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“Fat Burning Man,” Abel James and Bulletproof Exec Unite – #48

Abel James
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This podcast is with Abel James – a #1 best-selling author, fat loss coach, musician, radio show host, and veritable health crusader. Abel also runs the extremely popular “Fat Burning Man” show – which is one of the top health podcasts on iTunes.

A former strategic advisor to the food and beverage industry, Abel now acts as a consumer advocate who exposes the truth behind deceptive marketing practices, misleading corporate propaganda, and powerful special interests that have accelerated the worldwide obesity epidemic and health crisis. Abel harnesses the techniques he developed for the Lean Body System to achieve extremely compelling results in fat loss and health for his clients and the community.

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What We Cover

  •   1:05 – Why and How Abel is a Biohacker
  •   1:50 – Silicon Wafers vs. Real Food
  •   2:55 – What Abel Plans to Biohack in Thailand
  •   4:50 – Dave’s Experience in Thailand & Zen meditation
  •   6:45 – Mega-dosing on Piracetam (Good or Bad?)
  •   9:30 – Individual Variability in Acetyl-Choline
  • 10:20 – Dave’s Goal in Taking Smart Drugs
  • 11:35 – Maximum Performance vs. Rest
  • 13:50 – The Hardest Part of Exercise, According to Dave
  • 14:50 – Fine Tuning Your Peak Performance
  • 15:50 – Bulletproof MMA Ambassador, Rest, and the Bulletproof Diet
  • 17:20 – Counterintuitive Health & Efficiencies Achieved from Abel
  • 18:45 – 60 & 70 Year Old Women Bio-hackers & Performance
  • 20:30 – Putting “New Wheels” on Dave’s Old Volvo
  • 22:00 – Abel’s Experience w/ MCT Oil
  • 24:00 – Sugar cravings vs. MCT Oil
  • 26:25 – Decision Making Fatigue
  • 30:20 – Music, the Brain, Tears, and Performance
  • 33:30 – The Secret Ability Musicians Have
  • 34:45 – Music and Math
  • 36:00 – Music, the Subconscious Mind, and Auditory Strength
  • 38:50 – Dave’s 40-year Meditation Retreat and Listening Skill
  • 41:50 – Visual Acuity Hacking
  • 42:20 – Dave’s Experience in an Escape and Evasion Course
  • 45:30 – Abel’s First Time Trying Modafinil
  • 49:10 – Your Frame-Rate on Modafinil (Similar to Advanced Meditators)
  • 51:30 – Dave’s Inner Dialogue (lol)
  • 53:45 – Top 3 Recommendations to be Your Most High Performance Self

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  • Meghan

    You and Abel discuss MCT oil… I don’t drink coffee in the am but I do make a great veggie omelet… can I cook my omelet in MCT oil?

    • Chet Lok

      No. MCT oil is instable when heated so do not use it for cooking. Furthermore the whole idea of taking the MCT oil together with coffee in the morning and no food is to start your day off in ketosis. So by eating an omelet first thing in the morning you ignore the whole concept and diminish the effects. If you really do not want to drink coffee mix it with tea instead.

      • Desiree

        The bottle says it’s stable to cook with below 320 degrees. I’ve used it for omelets without issue – at least as good as cooking with olive or coconut oil.

        • kalidestroyer

          Just drink a couple tablespoons by itself, it’s tasteless. Don’t cook with it, you can pour it on your omelette if you have some irrational fear of drinking oil on its own. Protein in the omelette won’t necessarily prevent ketosis, use ketosis testing strips if your goal in taking mct oil is inducing ketosis. Mct oil has benefits beyond simply inducing ketosis. Test different varieties, see what you prefer and how your body reacts. It’s not rocket science, it’s biohacking. Don’t let perfect become the enemy of the good or better.

        • Chet Lok

          I see what you mean. One should not be too worried about being perfect in all this. As regards to the prevention of entering ketosis I did not especially mean due to proteins but due to the veggies. It depends on the type of veggies, but some do contain substantial amounts of carbs.

        • Chet Lok

          I consider 320 degrees to be fairly low. Especially compared to olive oil which has a smoking point of around 400 degrees fahrenheit depending on the type (extra virgin, virgin etc). So I would rather not use it. The temperature in your pan does not only depend on the heating source(high heat, low heat) but also on what you are actually cooking. It follows that when cooking vegetables or fruit with a lot water inside your temp will stay lower. In that case you may want to use MCT oil, but other than that I would not recommend it since it’s easy to go beyond 320 degrees fahrenheit and damage the oil.

        • Len

          Unless you are using an induction cooktop with precise temperature control odds are you will have hot spots. I would only cook in an animal fat as a last resort like talo, butter, or best yet Ghee (think saturated fats). Fats that are not saturated will oxides well below its smoke point. Olive oil is very unstable when heated because it is mostly monounsaturated. This is better that a polyunsaturated but not ideal because it will oxidize easily and is not a good option for cooking. This is part of the reason that Dave talks about how oil should be added at the very end of cooking after the fire is off.

          Heat isn’t cholesterol’s friend and eggs yolks are all cholesterol so I wouldn’t cook them at all. Cooked egg yolks are inflammatory, Dave talks about how omelets aren’t bulletproof I believe on the Joe Rogan Experience.

        • Sadi Nelson Michels

          Has anyone tried cooking with well sourced red palm oil? I have some but haven’t used it yet. Just curious.

        • ???ds? ???p

          It tastes like crap and it increases your absorption of endotoxins from your gut.

        • ???ds? ???p

          Len is 100% correct. Don’t cook with olive oil. Smoke point is smoke point, not oxidation point. :)

  • Jolly Old Boy

    When we gonna hear Jason Miller on podcast?

  • lance

    Dave, can you provide some insight into the research about low fat veg diet and improving MS health?

  • Sadi Nelson Michels

    Awesome podcast!! Two of my favorite podcasters together, what could be better? Thanks guys!!!

  • MJ

    Dave, what is the name of your auditory processing condition where background noise is not filtered out in the brainstem? How does one know if one has this condition?

    • ???ds? ???p

      An audiologist can help! Podcast with one coming up! :)

  • Daedalus

    Best podcast so far.

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  • Scott

    Great podcast! (fyi: your ‘podcast question form’ link is down)

  • AndrewinNH

    You found a source for Phenylpiracetam? Please, do tell! I was getting extremely sleepy after a few months on aniracetam, so it is good to know why.

    Modafinil doesn’t combine well with Aniracetam, but Modafinil with Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean) extract is awesome! It may be dangerous, though, as I theorize that much dopamine can burn out the receptors.

    • ???ds? ???p

      Dopamine resistance is a real phenomena! That combination (modafinil and mucuna) didn’t work well for me, but aniracetam did…biohacking is pretty individualized… :)

  • Blogging4Living

    Wow, Thailand and health. That is exactly what Im doing right now. One thing I learned in Thailand is the power of Coconuts and the use of Coconut Oil. Coconut oil can really help with metabolism

  • lance

    has anyone got any additional information on grass/[pasture fed cows and whey quality.

    I have seen this post

    but I have also seen research article supporting grass fed cows and health. Any additional information to clarify?

    • Len

      Interesting article about the meaning of ‘grass fed’. Unfortunately I can’t speak to the truth of it (though Ori is usually right). In addition, I’ve used that particular whey powder for over a year now, and it rocks! I believe it’s unlike any other out there.

    • ???ds? ???p

      Ori and I source our whey from the same manufacturer, at least the last time I checked we did. The difference is that Upgraded Whey also has a ton of colostrum and some MCT in it. It’s designed for 2 Tbs a day for immune stimulation, not a bulk protein source. I use Upgraded Collagen for that, as excess whey (even the very good stuff) has inflammatory properties.

  • Mike

    Dave – Curious about your APD and what you think helps the most. I have
    a 7yr old with an APD. He already eats pretty bulletproof – fav.
    foods are butter, bacon, and steak, and we supplement with Nootropil and
    Phosphatidylcholine, but wondering if there are any other great hacks
    out there to help develop his neural pathways. Given his age, there is a
    lot of opportunity. He currently goes to an audiology center and
    works in a sound room where they stress him with all sorts of ambient
    noise, which is great for building filtering skills, but wondering if
    there is anything else like Neuroptimal or some of the other brain tools
    you’ve used we should try. Thanks

    • Ryan

      Add modafinil to your stack. You can get it from Its very synergistic with nootropil.

  • Len

    One comment regarding taking time off and seeing quick gains after starting up again. This is a well known strategy used in elite powerlifing circles. It’s referred to as ‘softening up before gaining’. The idea behind it is that new trainees make the biggest gains in just about any exercise mode (the first 4-8 weeks or so). By strategically cycling in periods of time off to ‘soften up’, when exercise is resumed, advanced trainees often get an additional performance boost, presumed to be a result of the ‘new-trainee affect’.

    The great powerlifting coach Marty Gallagher writes about this extensively. I don’t know if this practice helps in other sports, but if you’re in the strength game, it can certainly works.

  • Brandon Adams

    Can anyone provide references for the psychological problems that can occur with Zen meditation?

    • ???ds? ???p

      If you’ve ever seen a true spiritual emergency, it’s a powerful thing that even the best therapists struggle to work with.

      If memory serves from my Tibetan Buddhist retreat at Kopan Monastery, there are different paths to enlightenment. The fast path is the most dangerous. The slow path, over many lifetimes, is the safest but the slowest. At dinner one evening in Kathmandu, I randomly met an ex Berkley professor who is living in a cave outside Kathmandu, who had left teaching, fully convinced she could reach enlightenment in one lifetime by following the fast path, even though she faced the real danger (according to her teachers) of insanity. has a lot of other anecdotal points…

      • Brandon Adams


  • nora t

    Anyone develop a “tolerance” to Bulletproof Coffee? When I started drinking it two months ago I had the typical, awesome results – energy, focus etc. I looked forward to drinking it. Now, I have to make myself make it and drink it. I don’t get the results I used to and the taste is eh. The only change I’ve made is going from coconut oil to MCT oil and adding a tbsp of Upgraded Collagen. Thoughts? I am so bummed.

  • Alisha

    Excellent post!! I had a great read. Thanks for sharing the details about the program.

  • Jennifer

    Dave- I seem to be struggling with keeping to the bulletproof diet. I am a single mom of 2 girls, I work full time and go to school full time getting my Nursing degreee, so life’s craziness seems to consume me, and usually end up taking the fast and easy way out. I know you are a very busy man, do you have any tips on how I can manage life and the bulletproof diet together? I know you have struggled with weight in the past, and I have my whole adult life. I want to teach my kids a better way to live, and also be around for them as long as I possibly can. Thanks.

  • DevourCatering

    really enjoyed the podcast

  • Alex Juel

    Great show Dave. You had much more enthusiasm than normal. Sounds like you and Abel are long-time buddies 😉

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