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Bulletproof Products – Upgraded Coffee, Whey & More

The Bulletproof Executive is here because I love helping people. It has never been a source of personal income for me to date. It takes five people to make it possible, plus countless contractors and a huge body of knowledge.  We run at breakeven or a loss. I support my family with a full-time job as a tech executive.

Here you will find Upgraded Coffee, Upgraded Whey, Upgraded Chocolate, and the other noticeably effective products I’ve created based on biohacking principles.

has all my biohacking inventions plus other unusual things selected based on a simple rule: I only carry things I personally use or recommend in order to improve my health, happiness, and life.  Much of it is unavailable anywhere else. You can find most of the tools and supplements I use to stay Bulletproof here.

As a matter of integrity, I don’t carry anything I don’t use (or in some rare cases, highly recommend for people without allergies, etc.)

Everything else on the blog is free – from the podcast to the articles, to the infographics and guides.  I write the truth as I see it, unspoiled by commercial interests.

I’m  grateful when you do anything to support the blog, whether it’s introducing it to a friend, commenting, ordering something or using our sister site

With sincere thanks,