANY physician who recommends soy formula for infants is committing a crime not only against the infants who drink it, but against their eventual offspring too.

        My comments about the Ornish Diet are based on reading his website and a book or two of his, but a while ago.

  • Fitryan

    Orish Sepctrum diet does include fish also. It is not vegan, but more of a Macrobiotic diet. Because his diets are not strict vegan diets is why you do not see him along side, strict vegan, Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. T. Colin Campbell. The diet is right on Dr. Dean Ornish’s website.

    • Fitryan
    • Dave Asprey

      Thanks Ryan! You’re right – and Jobs did end up being a fish-eater, at least occasionally, if the press reports are to be believed.

      It’s the 70% plus carb – including unhealthy carbs – that did his pancreas in.

      I never thought I’d say this, but Zuckerberg has Jobs beat hands down from a nutritional perspective. Zuckerberg kills what he eats. Jobs just ate a bunch of processed vegetables. (yes, cooking is processing…)

      • Peggy Holloway

        The pancreas is particularly sensitive to fructose – and pancreatic tumours have been shown to feed preferentially on fructose (all tumours feed on sugar). I suspect that it was the high fructose content of his diet for years (especially when he was a fruitarian) that was the major cause of his cancer. I’ve yet to see anyone in the mainstream media make that connection.

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Thanks for the spectrum of foods link. it is crazy, it also allows splenda along with soy. If you are not counting carbs it is a disaster.

  • Rnm354

    There is virtually nothing here that is based in any shape of fact! Aspey could not be more misinformed or worse yet intentionally misleading people.

    He is seriously out to lunch!

    • Dave Asprey

      Yes, but that lunch kept me full for hours, and consisted of grass-fed lamb and some nice asparagus soaked in butter. It made me healthier and more powerful too.

      • John

        Dave, Please WAKE UP and act WITH INTEGRETY. Respond DIRECTLY to the comments of your readers. You have NO BUSINESS posting on the internet if you CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILTY for yourself and your writings. Dave…a friendly call from me to you…GROW UP!!!

        • johnnymcjohnson

          internet: srs business! says the guy screaming in a comment thread ;]

    • Armistead Legge

      Thanks for the comment, but please back it up with some research if you’re going to criticize others.

    • Armistead Legge
  • Nick Kay

    How could one of the smartest and most innovative people of our generation have been lead to believe that a diet could somehow have an impact on treating cancer? This is unreal. This guy ornish should really stop practicing “medicine”

  • Edbigcat

    Asprey has the physiology and biochemistry down pat. Fat is the primary fuel for the body’s cells. Except the brain. The critics here do not comprehend physiology obviously. Dependence on epidemiology tantamounts to wearing blinders. Congrats to Dave for getting the science correct. Those of you who don’t understand what he said are too lazy or maybe too arrogant to learn. Granted, his Bio is a promotion piece…. but anyone who is self employed must toot the horn. REALITY DISTORTION!

    • Dave Asprey

      Thank you sir! Everything in my bio is true, and it’s also there to help people understand who I am and why I’m blogging. I have a full time job as an executive in the tech industry. This blog is here because I like to help people. And I hope to sell a few books one day, but selling a book won’t pay me more than I make in 2 months in my career already.

      I’m motivated by the truth and by helping people feel better and do more. I am annoyed that no one told me this stuff when I was 25 and 300lbs and sick all the time. I shouldn’t have had to hack myself!

  • Anonymous

    I think something that is missing from this conversation is metabolic type. Some metabolic types do fine on carbs and low fats while for others it has disastrous health consequences. This is why some people cure cancer on a Macrobiotic diet or Gerson therapy and some people get worse, and why some people heal on a Weston Price/ Paleo/ Bulletproof diet and some get worse. There is tons of research on this going back to Weston Price as well. Google “kelley, metabolic type” and start reading. Here is a link with lots of articles on this issue Dr. Kelley cured himself of pancreatic cancer on a vegetarian diet, but then when he tried this same diet on his wife she got deathly ill, it wasn’t until she started eating meat that she got well. His studies started from there when he realized the truth of biochemical individuality. Here is another article on more studies around this. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years because I thought it was the healthy diet, but recently when I went through metabolic typing (drinking a glucose drink and measure how your body responds, among other things) I discovered I was a fast oxidizer/ protein type and needed to be eating meat at every meal. It’s been a journey for me to let go of my identity as a vegetarian and start consuming meat, but I know now that my body needs it now. I have always been so confused about trying to make sense of wonderful cancer healing diets such as macrobiotic or Gerson Vs. Weston Price / Paleo. They both made sense to me and a good number of people seem to do great on both of them, I just couldn’t reconcile how both diets could work well for some people. Now understanding metabolic type, it all makes sense now. Bottom line is there is no right diet for every person, each person is different metabolically and you need to eat the right diet for your particular body. There are also two good books out there on the subject. The Metabolic Typing Book, and The Nutrition Solution, your guide to your metabolic type. I wonder if Steve Jobs was a fast oxidizer and was mistakenly eating the wrong diet for his metabolic type. Dr. Gonzales is another doctor who has very high cure rates for pancreatic cancer, he uses metabolic diet and puts some people on a vegetarian diet and some people eating meat three times a day. There is a great interview with him and Dr. Mercola on the death of Steve Jobs, he says that Steven’s acupuncturist wanted Steve to go see Dr. Gonzales, but it never happened. Here is a link to that interview

    • Dave Asprey

      Maray, that’s a good point. I’ve studied metabolic typing, read the books, talked with hundreds of people about their experiences, looked at blood type eating, etc. I am convinced that some people can survive better than others on a veg/carb diet, but also that those people ALSO do better on a high healthy (saturated unprocessed) fat diet, with slight (if any) adjustments to protein content. One of the many reasons the Bulletproof Diet works so well is simply that all metabolic types need fat, and bodies flourish when they are convinced that they live in a world that has a more than adequate food supply. Fat in the diet does that. There are 8 other reasons I’ve identified, from gall bladder emptying/bile circulation to metabolic efficiency (mitochondiral function) to mycotoxins, etc. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel, look, and perform better on a higher saturated fat diet.

      Steve Jobs would have too, and that’s sad.

    • Jeng

      Those are some good points, Maray. Yes, some people probably can do better on a high carb, high starch, low fat diets. Sad that Michio Kushi, the leader of modern macrobiotics, had colon cancer several years ago. Also his wife Aveline Kushi, and daughter Lily both DIED of cancer. But Michio Kushi and macrobiotics claims (has done for since the 70s-80s and probably more strongly then) to be a preventive and cure for cancer. There are good things about macrobiotics, such as removing processed foods and increasing whole plant foods, but removing all animal products and most fat (yes, fish may be eaten occasionally, but it’s not encouraged – and the diet has apparently made some adjustments in recent years. Hey, Gynneth Paltrow used to be macrobiotic, but I recently read she and her kids are low carb, omni now) with the emphasis that animal product cause disease is misguided. Of course, low quality and processed animal foods are not beneficial (same for the quality of fats), but fat and quality animal foods are.

      Michio Kushi doesn’t have a thorough understanding of human nutrition and it’s arrogant that for decades he had said that a macrobiotic diet will (or can) cure cancer and prevent it. Geez, half of family got cancer and two are dead from cancer. Sorry to ramble about macrobiotics. Thanks for the info about metabolic typing; I’ve read about it briefly. The thing is, people want simple answers and generalizations, most probably won’t go through a detailed experience to try to discover what metabolic type they are.

  • Jack Stapleton

    C’mon, dude, get a grip. People die. You will too. Get used to it. There is no need to assign blame to a cancer death. 50% of pancreatic cancer diagnosis end in death. It was Jobs time to die. Everybody can’t live to 76. That’s why its an average. Half the people die before that.

    • Dave Asprey

      Jack, people die, yes. It’s just sad when they die early because they were fooled – by well meaning people – into doing stupid things that shortened their lives.

  • Anonymous

    “Sadly, vegetarians have a higher mortality rate than people who eat meat.”

    What a load of bull. The overwhelming evidence from numerous studies dating back many decades says otherwise. And listening to a buddhist monk that goes opposite to the teachings of the Buddha is very much like listening to a priest who go opposite to what Jesus preached, which unfortunately is very common place. BTW, I’m vegetarian for 34 years and its never hindered my health or martial arts ability.

    • Dave Asprey

      Veggiedude, thanks for reading! Did you see this comparison of veggie martial arts vs. power?

      I’d gladly eat vegetarian if a) it was good for the planet and b) it was good for quality of human life and c) it didn’t kill lots more animals than grass-fed meat

      Plus, soy is bad for you. Bleah.

      • Durgareiki

        Dave, you’re an uninformed, uneducated blabbermouth.

        • Dave Asprey

          And you,, sound like you need to up your saturated fat and meat so you can turn on your prefrontal cortex. And you’re a poopie-head.

  • Rlkindelan

    Yes, Jack Stapleton, we all die, but Steve was ill before he was fifty with all the power and money one would need, plus fame, plus a family he dearly loved and loved him. Does the fact that we all die mean we simply press our skulls to cell phones, sit most of the day in front of a TV or monitor, eat junk food, etc., this is about finding answers not say, “We all die, what the heck difference does it make!” Dying of the stuff we die of is not the norm, it’s painful, hideous, and often way too soon. Should one say we just have to go with whatever is thrown at us by corporations who have declared war on us in that they manufacture stuff that addicts us, makes us fat, ugly, stupid and dead? There are some of us who are fighting back, not those who say, “Oh well, we all die.” That is defeatist and gives our enemies cart blanc permission to destroy our health with lies, not just harmless fibs, but death dealing lies that will most assuredly kill us sooner than we need to die. They are allowed to continue, that is, dispersing deadly drugs, deadly food, deadly ideas, deadly water, deadly air in our home and vehicles, and setting our children up to be ill and programmed to eat junk most of their short lives and rarely enjoy vibrant health. Our trouble is we refuse to go after the source of our problems and instead accept the knife, the chemo, the radiation, the drugs, the moronic psychiatrists who only dispense drugs and rarely anything else as our lot in life. Our health system is not a health system, it’s a disease system where there’s money to be made keeping illnesses ongoing and profitable for those in the disease business. Yes, of course, there are some good things that happen in treating people of their ills, but it’s becoming more and more rare, usually we end up drugged, stupid, dependent on stuff that does harm and little good and it rarely does. As far as Dean Ornish goes, the man is deluded, he hasn’t a clue what works, after all, he didn’t learn about health, he learned about disease and recommends such things as soy, SOY!, that borderlines on criminal behavior and obviously the man is either foolish, stupid, or insane and maybe all three. Nobody in their right mind, after reading a stack of research exposing soy for what it is, “Not for humans or much else,” would recommend such junk unless one buys into Archer Daniels the soy producers who love the fact that people are getting dumber each day. Those who eat soy haven’t read what soy is, they simply don’t get it. For Steve Jobs to allow Dean Ornish into his life on the scale that he did, is simply bizarre. One look at Ornish and anyone with the ability to read faces and body language knows there is something very odd about that cat, in fact, would anyone want to do what he recommends, you might end up looking like him and that would be an awful prospect. Vegetarians might think they’re doing what is best, no doubt they do, but what they’ve really done is to choose vegetarianism because it seemed the lesser of three evils, meat, Vegan or vegetarian. Let’s try a simple experiment, take a loaf of bread, the yeastiest, most whole grain bread on the planet, and fruit and vegetables for one tribe. The other tribe simply meat, butter or lard and water. Let’s place them in the Arctic for a month and see the results from traveling from one end to the other as long as a month lasts. Which diet would you choose? Use common sense, not some Ornish or Campbell nonsense.

    • Marzipan Souffle

      Stress is #1 cause of disease.Not food.Stress causes abuse of modern life,including food.Answer is not to obsess over stress.These are personal issues.Not a cookie cutter plan,one size fits all.

      • Dave Asprey

        Love the name, Marzipan. :) The problem is that low fat, processed food increases stress hormones. Meditating on a soy-filled belly does not do the same thing as meditating on a grass-fed beef filled belly. And meditating on an empty belly that formerly held grass fed beef a few hours earlier is the best of all.

    • Kiyodada

      Really…. place them in the Arctic for a month and see the results …. let’s place them at the equator for a month and then see….

  • Laura Taylor

    Asprey (and the public) needs to be educated about the differences in vegan, flexitarian, GMO, GMO-free, processed foods, vegetarian, raw foods, whole foods, and plant-based eating behaviors before making conclusions and claims such as these. This is void of much research and evidence, outside of Asprey’s and Job’s personal experience (Jobs’ experience not even specifically outlined). The article is heavily Asprey biased, whether his lifestyle or perspective is for the better of humanity or not. As is the behavior of many dieting companies, hospitals, Western Medicine Institutes, pharmaceutical companies, Western Medicine, government officials and government funded companies, most of which are greatly influenced by their financially beneficial and/or political connections. Something Asprey might want to disregard with his personal agenda, is that there is a simple and undeniable digestive and structural likeness that Humans share with common herbivores in the animal kingdom, and have greater differences with carnivores. Chimps, some of our closest relatives, go meat happy in infrequently desperate situations (based on J.Goodall’s research), but are dominantly plant junkies. We are free to masticate car keys, earrings and five 7 lb steaks a day if we want, it’s the Modern World, where people can put whatever they want in their open mouths. But some things can’t rapidly change the way they are designed, no matter how developed and advanced our civilization becomes or tries to manipulate us. There is much more to this subject than this article or this response or the responses preceding mine contain. Anybody viewing this article should investigate the subject of raw and whole foods and plant-based lifestyles before writing them off at Asprey’s contemplation.

  • L2 Thu Tee

    Asprey (and the public) needs to be educated about the differences in vegan, flexitarian, GMO, GMO-free, processed foods, vegetarian, raw foods, whole foods, and plant-based eating behaviors before making conclusions and claims such as these. This is void of much research and evidence, outside of Asprey’s and Job’s personal experience (Jobs’ experience not even specifically outlined). The article is heavily Asprey biased, whether his lifestyle or perspective is for the better of humanity or not. As is the behavior of many dieting companies, hospitals, Western Medicine Institutes, pharmaceutical companies, Western Medicine, government officials and government funded companies, most of which are greatly influenced by their financially beneficial and/or political connections. Something Asprey might want to disregard with his personal agenda, is that there is a simple and undeniable digestive and structural likeness that Humans share with common herbivores in the animal kingdom, and have greater differences with carnivores. Chimps, some of our closest relatives, go meat happy in infrequently desperate situations (based on J.Goodall’s research), but are dominantly plant junkies. We are free to masticate car keys, earrings and five 7 lb steaks a day if we want, it’s the Modern World, where people can put whatever they want in their open mouths. But some things can’t rapidly change the way they are designed, no matter how developed and advanced our civilization becomes or tries to manipulate us. There is much more to this subject than this article or this response or the responses preceding mine contain. Anybody viewing this article should investigate the subject of raw and whole foods and plant-based lifestyles before writing them off at Asprey’s contemplation.

    • Dave Asprey

      L2, if you read my blog a little more, you’ll find that I was a cooked vegetarian for a year, and a raw vegetarian for 4-5 months before adding raw meat and being a raw omnivore for another several months. I am opposed to GMO for reasons that are obvious if you read the research. My nutrition book, with 1300 references, is being published by Wiley next year. I also address the topsoil-destroying habits of vegetarians who kill thousands of animals (mice, rabbits, insects, amphibian, reptile) every time they eat something harvested by tractor. If I stick to beef, I kill 0.7 animals per year if I eat 2 pounds of grass-fed organic beef every year. Beat that, soil-killer. :)

      • Rl8383

        If you stick to beef for meat, and only eat eat two pounds per year, you’re 99% vegetarian. Did you mean per month? Per week? And furthermore, Ornish’s diet, as I understand it, is geared primarily toward people whose first concern is heat disease, like Bill Clinton, who follows Ornishes’ advice. As a person with a family history of heart disease, I’ll choose to to take my advice from Ornish and Mr. Clinton over some douche with electrodes on his head, who can’t manage to spell and grammar check his own book-pimping blog…Bio-hack.

      • Maada

        Dave, so you promote eating grass-fed organic beef… Cute, but please note that fighting the plant-based diet so hard you give arguments to all these “normal” beef eaters (more than 90% of total beef eaters I guess). Think about it.
        And “normal” meat eaters are responsible for suffering and death of not only industrially raised animals, but also of much greater number of mice, rabbits and so on than any vegan person, as a cow eats much more soya one day than a vegan in a month.
        I think you’re smart enough to realize that feeding 7 billions (and soon more) people with grass-fed cows is utopic. We’d have to give them every inch of land and be buried under billions of tones of their sheet first..
        Does it seem a perfect solution? I doubt..

        Your article is so completely unreliable to me.. and your arguments are so weak..

        • Dave Asprey

          LOL – I’m pretty clear that industrial beef is as bad for you as vegetarian diet. Read further, and you’ll see my points about sustainability of scalability of distributed beef production. The podcast with Polyface Farms is a good place to start. Just golf courses turned into pasture land would feed most people…1 cow per 3 acres produces 2-3 sticks of butter per day.

    • kujirakira


      … aren’t humans.
      We’re omnivores, like it or not. You should take your own advice:
      “But some things can’t rapidly change the way they are designed, no matter how … our civilization … tries to manipulate us”

      Science has demonstrated that a major factor in our split from mere chimps, and the development of our brain housing group, is directly related to the consumption of meat.
      If you want to go backwards in evolution, that’s your prerogative. But please stop the propaganda and harmful misinformation.

      PS If I eat 100kg of minke whale a year (you can’t get more free range than that), I kill 0.023 animals per year.
      Guarantee it’s healthier than your soy or beef too. (Hg disinformation and fear-mongering notwithstanding)

  • Aa

    obviously, >20 IQ points did not help much. lots of blabber

    • Dave Asprey

      Yes, but 100 pounds less blubber based on what I learned…

  • Eris Budzinski

    This is a beautiful post and so critical for people to know about diet and cancer. A friend of mine passed away last month – 36 years old. Although she had never smoked in her life, she died from lung cancer. I wish she had heard something like this about the effects of diet on a disease like cancer; it could have extended her life.

    • Armistead Legge

      Thanks so much for commenting Eris.

      I’m sorry your friend had to die so young.

  • Ull

    I think you can just about write the next one:
    Robin Gibb apparently seems to think that the way to avoid dying of the same intestinal complications as his brother is to eat a vegan diet … doesn’t really seem to work.

  • Musesum

    Searching “Jobs Cancer Diet” led me here. I had met Dean Ornish, knew he was Jobs’s personal physician.

    First off, an inaccuracy on your post. Ornish prominently features fish in his recommendations, including the spectrum book. In fact, I believe he, his wife, and most of us in that group had ordered fish for lunch.

    Second, it has been stated elsewhere that Ornish was still Jobs physician at the end. Given that Jobs was passionate about the root cause and cures to his disease, I doubt that Ornish would still be around if his techniques had serious and obvious flaws. A prominent part of Ornish’s technique is stress relief. I suspect that acting as a mercurial micro manager CEO growing a company to be that largest in the World is the opposite of giving space for the body to accept treatment and heal itself.

    Finally, there’s the metrics, as quoted from Wikipedia: “A 1999 metastudy combined data from five studies from western countries.[68] The metastudy reported mortality ratios, where lower numbers indicated fewer deaths, for fish eaters to be 0.82, vegetarians to be 0.84, occasional meat eaters to be 0.84. Regular meat eaters and vegans shared the highest mortality ratio of 1.00. ”

    I wasn’t in on the conversation between Jobs and Ornish. Neither were you. Maybe there are flaws in the Ornish approach. There are metrics that bear out results with the Ornish approach as effective.

    I am rather interested in Maray1′s comment, here, that may help put metabolic type in context. Science and medicine is an iterative process.

    • Dave Asprey

      Musesum, those metrics are based on commercial meat which is fed hormones, antibiotics, and the same nasty soy and corn that vegetarians eat. Grass-fed meat is far superior for preventing and reducing diseases; the best evidence comes from Weston A Price Foundation historically, or any of the presentations at the recent Ancestral Health Symposium.

      I’m confused about the fish stuff. Webmd says at that he’s against fish. So do almost all sites I could find. Are they all wrong? I’m glad to edit my blog if the facts are wrong and I appreciate you bringing that up.

      Another curiosity is the Ornish focus on stress reduction. I’m a huge fan of it – I am a certified Heart Math trainer and use electronic devices to help with stress measurement and to train it downwards. But eating low fat *increases* stress because it tells your body you’re about to starve to death, that you’re living in a place where your next meal is uncertain.

      • Musesum

        In the Spectrum book, fish is first mentioned on page 42 in relation to Omega-3 oils and on several pages from page 92 on protein choices.

        All sources of food have their contaminants.Some fish has mercury. Non-organic Soy has pesticides. Red meat has hormones. Agi-biz crowding adds stress for animals raised for meat. Generally speaking, the higher up the food chain, the more opportunities for contamination.

        There is no breakdown of commercial versus organic in the study. So, I find the metric to be generally useful.

        The spectrum book does not have a magic bullet. It suggests a mixture of: lower glycemic index carbs, better types of fat in smaller amounts, lowering stress, and including exercise. The role of fats in moderating insulin levels is not in conflict with what I’ve read in the spectrum book. The book has an extensive bibliography of studies – I like the ebook version in that you can cut-paste-and-search the citations.

        • Dave Asprey

          Thanks Musesum. Looks like there’s tons of conflicting info on the web about Ornish and fish, but if his book says its on the diet, it’s on the diet. Edits forthcoming!

          The huge gains in wellness that come from eating non-stressed, grass-fed red meats are obvious from a blood chemistry perspective, from a “how do I feel” perspective, and from any of the paleo diet forums online. It doesn’t matter what studies say “red meat is bad” if they don’t say what kind of red meat and how it’s prepared. Comparing grass-fed to commercial factory meat is like comparing sashimi to Long John Silver’s. They’re both fish, but they do opposite things to the body!

    • Anonymous

      These metrics establish that veganism is unhealthy and fish-eating is healthier than either veganism and lacto-ovo vegetarianism. But if the studies were done in North America or Europe, they would conflate eaters of grain-fed and processed meats with eaters of grass-fed meats. It would be interesting to see studies done in Australia or NZ where almost all livestock are grass-fed. You would still confuse the issue a bit by including procesed meats, but I think just excluding grain-fed meat would see better outcomes for the meat-eaters.

  • Scruggsfan543

    I agree. Five years ago I tried the Ornish diet for heart health and it almost killed me. Mytotal cholesterol at the time before the diet was low. He claims in his book that even for people with low cholesterol that his very low fat diet is optimal. My hair began to thin, my personality became obsessive, and my total cholesterol dropped below 100. Because of the obsessiveness I stayed on the diet for a year. It was one of the worst decisions of my life. consider it one of the darkest times of my life. When I quit and started eating meat again my family said “welcome back.” Some of the damage it did is still with me, like my thinning hair. I don’t have problems with people being vegans but one must realize that everyone is different and even though Ornish would disagree, his plans are not right for the vast majority and could be dangerous to many. I think he is very irresponsible with his advice.

  • life_watch

    Humans are VEGAN based on DNA studies.( read: Beyond Bones and Stones) Jobs had his immune system stressed by his hepatectomy-( big mistake) Watch Forks over Knives, new documentary movie that confirms studies by Cleveland Clinic and Cornell university with over 30 years of clinical trials, per reviewed. The main author is Dr. Campbell, from the US, Chinese, etc National Academy of Sciences. The study included 600 million people, called THE CHINA STUDY. Lectures about this are in the net. Jobs was not dumb or weird, he was just ahead of all of us. Learn from him. Besides, animal diet is causing 50% of global warming – See NASA and NOAA reports.

    • Anonymous

      A study is only good if you base your conclusions off the data you got, which unfortunately Campbell did not do.

    • Armistead Legge

      For everyone here who keeps referencing the new vegan film “Forks Over Knives” as if it were a scientific study, please read this article by Anthony Colpo.

    • Anonymous

      “Besides, animal diet is causing 50% of global warming”

      Right there is the bias that makes most official nutrition advice suspect.

    • Rob

      The Chin a study??? Really???

      “But in the end it is still only an observational study. And even though – again, according to Dr. Campbell – there are over 8000 statistically significant correlations, correlations are not causation. Any scientist worth his/her salt will tell you that all you can do with data from observational studies is use them to form hypotheses that can be rigorously tested in randomized, controlled trials. Then and only then (assuming the study results show it) can you even begin to talk about causation. The whole enterprise, costly and time consuming though it was, was described perfectly by Shakespeare in the words of MacBeth:

      …it is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing.

      Repeat after me one last time: Correlation is not causation, correlation is not causation, correlation is not causation…”

      On page 107 of The China Study Dr. Campbell writes:

      QUOTE: “The China Study was an important milestone in my thinking. Standing alone, it does not prove that diet causes disease.” – Dr Campbell.

      You can read the whole article that picks apart the study here:

  • cy:beh

    There’s no statistical significance in the sad passing of Steve Jobs and his choice vegan diet. I’m a vegan and know many people who are, even babies born vegan grown up to be lively and healthy and smart big kid!

    If one subscribe to the scientific method, then one would take a close look at a proper sample size then carry out the analysis. Look at the work of Prof. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study), Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (, Dr. Neal Barnard (, Dr. John McDougall and many many more!

    Hope you’d spend a bit more time and reassess your call.

    Veganista – cy:beh

    • Anonymous

      The fact that you even bothered to reference the China Study shows you are not a subscriber to the scientific method. What a load of crap that was. Read Denise Minger.

      • cy:beh

        I cited 3: Prof. Campbell, Dr. Barnard & Dr. Esselstyn. You only picked out The China Study.

        The China Study was an epidemiology study, nothing wrong with that? – The New York Times has recognized the study (China-Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project) as the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” and the “most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease.”

        Combine Prof. T. Colin Campbell’s work with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, the evidences of the goodness of plant-based diet are self-evident; their work has been nicely introduced in “Forks over Knives” – 2011

        The feature film Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

        In addition to Dr. Esselstyn and Prof. Campbell, I’ve based my studies on the work of these good doctors as well: Dr. Michael Klaper (,, Dr. John McDougall (, Dr. Michael Greger (, Dr. Gabriel Cousens (, Dr. Joel Furhman ( and more.

        Last but not least, I’ve also based my conviction on the empirical data by experimenting on myself, as well as the positive results I see in people that I interact with everyday.

        If you would elaborate on your disagreement with The China Study, I’d be more than happy to respond either myself or the good man himself.

        Good Health to you :)



        • Anonymous

          I picked him out because his work is the one that I know to be shoddy, and thus the only one I have a beef with being cited. I am not familiar with the work or data of rest and thus make no comment on them.

          My problem is not with the data from the China Study itself, but rather with the way Campbell interprets them and that includes his interviews in Forks over Knives.

          I’m somewhat surprised that my mere mention of Denise Minger did not automatically ring a bell as I’d think those familiar with his work would be familiar with one of his biggest critics as well, especially since he’s responded to her as well. I’ll just link to her general collection of criticisms of his work:

          As far as n=1 experiments goes, I too, interact with many who, did *not* give up their meat, but did become much healthier by virtue of giving up grains, legumes, and the processed foods common in the Standard American Diet.

          The problem with most studies in my experience, especially cited by those who favor plant-based diets, is they lump “meat-eating” with people who eat *everything*, including all the other junk that’s part of SAD eating, which also has confounding factors like many who go vegetarian generally lead a healthier lifestyle (less smoking, drinking, more exercising, less junk food, etc. ) Is it really the plant-based diet that makes them healthier, or is it the above other factors? What would be more interesting would a long-term study comparing people who actively try to lead healthy lifestyles: veganism, vegetarianism, bodybuilder/atheletes, paleo/primal, and then the SAD eaters as their own category.;

        • cy:beh

          I’m familiar with Denise Minger, and Prof. Campbell has responded to her long ago, 11 pages in all:

          If you’re familiar with Dr. Esselstyn’s work and that of Dr. Neal Barnard’s and others in my list of M.D., you’d find that many patients who suffered from diabetes, heart disease have seen the diseases reversed and attained optimal health without the use of drugs & mechanical medical intervention, all based on low-fat plant-based diet.

          When we combine Prof. Campbell’s epidemiology studies with those of other medical doctors, I’d say, sufficiently convincing light has been shed on the efficacy of the plant-based diet in reversing the major killer diseases. But I agree with you, a grand long-term study should be carried out as well to shed more light on this issue.

          Good health & cheers!


        • Dalittlebro

          A great book to read is The Untold Story of Milk. Since Campbell uses casein as the main culprit and uses it to represent all animal proteins, it is beneficial to dig in to the bigger story. Food is more complex than a singled-out protein that we can measure. We will never be able to measure the infinite complexities of our food. “Junk” milk is junk – a highly refined and processed food. But 100% grass-fed, organic, raw whole milk is liquid gold. Our country’s [non-sprouted] grain based food system is nothing more than toxic waste.

        • cy:beh

          By the way, I’ve personally met Prof. Campbell and I also find him to be a scientist of the highest caliber, more importantly, a man of honesty and humility, and above all, objective in carrying out his scientific work, which spans more than 3 decades.

          Here I quote the last paragraphs of Prof. Campbell’s response to Denise Minger:

          I suggest that those people who are so hostile to this message take another look at their reasoning. There is far more to this story than the interpretation of the scientific data
          alone. There are major issues of health care and health care costs, there are serious environmental issues that have not been adequately communicated to the public, and
          there are political, social and ethical issues that must be considered. Of most importance, there are people who deserve to hear this message—namely, the taxpayers who funded this work. For me to do anything less than to report on these findings is both immoral and unethical. In the current discussions about this issue, I
          would urge that it is vitally important that all of us keep these ideas in mind, while being very careful not to promote ideas simply for the sake of defending one’s own personal
          preferences. I strongly believe that discussion of these issues focus outwardly for the sake of all of us, not just inwardly for the satisfaction of personal ego.

          My greatest mistake throughout this process may have been our acquiescence to our
          publisher’s choice for our book’s title. We suggested 200 possible titles, not one of which was ‘The China Study’. But when we objected, he said that we already had signed the contract and this was his right and responsibility. We felt locked in, especially because we had already explored publication with about 10 other publishers, some of whom had offered advances (one very large), if we did it their way. Because we had
          refused to accept their suggestions (including at least half the book as recipes, going easy on the references and ‘dumbing down’ the language), it seemed clear that we had no other choice than to go along with our new publisher who accepted our way of telling this story.

          Obviously, the title of our book has been misleading for some because of the
          inappropriate weight suggested by the China project itself. When these rather novel data are considered both in reference to biologically plausible, multi-factor models of causation and in reference to the large body of other kinds of studies discussed in the
          book, the China project database becomes very important. But relying on the results of this study in isolation, especially when unadjusted univariate correlations are used, is
          not appropriate.

          End Quote.

          By the way, here’s another report on the downside of Livestock Industry:

          It’s not just health issue alone, that’s why eating low at the food chain, adopting the plant-based diet is such an elegantly simple and simply elegant solution to the many crises we’re faced with.

          Healthy People, Healthy Planet.



        • Anonymous

          That’s why Paleo/Primal eaters tend to focus on sustainable farming, rather than getting food from CAFOs. BTW, industrial agriculture is also incredibly environmentally damaging. Generic plant-based diets (especially the most common crops of wheat, soy, and corn) are still more environmentally damaging than farms using more sustainable farming methods that also involve the use of animals to naturally improve the plants and soil.

        • Anonymous

          And as expected, I could not find a single reference to local, pastured, or sustainable farming in that worldwatch article. This is essentially the same problem I have with the commonly cited studies about how plant-based diets are oh-so-awesome. They essentially create a strawman that both sides agree is bad, without actually addressing the other side’s position.

        • cy:beh

          Thing is 99% of all animals eaten in the US come from Factory Farming. (ref: Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer,

          For more just Google away… :)

          For Healthy People and Health Planet and Compassion For Animals.


        • Anonymous

          Oh certainly, I’d say we both agree that factory farming is cruel and unsustainable. But so does our insistence on massive chemical use for fertilizers and pesticides and eating out-of-season fruits and vegetables ripened with ethylene gas as well as all the monoculture crop fields being planted and destroying old animal habitats. Modern industrial agriculture is basically unsustainable, whether it be plants or animals.

        • cy:beh

          Yes, for sustainable ecology, chemical fertilizers have to go, they’ve been killing the planet, destroying soils and killing oceans. The short term primary effects of chemical fertilizers have been positive in that they boost production, but the higher order effects are all negative.

          However, if we recognize that
          50-80% grains grown are being fed to animals, we could adopt organic farming using non-chemical fertilizers.

          “If all the grain currently fed to livestock in the United States were consumed directly by people, the number of people who could be fed would be nearly 800 million,” David Pimentel, professor of ecology in Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, reported at the July 24-26 meeting of the Canadian Society of Animal Science in Montreal.

          Roughly 25,000 square kilometers or 6 million acres of the Amazon rainforest is cut down every year for grazing cattle and to grow soybeans that are used for animal feed.

          Eating low in the food chain is the way to go, we’d get the biggest bang for our bucks in our efforts to tackle the many global crises we’re faced with, that’s my general big picture humble view. :)

          Another good source of info:



        • Anonymous

          “There are major issues of health care and health care costs, there are serious environmental issues”

          Right there is why the guy is unconsciously biased.

        • Anonymous

          And Denise has responded to Campbell’s reply, and followed up a year later with additional studies based on the China Study data that contradict Campbell’s claims.

          As far as the improved health anecdotes, the same can be said of those who follow Paleo/Primal/anti-grain diets as well. Which, to me, says it’s not actually the low-fat plant-based diets that’s the cure. It’s the fact that both types of diets get rid of all the modern processed foods that’s probably the most helpful.

          I have seen many stories, and read books of those who started with the plant-based diets, felt good for a period of time, and then started feeling worse and worse until they started adding meat back into their diet. On the other hand, how many people do you know who have gone from a Primal/Paleo type diet to a plant-based diets and felt better?

        • cy:beh

          Do you have a link to Minger’s follow up reply to Prof. Campbell? Appreciate it.

          Eating non-animal based vegetarian but junk diet doesn’t constitute health. I can’t comment on what you’ve observed on those who switched their diets from veg to something else. I can only speak for myself and my verification of the work of the many doctors and scientists I’ve cited based on the results of experimenting on myself and many many folks I see around me.

          There’s been too much noise out there. That’s why I totally agree with you that a grand scientific experiment should be carried out and have the results published for all to see.

        • Anonymous
        • cy:beh

          Hopefully some grand experiments can be organized sooner than later.

          Meanwhile, I shall stick to my plant-based vegan diet, which is doing me just fine, no visit to doctors for about 2 decades, and remain active in sports.

          Let’s keep tap on Bill Clinton’s health condition as well.

          Cheers & Good Health!


        • Anonymous

          Indeed. At the end of the day, we need to follow what works for us. :)

          It was an enjoyable conversation. Good heath to you too!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dave,

    radical physicians who tout incredibly low fat diets with strict avoidance of (healthy) saturated fats as the path to health, despite years of research showing how misguided that is. (See Gary Taubes epic work “Good Calories Bad Calories”

    Taubes has his heart in the right place, and he’s doing the world a service by getting people off useless starches, but he’s not a scientist. Avoiding saturated fats is not radical: Please see this discussion on saturated fat:

    A summary:

    What I think we’re seeing is exactly the divergence within these populations that you know: that carb is really rather bad for overweight, insulin-sensitive people, such that replacing it even with SFA is relatively harmless — whereas for lean, insulin-sensitive people, SFA (and dietary cholesterol, its fellow-traveller in omnivorous diets) is likely more *relatively* harmful, because carb is less able to derange the metabolism. We have to remember that any time we look at these studies and see only modest or borderline-significant effects: 66% of the US population is overweight, and half of that majority is obeese; Europe is somewhat better-off, at 49.8% and 13.3% in men and 36.0 & 13.5% in women per MONICA. So the deleterious effects of any nutrient with a differential effect on low-BMI, insulin-sensitive people will tend to be blunted by the much larger number of people for whom such effects are blunted by their “larger” problem.

    It also means that the deleterious effects of a rise in SFA intake are at least temporarily outweighed if it is is part of a dietary shift into a lower-carb diet when it is successfully used for weight loss (as opposed to just being a person’s self-selected default diet, which of course is what’s going on in teh studies in Jakobsen and in the Swedish, Greek, and US Nurses low-carb/high-protein studies). But it’s reasonably clear that if you’re insulin-sensitive — which, interestingly, is what one is likely to become after losing weight on a successful low-carb weight-loss diet! — the effects of SFA become more *relatively* harmful as teh deleterious effects of carb recede.

    >or any competent body building coach for more info…)

    Don’t confuse what’s good for maximizing muscle growth with what’s good for health and staying young. Bodybuilders want to activate mTOR and maximize IGF-1 to block the catabolism of muscle. This is GREAT for maximizing muscle gains. But doing so inhibits the recycling and filtering of damaged proteins, which is bad for aging.


    That’s the mechanism behind Rapamycin, the most promising anti-aging drug so far. (Resveratrol has been considered a bust for a couple of years now).

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for a great blog
    Ornish Diet,Weight loss Diet

    • Armistead Legge

      Thanks for commenting :)

  • Leandro

    The pure vegetarianism is the right choice! Pseudo cientist! People like you use anything to attack vegetarianism! You must study a lot, and find the studies wich comproved a pure vegetarianism prevent many diseases and add more years of HEALTHY life. Because live longer is not enough, we must live longer and HEALTHY. The world is full of very old people, but who are very sick!

    • Anonymous

      “You must study a lot, and find the studies wich comproved a pure vegetarianism prevent many diseases and add more years of HEALTHY life.”

      That’s kind of the opposite of science, actually.

      • Armistead Legge

        You rock Naomi :D

      • golooraam

        Naomi – you are just badass :)

  • Bremla

    I have been on the Ornish diet for close to 15 years and have not eaten any meat, poultry or fish. I had a heart attack and unfortunately had bypass surgery before finding Dean Ornish, In 15 years I have not had any symptoms or discomfort from my heart. I exercise 5 days a week, do yoga and meditation and feel great. It is the most wonderful experience I’ve had and am sorry I did not know about it before I had surgery, because I would not have had surgery.

    • FairLady

      You are obviously a blood type A. Type A thrives on a vegetarian diet.

      • John

        Blood type diet has been debunked sorry

    • Real World Vegan

      did you ever wonder how much of your health improvement comes from 5 days a week workouts, yoga and meditation?

    • azure

      there is constant growing research that a vegan diet is incredible for preventing disease. As a vegetarian I still had high cholesterol, slightly.. because dairy goes straight into the blood. I swapped out three items I use in my fridge. I got veganaise and through out mayo, I started using Earth Balance spread instead of butter or margerine, and I drink coconut milk from Trader Joe’s, IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH, my triglycerides went from 198 to 107!!!!!! Ive been a veggie for 20 years, Im 51 and noone has any idea about this. I dont look younger “for my age” I look in a totally different age GROUP. I look about 35 Id say. I was carded twice recently. Basically animal meat is EXTREMELY aging on the face and if women knew this they would stop thinking the fountain of youth is in creams sold at Sephora. Theres a grand conspiracy going on thanks to the meat industry that doesn’t want anyone to know this. Research paper after research paper comes out with the latest findings on the merits of a vegan diet. People who dont eat meat are smarter, healthier and because they are smarter seek out other ways of feeling healthy and balanced too, BECAUSE THEY ARE SMARTER. lol Also, what I knew 25 yrs ago is just starting to be proven, that animal meat causes cancer, that the casein in cheese causes cancer, british researchers are on the ball. What I also knew, that meat is very aging, research has just come out on this as well! I based my knowings on observation and testing my own body. I always knew I would look younger when I was older, but not THIS YOUNG. Its great to look so young, be wise, be healthy, stave off disease and be a compassionate person who doesn’t pass the buck by repeating age old cliche rationalizations as a defense mechanism for mental laziness. How could one not benefit through love?

      • Paleo Huntress

        “People who dont eat meat are smarter, healthier and because they are smarter seek out other ways of feeling healthy and balanced too, BECAUSE THEY ARE SMARTER.

        If only that were true. They’re definitely pious, self-important and superior though. Nothing like a woo-filled vegetarian preaching their N=1 experience as if it trumps the data, to make you laugh. It would be so much better if they actually offered data the data that they always claim is there.
        And if they only understood economics better and that the largest, wealthiest, most powerful food lobbies are processed foods and cereal grain agriculture (the first depends on the second) they’d realize just how ridiculous it is to accuse the “meat industry” of conspiracy while sucking at grain’s teat and gazing adoringly into its disease-causing eyes.

      • Paleo Huntress

        To add more, vegetarians statistically have higher levels of advanced glycation end-products (appropriately termed “AGE”s) than omnis. These age the body and cause significant inflammatory responses that lead to disease… which is in total opposition of your claims that vegetarian diets keep you young.

  • Hello

    Actually, Tofurky is one company that pledges not to use genetically modified soybeans.

  • Adam Stevens

    Unfortunately nothing here is peer reviewed, so it’s worthless. Simply to be read as fiction.

    • Armistead Legge

      Maybe you should read this:

      If you’re not convinced by the 15 or so peer reviewed references, please let me know. I’ll find more.

    • BondSummers

      It’s not worthless, you’re showing your lack of awareness. Btw, people’s bodies are variable to some degree, but at core the quality of the food matters, and we thrive best with some fundamental animal products in our diets. Our bodies reveal by results.

  • windexh8er

    Wow, it’s amazing at how much misinformation I found in your post. Fat and carbs are counterproductive – it’s just that Steve’s “Ornish” diet was not what his body needed. He should have looked at juicing for nutritional flooding of the body. Greens such as kale and spinich are known fantastic cancer killers. The only way you can beat something like cancer is to prime your body to an optimal state – carbs and fats are not the answer here. Look at the Gerson way of living and things like the BluePrint cleanse. I juice cleans at least once a month for three days – and during that time I have more energy, sleep amazing and have the highest mental focus at any point in the month. Sometimes that lends to a whole week of cleansing. Fats and carbs are not a required staple of a human diet – look at how we survived thousands of years ago… It wasn’t red meat or bread.

    • Paleo Huntress

      This is an old comment I realize, but have you heard of the term, “Rabbit Starvation”? You are correct that carbohydrate is not essential, but fat most definitely is.

      I am curious about your juice cleanse though (mostly carbs BTW). Anytime I do something like that and kick ketosis into high gear, I too have great energy, but I don’t sleep well. The ketones are like natural speed and you get the energy at the cost of the sleep most times. I find it can be ameliorated after a period of 2-3 weeks, but the first days are always the worst and if a cleanse only lasts a few days… it’s sleepless speeding all the way! lol

      FWIW, Thousands of years ago it WAS red meat… and tens of thousands of years ago, it WAS red meat. Early humans were almost entirely carnivorous according to most all archeological and anthropological evidence and the primary meat source was large herbivores.

  • De Spin

    It’s not a question of health. If you kill animals to eat, you are a criminal. That’s it. Cancer may come to ANYBODY, vegan or eatmeater.

    • cy:beh

      Cancer can be due to many factors. Chief among which, food and toxins in the environment. Steve Jobs’s cancer was unlikely to be due to his vegan diet. For anyone to say so is simply idiotic. It’s not even a correlation worthy of attention. Steve’s delayed surgery probably wasn’t the actual cause of his untimely death either. John McDougall has given a plausible explanation here:

      There’s a lot of misinformation and disinformation here. But that’s the reality of the tail-end of the information-garbage-age era we live in. Anyone with a blog can BS, wax-lyrical and blah blah blah on just about anything.

      Someone farted in a room in the middle of a dead cold winter, windows of the room wide opened and there’s no heating, someone else in the room caught a damned cold. Was the cold due to the fart? However stinky it is?

      Whoever eats dead animal carcasses and is still able to walk and run like a tiger ain’t proof that the diet is healthful. Time will tell. There’s however another wiser way to tell in shorter time: look at a universe of a meaningful sample size.

      If you doubt the Power of the Plants, check this out:

      • Dave Asprey

        Mcdougall’s post is pretty good (unlike his thoroughly discredited diet), but he missed the fructose/mycotoxin/uric acid/kidney connection.

        Insulin speeds cancer growth; it’s a fact. Ornish’s diet raises insulin. Connect the dots…

      • Captain Buzzkill

        Video Is more Fake than 9/11 plane crashes and the Moon Landing….Captain Buzzkill

      • JAS

        I’d have to point out that Dr. Dean Ornish diet was 1/2 right and 1/2 wrong for Steve Jobs. It’s been noted for years…that sugar feeds cancer…..eating high carbs…which convert to sugar causes a feeding frenzy for cancer cells. If you want to kill or at least stop the metastasis of cancer…..Stop feeding cancer patients sugar and carbs! Its pretty simple….So many people are misinformed. Read the pages and pages of scientific research. It states that the body needs fats…Healthy saturated fats (MCFA/MCT) and proteins. So in the example of Steve Jobs he should have been on a restricted carb diet and he should of had healthy MCFA incorporated into his diet that would have fed his healthy cells and deprived his cancer cells.
        I think the problem here is that there is some really good advice by Dr Dean Ornish and also some really bad advice…therefore leaving his followers misguided and misinformed. Pointing out the bad…his advice on fats and oils is incorrect, he is wrong about soy products and his recommended carb intake is too high….Especially if you have Cancer! All this is available for the truth seeker. With a little research one can become aware.
        Keep in mind, we all have different thresh-holds of what our bodies can tolerate and also remember certain sicknesses need certain foods. That should be our guide…what are we treating…and go from there.

        • Stu

          The one of few comments on here that make sense

      • Paleo Huntress

        This guy has only been vegan for ONE YEAR of his 7 years of training. Is that really what you want to hitch your wagon to?

    • Dave Asprey

      De Spin, by your rules, you are a war criminal. Every bowl of Kashi you eat kills more field animals in one day than I eat in a whole year. Grass fed meat is more sustainable than farming.

    • crazydays

      I don’t kill them, my butcher does. I suppose that makes me an accessory to the crime. I say people who smoke pot are criminals.

    • johnnymcjohnson

      are you aware of what the definition of ‘criminal’ is? i only ask because your comment implies you do not.

    • Natalia Adarova

      I cannot stand this spoiled,

    • Real World Vegan

      what if you kill them by mistake while harvesting your veggies? what if you actually know they’re being killed for your food? does that make it less criminal? if a drunk driver kills a pedestrian he wasnt trying to kill, should we give him a free pass because it was an accident? killing someone with your car while under the influence is criminal because the driver made the choice to drive. so then killing animals with tillers, diskers, traps, rifles and combines while growing and harvesting our plant foods should be criminal because we are making a choice to eat those foods too.

  • Haifen

    I love the idea of hacking your body, and congratulate you for undertaking this project. However I really do take issue with this post. It is poorly supported and structured.
    “It is simply unacceptable that unfathomably poor nutritional advice concocted in the 1970?s contributed not only to Steve Jobs’ early demise, but to the fattening of an entire generation.” — This conclusion is wholly without proof, basically accuses Dr. Ornish of Negligence or malpractice (I’m no lawyer) and unless you can prove the above (which you don’t) has exposed you to accusations of slander. I would reconsider the way you have expressed yourself here and try to improve the quality of this article if you want to convince anyone.

    • Dave Asprey

      Haifen, thank you for your comments. There is an entire body of proof about obesity rates and their correlation with low fat diets. It is more than would fit in any blog post – Gary Taubes could barely fit it in 500 pages of “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” I’m stating it as a fact in this post, not an argument that needs further support here.

  • Mfw888888

    Please provide your source for your ‘mortality rate’ quote.

    • Dr. S

      Dr. Mario Martinez, a famous psychoneuroimmunologist, has studied centenarians all over the world. NOT one of them was a vegan.

  • Saltation Ignite

    “Sadly, vegetarians have a higher mortality rate than people who eat meat. No amount of statistical wiggling is going to disprove this basic fact of human existence.” – ??? FICTION!!!! This is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS and a HORRENDOUSLY stupid article.

    • Aryan

      Agreed. “Vegetarians” having a higher mortality rate than those who eat meat. Statistically flawed I’m sure as the most populous groups of vegetarians are in developing countries such as India and Nepal, where due to poverty, malnutrition, poor access to good medical treatment and clean water are contributing factors that certainly play a role in lower life expectancies.


    • Real World Vegan

      in nations where people avoid meat for religious reasons, they fare much worse than their omnivorous neighbors. this isnt comparing one nation to another, but one group to another within the same nation. the statement is accurate unfortunately.

  • Dean Ornish, M.D.

    You need to get your facts straight.

    I advised Steve Jobs to have surgery early on, but he chose not to do so, which was his decision:

    The diet and lifestyle program I recommend has been proven in 35 years of research in the leading peer-reviewed journals to reverse the progression of even severe coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and to slow, stop or reverse the progression of early-stage prostate cancer as well as to sustainably lower blood pressure, LDL-cholesterol, and weight. It’s also been shown to beneficially change gene expression–turning on disease-preventing genes and turning off genes that promote prostate, breast, and colon cancer– as well as increasing telomerase:

    I don’t recommend the same diet and lifestyle program for everyone:

    Earlier this week, a panel of nutrition experts organized by U.S. News & World Report rated the Ornish diet as #1 for heart health:

    Dean Ornish, M.D.
    Founder & President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute
    Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

    • Dave Asprey

      Dr. Ornish,

      I just emailed you to offer the chance to share your views with listeners to the podcast and readers of the blog. You could have the air time by yourself 1 on 1, or I’d be up for putting together and moderating a panel with you, Jack Kruse and Ray Peat to focus specifically on telomerase. Jack is a neurosurgeon and Ray is a PhD biologist and hormone expert. Jack’s view on telomerase is that it’s all about mitochondrial function. Ray focuses on estrogen and progesterone’s effects on mitochondria. Bill Andrews was recently on my show presenting evidence that “chronic cardio” (ultra marathons) has positive effects on telomerase too.

      I am not an expert on telomerase compared to anyone I just mentioned, but I’m a decent researcher and biohacker. A ketogenic diet reduces oxidative stress (and the Bulletproof Diet also reduces it by controlling omega 6 oils and reducing mycotoxins), and oxidative stress does shorten telomeres. A pretty comprehensive piece of research is at

      In any case, I respect the motive behind your work even though we disagree on the best path to health and wellness.


    • Jack Upton

      I’m 55yrs old now. two yrs ago x4 CABG 16blks almost shut dwn, No Heart attack though. nonsmoker 148lbs. 5’6″

      Read your books, also China diet, and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn “Reversing Heart Disease”

      I switched to 99% Vegan diet ( I will eat a small amount of deep water fish once every 2 or 3 weeks) All veggies, fruits and grains Period! (no nuts, dairy or oils) Also, take fish oil, & grnd Flaxseed.

      As Dr Esselstyn states you gotta do everything to protect the endothelium lining your vascular system.

      It’s Not easy. I miss burgers and fries, eggs, etc,,, but i dont like the alternative either. (Never felt so much pain after surgery…uggh!) Live for my family :)

      Thanks for your work Dr Ornish.

      J Upton

      • Q & Q Estate Jewelry LLC

        Be careful, my cousin was on the Ornish diet for 15 years, got off the diet when he had a heart attack at 47.

        It’s funny that you miss burgers, I missed wheat for a while… Missing wheat goes away… You’ll always miss meat, because we’re supposed to eat it… :)

        • Jamie

          False. I don’t miss meat at all.

        • Dan Eriksson

          You miss fat, not meat. You need fat. You don’t need meat.

        • Real World Vegan

          i miss meat. i get plenty of fat and i still miss meat. its interesting that you think you know what strangers miss. when i went vegan, it didn’t give me psychic abilities like yours. i feel cheated now.

        • Dan E.

          I’m as much vegan and psychic as you are succeeding in being funny right now.

        • Real World Vegan

          funny? im serious. who do i talk to about getting a partial refund?

        • Dan E.

          Try again.

        • Real World Vegan

          awww poop dude. did veganism steal your humor too? maybe there is a limited supply so we cant each get both. i got the humor and you got the mind-reading.

          im not worried, the omnis will find it hilarious. i encourage you to tell me again that im not funny. maybe the third times the charm.

        • Dan E.

          Just a little bit harder. You can do it!

        • Real World Vegan


        • Aryan

          If we were supposed to eat it, we would not have flat teeth and small digestive systems. We would not have to have discovered fire – without which meat would not be safe for us to eat. We would have sharp teeth and larger digestive systems that would allow meat to pass through quickly, like meat eating animals.

        • Real World Vegan

          thats actually quite the opposite of the truth. carnivores have very short guts compared to herbivores. it takes a large, long gut to extract nutrition form plant foods. this is why the belly of the leaf-eating gorilla is so huge, it’s packed with many extra feet of gut. animal foods break down fast and are easy to digest and people eat raw meat all over the world and it’s perfectly safe for them.

        • John

          Agreed and our digestive systems are super long as well

        • Real World Vegan

          no dude, they arent. gut length is compared to torso length for a proper ratio. obligate carnivores have a gut length of 2-3 times their torso length. herbivores like cows and horses have a gut length of about 20 times. human beings have a gut length of 8-9 times. we fall right in the middle, which supports the idea that human beings are natural omnivores.

    • Maadlen

      Your diet is good, but raw food diet has proved to be much more efficient in curing cancer.

      • Dave Asprey

        While The Bulletproof Diet is not an anti cancer diet, if you eat it raw, it will serve that purpose. Raw meat or egg is better for you than raw vegetables.

        • BuddhaBandit

          Raw chicken or pork will give you salmonella or trichinosis respectively, both of which can be fatal. I’m assuming you’re making a broad brush statement much as you do repeatedly in your article, without citing sources, providing footnotes, or backing up your claims with links, etc. Maybe you meant to say fish is better eaten raw. Nonetheless, you said something general enough to be stupidly and obviously dangerous. And by the way, get your facts right about soy. It’s not soy that’s bad, it’s soy isolates. Consult the google machine. You might learn something Mr. Genius.

        • Dave Asprey

          Lol – trichinosis in commercial pork that’s inspected? Hardly. Salmonella dies when you dip it in iodine, and chickens raised properly in pastures have a much lower risk of it. I know. “The google machine” told me. It must be true.
          Edamame has been linked with estrogen problems in kids and males. ALL soy protein is bad, whether or not it’s isolated or still in those nasty tasting little toxic beans.

        • Judy

          My family consume raw meat, eggs, and fish on a regular basis. None of us are sick, or have even felt any type of discomfort. Get your facts straight. Only conventional meat (which EVERYONE bases their facts on), are full of bacteria. High quality meats like grass-fed beef have pretty much no risk of making you sick.

    • ScienceGal

      Dear Dr Ornish, I like that your diet ideas promote an increase in vegetable consumption and decrease in processed sugars. This alone can account for much of your success in improving some people’s health. But much of your “success data” is confounded by your subjects’ concurrent use of statins, and some interesting selective data culling. As a medical and science writer, you lost me when I found out that you promote soy— soy burgers and other processed fake foods and bad oils such as canola (at best, it is GMO, at worst it’s a rancid rapeseed oil hoax). I am concerned that President Clinton looks so unhealthy now that he, by the accounts I have read, is strictly vegetarian on your diet. Human dental structure etc.makes a pretty good case that man was intended to be omnivorous. I invite you to please address the phenomenon of the mediterranean diet—i.e. heart disease among those traditionally following this diet is extraordinarily low, and this diet not only includes meat, but red meat, e.g. lamb, and also olive oil. No fake foods like soy btw. When you appeared in an interview with Sanjay Gupta, you used several very obscure cultures as examples of groups with low heart disease rates that follow your type of diet. Glaringly you left out the mediterraneans—a far more salient group to study! This looks to me like selective data culling. I’d sure appreciate your take on this, because Sanjay may be a more famous journalist than I am, but I would have challenged you on these points had I done that interview.

      • TK

        I saw Bill Clinton in 10/12 and thought he looked so great and healthy that it motivated me to change from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one. I have never felt better. As far as humans being omnivores, please read 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham.

      • Lisa Flood

        Soy is not a fake food. Did you know it is a seed and grows in the ground that when harvested produces organic tofu, oraganic cold pressed soy oil, and organic soy milk. It’s only a fake food when it is a GMO (genetically modified). Organic Canola oil when cold pressed is not fake either. Where do people get these crazy ideas? Organic foods and GMO foods are two different categories, they are not the same.

        • lola0600 .

          Soy beans is not a fake food, but tofu do not grow out of the ground, it is also a processed food. Please go to Wikipedia to find out how tofu is made. First they cook the soybeans to make soy milk, then they add a coagulant to curdle the soy milk. The curdled soy milk is the tofu. It is not a natural product. But soybeans are. I was a vegan/vegetarian for almost a year and did not the wide use of fake meats or fake soy products that mimic meat. I really feel like if you do not want to eat meat then do not eat it. I do not like any fake store bought veggie burgers they are disgusting. I prefered to eat portabella mushrooms like a burger instead. I really think that eating whole foods, not processed is the best way to go. My grandfather is 100 years old and ate meat his whole life. He was not a junk eater but ate the diet he grew up on in the south. My mother is 73 years old and has been a meat eater all her life as well. She has never had a big appetite and eats small portions of food. She does not eat pork because she says it gives her a headache, and she does not eat read meat because she says it is not healthy. She does eat chicken, but only chicken breast, but just because that is her preference. And she eats fish mainly salmon and sometimes shrimp. She is healthier than I am at 47 years old. I also wanted to say she does not eat a lot of meat and never has. Growing up with a very large family of ten, we ate a lot of beans. My mother would put a pot of beans (navy or pinto or blackeye peas) on the stove and we would have cornbread and a salad. The beans did not have meat added, just salt and pepper. She also used shortening in making the cornbread as well as eggs and milk. For snacks we would eat fruit or leftovers from our meal the day before. And we would sometimes eat chips and candy for a snack when we received our weekly allowance. 99% of our meals were eaten at home. Once in a while we would get Wendy`s to get a frosty or something like that. I mean we barely ate out, that did not happened until we were grown and on our own. If people could go back to the way it used to be when families at most of their dinners at home and the food being home cooked, I think we would be a much healthier nation whether we decide to eat meat or not.

    • Joelle Hru

      Your low fat diet has no reason to exist in light of the most recent medical studies.

      • John

        That is not true at all…

        • Paleo Huntress

          This is from McGill University’s Office for Science & Society-

          “Dr. Greger has swallowed the vegan philosophy hook, line and sinker”

          “He promotes veganism with religious fervour”

          “You will never see Dr. Greger refer to a study that shows anything positive about meat”

          “[T]here is some zealotry here.”

          NutritonFacts isn’t an unbiased source by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll find comments at the cite that include a dozen or more citations contrary to his claims and many asking Dr. Greger to address them. He simply ignores them, even though he claims to try and answer all questions.

          Just go to the data directly, and don’t expect Greger to point you to anything that supports the health of high animal-fat diets, even though that data is available in quantity.

    • Q & Q Estate Jewelry LLC

      Hey, Dr.Ornish, my cousin in New York followed your diet for over 15 years, swore by it. Guess what? He had to have heart surgery… AT 47! Stop poisoning people with your poorly researched and biased diet, we’re in 2012- we have new studies on nutrition, try reading them.

      • Dave Asprey

        I have no doubt that dr. ornish believes he is helping people. He’s not an idiot by a longshot. The core issue is that his original research on nutrition was coupled with mindfulness training. Mindfulness training can help you overcome the poor quality ornish diet, but ornish downplayed or failed to mention the mindfulness component when he went off into low-fat religion land. The long-term effects of that diet are disastrous. The short-term effects, like veganism, may even be good for you ( although that’s not the case with grain).

        • Yan b

          I totally agree, high starch diets was imposed in Indiana and blessing the food and appreciating that they at least had something to eat was found to aleviate the fact that the food was imbalanced nutritionally (someting along those line)

        • Steffy Sigar

          The problem is when you eat so much cooked foods with fruits then your body is clogged up. Raw veganism is the way. I hope you live in the jungle or mountains.

        • Lo

          Who said everything has to be cooked? Meat starts out raw, so you can eat it that way.

        • John

          Yes listen to Dr. Dean Ornish…… Or wait for it Dave Asprey… sorry dave, going with ornish

      • John

        This proves nothing.

    • guest


    • Meagan Truitt

      Kind of like how decapitation had a 100 percent rate of cure for headaches.

    • Never Trust a Doctor

      You and other vegan-obsessed doctors like Dr. McDougall are making a lot of people sick. Look at the before and after pictures of the “Star McDougallers” – they all looked healthier and younger in their “before” shots even if they were morbidly obese. In the “after” photos they all look old and flabby – just skin hanging (literally) off bones. They don’t look healthy, nobody’s in shape. I don’t see any muscle tone on any of them. In fact, the vast majority of vegans look pale and sickly. And they’re weird.

  • Masterjrn

    So much misinformation here that has already been called out, but I couldn’t overlook this: “The Ornish Diet recommends frankenfoods like tofurkey and frozen processed meals, which are full of Roundup-soaked, genetically modified soybeans and partially hydrogenated oils.”

    ^All it takes is a quick search on the lid to glean out an ingredients list for tofurkey, which is NON-GMO! Go to an American grocery store and try to find commercially available tofu that isn’t organic and non genetically-modified. It is so ridiculous, that in an age where we are denied truth-in-labeling of what DOES have GMO, you are trying to slander the products that explicitly don’t. Do you think your readers are so stupid as to not be able to look up basic info or read product packaging?

    Your writing comes off as extremely biased, poorly researched, and overconfident. I hope you can find cause to open your mind and stop being part of the problem.

    • Masterjrn

      lid=web, typo retardo

    • ScienceGal

      Yes, Ornish IS recommending GMO in some ways. Canola oil is genetically modified rapeseed oil.

  • Mich

    there is no cure for pancreatic cancer no matter what you do. you can only buy time. No diet would have saved him.

    • Dave Asprey

      Mich, the hopeless thing doesn’t play well here. My work at over a decade has introduced me to nearly a dozen cancer treatments that work but are not known by most doctors. is an example from the head of the Karolinska Institute, where my wife studied medicine.

    • Rob

      Pardon me BUT…

      “The big confusion in the media is that Jobs had pancreatic cancer. Though his tumor might have originated in his pancreas, we’re not speaking of the dreaded pancreatic adenocarcinoma that has such a horrible prognosis and makes up for 95% of pancreatic tumors.

      Jobs is cited to have said himself that he had an islet-cell tumor, which is a colloquially used, less accurate name for the other 5% of pancreatic tumors, so-called neuroendocrine tumors”

      Neuroendocrine tumors are relatively mild forms of cancer… & …caught in time can be treated just by surgically removing the tumor.

      This is a relatively low-risk treatment that — especially compared to chemo and radiation — has negligible disadvantages. In many cases, a simple enucleation (just cutting out the tumor with a safe margin around it) is enough and leaves no residual side-effects.”

      You can read the whole story here:

  • Vesta0424

    Do you live at 14,000 feet? Tibetans must eat meat because it is almost impossible to grow vegetables and get other nutrients at that elevation. The Dalai Lama is vegetarian. Your argument is self-serving — you must like the taste, as there are many plant based products that will give you the fat you need. A meat-based diet in the US is based on the endless suffering of industrially raised livestock, which you may peruse in depth the next time you sit down to meditate.

    • Dave Asprey

      Vesta, I do not live at 14,000 feet, but my pulseox is routinely 2 points low, which has a similar effect. Been working on hacking that for years.

      Yes I like the taste of meat. Bacon isn’t a gateway meat; cucumbers are gateway vegetables.

      The idea that meat in the US means endless suffering for industrially raised livestock is absurd. I only eat 100% grass fed, humanely raised meat. Most of it is from within 10 miles of my house, from people I know. Some comes from safe, humane online sources.

      Incidentally, if I stick to only 2lbs of beef per day, I kill 0.7 animals in the entire supply chain. A bowl of “soy nuts and wheat twigs” contributes to the deaths of thousands of animals as they are crushed under the wheels of the industrial, heartless tractor-driven combine. Cute bunnies flee in terror as whirring blades dismantle their fields. Turtles are flattened. Snakes are severed. Mice are shredded. And then the topsoil itself is trashed by the abuse of agriculture. Meditate on the number of living beings you kill when you choose grape-nuts. Then look at what research shows about butter vs vegetable fats for cognitive function. Your meditation itself is poorer without adequate fats.

      I’m sorry. I’d live on rocks and sunshine if I could manage. But until then, the Bulletproof Diet is more humane, and more environmentally friendly, than any topsoil-destroying, field-animal-killing “vegan” diet.

    • Bawana56

      The Dalai Lama is not a vegetarian. He does occasionally eat chicken. He believes it should be dead for, (I think) two days or else it is the same as killing it twice.

    • Auntyaoif

      The Dalai Lama is not a vegetarian actually. I have read his book and in it he states that he tried vegetarianism for a time but had to go back on meat as his health deteriorated.

      • Dave Asprey

        Auntyaoif, here’s a virtual high-five. Thanks for saving me the time of replying to the tired, disproven argument that eating meat means eating suffering animals. I don’t do that!

      • lola

        he said that he ended up eating too much cheese and ended up with gallstones as a result. I cannot find the source but it was in a youtube video documentary/interview straight from the horses mouth

  • Geovesta02

    When you “hacked your own brain” you must have been quite proud to raise your IQ to 100. Congratulations!!

    • Dave Asprey

      Geovesta02, oh no, I’m still working on 100. But I use base 40 for that. :)

  • Mays

    I must be a freak of nature. I have been a vegan for 40 years. I am almost 70. I am as healthy as a 20 year old, and the last time I got sick was 20 years ago, and that was for a sinus infection. I am the only woman in my family who has lived past 65. They all died of cancer, and the last 5 years of their lives were miserable. Jobs may have died at 49 if he had been a meat eater. He may have lived until 80 had he not experimented with drugs for so many years, and do ‘t forget the alcohol. The damage may have been done way before he gave up meat. Stress could have been a factor, environmental poisons he may have come in contact with…no one knows. But to say a vegetarian diet killed him make you sound like you work for the meat industry.

    • Armistead Legge

      So because you haven’t suffered any noticeable health consequences, that means it doesn’t cause them for anyone else?

      • Durgareiki

        There is no EVIDENCE to refute. As stated previously, Dr. Ornish and other scientists like him, have RESEARCHED heart disease, and other Westernized diseases longer than you’ve been on the planet! Please … stick to the things you know, like running and swimming. Let the professionals do their work without stating falsehoods that may put many humans at risk for an early demise!

        Seeking a peer reviewed article on the web is like looking for a notable physician in the Bowery, darlin’. Hate to disappoint. Obviously, either you are not educated enough to know that anyone can ‘make up’ crap on the web and post it as fact, or perhaps you’re just too young to realize that not everything you read on the net is fact.
        A peer reviewed article is found in a University’s database, as are all of Dr. Ornish’ articles. Please, as I said before, stick to what you know: Running, swimming, and bike riding. Let the PROFESSIONALS do their work. This blog is seriously flawed, and you are spreading erroneous fiction to your readers. God help them!

        • Karen

          Evidence? Ornish is not looking particularly healthy these days. And Ornish’s “research” had way too many confounding variables: low fat? quitting smoking? stress reduction?

        • John

          Ornish looks healthy to me. You know who doesn’t look healthy? Atkins

        • Real World Vegan

          slipping on ice, bashing ones head and dying from a brain injury tends to be bad for the complexion.

          heres another low-carber who is approximately the same age as ornish. still think ornish looks ‘healthy’? im vegan and i dont even think he looks healthy.

        • Tim

          he looks healthy to me! Just becuase someone is ugly or doesn;t work out like crazy doesn’t mean they aren’t unhealthy.. use your brain

        • Real World Vegan

          ok, fair snuff. what about him looks healthy to you? the pasty complexion? the skinny legs? the barrel belly? the glassy eyes? the pimply skin? the dry hair? the circles under his eyes? I don’t care whether hes “ugly” or not, in that he has a big nose and a chubby face, he cant change that. im talking about the beauty we see when we interpret good health, and this guy is failing at every turn.

      • drnono
        Seems this fella rather contradicts your hatred of vegeterian based diets. 100 yrs old and running marathons!

    • Silver

      I don’t entirely agree but I love your way of thinking. There are always other factors to be taken in consideration. Maybe Blood type is a factor? Vegetarianism is not for everyone, but obviously it’s working for you.

      • FairLady

        yes, I believe that blood type is definitely a factor. Many who are type O hunter gatherers cannot attain good health on a vegetarian diet. I’m a type O and have been on the BTD for over 15 years now, have never needed any medical treatment or prescriptions. I’ve seen other type O try to lead a vegetarian life and never been able to beat disease.

        • John

          Blood type diets have been proven bogus long ago…

          Vegetarianism is for everybody because we are all vegetarians via evolution. Most of our time on the planet we were monkeys who were largely all vegetarian.

      • John

        Vegetarianism is for everybody because we are all vegetarians via evolution. Most of our time on the planet we were monkeys who were largely all vegetarian.

        • Real World Vegan

          we were never monkeys. we didn’t evolve from monkeys. monkeys and humans evolved from a common ancestor and have moved along different evolutionary paths. the diet of a monkey isnt relevant in determining our diet. there are birds of the same species [darwins finches] where some are fully vegetarian and others are almost entirely carnivorous and they are more closely related by dna than we are to monkeys.

        • Sam

          Um… what are you smoking? Yes we evolved from old world monkeys. The Homo genus diverged from the Australopithecines about 2 million years ago in Africa.

        • Real World Vegan

          Australopithecines was not a monkey… sorry.

        • Give Me a Break

          You may have evolved from a monkey but God made me and Jesus ate meat. So I’m going to eat everything God provided as food on this planet: meat, vegetables, nuts, fruits… all of it in moderation. And btw evolution is still just a theory. There is zero evidence that we evolved from monkeys or anything else. But if you read and understand the Bible, you will find proof of its accuracy all around you.

          You want to eat twigs and leaves, knock yourself out! But do not base your choice on a theory that anyone with a properly-fueled brain can see is wrong.


          Typically misinformed, both about evolution and the scientific definition of theory. A theory is a widely-accepted proposition based on the preponderance of the evidence. In other words, the theory of evolution has NOT BEEN DISPROVEN, but there is plenty of evidence supporting its veracity. As for the bible being accurate — about what? Empirical science is not the purview of religion. The way we raise food is a far cry from Jesus’ time anyway. So after you’re done pinning tassels to your clothing and shaking the dust from your Nikes, at the end of the day, it’s science that should inform your eating, which I assure you, will leave you every bit as confused as the contradictory book of truth you call the bible.

        • Jacob

          Wow, I was wondering when someone would go down this rabbit trail. How do you know the bible is contradictory?


          Read it. Duh.

        • Paleo Huntress

          Seriously? In one chapter it reads, 2+2=4, and in another it reads, 2+2=5.


    • Yan b

      My great grandfather lived to be 93 and he smoked and ate fatty red meat. He must also be a freak of nature

      • John

        So nowadays people are living longer but sicker lives. When you talk about being a meat eater who is 93 that is just a much healthier age and probably because you ate MUCH LESS meat when you were younger than today’s young person. Also the same goes for people before you. Today people are eating more meat than ever, modern medicine is keeping people alive longer but as people age they are sicker in the last years than previous generations. This is all publicly available info

        • Real World Vegan

          copypasta… cool

      • kelly

        If you say so! lol Wild meat or farm-raised meat? You did not say. :)

    • Donald Ciesielski

      My mother is 98 (99 in 2 Months) and we always had trouble keeping her away from her love for liverwurst and beer. Go

      • Rosemary Guy

        Liverwurst isn’t made the same as when your mother was young and is now quite unhealthy. there are vegetarian options for liverwurst since old habits can be hard to change and food can be such a part of our family and memories. I like the growing body of evidence that a plant based diet is better for our health as it looks after the planet and the other animals in it. Go well

        • Real World Vegan

          what makes todays liverwurst unhealthy in your opinion?

          these are the ingredients from my mils recipe, can you tell me which ones are ‘quite unhealthy’?

          1 lb fresh pork liver, cubed
          3/4 lb lean pork butt, cubed
          1/4 lb pork fat, cubed
          1 large white onion, finely diced
          1 teaspoon freshly fine ground white pepper
          1-1/2 teaspoons salt, or to taste
          2 teaspoons paprika
          1 teaspoon sugar
          1/2 teaspoon marjoram
          1/2 teaspoon finely ground coriander
          1/4 teaspoon mace
          1/4 teaspoon allspice
          1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom

        • Rosemary Guy

          the preservatives which are usually in liverwurst are what makes these processed meats less healthy. meat is carcinogenic and then the poor animals are pumped full of drugs and kept in insanitary conditions

        • Real World Vegan

          greger is not a researcher and he hasn’t published any research on anything but animal agriculture. he is not an authority, he is a vegan guru with extreme bias.

          please provide the citation to a randomized controlled trial demonstrating that meat is carcinogenic. not isolated parts of meat, but meat itself, in the context of a whole food diet.

          as for ‘preservatives’, we can all agree that processed food is unhealthy. in the context of fresh whole food though, liverwurst is quite healthy.

        • eat2evolve

          RCT is a tall order, but here’s a real study for you:

        • Paleo Huntress

          This is not a study as in a actual trial, it’s a cohort. The problem with cohorts is that there is a lot to sift through from each and every study while you’re doing your own analysis. Anyway, let’s look at the conclusion-

          “The Western dietary pattern which mainly consists of red and processed meat and refined grains is associated with an elevated risk of development of CRC.

          The consumption of animal food has gone down by 75lbs per person, per year since 1950, and the consumption of grains has gone UP over 40lbs, along with sugar and vegetable oil (well, and fruits and veggies, but let’s not complicate the issue). More than 3/4 of the calories in the SAD come from plants.
          The cohort couldn’t differentiate between the damage they concluded was done by red meat and the damage done by processed grains. So your claim that the red meat is responsible when there is no way to conclude that from the data, merely reveals your bias. Disease is up, grain consumption is up, vegetable oil consumption is up, sugar consumption is up, fruit and veggie consumption is up, meat consumption is down.
          The only way to honestly conclude that the disease increase of the last couple of decades is due to meat consumption is to live in Backwards Land.

        • kelly

          You are spot on R.W.V! I appreciate good info from Dr. Greger but I can see that he is also a vegan guru with extreme bias. He once said that coconut oil is not nutritious cos it is “zero calorie”. :)

        • QuentonQuale

          Mmmmmmm. that recipe looks delicious.

      • King Kong

        You can get away with eating a little meat and some beer if the bulk of your diet is healthy. We shouldn’t be strict and extreme with our diets. Or anything else for that matter.

    • Deborahl Morano

      I am an 87 years old and a very active member of my circles.I am a Meat eater and a youngest woman in my family now. All of my 30 family members with my father still being alive at age 103 were consuming a Mediterranean style diet with meat and fish all our lives daily. I am more energetic and healthy than half of few 70 yrs old who try stay vegetarians out of scare to die early like their other family members. They are still not reached an 80′s age bar. Few still have numerous age-related illnesses. I think that NOTHING is proven 100% on all that dieting thing . People still die and get sick regardless of their vegan vs meat eater habit or not. I also believe into bad family carrying genes. You life expectancy is a division point between mother/father’s age divided in half,then(-/+) 5-7 years. It is what was given from the ‘unknown’ skies of Destiny. We live our life-spam as being per-programmed,regardless what we eat.(Historic figures like, Exp) Mr. Churchill.Who was 96 yrs old a meat eat eater,drinker,cigar smoke and didn’t exercise, btw, Healthy till his last minute like God. So,go and prove who’s right,who’s wrong.

      • John

        So nowadays people are living longer but sicker lives. When you talk about being a meat eater who is 87 that is just a much healthier age and probably because you ate MUCH LESS meat when you were younger than today’s young person. Also the same goes for people before you. Today people are eating more meat than every, modern medicine is keeping people alive longer but as people age they are sicker in the last years than previous generations. This is all publicly available info…

        • Real World Vegan

          the okinawans are eating more meat than ever and they have more centenarians than ever as well.

        • kelly

          The okinawans ate mostly RAW fish….in their time, they did not eat a lot of unfermented soy. In fact soy was available once or twice a year only to ancient Royals of Japan. Additionally, since their meat is mostly raw, they are eating lesser oil.

          That kind of diet cannot be compared to the world’s standard kind of seafood and beef steak meat. A world of difference.

        • Paleo Huntress

          Do you even know what a citation is?

        • kelly

          Yes, I do Paleo Huntress. I can refuse to give you any citation I deem fit, you know? Cos some ppl do not value info given freely.

        • Paleo Huntress

          Well of course you can refuse to offer evidence– but no evidence is no evidence. You think anyone gets their feelings hurt believing valuable evidence is being withheld? What they do is simply take that to mean you have no evidence– which is more likely the reality of the situation. Cos some people paint themselves into a corner and then feel like they have no choice but to bluster about principle.

        • Paleo Huntress

          According to the data, the Okinawans don’t now, nor did they traditionally, eat much fish. Apparently the geography of the island isn’t conducive to fishing- though they do eat lots of sea vegetables. One could certainly argue that they weren’t adding “oil” to raw meat, though their cooking-fat of choice wasn’t oil, but lard. And a cooked piece of meat usually contains LESS fat than raw, because cooking renders much of it off- so their fat intake would be higher with raw meat, not lower.

        • QuentonQuale

          I would think that the preponderance of diabetes found in today’s population is from diets high in carbohydrates, not meat. Sadly, much of it in the form of sugar and refined starches but I’m sure that many vegetarians are using more carbs to replace healthy meats so as to feel satiated.

        • Paleo Huntress

          People are NOT eating more meat than ever. According to the USDA’s food consumption report, people are eating 75 pounds less animal food per person, per year than we were eating in 1950. What we’re eating more of is grain, vegetable oil, and sugar. And, FWIW, we’re also eating more fruits and veggies. Go figure…

          How exactly can we blame the meat here?

        • kelly

          Eating ANY form of animal product will shut your DNA down…slowly.

          Your Diet Affects Your Childrens’ and Grandchildrens’ DNA

          The risk of colorectal cancer is associated with the frequency of meat consumption in a population-based cohort in Korea. (Korea is fond of pork belly by the way.)

          Human participants have confirmed that heme iron from meat significantly increases the production of cancerous N-nitroso compounds (NOC) in the digestive tract.

          Two Components of Red Meat Combined With Alteration in DNA Repair Increase Risk for Bladder Cancer

          What American government tests found in your meat (April 16th 2013) If you become ill from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, doctors have fewer drug options to treat you.

          “Don’t blame meat, worship it before you swallow it.”

        • Paleo Huntress

          Considering that our early ancestors were almost completely carnivorous, and that human being enjoy a booming population today, the claim that “Eating ANY form of animal product will shut your DNA down…slowly” is one of total and absolute bullshit.

          You are a menace, Kelly.

        • NutritionWellnessSpecialist

          Our early caveman ancestors also died at age 30 and the animals that they ate (after exerting plenty of energy physically hunting) were nothing like the animals that are in existence now. Plus, the animals themselves ate a completely different diet, as the grass that naturally grew back then was not subject to environmental contaminants that today’s unwashed crops experience. I appreciate that a lot of people get emotional when their taste buds and stomachs are threatened with removing or curtailing an enjoyable food group, and the natural reaction is to be defensive. The western diet usually involves a gross over-consumption of animal flesh due to excessive servings and a narrow view of what constitutes protein, resulting in little variety. (Steaks are fine, but what about nutritional yeast, mushrooms, quinoa?) As far as your protein requirements go, your require .7 (yes; decimal seven) grams of protein per kilogram (2.2 lbs) of body weight. So if you are moderately active and weigh 125 lbs, you would require 39 grams of protein. BTW, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan.

        • Paleo Huntress


          “Our early caveman ancestors also died at age 30″

          No, they didn’t. If a paleo human made it to the age of 15, his life expectancy was 54, and this was an average, meaning many lived quite a bit longer. (Evolutionary Anthropology 9 (4): 156–185) And just for context, the life expectancy at the turn of the century (1900) was 49. Nobody’s emotional… fact is simply fact. The bulk of the early human diet was meat. Period.

          “the grass that naturally grew back then was not subject to environmental contaminants that today’s unwashed crops experience”

          Claiming that today’s animals are unhealthy because their food plants are contaminated, and then suggesting that therefore we should eat more of those contaminated plants directly ourselves instead, is about as ass-backward an argument as one can make. Eat animals that eat organic plants. Easy. If your argument is that even organics are contaminated, then the only real solution is to stop eating. >.<

          “The western diet usually involves a gross over-consumption of animal flesh due to excessive servings and a narrow view of what constitutes protein”

          Bullshit. We’re eating less animal food than ever. We are certainly eating less than our ancestors ate. Nutritional yeast and quinoa?! NOBODY was eating nutritional yeast and quinoa a million years ago. And you’d have to eat FOUR POUNDS of mushrooms for the same protein you’d get in an 8oz bison steak. If animal food was causing disease in our culture, then 64 years ago when we were eating 75 pounds more animal food, we’d have had MORE disease than we do now, not less.

          “As far as your protein requirements go, your require .7 (yes; decimal seven) grams of protein per kilogram (2.2 lbs) of body weight.”

          Although it’s really kewl that you state your opinion so emphatically, the fact is that it is just that, an opinion, and the experts disagree.

          Evidence that protein requirements have been significantly underestimated | Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2010 Jan;13(1):52-7

          “Considering the inherent problems associated with the nitrogen balance method, we developed an alternative method, the indicator amino acid oxidation technique, to determine protein requirements The mean and population-safe requirements in adult men were determined to be 0.93 and 1.2 g/kg/day and are 41 and 50%, respectively, higher than the current Dietary Reference Intakes recommendations.”

          “The indicator amino acid oxidation-based requirement values of 0.93 and 1.2 g protein/kg/day and the reanalysis of existing nitrogen balance studies are significantly higher than current recommendations. Therefore, there is an urgent need to reassess recommendations for protein intake in adult humans.”

          This means that if you’re a 180 lb moderately active adult man, your protein requirements are between 74.0 grams (yes; 74 decimal) and 96.0 grams (also 96 decimal). That’s BUCKETS of mushrooms! Any extra protein is converted to glucose. So just like fat and carbohydrate, extra protein provides CALORIES for energy. You know what’s really interesting about all of the “but you only need x, y, z grams of protein” bullshit?! You don’t need ANY carbohydrate– and yet, that’s what you’re suggesting we replace the protein with?

          “BTW, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan.”

          Sadly, having no bias doesn’t mean you’re educated either.

        • rarnedsoum

          The bigger question is, are you?

        • Paleo Huntress

          That’s the “bigger question”?

          If you say so…

      • kelly

        Er Deborah….not true totally. There are 2 tribes in the whole world who do not have diseases and still ride horses at age 90 because they have strong bones. They eat meat only on wedding and festive occasions.

        They have no gout, no short-sightedness, no arthritis, no heart or kidney disease, no diabetes, no cancer, and jump and run like they’re 30s in their 80s. They do not live in the city nor do they eat processed foods.

        And Mr Churchill was NOT healthy. He had multi-infarct mini-strokes which is associated with a progressive and mild dementia. I watched his black and white form speak on TV as a kid and he was often breathless!

        What you put into yourself has a lot to do with how you feel. Your genes are actually shaped for generations on what your cells and your ancestors’ cells are being fed.

        • Paleo Huntress

          Please cite your source for the claims about the “two tribes” you mention.

        • kelly

          At the risk of exposing them to cattle ranchers and illegal loggers, you will have to travel to find them. Hint: One of the 70+ Peruvian tribes and the other I will only rev eal when and if I write a book. My nutritional info took me 4 years of self-study and discovery.

        • Paleo Huntress

          Well how kewl is that?

          What methods did you use for determining their health statuses? What tests did you run? How many EKGs and ultrasounds did you perform? What equipment did you use for blood analysis? How did you determine their ages accurately?

          Enquiring minds want to know!

        • Stephanie Smith

          Wait for Kelly’s book.

        • Robin Willcourt

          NYT best selling FICTION?

        • kelly

          Thank you – that could be an idea for my author friend whose writings lean more towards espionage!

        • kelly

          Easy, do your own tests. Loads of meat out there including insects!

        • Paleo Huntress

          Uh, no, Kelly. You claim to have gathered so much evidence on Peruvian tribes that you could write a book!

          The question is, what methods did YOU use to gather the information?

          I already have my own experience where veganism practically destroyed me, but the plural of anecdote ins’t data. N=1. So, what scientific methods did you use to gather this information?

        • Robin Willcourt

          Er, you mean self deception, don’t you?

        • kelly

          “Why not address the issue directly with government etc on how to make farming practices more humane? ”
          Robin Willcourt, do you know of any animal who offered themselves to be killed so you can eat their meat? There is no such thing as humane in meat slaughter. The govt already knows the flaws of monoculture agriculture and not doing much despite petitions. That is even more absurd if you are to rely on the govt for the safety of your foods, etc. :)

          Self-deception? lol

        • Robin Willcourt

          Well, Kelly, before we ate the low fat, processed foods with multi grains, we humnas did very well on antelope, oysters and fat, fat, fat. Carbs were a rarity. Fruit is only available to eat safely when it is ripe. The Inuit, the Masai and the Hadzabes are great examples of very very low carb diets, rich in meat and fat.
          The Australian aboriginals and many other nomadic peoples, when first discovered and NOT tainted by our revolting modern diets, lived well, long and healthy.

          Agriculture has destroyed more of our ecology than any other single human intervention. Whole ecosystems of plants and animals have been decimated in order to grow vegetable matter. Planting more vegetable matter would be insanity.

          The truth is a Paleo diet with only Mother Nature involved in the production of our food needs is the ONLY way to live but to achieve that we have to decrease the planet’s population by a few billion. Bottom line is that we are doomed.

        • kelly

          Sorry, I disagree that the Paleo diet is the only one that Mother Nature is involved with. If so, then may be you are also referring to diet with insects.

          The Paleo diet existed about the time man lost his ability to produce vitamin C. Humans used to produce his own vitamin C and somewhere along the road, he lost it.

        • Paleo Huntress

          Botulism is a product of meat PRESERVATION, not meat eating. It has nothing to do with the quantity of the meat in their diet.

          As for vitamin C production, this is generally the argument vegans use to convince us that humans are natural herbivores. The problem with YOUR claim however, is that vitamin C production would have been prominent DURING a period where early humans ate a mostly meat diet, not after it. After all, if we’re not eating any fruits and veggies, we’d benefit from the ability to synthesize vitamin C. In other words, this claim–> “The Paleo diet existed about the time man lost his ability to produce vitamin C” is utter bunk.

          Finally, because glucose metabolism interferes with vitamin C pathways, diets very low in carbohydrate conserve vitamin C, and only a tiny amount is needed.

      • Mojo

        I’m really surprised to see how many 90 years old people are posting messages on this blogs! Come one people, get real!

      • Guest

        The other day I accidentally bought some cheese dip instead of humus. As a vegan I would never go near dairy as it’s disgusting like meat. Anyway I tried to eat the cheese dip and when I ate some and realised I felt immediately sick. I ran to the toilet and puked it up luckily because the longer it would have been in my stomach the more cancer I would get….

      • GG

        If your family is all really that age than y’all must have good genes regarding your aging process. Plus a Mediterranean diet is not a unhealthy one. However for some people (like myself) my body rejects almost all animal products. Steve jobs had pancreatic cancer. That meant his body rejects fat and animal as well.

    • sdr984

      That is called anecdotal evidence. Peer reviewed study please.

    • kelly

      Agree with you that he lasted longer on a “veget” diet although he ate fish for awhile! The meat industry killed him – through organ transplants the body naturally rejected!

    • Listen to this guy

      Yes. Even though the bulletproofexecutive claims a brand that reps total health, many of the things he’s done are indeed questionable. Truly, it looks like a brand that more represents fun and, personal interests that are then rationalized thereafter into something likeable and sellable, more than science based rationalization or evidenced proof. My recommendation would be to throw this propaganda post out the window if not at least because it’s in alignment with the owner’s products of which many are not vegetarian. There is countless information coming out that is pro-vegetarian, and a counter to much of what this blog entry wrote.

      If the website blogger were more up front about his motives there wouldn’t be this issue.


      • Paleo Huntress

        While it’s kind of you to be so concerned with potential issues, rest assured that no critically thinking person has any issues with Dave’s blog. Your concerns are noted and appreciated, and you can move along now. Most of us aren’t looking for vegetarian options. ;-)


        • Listen to this guy

          I’m glad to know you’re an idiot and biased. “No critically thinking person has any issues with Dave’s blog”. You mean to say you know every individual who is writing on this blog personally? Your blanket statement demonstrates a lack of critical thinking. I think what you meant to say is that you lack critical thinking skills, and therefore project it onto to others.

          In group think (look it up) you’re doing something called mind guarding (look it up).

          You should buy yourself a bulletproof vest, then you would really be bulletproof.

          As for this website, blog, and target market, i both respect and commend David and what he’s done and stands for but, there is a limit that when crossed automatically sends up a red flag.

          I support him as a fellow entrepreneur – the world needs more people who think like Dave – I can at least say he’s 10x further ahead of the typical American.

          Now, Good luck – because I will not be responding – or reading – what you write in response to this.


        • Paleo Huntress

          Aww, that’s so cute… I can actually picture the little foot-stomp and red face that went along with that little ad hominem rant. ;-)

          I support him because he is correct and scientifically factual. That is one of those critical-thinking behaviors though, and you may still be working your way up to that and may not be ready for such mind-blowing evolution as of yet.

          Criticism of the argument without evidence… it’s the hallmark of a troll.


    • whisperingsage1

      The grain industry is far worse.

  • JP Richards

    Poorly researched stab at Dr Ornish.

    “low fat diet like Ornish’s makes your mind less focused.”

    First time to this blog, hopefully last. Aside the author looks likes he’s trying to cash in on the Tim Ferris “4 Hour Work Week” fame. Good luck.

    • Dave Asprey

      JP – did you hear my podcast with Dr. Mary Newport about coconut oil and alzheimers? There is real evidence that low fat diets hurt brain function.

  • Maadlen

    Only raw food can cure cancer, a vegetarian diet doesn’t cure anything. Your article is as bad as your poor knowledge.

  • Durgareiki

    Your ‘facts’ are seriously flawed, Dave. Sorry to disappoint, but you really need to cite SCIENTIFIC research when making claims about strict vegetarian or vegan diets and that they can be ‘harmful’ to you. This is a blatant case of irresponsible reporting if I’ve ever seen one! SHAME on you!

  • Dave Asprey

    LOL. This is one of those times I am tempted to hit the “delete” button on comments that really don’t say anything. But this one is staying, because it does a great job of demonstrating how people can lock on to a belief system and shut off their logic out of fear of being wrong. Here, the main argument is “Dr Ornish does Research and is a professional, so it’s ok that his bad advice kills people, as long as they have their low cholesterol heart attacks believing they were doing the right thing (half of heart attack people have low cholesterol).

    As for running and swimming, I’m the guy who didn’t exercise for 2 years to make a point about calories and exercise. It’s good for you in moderation.

    Finally, Ornish’s “RESEARCH” mixed mindfulness training with his bizarre, brain-draining diet to get results. Then he focused on the diet and ignored the impact of the mindfulness training. Mindfulness training by itself can provide the effects the Ornish diet is claimed to provide.

  • T the vegetarian

    Dean Ornish rocks!!! Vegetarians aren’t evil nor are we bad.

    Since I went vegetarian I haven’t felt sick for four years. Only had the cold a few times in that period lasting but a few hours.

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Ornish

    • Salim Morgan

      Anecdotes aren’t very useful. I am another n=1 experiment and can report completely opposite results. Since I went ultra high-fat, very low-carb ketogenic and highly carnivorous, I’ve had:

      * quick progression to ideal weight where it completely stabilized for the last 3 years
      * BP from borderline high (130/80) to ideal (115/65) where it stays
      * Massive improvement in all lipid numbers except total LDL which stayed exactly the same. Don’t know pre numbers, but post this diet LDL particle size tested all “large fluffy” – harmless
      * All signs of my T2 diabetes GONE without medication
      * Virtually zero illness. When family members get a cold virus or stomach flu, I might “feel” it for a few minutes but never get sick.
      * Visceral fat has disappeared. Most noticeable in much longer and deeper breath. I can recite or sing MUCH longer on one breath.
      * Muscle much easier to build and retain.
      * Greatly improved energy and especially mental alertness and memory
      * Absolute zero GI problems of any kind
      * Almost no need for “fiber” at all (although I get some in my vegetables)

      The list could go on and on.

      This is by eating 75 – 80% of my calories from fat, mostly saturated, mostly animal/dairy with some MUFA like olive oil and avocado. 10 – 15% from protein almost all from red meat (beef, lamb, goat, organ). 5 – 10% from carbs which come from green vegetables.

      I have no doubt we were meant to be OMNIVORES, not eliminating a huge and important category of food which kept us alive for a million years. Grains, on the other hand, which have only been around for at most 10,000 years are not something we have had sufficient time to evolve in order to handle them safely and healthfully. Perhaps some can, I’m not one of them.

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  • Huru_

    this article is so stupid the author has no medical background has travelled the world and goes off personal experience rather than years of science and statistical data

    please go Asprey , Dr Ornish has an actual medical background sees 1000′s of clinical patients where as the author travels to some monk in Nepal and takes his word over critical journals o god i cant believe how stupid some people are

    • Dave Asprey

      Attacking the messenger doesn’t change the message. Did you see the part where I run an anti-aging nonprofit group that has brought more than 100 doctors in to lecture on this stuff? Peace.

  • dddave

    You state “Sadly, vegetarians have a higher mortality rate than people who eat only grass-fed (mycotoxin free) meat.”

    Where is the evidence / study proving this..?


  • Joelle Hru

    Vegan diet kills another. RIP MCA.

  • Guest

    This article should act as a reminder as to why there is a need for writers to go to college and receive training on how to conduct and cite research correctly. Every time you make statements such as “Sadly, vegetarians have a higher mortality rate than people who eat only grass-fed (mycotoxin free) meat. No amount of statistical wiggling is going to disprove this basic fact of human existence” You should cite the source which lead you to make this vague and factually incorrect statement. I have no problem with anyone who puts forward a different view to me so long as it is based in some fact. The reason why you do not have many readers respect is that you wrote an article that is very poorly researched and terribly written. Quite embarrassed for you. Stop writing – you have no writing skills!

  • Rob

    The studies keep piling up showing high fat/low carb is healthier. All you carb-o-holics might want listen to this person: CEO of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, **QUOTE** “You overfeed somebody with carbohydrates and you dramatically increase their cancer rate.”

    • Dave Asprey

      Go Steve! :)

  • Krysten

    this is a ridiculous post. You obviously have no idea what your talking about. You do not lose nutrients- you get so MUCH MORE from being vegan because when you eat more veggies and fruit that is giving you more nutrients. There are absolutely no good to eating meat or cheese besides one measely factor it has- protein. Which you can get lots of other ‘complete proteins’ from vegan foods. which is far better than having dead meat in your body. Which actually hurts your body VERY badly even if you aren’t sick.

    But if you are sick- no way should you eat meat. It takes your body so much digestive enzymes to break down meat and for his body to be using them for that would have been dumb, as opposed to using them to build up his immune system.

    He was a smart man- and he did the right thing- trying to heal him self with food, on his own first. Then turning to medicine as a last resort.

    Please do not ever post something again that you don’t have any clue what your talking about. In many case people save their lives by going on this type of diet. Other times- people are just to sick regardless, and ya can’t just always turn to your freaking medicines to heal you. Thats why we have food. All you carnivores and people who eat ridiculously bad are ignorant. When you have all this knowledge on how to keep your self healthy. We are the ones who create our health future. Figure it out. I hope you learn and change your diet so you can change your life.

    • Dave Asprey

      I generally don’t delete comments unless they are abusive or spam. This one is sadly misinformed and dogmatic, and serves as a great example of vegan “logic.” ;)

    • Rob

      Pardon me Kysten, BUT…

      Dr Ramzi Amri, a researcher at Harvard Medical School, claims the Apple boss had a mild form of cancer that is rarely fatal and that his choice of treatment ‘eventually led to an unnecessarily early death’…

      Jobs is cited to have said himself that he had a so-called neuroendocrine tumors. Neuroendocrine tumors are relatively mild forms of cancer & caught in time can be treated just by surgically removing the tumor.

      Dr Amri claims that had Mr Jobs had the cancer surgically removed immediately after the disease was diagnosed then he may well have survived with ‘no residual side-effects’.

      You can read the whole story here:

      So Kristen what are your credentials for the claim: “He was a smart man- and he did the right thing- trying to heal him self with food, on his own first.”?

      A professional cancer researcher on the type of tumor that affected Steve Jobs in the medical industry came to a different conclusion.

      State your case.

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  • Cindy

    Keeping it simple stupid,
    if we were meant to be vegetarian then our digestive systems would not be able to digest meat.
    We were not however designed to eat processed food or chemicals that get sprayed on or get injected into our so called whole food. I think therein lies the biggest problem with people’s health these days.
    Plus, we all seem to forget, we are out living our ancestors by decades, are we that arrogant to think we should be disease and death free. Imagine the population explosion then!

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  • Kakashi

    Actually I tried the veggie diet…..mostly 95%….it had one weird effect on me… effected my testosterone….my mojo was effected. Good thing is I lost weight and fat.

  • john

    Go search some animal killing videos, that is the main reason why we should stop eating meat. If you would die without meat, fine, but if not, stop it.

    • Dave Asprey

      Why look for videos when I am willing and able to kill my own food? Vegan diets cause more deaths per calorie than grass fed meat, hands down.
      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

  • Alex

    Wow, just wow. This is an utterly dumb and arrogant article. You call yourself a biohacker? Possibly you should try, lets say, water fasting for a month to justify how you try to present yourself. And we will see how you feel and talk about these subjects after the fast and how your relationship to food will change. Scared to do so? I am sure you are, i can imagine how much emotional junk you will have to part with during that exercise. Much of your fat that you consider to be your muscles will also have to go and surely you would be afraid to part with that too. A hacker? Hackers challenge their own beliefs and are open to new ideas.

  • Ben Blue
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  • pri22

    No doubt Steve Jobs had cancer before he decided to change his eating/life habits. Perhaps he should have gone on the Budwig anti-cancer diet – which, by the way, is also primarily vegetarian AND no processed sugar (it includes healthy amounts of vegetables, fruit and some juices, kefir and lots of flaxseed oil). But by the time most people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it has already rapidly spread to many parts of the body and may be too late to stop by any method.

    Dr. Ornish has been studying heart disease for decades so I will give much more credence to his take on a heart healthy diet than what some of the rest of you are suggesting. I don’t think anyone else posting here is a qualified medical doctor. As for those who try it and it doesn’t work for you, modify it or move on.

  • morgonobryon

    Only a neurotic would follow Dean Ornish recommendations, which is simply vegetarian, hardly original, it’s been around forever. Let’s have some fun. We live in Alaska, it’s 1901, we have long winters and short summers. It’s cold, really cold most of the year, unless, you eat fat, lots of fat, you’ll die. Dean Ornish comes to town. He has on 21 pairs of long johns, 16 sweaters, 14 pairs of pants, a Russian Mink head piece, a wool scarf, wool sox, insulated boots, ear muffs, a fur piece over his face and he speaks in muffled sounds. It’s ten below zero. He’s hungry and asks for an orange from a secretary. She, meanwhile has turned blue and she swears she’s dying. Meanwhile, he has fourteen pairs of gloves on and she is asked to peel the orange after having him repeat his request because his teeth are chattering so bad it sounds like someone hiting high notes on the piano. After fourteen hours she gets the orange peeled, but Dean has collapsed on the ground muttering something about tofu and beans. An Eskimo comes by and takes the wool covering off Dean’s face and shoves a large glob of whale blubber down Dean’s throat. There are gurgling sounds, but soon, Dean is sitting up, his cap is off, he’s laughing and that’s when Dean baby got his sanity and went from a neurotic MD to a beloved blubber eating, women chasing stud Doctor in Anchorage and the Eskimo who essentially save his life? That’s Sam and everywhere Dean goes to treat patients, Sam is there with whale blubber, boiled Salmon and even aged salmon, so tender, bones and all melt in one’s mouth and the energy derived has made Dean Ornish a warrior, a king, a magician and a lover. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    • Dave Asprey

      Lol – if only! ?

  • Lisa

    I listen to my body, not others. My body tells me to eat meat a few times a month, If I am not able to eat beef 1 week before my period is due – BEWARE!
    Rice and I do not see eye to eye every day. Potatoes are craved. Sometimes broccoli is also craved. Corn (on the cob) also. As well as carrots. All GOOD foods.
    Peoples – PLEASE listen to your bodies. Your body knows what it needs for optimal function.
    I’d rather listen and heed MY body than some crank aiming to make their 1st / next million by some fashionable diet.

  • bo

    Check it up Are Waerland.You have to get a balance between animal and vegitable oils of quality.Ovolactovegitarian food is so easy to balance everything.I do not beleave in this fat fish and shellfish bullshit but I think salmon is allright and cod roe is allright.In my country those who are abstain from meat,birdie nam nam,intestines,blood,liver and such food lives longer,healthier,and with lower risks for diseases.They eat more vegitables and fruits than the meateaters.If they don`t eat 500 grams of fruits ands vegitables how can they restore their health.You americans are fat,ugly,lazy and trying to teach the world live healthy with your stupid diets and junk food.You have nothing to teach us in Europe about health,You sit in your fucking cars all day polluting what people should breathe,then you sit in front of the TV watching your stupid shows eating junkfood.Have you heard about bicycles,walks,gardening, you don`t have to go to gym to live healthy.You deserve your early deaths.

  • Jeng

    It’s so sad about Steve Jobs. I question whether he ate that much fish and was a pescetarian. He ate a lot of fruit and was fruitarianish for many years. Everything I’ve read says he was mostly vegan with an emphasis on fruit (the mucousless diet thing). He was still consuming lots of juice (of course that means lots of fructose) when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I’m sure you know this info by now (Issacson’s book and other sources). All the juice and carbs taxing his pancreas and other organs for so many years including when he had life-threatening cancer.

    It’s sad how he got so into the vegetarian > vegan craze in the 70s and continued on with it very strongly. Also all the soy couldn’t have helped. But Steve Jobs was apparently very adamant about his diet too (and seemed to take it to an extreme with the idea that no animals food promoted health). Other than a small amount of fish, it sounds like he hadn’t had much quality fat or animal products for decades.

    I’m grateful to have started learning the truth about fat and health and vegetarian diets this past year. Starting with Dr. Mercola I’ve begun to learn so much more about all of this. The low-fat focus is still so embedded and ingrained though, but I’m grateful for the internet and so much more information that’s available now. Thanks also for your work.

    Steve Jobs also had painful kidney stones prior to his cancer, which I’ve read Colin Campbell, in the China Study, says are mostly caused by eating too much animal food. Sad.

  • Bardufoss84

    haha, wow

  • nianbo

    dr ornish i hate u i hate u and i HATE U u killed steve jobs u should go to prison and u also made up thatr lie that canola is healthier tha olive oil

  • Nina

    My sister is a doctor and she went around Nepal, from village to village and monastery to monastery. She loved it there, but did say many monks in the monasteries have health problems due to diets too rich in butter and salt

    • Laurie

      How do you know what it is due to? Can I see your evidence?

  • Monika

    Both meat eaters and vegetarians die … No one ever said being vegetarian or vegan will make a person immortal … but meat eaters die younger and endure long standing illnesses until death, the final act of nature’s recycling dead matter occurs. A sentient being shouldn’t die so that you can stuff it’s flesh into your mouth. but their untimely death happens because of wrong beliefs based on propaganda … not fact … nor health … It’s wrong for you to project lies to justify what you want to believe. 5 months ago, I stopped eating dairy (gave up meat long ago) and it’s amazing how great my body and mind feels without all those hormones, puss, and whatever else is in “milk” …

  • Monika

    Read (or watch) THE CHINA STUDY …

  • Sense not sensibility

    Pretty much all the ornish studies seem to be contradicted by population based results on France. Heart disease in France is lower than Japan, in fact second lowest in the world (WHO stats). I challenge anyone to find many vegetarians there. Then if you go to Gascony in France where they eat loads of duck and produce foie gras their CHD rate is half of France. Plus studies on longevity have found almost without exception centenarians are meat eating.

  • Bill

    Interesting conversation! I just wrote a blog article that includes some research about vegetarian/vegan diets and cancer rates.

  • NotAVegan

    Not that your concerns aren’t warranted, but tackling factory farming( and big agra) is probably a much more effective place to start, rather than telling vegans to stop what they are doing. ( I am aware you already do this, but it’s probably a better place to focus your bulletproof energy. I just seem to notice you obsess about having to go against your old ideals of vegetarianism and worry other people do too, more than what I feel is the bigger root of the problem: the existence of grain fed livestock. ) Vegans are still in the minority of people. The majority of people are supporting the continuation of the unreasonable amount of production of grain-fed animals and non-organic food. That is much scarier to me than vegans being slow. I mean really vegans, while they might sometimes perform worse(since most don’t know what they are doing), if they eat mostly organic, they will not be bulletproof but they are taking a big entropy raising bullet for majority of people who eat all the rbst and grain fed meat, and support those companies. I mean it might be more suited to their goals for them to support only grass-fed and organic food, but I think it is better than supporting the current norm.

    Plus like you already have said, raw low mold veganism is better than eating grain fed meat. I haven’t met a vegan who doesn’t perform better mentally and physically then any person with a standard american diet, even a “healthy one” with lots of saturated fats and fish. Those are not as good, because the animals are grain-fed, proteins are de-natured, and they often eat cheese and plenty of non organic foods, and standard vegetable oils. I have met some 30 year plus vegans who are sharper and healthier than many of my paleo buddies, but I still haven’t found their secret, and personally feel they have deficiencies. They are smart people, and I think if you came at it from the perspective I suggested, they would be more receptive. Your perspective is more humane after all( well at least by mine and probably many other people standards.)

    tl;dr So basically, if I had one wish it would be for you to focus your useful perspectives more on getting people who eat meat to eat only grass fed meat, getting more people concerned about mold in agriculture, etc, and less about getting vegans to start eating meat. I feel as though they aren’t hurting your cause as much as the former group. I could be wrong, but I think speaking to the masses(grain-fed meat eaters) is more important, and it is a good way to spread the word to the other extreme minority (vegans).

    • NotAVegan

      Ah I left off high fat, low-carb, and less protien than standard american diet when I said things more people need to know about. Which is probably more important than some of the other things I mentioned. Oh well, I am sure anyone who reads that will get the point that I am referring to the bulletproof like diets.

    • Paleo Huntress

      “I haven’t met a vegan who doesn’t perform better mentally and physically then any person with a standard american diet, even a “healthy one” with lots of saturated fats and fish.

      I gained 65lbs, developed type II diabetes and hypertentension and my cholesterol rose to over 300 as a whole-food vegan. It’s nice to meet you.

      Now you have. =)

  • cristine

    please read and study more. Hospitals are filled with people who are NOT vegan or vegetarians. Cancer is a multiple factor story. And a huge business . Read and study more

    • matthk

      Agreed. They’re also LESS filled with people who eat a paleo/primal/ancestral diet of real food.

  • Raj K

    Mcdougall says that high levels of fat are responsible for elevated blood sugar because insulin is unable to transport sugar from the blood to the cell. Also I have personally seen people reverse cancer on both a fruit based or low glycemic raw vegan diet.

    • Edward


    • matthk

      How so? This doesn’t make sense. Fruit IS sugar – effectively – and spikes insulin and raises blood glucose far more effectively than anything else. And all oncologist know that most cancer cells THRIVE on carbohydrates, while ketosis helps us thrive while starving the cancer cells. Logic suggests a fruit-based diet will speed the growth of cancer.

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    Very interesting! Weston Price’s research is appropriate. Dr. Ornish has done a tremendous amount of good by challenging the “it’s all in your genes” message from Allopathic Medicine. However, I sure differ from Dr. Ornish on this one. As Dr. Mercola advocates, it depends a lot on your physical makeup and what might be good for one person, might do in another. I am 77…gave up meat in the seventies because I didn’t want to kill. Then discovered that you have to kill plants to eat them, and I love plants. It’s all a matter of reverence. Eating grain-fed meats, and eating grains, are not good for me, that I am sure of. See Dr. Gilbert Ling, and Dr. Raymond Peat…saturated fat is good if the right kind.

    • matthk

      Well said! But – on the subject of ‘killing’ don’t forget, the consumption of mono-crops kills FAR more animals than eating grass/pasture raised animals and vegies.

  • ella

    After suffering from chronic fatigue and depression for decades I’m researching food intolerances etc. I’ve come to the conclusion that grains, gluten and dairy are definitely not good things to eat. However, for many people who are just starting out on the quest to educate themselves about the link between diet and health, the internet poses a huge problem in trying to find accurate, definitive information. So much information varies and is sometimes conflicting. To those less skeptical it can be so easy to be persuaded to go down one path or another.

  • Matthew Cook

    This is the worst piece of unfounded rubbish on the Internet. Absolute fiction.

  • Jennalynn

    What dietary supplements and books is this mouth selling? Some of what you say is proven, but other parts have no respectable peer reviewed science behind them. Rah for your opinions. I still ask, how are you making money off the diet you advocate? Bet you make a living selling something related (or speaking about it!)

    Folks, the physicians of PRMI have your interest at heart, not this unschooled pitchman. Check out PRMI – a not-for-profit selling no supplements, only science-supported preventative medicine to keep you out of all doctor’s offices.

  • Fernando

    Hahaha ‘vegetarian cancer’! You are so delusional. Steve Jobs still lived this long BECAUSE of the Ornish diet. But hey, grab some spareribs, I’ll talk to you when you prematurely will die because of eating meat and fish and eggs and diary. I’ll be out there living far longer enjoying another 20 years beyond your death.

    • matthk

      The facts suggest the opposite. Populations in ‘traditional vegetarian’ nations have a much shorter life expectancy than their omnivorous animal/fish-eating equivalents.

  • Lisa Flood

    You sound like a quack. Don’t make people sick with your advice.

    For dietary fat info see the Mayo Clinic:

    For mortality rates of vegetarians see:
    The US National Library of Medicine Institutes of Health:

    For info on the (20) compounds found in cooked meats that cause cancer which are known as Heterocyclic Amines:

    see Wikipedia ;
    See also:

  • Lisa Flood

    From the US Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health:

  • Lisa Flood

    From the Mayo Clinic on Dietary Fats:

  • Mel

    The debate between vegetarians or vegans and paleo adherents that is evident in this commentary seems to come up every time someone writes an article touting the benefits of one approach or the other. How is it that the writers all have access to the same research but are drawing very different conclusions? No wonder people are so damn confused about diet and nutrition. We can’t ignore the possibility that confirmation bias ( is at play here. That is, once people commit to a particular eating philosophy, it seems that they will do everything in their power to defend it, even if they are presented with evidence that contradicts it. I follow the paleo diet, so the info I read tends to portray it as the “best” diet for optimal health. However, my vegan cousin and I recently had a debate in which he was able to cite research showing that not eating meat is better for us. Diet is like political views in its ability to stir up contention between people who subscribe to certain ways of eating. I find this highly frustrating, as it calls into question who is really right in all of this. Until we can remove the moral element of diet (i.e., killing animals for food), it will be extremely difficult to arrive at consensus about what we should and shouldn’t be eating for optimal health. Thoughts?

    • matthk

      All diet options mean “killing animals for food” – veganism/vegetarianism kills more animals though its support of mono-crops than a decent Paleo/Primal diet ever could. But either way, animals will die – or worse, cease to exist.

  • ????

    Wow, 195 posts from passionate people on both sides of the fence! Awesome! All I can say is, this is exactly the kind of debate we need. Keep it up, folks! Now I’m gonna go have a grass-fed steak and some pastured eggs. I may even meditate. Nah, I’ll probably just go lift something heavy – which is pretty much a form of meditation for me so…. :D

  • marilyn

    OMG i’m just gonna eat the fats and stuff and take my chances I’m 47 and pretty healthy.. Sad a man with so much knowledge and be so stupid at the same time. Should of got more info before going that way :(

  • AlOliver

    So finding a peer reviewed article on the web is as rare as finding a notable physician in the Bowery? We can only find them in a university’s database, right there alongside the Ornish material? Those are just beyond belief ridiculous statements. Jesus Christ.

  • Roger Tober

    “Simply put, we have genetic evidence that 70% of people are intolerant to gluten.”

    This makes your article sound completely rediculous:

    “According to Dr. Fasano, gluten sensitivity potentially affects far more people than celiac disease. He estimates about 6% to 7% of the U.S. population may be gluten-sensitive, meaning some 20 million people in the United States alone could have the condition.”

    Percentage of patients deceased five years after diagnosis: # Pancreatic cancer – 97% # Liver cancer – 95% #”

    The longest lived group of people in America are a group of seventh day adventists that are vegetarian.

    A study done on people over 70 that studied people of 5 different countries including japan and some scandinavian countries concluded the only dietary relationship was people that ate legumes. The more they ate, the longer they lived.

  • Needs Citations

    You make a lot of claims yet you fail to cite any valid, peer reviewed, scientific studies to back up your claims. I don’t know how people can read all this drivel without being alarmed by the lack of citations. If your going to make a claim, please do us all a favour, back it up.

  • Capt.James Tea Cook?

    Shame you don’t post any links to any major studies that can support your points – for facts on a sustainable diet see

  • d1stewart

    There are two fats you need. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These are called “essential fats.” They are called “essential fats” because the body cannot synthesize them by itself from the foods we consume. The amount humans need is very little–less than 5 percent of your caloric consumption, and less than 7 grams between the fatty acids in daily consumption of 2000 calories. This amount of fat will also be more than sufficient for absorption of vitamins in foods, too. That’s why it’s “essential” but not a large amount.

    That’s it. All your statements about needs for fat are completely unsupported and have no science backing them. This statement is the most ridiculous: “On a low fat diet, your body is tricked into believing you are experiencing a famine, even if you use bizarre tricks (like eating sawdust or other fiber supplements) to make your stomach feel full.” Actually, that is a description of ketosis–a famine state induced not by a low-fat diet, but by a high-fat, high-protein diet lacking in carbohydrates.

    Ornish does not recommend eating fish because there might be some healthy saturated fat in it. Ornish does not recommend any intake of saturated fat. The human body has no need to take in any saturated fat at all–it is not an essential nutrient.

    You refer in this headline to “vegetarian cancer.” There is no such thing. You note that Jobs ate fish. That is not vegetarian. You say that he was following Dean Ornish’s cancer diet. There is no Dean Ornish cancer diet, and your source material for that certainly doesn’t say there is or even that he was following anything Ornish said about diet. (Does the “Ornish cancer diet” require food cooked without pans? No, the nonexistent Ornish cancer diet doesn’t, nor does any other recommendation Ornish has ever made.) Jobs’ cancer was advanced when it was detected, and was already spread through his body. A vegetarian diet had nothing to do with it–unless it extended his life beyond what it would have been had he consumed, for example, the diet you consume. You are eating a cancer-promoting diet, and you have the nerve to publish a multiple smear piece about a fantasized “vegetarian cancer.” This article is pure garbage.

  • SenatorCletusSoffpossum

    You are obviously a salesman and not a scientist or big data guy. Where are your sources? A real executive wants real data not just anecdotal evidence. I personally have never heard of Dr. Ornish’s diet but after going plant strong (aka vegan without the attitude or the tofurkey) for the past year I feel more energized and clear headed than I ever was when I was eating meat, cheese and dairy every day. And I bought all of the expensive, grass fed, hormone free, local meat, milk, cheese and eggs. My skin has cleared up, my cholesterol is lower, my grocery and supplement bill is lower, I need less sleep, I no longer have any indigestion or phlegm in the back of my throat after a meal, and frankly I have way less gas than I ever had before. I’d say easily 70% of my calories come from carbs (including those evil whole grains you speak of) and I don’t have yeast overgrowth, mood swings or hormonal disorders and my wife doesn’t have any PMS much less bad PMS. Oh yeah and I lost 10 lbs and my wife has lost 15. I would agree with you that vegans who eat nothing but soy products probably aren’t doing themselves any favors and may as well just eat meat. Some people, probably a decent percentage, truly need meat and animal products for their health. Perhaps you are one of them, but for the average American eating nothing but meat, cheese and processed food your conclusions in this article are pretty weak at best and just plain made up garbage at worst. I’ll make sure to never stumble upon your site again.

    • matthk

      Not a big-data guy? Where do you get this? Dave Asprey is WORLD FAMOUS for being all about the data and crunching the hell out of it! Read Dave’s site and look him up before you make silly statements. he’s all about peer-reviewed science and solid data!

      PS: Food doesn’t create phlegm. It’s such a myth that even GPs here in Australia have posters about it in their waiting rooms.

      PPS: “eating nothing but meat, cheese and processed food” Where does Dave push this angle? His diet is akin to the Paleo/Primal diet, which is NOT ‘all meat’ as the ignorant claim. In fact, anyone eating Paleo/Primal will eat far more vegetables than they would on a vegan diet as most vegans and vegetarians ‘bulk up’ their meals with disruptive, pro-inflammatory fillers such as grains, soy products and legumes.

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  • Eric

    I’m calling bullcrap on this article. Mainstream science and the best research is all against you:

    1. Dr. Colin Cambell, of Cornell, published a 30 year study and wrote it up in relation to cancer, called “The China Study”.

    2. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn did an excellent longitudinal study spanning 20 years relating to an entirely plant based diet and reversal of heart disease.

    These two studies were done very well, have not since refuted, and have gained wide acceptance by mainstream medicine. Also, here at MD Anderson, premier cancer institution out of Houston, Texas, we now see the active promotion of protocols with juicing fresh vegetables. Turns out Gerson therapy worked, and it was 100% vegan as well.

    All of these guys are pushing for 100% vegan and no one is calling them quacks at places like Mayo or MD Anderson. Prince Charles of Whales showed support for the Gerson institute and Bill Clinton went vegan to succssfully reverse his heart disease. But I guess you know better than such people and if only Steve Jobs had your intelligence and resources, he could have made better decisions. Again, I call bullcrap. Stop spreading misinformation.

    • Paleo Huntress

      Would you please share citation to the the peer reviewed publication of Campbell’s 30 study called The China Study in a respected medical journal? You can go to PubMed and do a search just like you’d do in Google. Then come back here and share the citation for this mythical thing.

    • matthk

      Eric, the only diet that has been SHOWN to fight cancer is a ketogenic one. Yep, lots of saturated fat. And of course you quote the woeful agenda-riddled China Study, debunked by MANY, including an ex vegan/raw vegan/raw omnivore:

  • Stephen Lucker Kelly

    Please look up Dr. John Mcdougall’s views on why Steve Jobs died. This is shit. All based on opinion and no real science.

  • DrWalsh

    Dr McDougall argues (I think convincingly) that the cancer must have been present for many years before Jobs died; initiation occurred at a young age when he was exposed to carcinogens in electronic components; and Jobs lived for longer than most people would expect after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, which notoriously has a very poor prognosis.

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  • Marda DeWet

    Bill Clinton is one of the smartest men on the planet. He is looking better than ever since he changes his diet to vega. You sound like a really angry and jealous person who really wants to slam Dr Ornish because his work is(a) well researched and has been proven in the field. There are so many websites and places to find peer reviewed articles – if you stay so uptight and insensed because Dr Ornish has all the credibility with a patient like Bill Clinton listening to him, you are going to give yourself a coronary, regardless of what you eat. Envy will kill you every time.

    • Real World Vegan

      Clinton isnt vegan, he admits to eating salmon and eggs on a weekly basis- last time I checked, that would make him ovo-pesca-vegetarian. that is why he looks good, he eats a whole food diet with lots of veggies and a few servings of animal food each week. i guess that’s what really smart men do.

      warren buffet eats meat too. i hear he’s also really smart.

  • Real World Vegan

    i subscribe to the medical journals online through my old uni. i see all of the peer-reviewed articles on the net and most have abstracts available to anyone whos interested in looking them up at pubmed.

  • dddd

    vegan is about compassion for suffering of animals it is not a diet!

    • Paleo Huntress

      There is a diabetes diet, even though diabetes is more than a diet. There is an American Heart Association diet, even though heart disease is more than a diet. There is a paleo/primal diet even though paleo/primal is more than a diet. Vegan isn’t a special snowflake, there is most definitely a vegan DIET too.

    • matthk

      Veganism is a fashion statement that BEGAN with the best intentions. Read Lierre Keith and then go out and look at the evidence. A vegan diet (which I was on for a while for the same flawed reasons) will destroy more life – and more pointlessly – than a paleo diet. (plus you’ll eat more vegetables on a Paleo diet ;-) )

  • John

    agreed check out

  • John

    Dean Ornish vs Some guy no one listens to. Winner Dean Ornish.

  • John

    Never trust a guy who sells products and I’m not talking about Dr. Dean Ornish, I’m talking about the writer of this article and also visit

    • Real World Vegan

      you just posted a link to Greger’s site a few comments back. this is a link to his ‘products for sale’ page. i dont trust him either.

      he also charges a significant fee when he speaks.

      • matthk

        Greger is an Ornish acolyte. He’s an information-dodging dimwit who’s in it for the money.

    • matthk

      Ornish sells a LOT more ‘products’ than Dave. And 30bananas? REALLY? DuranRider is the poster boy for lunatic fringe! He’s about as scientific as a a unicorn. Watch his videos. Surely nobody wants to be like this bitter, snarkey, weasly little man.

  • grace lol

    Jobs changed his diet when he was 50 yrs old. And for him to change his ditet abruptly was not good. His body needs to adjust slowly, and probably not eliminating meat at all esp fish. No diet is perfect. You must use your instinct when it comes to your body. I still believe anything in moderation including 3x a week exercise is still the best.

  • Rosemary Guy

    Dean ornish’s opinions are based on science and these are just misleading. there is a growing body of evidence supporting a plant based diet for virtually all of the major causes of death in western countries. If you publish an opinion that is wrong don’t people who follow you have a greater chance of dieing?

    • matthk

      Jobs didn’t live a long time with cancer, it KILLED him. As it killed my mother and father. Cancer cells (most) thrive on carbohydrates, while a fat-rich ketogenic diet fuels us wonderfully and starves cancer cells (most – not all). He COULD have beaten it. And I blame Ornish for his death.

      There is not a ‘growing body of evidence’ at all ‘supporting a plant based diet for virtually all of the major causes of death in western countries’. It’s shrinking day by day as people and scientists realise how Ancel Keys pushed the US (and then the rest of the world) over the precipice and into the hole we’re in now. The evidence that’s ‘growing’ is in support of saturated fat, grass-fed/pastured animal protein, and against grains, soy and legumes.

      The China Study has been debunked as has Keys. Both were frauds with a vegetarian agenda they ‘needed’ to prove, so they fiddled the books instead of looking at the evidence alone.

      Of course a vegie/vegan diet is better than the Standard American Diet, but it’s still incredibly sub-optimal (and has its own dangers) compared to a real-food diet along the Primal/Ancestral/Paleo lines. Plus a good Paleo diet means far LESS animal death than a vegan diet that includes grains and monocrops (and it contains more vegetables than most vegan diets too!)

      • Rosemary Guy

        We all die and we all didn’t evolve from tigers. The studies by campbell used proteins from grass fed animals. Where has the china study been debunked?….only by people without a degree in statistics or nutrition and not in peer reviewed journals.

        • Paleo Huntress

          The studies from Campbell used isolated casein from conventional dairy. FWIW, there was no scientific publication that would agree to publish the China study.

        • matthk

          BRILLIANT! This needs to be the first sentence in EVERY reply to Campbell-apologists :-)

          “…there was no scientific publication that would agree to publish the China study…”

        • Paleo Huntress

          He also found that plant proteins only reduced cancer when fed in isolation. When they were eaten as part of a mixed diet where the missing aminos are filled in, they were worse than the casein, with wheat being the worst of all.

        • Rosemary Guy

          i think that Dr Campbell reply to this was that he used multivariate analysis making this correlation insignificant….wheat correlated with areas where the diet was more meat based. he also said that although the book was called the China study, it was the weight of all the evidence that led to the conclusion about animal based foods being related to disease and not one correlation. As someone wh o is fortunate enough to live in a country with grass fed beef (new zealand), I don’t like what this type of farming is doing to the environment and the growing levels of pollution of the waterways. You eat the planit and have it too.

        • Rosemary Guy

          Dr Campbell used multivariate analysis instead of just looking at one correlation which was linked with meat eating. He came to his conclusions based on a whole body of evidence and not just the China Study or one correlation. Living in New Zealand which has grain fed beef, I don’t like the pollution that even this farming creates for both the water and the air . We can’t have a planit and eat it too.

        • matthk

          New Zealand beef, like Australian beef, is MOSTLY grass-fed (yes, some of it is ‘grain finished’). I for one buy ONLY grass fed, which you can get cheaply from Aldi if, like me, you’re not loaded. Neither of our nations have the horrific, massive, cradle-to-grave feedlots that exist in the USA as our nations are far better for cattle and dairy rearing. Australia with its vast outback grass lands that can’t be used for farming and NZ with it’s almost Irish levels of quickly replenished green-as-an-emerald grass – which is why your dairy is so good, so tasty and in such demand.

          Monocrops (grains etc.) are far more destructive to the planet than pastured animals AND they’re far less healthy for us. If you REALLY cared about the planet, you’d never eat another grain or soy product again. Continuing to do so makes you a hypocrite and an active supporter of environmental criminals.

        • matthk

          Tigers? Where did I mention tigers?
          Are you saying that because our tree-dwelling ancestors were mostly vegetarian that we are too? This is an idiotic assumption I’m afraid. If you go far enough back in the evolution of tigers you’ll find some of their ancestors to be vegetarian too. Then of course you can go all the way back to when we were all fish and you can say, “Oh no, we’re carnivores because our fishy ancestors were carnivores!” Or even sillier, make the leap that we’re all supposed to live on micro-organisms because our way-way-back ancestors did so.

          Now, onto debunking the China Study.
          You wrote: “…Where has the china study been debunked?….only by people without a
          degree in statistics or nutrition and not in peer reviewed journals…”

          Well how does a PhD in Nutritional Sciences sound?

          Other experts with advanced qualifications in organic chemistry, microbiology and nutrition such as Mat Lalonde, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolfe et al have also debunked the hell out of this biased and potentially dangerous study.

 is a bullshit site, well known for it’s nonsense (even among sensible vegans and vegetarians). Do some better research Rosemary as anything posted from nutritionfacts will be ignored by anyone with a functional and discerning brain. You might as well post links from the plethora of ‘Jews are alien-lizard-people out to destroy us’ conspiracy sites.

          Campbell seems to have done VERY LITTLE in the way of multivariate analysis. As one post said on:

          “…Interesting to see that Campbell’s own published work seems to rely on nothing but univariate correlations. At one point, he says, “based on
          an overview of the univariate correlations, colon and rectal cancer mortality rates were consistently inversely correlated with all fiber and complex carbohydrate fractions except for pectin.” He never
          mentions any terms or concepts (such as“regression” or “multivariate”) anywhere else that suggest anything other than univariate correlations…”

  • dogmum

    Love this article, all that I have read for many years about health, nutrition and the human body support what is written here in addition to my personal beliefs. Vegetarian diets don’t provide our bodies with the essential nutrients we need

    . A diet high in carbs and sugar will stress and overwhelm the body’s natural homeostasis. Hormones (phytoestrogens) in soy based foods will also increase one’s risk for cancer. Today we do overeat and consume far too many processed foods, do yourself a favour shop in the outer aisle perimeter of the grocery store and stay away from the middle aisles (where all of the boxed, processed and canned foods sit). Eat fresh food in it’s most natural unprocessed form and eat meats from animals who are treated humanely.

  • dietproof

    Lots of hostility in the tone of your note here. You are very simplistic in mind and spirit. If you want to summarize eating meat to the skin of a yak on a pole in some temple in the Himalayas you certainly should contemplate the IQ your diet is allowing. Today in America we are able to choose whatever food we want to eat. Carrying a 60 lb burlap bag of black beans up to 15,000 feet would burn more calories than any monk can afford to spend. Of course in this particular case eating an animal that can walk up to the temple makes more sense. Steve Jobs was sick and the sickness he had was invasive and terminal. I don’t know of any diet that could have saved him beef or plant. The key is not to get sick because once you trip the wire you are at the mercy of the cancer. Since you are quite an adventurous high altitude traveler you might think twice before you drive a truck up to the Buddhist temple you went to if it had a blown head gasket and had smoke shooting our from the exhaust pipe. However if your engine was in perfect shape you could obviously take on the climb and get there to do your three month immersion into achieving zen. So once it is broken you are in a different spot. For those that are healthy the choices are personal and it is not a competition meat eaters against vegans. Eat what you want and enjoy it, if you get to 300 lbs then you will probably notice that you are not going to be surfing or hanging 10 from a pull up bar from your toes. Today we have choices in America and there are some better than others without being an extremist one way or another. After all if you make a global determination that Dean Ornish somehow recommended a defective diet to Steve Jobs you neglected to mention that the same recommendations he made to Bill Clinton have kept him alive and kicking it up at his daughters wedding with Hillary Clinton.

    • matthk

      Justifying Ornish’s science-devoid, money-grubbing snake-oil diet by saying “Look at Clinton! He’s alive and he eats tofu!” is as baseless as pointing to 90 year-olds who’ve smoked and eaten processed junk their whole lives and saying” Hey Marlboros and TV dinners are the fountain of youth!”

      As for your point: “…Carrying a 60 lb burlap bag of black beans up to 15,000 feet would burn more calories than any monk can afford to spend…” well, perhaps. But if the black beans were important, they’d use the yak to transport them instead of eating him/her.

      Please do yourself a favour and read the rest of this blog, then these things (as a start), and with a little luck and a TRULY open mind, you’ll wake up and live well:
      The Vegetarian Myth – Lierre Keith (a gentle ex-vegan (20yrs))

      The Paleo Solution – Robb Wolf (full of great science with more references than you could poke a stick at).

      And finally, the woeful China Study, debunked by an ex vegan/raw vegan/raw omnivore:

  • quelity services

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  • Dani

    There will always be people on both sides of the fence, but I thought I would just give my opinion. I have had a rather unhealthy lifestyle for most of my life. I had my gall bladder removed in 1986, and here it is 2013. I have had some horrible pain in my abdomen, went to the doctor, got all kinds of tests, and it turned out my pancreas was inflamed. The pain was excruciating. Through my own calculations as to what made it worse or better, I found out that Dr. Ornish’s Spectrum diet was perfect for me. My pancreas is back to normal, and now that I am eating a very low fat diet, I feel much better. This is my experience only, I would rather die from not eating enough fat than die of the horrible pain in my abdomen.

  • matthk

    Typo alert? You say the Ornish diet is “… is almost a mirror image of the Bulletproof Diet”. I think you mean “is almost a mirror OPPOSITE” as ‘Mirror image’ (stupidly) means they’re exactly the same. ;-)

  • April Peter

    Thank you for this.

  • MrPestus

    Equating a whole grain diet to eating nothing but gluten is misleading and erroneous. Why would you orient this information so it sounds like all grains contain this protein?

    • Paleo Huntress

      Check out this article- it isn’t from a scientific journal, and as such isn’t especially comprehensive, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

      What! There’s No Such Thing As A Gluten Free Grain?

      “[W]hat we now know from modern studies is that “gluten” is actually a mixture of proteins found in ALL grains. It is composed of two primary ‘subfractions’ known as Prolamines and Glutelins.”

      “The prolamine known as “gliadin” is the most studied in medical literature; primarily as it relates to Celiac Disease. Many people, including doctors, do not understand that the prolamine, “gliadin” is not the ONLY type of gluten out there, nor is it the ONLY one reeking havoc in peoples bodies. It is, however, the ONLY one that is routinely tested for– recent studies have identified least 400 other gluten proteins.”

      Grain (Prolamine) % Total Protein

      Wheat (Gliadin) 69
      Rye (Secalinin) 30-50
      Oats (Avenin) 16
      Barley (Hordein) 46-52
      Millet (Panicin) 40
      Corn (Zien) 55
      Rice (Orzeni5) 5
      Sorgum Kafirin 52

      “[S]ince someone suffering from a “gluten allergy” (intolerance or sensitivity) may have issues with one or MORE types of gluten proteins, we really need to expand our understanding of the ‘gluten issue’ all together. According to Dr. Peter Osborne (gluten specialist), a gluten allergy/intolerance, IS the cause of Celiac Disease but it is NOT Celiac Disease itself. As a matter of fact, Celiac Disease is not even the most common problem to arise from a gluten allergy/intolerance.”

  • Zhang Yong Cheng

    Tibet was still in the caveman period when China was highly advanced in philosophy and morality. This was why when Tibet received the gracious teachings of the Buddha, they totally defiled it at its most fundamental core, ie – unconditional compassion. They made such a mistake by giving all kinds of reasons and excuses for murdering animals and forcefully robbing their flesh and thinking it is still in line with Buddhism’s unconditional compassion. This is a fatal mistake. And unfortunately, for most Western person who has been addicted to animal flesh in large amount in their diet, this is exactly a perfect excuse to practice Buddhism whilst able to have the “right” given by Tibetan monks’ flawed excuse for their own flesh addiction. Their excuse is that vegetables don’t grow well in Tibet’s cold climate. That is only partly true. A lot of highly nutrient-rich vegetables prefer cold and even icy conditions – such as kales, broccoli, watercress etc to name a few. If they can grow rice and wheat there, why can’t they grow vegetables? Poor excuses that those Western disciples would not want to question too deep into it lest there’ll be excuses for them to practice Buddhism without going vegan. In Buddhist scriptures, there are numerous examples of Buddhist monks ending up in Avici Hell. This is because they have led the mass to walk the wrong path – the path towards more bad karma and sufferings. This is the last period of Buddhism as the Buddha has predicted and in this period it is said that most monks will teach falsehoods and defile the true compassionate teachings of the Buddha. These meat-eating Tibetan monks and others from the Theravada and hinayana have all defiled the most fundamental teachings of the Buddha. And so, due to the stupidity of the people in this era, as predicted by Buddha, most are attracted to these meat-eating monks, thinking that they have the best of both worlds. That is, to practice unconditional compassion whilst allowed to forcefully rob the lives and flesh of other sentient beings, separating their mothers, children and mates. Let anyone who has any bit of wisdom left in him or her, see the contradiction in such blasphemous practice of Buddhism. NAMO AMITOFO.

    • Paleo Huntress

      Bwah ha ha ha hah! “Animal flesh addiction” Hee Hee… Oh the ridiculousness of the religious dietary zealot.

    • SuperheroEnthusiast

      Gautama Buddha himself ate meat. He died from eating trichinosis infected pork when he was in his 80s.

      The adoption of vegetarianism in Buddhism comes from cross-pollination while still in India with Jainism and certain strains of Vedic-Brahmanical (Proto-Hindu) thought. It’s not something the Buddha ever taught or practiced himself. He taught The Middle Way: a path of common sense away from silly extremes.

      It’s clear you’re a cultural Chinese Mahayana Buddhist zealot with a hard-on for hating Tibetans (racist much?). Learn to see past your own dogma: If you’re going to rant about people “corrupting” the Buddha’s teachings I suggest you study the origins of Mahayana… teachings supposedly left in the realm of talking serpents for protection (excuse me while I LOL)… The Buddha definitely didn’t teach any of that stuff, it’s a much later development and your extremism is an insult to him and those of us who actually do practice Buddhadharma.

  • Zhang Yong Cheng

    Tibet was still in the very primitive period when China was

    highly advanced in philosophy and morality. This was why

    when Tibet received the gracious teachings of the Buddha,

    they totally defiled it at its most fundamental core, ie –

    unconditional compassion. They made such a mistake by giving

    all kinds of reasons and excuses for murdering animals and

    forcefully robbing their flesh and thinking it is still in

    line with Buddhism’s unconditional compassion. This is a

    fatal mistake. And unfortunately, for most Western person

    who has been addicted to animal flesh in large amount in

    their diet, this is exactly a perfect excuse to practice

    Buddhism whilst able to have the “right” given by Tibetan

    monks’ flawed excuse for their own flesh addiction. Their

    excuse is that vegetables don’t grow well in Tibet’s cold

    climate. That is only partly true. A lot of highly

    nutrient-rich vegetables prefer cold and even icy conditions

    - such as kales, broccoli, watercress etc to name a few. If

    they can grow rice and wheat there, why can’t they grow

    vegetables? Poor excuses that those Western disciples would

    not want to question too deep into it lest there’ll be no

    more excuses for them to practice Buddhism without going

    vegan. In Buddhist scriptures, there are numerous examples

    of Buddhist monks ending up in Avici Hell. This is because

    they have led the mass to walk the wrong path – the path

    towards more bad karma and sufferings. This is the third

    period (last period) of Buddhism as the Buddha has predicted

    and in this period it is said that most monks will teach

    falsehoods and defile the true compassionate teachings of

    the Buddha. These meat-eating Tibetan monks and others from

    the Theravada and hinayana have all defiled the most

    fundamental teachings of the Buddha. And so, due to the

    stupidity of the people in this era, as predicted by Buddha,

    most are attracted to these meat-eating monks, thinking that

    they have the best of both worlds. That is, to practice

    unconditional compassion whilst allowed to forcefully rob

    the lives and flesh of other sentient beings, separating

    their mothers, children and mates. Let anyone who has any

    bit of wisdom left in him or her, see the contradiction in

    such blasphemous practice of Buddhism. NAMO AMITOFO.

  • Mark Lovendale

    The mistaken beliefs about dietary fat are legendary. The body makes all the fat it needs from blood glucose, except for two
    essential fats, alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic
    acid (an omega-6 fatty acid). An artificial diet made up of Vivonex
    100 that has 1% fat from safflower oil provides all of these essential
    fats that are needed. (See page 201 in Quality Longevity.)
    The Ornish 10% fat diet, that was first used by Nathan Pritikin, is the only
    diet that has been proven to reverse plaques from the arteries and
    prevent 15 types of cancer. (See pages 190 and 191 in Quality Longevity and the definitive study of diet and cancer by Ken Carroll, PhD, at Mark Lovendale, Author of Quality Longevity

  • QuentonQuale

    The research of Weston Price and Francis Pottenger showed that traditional diets of many different cultures survived very well on diets that contained animal flesh and animal fats. Can you imagine Inuits not consuming large amounts of very fatty walrus, seal meat to survive in their cold climate? Western foods (high carb) have crept into native cultures and the result has been an increase in obesity, modern diseases, poor dental growth, etc.

  • Med2go

    I am a medical scientist specialising in oncology. I also eat both vegetable and animal based foods.
    I take issue with the statement that cancer cells possess more insulin receptors than normal cells.

    Firstly, there is no such thing as a generalised “cancer cell”; all cancers are different from a cytological and genetic perspective. Cancer is an umbrella term given to a group of diseases.
    Different cancers vary widely in how they are expressed and develop, this means that no two “cancers” can be treated in the same manor nor can they definitively share the same cause.

    Secondly, “cancer cells” do not have greater numbers of insulin receptors. And even if some did, not all “cancers” would share this feature due to the fact that there are many different types of cancer.
    For example, prostate cancer possesses a greater number of choline receptors than other cancers, in the lab we use choline to identify dysplasic cells (cancer cells) in the prostate. This is because they absorb more choline than the surrounding cells. As a matter of fact, the most concentrated sources of choline in the human diet are eggs and poultry. By extrapolation and by controlled investigation, eggs and poultry are a risk factor for developing prostate cancer. Vegans and vegetarians do possess an advantage from this perspective as well as many others.

    • Paleo Huntress

      What’s your take on this data?
      It is generally only organ meats and eggs with high choline levels… Muscle meats run comparable to many plant foods. So an ova-vegetarian may consume more choline than an omni. Anyway, the dangers in low choline levels (fatty liver) seem to outweigh the risks of prostate cancer, if such a risk actually exists.

  • kelly

    Steve Jobs not only ate unfermented soy and probably farm-fed fish, he also had organ transplants that placed him on a lifetime of immuno-suppressants. These immuno-suppressants deactivate all cancer-fighting mechanisms in his body.

    You can be a veget or a vegan or a meat-eater (omni) and you could still be eating wrongly. The art of eating and health maintenance is not straight-forward and especially with new foods coming onto supermarket shelves every few months.

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

    • JackMarse

      SJ was fruitarian for decades. That stressed his pancreas (causing too much insulin production). Remember when SJ looked bloated before his cancer diag?


    Did anyone else notice the contradictions of this being used to prove one point: “(see the Kitavans who eat 70% carbs but mostly saturated fat, smoke like chimneys, don’t exercise, and look like body builders.)” and this: “High carb diets lower immune function. They lead to yeast overgrowth and they feed cancer cells by providing excess insulin. They also lead to mood swings and hormonal disorders, especially very bad PMS. Even worse, high carbs put stress on the pancreas” to prove another? So basically, you’ll look like a cancer-ridden body builder if you eat a high-carb diet? And of course, he has some magic bullet to sell. If you can’t even make it through a single page without contradicting yourself, I call it all snake oil.

  • Karol Hogerton

    I haven’t eaten meat since 1973 and I am 66. still feel healthy.

    • Paleo Huntress

      Lots of people eat the crappiest, junkiest food known and live far longer. So?

  • Rhianna

    Carbohydrates cannot be converted to protein.. where did you read this? and on top of that 70% of people are gluten intolerant? The actual figures are 1 in 10 AT MOST and about 1 in 100 who have coeliac disease. Most peoples “gluten sensitivity” is a result of all this dogma from ridiculous internet post which actually make this whole gluten sensitivity more of a placebo effect. There are so many uninformed opinions on this post, having an opinion is fine but dont try to sell it as if it is science.

    • whatsa2

      But you are talking about debilitating symptoms..right?
      In moderation the effects can be unseen it doesn’t mean its not there.
      I am a celiac and 1/4 a slice of spelt will not make me noticeably ill but I know there is a negative response to this in my system regardless.

      Also, many with Lectin issues are diagnosed with gluten issues
      a lot of people have both so its not clear cut.
      I have issues with both and generally it is commonly referred to as gluten intolerance (wrong yes but still a grain intolerance)

  • lisa turner

    Re “one chicken death only feeds one person.” This is such a simple, important principle that goes largely unrecognized in our culture. In Native American traditions, a bison was killed to feed many, for many months; the sacrifice was respectful, and all parts of the animal were used. It’s not necessary to be a complete vegetarian to have reverence for life; thank you for making this simple but eloquent point.

    • whatsa2

      But thats a little bit of a misnomer.
      The breeding capacity of a chicken and its length of life

      is hardly a fair comparison.
      you may as well say eating a galapagos tortoise is a wiser decision than rabbits.

      This is not a life to life equivalent. ( it is what emotionally stunted individuals use to avoid the facts of life, by not facing it more)
      Wise Hunter gathers take what they need but to the limits of maintaining
      herds and flocks. The numbers are only important to the species survival and not the emotional avoidance of finding the largest animal
      and killing “one”. ( or a really lazy one) Mammoth stew anyone?

      Culling of animals is important regardless of size and how many you kill
      I have hand killed thousands of rabbits I took no joy in it. because of their life-cycle and capacity to breed more culling is necessary.
      How many it fed is really not important as eventually you will need to cull smaller animals to keep things balanced.

      Our oceans are a hunter gatherer environment

      and I am sure people are not saying kill one whale and not
      10,000 fish.

      • Paleo Huntress

        I just read a newly published paper last week where researchers discovered a 2 million year old butchery in Africa. They compared the remains there to those of prey animals of other predators like big cats and found that unlike these other predators that chose small, weak, young or elderly prey, early humans hunted large, strong animals preferentially. I think it would be hard to argue that early humans were any less a normal part of nature than other animals, but traditionally, culling would involve behaviors closer to that of the big cats than that of human beings.

        • whatsa2

          Yes it worries me the individuals who are more concerned with their personal Karma by numbers
          Than the well being of the environment….

          Our capacity to use and store large amounts of meat products does disadvantage the larger slower breeding
          animals. And add in “Karma counters” and you have a recipe for the slow extinction of larger animals.

          I find this mentality quite repugnant. sub-human if you will.

        • Paleo Huntress

          By “larger”animals, I mean the larger members of the same species that other predators were and are eating. The larger gazelle, the larger buffalo, etc., where most predators go after the smaller, weaker gazelle and buffalo.

          And whether you find it repugnant or not, it isn’t the least bit “sub” human IMO, it is very much straight-forward human. Do I think it’s sad that certain species have gone extinct? I absolutely do. But then, animals came into existence and went extinct long before human beings were in the picture, so I see it as a normal part of life on this planet.

        • whatsa2

          I was aluding to the buddist thing of picking the larger animal as less karma. Some nepalese breed guinea pigs as a source of meat. they breed fast but you need to kill more of them to eat. This is a very sustainable
          method for them and environmentally responsible.
          And not sub-human….. It you cannot see the fallacy of
          the “one life” morons then I am sorry. Its self indulgent
          pandering for their supposed scorecard for a good seat in the afterlife.
          Humans have the capacity to be more far sighted and take into consideration the balance of nature. anything less is sub-human behaviour.

        • Paleo Huntress

          It’s only more sustainable if their diet is also more sustainable. They do eat some “grass”, but they also appear to need grains, seeds, fruit and veggies. An animal doesn’t grow fast in a vacuum, it takes in more food in order to grow faster. It still makes sense to eat animals that thrive on land that doesn’t need cultivation or require special resources… and one that is already growing something humans can’t eat, like pasture.

          And again, this whole “sub-human” thing is ridiculous. It is HUMANS who have been behaving in such a way for centuries, it isn’t sub human, it is PRIME HUMAN.

        • whatsa2

          Yes get enough people in a pack and they can justify their behaviour by numbers. It does not change the facts it just makes it harder to correct.
          More idiots doing the same stupid thing doesnt
          change the facts. This is how religions work righteousness by numbers. Thankfully we are slowly outgrowing that.
          For humans with the capacity to plan ahead in real terms, not using that is sub-human.

        • Paleo Huntress

          lol I guess it’s simply a matter of opinion. I find the typical behavior of any creature, “typical’. “Sub” means “under”, “below”, “beneath”, “slightly”, “imperfectly”, “nearly”, “secondary”, “subordinate” … and as such one who is sub-human would be behaving in a way that is somehow less than the behavior of typical humans. But typical isn’t ‘less than’, it’s typical.

          This doesn’t speak to the pack mentality, religion or idiocy, just the basics of the English language.


          You are of course, welcome to yours.

        • whatsa2

          yes sub is below their capacity….
          I think people are capable of far more than even my small points.

          accepted norms and behaviour are a very poor
          yard stick.
          but my point was about individuals more concerned with their personal savation than the wellbeing of our environment.

          So… if you feel the norm for some is fine I guess it will just continue as acceptable.

        • Paleo Huntress

          OK, then”sub-capacity” it is… but not sub-human. (Though it is argued that we are only capable of what we actually do in the moment, that it isn’t a matter of not fulfilling our capabilities but rather of changing we are capable of) Humans behaving as humans have always behaved, is normal and not sub. It may be less than you expect or different than you desire, but it is 100% typical human behavior.

          I haven’t expressed how I feel about any of this, I’m commenting on your use of “sub” to describe what is actually normal human behavior.

          I say that if the wellbeing of our environment is your primary concern, skip the mammals and cultivate the bugs.

  • Paul Spring

    Apparently the type of slow-growing cancer Jobs had meant he actually contracted cancer in his 20′s (See Dr. McDougall’s discussion on youtube. Taubes has been thoroughly discredited. All of your medical statements are just plain incorrect (e.g. carbs stress the pancreas, yeast overgrowth and the absurd statement that the body converts carbs into protein) There is so much solid information out there that anyone who is truly interested can find it.

  • Sam

    For those who doubt whole grains, from Harvard School of medicine:

    Moreover, sprouting improves their quality, reduces GI, and releases enzymes.

    Finally, if gluten intolerant, quinoa, GABA rice( sprouted), oats can be good

    • Paleo Huntress

      lol  Yes, if you soak or sprout it, it will be slightly less bad for you. ;-)
      Check out what Harvard PhD, and Harvard staff member, Dr. Mat Lalonde, has to say about the least nutrient-dense food you can eat.

  • Nye Tider

    he Steve Jobs didn’t survive the cancer! did he?

  • Nye Tider

    So to make exuses,the fat from animals is the key to a healthy body and brain? I dont buy this from a young person,without enough knowledge & years in business. Its many better sources for healthy fat! Cocos oil, thahin,olive oil ,fat from all kinds of nuts aso.

    • Paleo Huntress

      Do you believe in evolution, Nye? If so, where did early man get the so-called “healthy fat” from until recently? Where would a preindustrial person have gotten these fats year-round? Keep in mind, early man plots as a carnivore, eating mostly large herbivores according to the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, arguably the most respected expert resource in the world. Does it make sense that we’d evolve mechanisms to develop disease when consuming our primary food source? Evolution occurs from pressure, so if saturated fat caused disease, how would this faulty DNA get passed on?

      • Nye Tider

        We dont live in the stone ages anymore!

        • Paleo Huntress

          You misunderstand. The point is, we didn’t evolve getting fat from olives, coconut oil and nuts, we evolved getting our fats from animals, in other words, it is saturated animal fat that is healthy for the human body and brain. Living in the stone ages has nothing to do with it.

        • Nye Tider

          Tell that to the Elephants,Gorillas aso. too! Of course the early human beings got fat from seeds and plants too! We are NOT original Car’nivorous -take a better look at your teath,and why humans have appendix -Carnivorous have not! This is the fact and the truth.

        • Paleo Huntress

          Human beings aren’t elephants and gorillas. Essential fatty acids are produced in the guts of hind-gut fermentors. Humans don’t have this digestive ability so we need to get our essential fats from our food.

          As for the claims made by vegetarians far and wide, not even the VEGETARIAN experts agree with you.

          The following is from an article published at VegSource… perhaps you’re familiar with them?

          Humans are Omnivores

          The author, John McArdle, Ph.D., is a vegetarian, a primataologist and an expert anatomist. He also serves as the current Scientific Advisor to The American Anti-Vivisection Society

          Conclusion: Humans are classic examples of omnivores in all relevant anatomical traits. There is no basis in anatomy or physiology for the assumption that humans are pre-adapted to the vegetarian diet.

          I think you should leave this stuff to the experts, Nye, the folks who actually know what they’re talking about. =)

  • helen

    hey when its your time no diet or anything will help its just your time.

  • Kb

    I’ll take what a UCSF physician (Ornish) says over an internet quack any day of the week.

  • Fat Eddie

    Give it up, you pawns of the food industry, grant-enriched nutrtion studies, and fat cat diet doctors…you are going to die….we all are going to die…and live long enough, comes the inevitable decline…children get cancer without using drugs or alcohol and they sometimes die without delay of the best treatments in the land..only out of abundance comes the absolute folly and distortion of foodstuff with a host of dysmorphic complexes and eating disorders…ugh, I say, and a pox upon you all…

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  • GG

    Before bashing his diet I think everyone needs to remember that he died of pancreatic cancer. As a person who suffers from chronic pancreatitis and battles this disease everyday I can tell you right now, THAT is why he ate a diet he did. When you have problems with your pancreas who have a hard time digesting your food MOSTLY FATS!!! You should eat a diet that consist of mostly raw fruit and vegetables. Extremely low fat, no processed food and artificial ingredients. Your body just can’t digest them! And do you really think vegans do not get protein? Obviously you need to learn more about nutrition. Wha do you think is in beans or edamame. Did you know there is more protein in broccoli than steak? Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest cancer you can get and almost no one survives it past 5 years. He survived 8. His diet did not give him cancer. In fact it probably gave him a few more years. You should really get more information on a subject before you open your mouth and write a article about it.

    • Paleo Huntress

      First, the pancreas has nothing whatsoever to do with the metabolism of fat, that would be your gallbladder. The pancreas is all about glucose.

      Second, it is utterly tragic that Furhman’s false claims about plant proteins are still be disseminated– it makes his followers look like “twu believers”.

      “Broccoli has more protein than steak”—and other crap

      “According the Dr. Furhman’s book, Eat to Live, a 100-calorie portion of sirloin steak has 5.4 grams of protein, and a 100-calorie portion of broccoli has 11.2 grams of protein. This is rubbish. According to the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service’s Nutrient Data Laboratory database, 100 calories of broiled beef, top sirloin steak has exactly 11.08 grams of protein and 100 calories of chopped, raw broccoli has exactly 8.29. I’m not sure what universe Dr. Furhman lives in, but in my universe, 8.29 is less than 11.08.”

      I can explain the discrepancy in numbers by the simple fact that Dr. Furhman and I used different sources for our information. Dr. Furham wrote his book—the one that contains the piece of drivel under consideration—in 2005, but he chose to reference a nutrition book written in 1986 (Adams, C. 1986. Handbook of the Nutritional Value of Foods in Common Units, New York: Dover Publications). Why did he dig up a reference nearly two decades old and not just use the USDA internet database, which is—and has been since the 1990s—available to anyone with a library card and a half a brain? While I do not wish to speculate on exactly which of these tools Dr. Furhman might be lacking, suffice it to say that it would take less than 10 minutes for any blogger interested in the truth of the matter to find a more recent source of information—assuming of course that bloggers who perpetuate this particular fiction are interested in the truth.”

      You should really get more information on a subject before you open your mouth.

  • Stephanie

    Hi Dave,
    You mentioned that on a high-carb vegan diet “Your stress hormones will rise in response and even your genes will respond. For short periods of time, this can even be healthy.” Exactly how short of a period of time would this be healthy? Could you possibly do a piece on the 80/10/10 (fruititarian) diet? I’m unable to find much scientific information about it, but it’s very intriguing and I would like to try it as a delicious detox. Who doesn’t want to gorge on sugary fruit?! Thanks for all the articles and podcasts you release – they’re fun to listen to and they’ve been improving my health drastically!

  • K V Cash

    it wasn’t the diet that killed him – it was his awful diet prior to the diet that could have helped him had he started sooner…this article is stupid. I love my plant based diet – had I not been “forced” on to it at 7 years of age because of my extreme ill health and my mother and doctor believing I was failing to thrive…I probably wouldn’t be here today.

  • John Mclaren

    McDougall makes a good case that Jobs may have developed a slow growing cancer when he worked in an electronics factory back in early 1970′s. I too am vegan, high fruit, about half raw, 80% whole carbs, no oils and only a tiny bit of raw nuts. 50 yo, athletic and never felt better. This article is a huge distortion. The people dying around me are everyone except the natural food vegans. Why on earth would fruitarians supplement fiber? Fruit is loaded with fiber. It’s a primary source. I’ve never heard of these fiber supplements- that stuff is for for people who avoid fruit, legumes and grains. I’m probably getting too much fiber.

    And starvation reactions from not eating fats and meat? Give me a freakin break! I feel sorry for meat eaters because they can hardly eat! I eat mountains of low density fruits, whole grains and veggies. I eat to capacity. These poor paleo dieters are the ones starving themselves of carbohydrates and counting calories, eventually having starvation reactions and going for the fats every time. That’s why they can’t keep weight off. Besides all that acidic metabolizing, health destroying high protein. Protein- what a terrible energy source. Fat is not much better except maybe for extreme endurance sports. Does that describe many of you?

    Also very low fat and avoid saturated fats. Humans make most of the fats they need, the rest are best from raw nuts, and humans should ingest zero cholesterol, optimally. Ingesting free cholesterol from some other animal is a big liability.

  • walchy

    Can anyone provide some studies for the claims above? thanks in advance


  • Bill Woody

    Asprey is such a dumbass! Boys and girls, science is repeatable. It is not flawless but, all the cards are usually on the table. I wish I could say Asprey is only interested in your wallet. Yet, I think he also wants you to think he is brilliant. Unfortunately, he is still just another dumbass telling people what he thinks they want to hear.

    • Paleo Huntress

      “Unfortunately, he is still just another dumbass telling people what he thinks they want to hear.”

      Oh, the funny.

      “I resemble that remark.” ~Garfield

  • Vesa

    I kinda agree with the nutritional statement of this post, but the way Dave piggybacks another persons death to further his own ideology, makes me wanna throw up. “Dr. Ornish, it’s time for you to recant your extremist low-fat views. They’re killing people every day.” seriously? Cancer is much more complicated than this.

    And there’s a lot of people writing blogs and articles concerning nutrition who back their claims with references to studies or with science and who don’t have an agenda selling their own line of products.

  • tofucatnip

    One has to come to the sad conclusion that you’re funded by Big Beef. Your generalizations and wild conclusions are breathtaking, Bulletproof.

    • Paleo Huntress


  • Threeoclock

    I have no idea how i came across this website, but where does this blind confidence come from? Everything people did 1000 years ago or 10000 years ago must obviously be truth to be followed. I guess 10000 years from now, they’ll have the McDonalds and genocides to emulate our society on. Science is a term that has come to mean something other than what it perhaps is. Getting a phd, working at a university all these things that makes one a scientist today, doesn’t guarantee there to be much science at all produced. Science isn’t about conflicts of interest, attachment or having an ego, it is about open-mindedness, humility (believe me, we may pride ourselves on our televisions and cars, but there is a whole realm of possibility and mystery this universe presents us with, that if you knew much of anything you’d realize how ill-equipped we are to project out into this world with a hard head and closed mind) and experience. ” Man was meant to eat meat, hence we should enslave and torture animals…” “No man was meant to eat vegetables and fruits…” Who is to say what man was meant to do? Do you believe every ridiculous article you read because you can find one out there that says pretty much anything, many of written by “esteemed scientists”. Our only problem right now is one of close mindedness, arrogance and lack of humility. The scientific community of today reminds me more of the religious community condemning astronomers hundreds of years ago than of people concerned with truth and progress. What gets me though is how impassioned not the “scientists” and “doctors”, but the lay person will argue and argue as though they have years of first hand experimental knowledge that all but exhausts every other possibility and points to this singular truth in which we all must follow. When in reality, most of these people have read article after article or talked to so and so, and read these books, and simply because it made sense on some level, it is the absolute truth. Geeze, open your minds, stop fighting. You don’t know. Diet is a stupid thing to be so stubbornly attached to or develop some overly confident world view. Don’t let the internet fool you into thinking you’ve exhausted all realm of possibility. Don’t let your ability to form a rebuttal fool you into thinking you know something more than you do. And finally, how does it feel to just butt heads with someone?
    It seems awfully convenient for anyone in our society to speak so arrogantly of food, when most don’t produce it themselves. All those staunch meat eaters, i’m glad you not only lack a regard for another living thing (doesn’t take much I guess, and this disregard is obviously something to have pride in), but please don’t compare yourself to other carnivores. We’re the only species that relies primarily on cooked meat, covered in spices, herbs, sauces and bread crumbs. Not to mention most of the meat your eating, is meat you so conveniently buy in a grocery store where an animal has been enslaved verses hunted. Its great, you are the only carnivore in the world who doesn’t and has no instinct to, get their hands dirty. But every time you grill up your chicken and go endlessly on while you eat it that you are being a ‘caveman’ (obviously, who wouldn’t want to be one, especially as they have been depicted to us) and getting all that protein (obviously again, you all have know the science here), in reality, you are so far from the people and animals you compare yourself to and more like a gluten who simply enjoys the flavor and is unable to imagine a different reality than the one they were born into. I don’t know if my diet is the one we’re meant to eat, but I also realize there is an awful shit load of conflicts of interest, suffering and environmental damage behind what we’ve all been raised on. Think for yourselves and actually say something. Because saying ‘we’re meant to’ or claiming some abstract scientific claim you don’t understand, is not saying anything at all (it’s so funny how we always fall back to superstition and blind fear as a society). And if you got nothing to say, simply realize these are stupid things to be attached to. You didn’t form this society before you were born into it!

    • Paleo Huntress

      It’d be great if you’d reduce to wall-o-words to something that lends itself to reading.

  • rarnedsoum

    You’re an idiot.
    What kind of science and common send do you possess?
    You will pass soon, based on your intelligence, as reported.
    Good luck.

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