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#46: Bulletproof Your Systems with Reichart Von Wolfsheild, Host of Invention USA – Podcast

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Reichart Von Wolfsheild is a host on History Channel’s Invention USA.  He is a technologist, inventor, artist and futurist. Starting in his teens, he designed and built a computer CPU from scratch. In the early 1980s, while helping pioneer music videos for the then-fledgling network, MTV, he started his first successful technology company developing Artificial Intelligence applications. Blending his talents from several fields he made history conceiving one of the first multi-player modem video games, kicking off a franchise. He has designed everything from toys to weapons and developed more than 120 products for companies such as Boeing, Disney, Dreamworks and Mattel, and is always looking for the next fun challenge.

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What We Cover

  • 1:50 How does systems thinking fit into invention?
  • 3:40 Is laziness at the core of inventing?
  • 6:40 The steps Reichart takes to systemize a solution to a new problem
  • 17:15 How do you optimize your life?
  • 19:50 The two most important things you must ask yourself to optimize your life
  • 21:50 Life-hacking & attraction: Do you really like what you think you like?
  • 24:15 Your invisible dialogue: Is it set by you or society?
  • 25:20 What Reichart has done to systemize his health
  • 29:50 Health hacking vs the cost of insurance
  • 35:30 Getting custom access to lawyers, doctors, and other professionals
  • 42:00 The most important thing Von Wolfshield learned from an hour with a personal trainer
  • 43:15 Top 3 recommendations to be more Bulletproof

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Let me Google Reichart For You:)

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  • enemee1982

    Reichart really pronounces his tees

  • Jenny Martineau

    Your discussion about models and the difference between what we are told we should want and what we actually want was incredible! It really got me thinking about the vast difference in experience when we treat the body as an ornament as opposed to being fully embodied and being a fully sensual person-using all of our senses to navigate life.

  • SophyMav

    I loved this podcast… Thank you

  • eduardo curachio

    I tried to find Reichart Von Wolfsheild’s age on all of the search engines with no luck, anybody know how old he is?

  • Scott

    I’m really interested in getting better at tracking my health & Reichart’s method using a wiki sounded really interesting. Anyone have any suggestions on how to start this up?

  • yuck.

    Reichart is an interesting thinker and guest for the podcast. But on the level of human relationships and the subject of attraction… he leaves much to be desired. Healthy, unhealthy, toned, skinny, flabby, or whatever… a woman is a person with innate value, and touching her is a privilege accorded through trust. Unless, of course, one names the right price for an hour of her time.

    • Philip Douglass

      I agree with this. His perspective on women as objects was pretty clear, but his comment about feeling like strangling these so-called “vapid” woman was startlingly violent.

      Dave, I appreciate that you did not have the same perspective, but I think that this comment deserved more than an uncomfortable silence and re-framing. It needed to be directly challenged.

      Jackson Katz’s TEDxTalk has a good perspective on this as a leadership issue:

      • scg892

        It’s just an expression. Lighten up. He didn’t really want to strangle them. You’ve really never heard that before? Like a kid saying ‘my parents are gonna kill me’. They’re not really gonna kill the kid. It’s an exaggeration. Sheesh.

        • Philip Douglass

          If you truly think my criticism stems from a belief that he intended actual physical harm, you fundamentally miss the point — and you perpetuate the problem: with your metaphor you effectively compared those women to children.

          I have plenty of good humor, but I don’t think I need to lighten up about this. Language has a powerful effect on our own perceptions, and the perceptions of others. I was just pointing out a problem I saw — I’m not trying to make a federal case about it!

  • Philip Douglass

    Aside from my reservations about his view of women, Reichart Von Wolfsheild is one hell of an interesting thinker.

  • Marc Theiler

    I finally got around to this Podcast with crazy-man Reichart. Reichart is definitely in my top three Bulletproof guests. Reichart reminds me of the super hero – ModMan. Never heard of ModMan? ModMan is the superhero that saves the day from the space in between lapses in conversation.

    You may have run into ModMan once or twice, or perhaps have become him yourself. ModMan is the kick-ass, ever-hustling, super savvy professional that eats, training and lives Bulletproof – and ooh yeah, supplements with Modafinil.

    Give Modman a project, 200mg of Mod, Bulletproof coffee, grass-fed steak – and 24 hours – he’ll give you 48 hours of productivity and large doses of innovation. Side-effects include: Speaking rapidly with impeccable clarity with almost no regard for a break in expressing the current topic’s most salient and critical aspects.

    Sorry, being silly here – but after listening to 10 minutes of Reichart, the first thing that came to mind is SiliconValleyModer (that’s a good thing). I would listen to folks like Reichart talk all day long. He provided the audience with incredible value in a short period of time.

    Thanks Dave for having him on. When he said he tracked 67,000 line items, I nearly lost my shit giggling. I thought I was OCD/ADD. I love it.

    Keep on, Keeping on – these are wonderful times.

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