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Ari Meisel: The Art of Less Doing – #23

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In 2006, Ari was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Ari’s case was severe, and required over a dozen daily medications and several hospital visits. After reaching a personal low point in hospital, Ari decided he would do everything in his power to strengthen his, by then, weak body. Through a combination of yoga, nutrition, natural supplements and rigorous exercise (Triathon and Crossfit) he was able to fight back the symptoms of Crohns until he was finally able to suspend his medication. Eventually Ari was declared free of all traces of the ‘incurable’ disease, and competed in Ironman France in June of 2011. Ari has since spoken at seminars and at a regional TED Talk about his struggle against a seemingly insurmountable opponent. Through the process of data collection, self tracking, and analysis, Ari helped develop Less Doing. This was a way of dealing with the daily stresses of life by optimizing, automating, and outsourcing all of his tasks in life and business. Now he focuses on Achievement Architecture, helping individuals be more effective at everything.  Ari joins us on Bulletproof Executive Radio to talk about how you can do the same.

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What We Cover

  1. How did you get interested in what you call achievement architecture?
  2. How did you apply your problem solving skills to curing your Crohn’s  disease?
  3. What is Crohn’s disease, for people who don’t know?
  4. What enabled you to cure an incurable disease?
  5. How did Yoga improve your symptoms?
  6. What supplements did you find most effective?
  7. How did sports help you recover?
  8. Are the steps you took to cure Crohn’s disease applicable to other diseases, or problems in general?
  9. What are your top three tips for productivity?
  10. What are the most common things holding people back from getting things done?
  11. Do you think your experience in architecture and systems thinking helped you “build” your body back from where it was?
  12. If so, how?
  13. How do you use outsourcing to improve your life?
  14. How do you start outsourcing, and at what point should you consider it?
  15. If you had to lay down 5 steps or less for people to drastically improve their health and performance – what would they be?
  16. Where can people learn more about you?

Links From The Show


Food & Supplements

Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee Beans

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Kerrygold Grass-Fed Butter

Grass-Fed Meat

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

Organic Macadamia Oil


HeartMath emWave 2


The Immortality Institute


Jack Kruse

Chris Kresser

Chris Masterjohn

Alan Aragon

James Kreiger

Martin Berkhan

Robb Wolf

Stephan Guyenet

Mat Lalonde


Click here to view the transcript of Ari Meisel: The Art of Less Doing – #23

Listener Q & A Summary

  1. Are seeds, beans, and oats healthy?
  2. How do you cure a candida infection?
  3. What are some good training tips for marathons?
  4. What are the best resources for health and wellness information?
  5. Does ursolic acid help heal cuts?

Biohacker Report (latest studies & research)

“Influence of mental workload on muscle endurance, fatigue, and recovery during intermittent static work.”

“Cyclists Improve Pedaling Efficacy and Performance After Heavy Strength Training.”

“DHA-rich oil modulates the cerebral haemodynamic response to cognitive tasks in healthy young adults: a near IR spectroscopy pilot study.”

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Listener Questions


Do you know where I can buy grass fed butter in Canada?

What is your take on omega 3 eggs vs normal eggs (factory raised).

Coconut oil is very cheap online in large quantities such as Nutiva.

However, it comes in a plastic bottle. Plastic, especially with fat seems to be a constant problem as you mentioned.  So I was wondering your take on this?

I would like your opinion on macadamia oil for flavor and health benefits.


Do you have guidelines relating to seeds, predominantly pumpkin, sunflower, watermelon, flax and sesame seeds? I think these are great for healthy fats and proteins. Do you agree? Why are dried legumes to be avoided. I thought they would be a good source of protein and have some excellent nutrients. I take it rolled oats are to be left out also?


Hi Dave and Armi,

I am a big fan of the show and Thanks for all the research that you do.

I have suffered with GI issues all my life which resulted in 7 surgeries, even losing my gall bladder at the age 16 because doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. I have always eaten healthy and cut out gluten over two years ago as I found I was allergic. I started the Paleo diet a month ago but I still catch everything where I am always sick (Just got over Bronchitis and the flu at the same time) and I am still always tired. I am currently training for my first marathon and it is hard staying with my training with me being sick. What is the best way to make sure Candida is out of your body for sure? Also any great tips on training are welcome.


  1. Outside of this blog(obviously) and some of the people who you interviewed, what sites, blogs, resources do you check out for life hacking/health/exercise info?
  2. Also, my next experiment will be adding ursolic acid for a cut. It is found in apple peels. Lots of really interesting studies of late(check out the Iowa study). Are you familiar or have any experience with the stuff?
  • Chris Kresser
  • Chris Masterjohn
  • Alan Aragon
  • James Kreiger
  • Martin Berkhan
  • Robb Wolf
  • Stephan Guyenet
  • Mat Lalonde

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  • Alex

    Thanks a lot for answering my questions! I really enjoy your podcasts & the recent interviews :)

  • Laurencewolf

    Hi Armi/Dave,

    Great show as usual. I think the probiotic that Ari is referring to is the Ultra 75 not the one you have linked. BTW, how do you rate it compared to the product you recommend?



  • Kem Johnson

    Stumbled onto the podcast… somehow, and love it. More to the point, I love your recipe for coffee. I remember and quite liked that Sherpa tea (thirty odd years ago) that I had in Nepal. Not sure how many days it had been simmering on the yak dung fire, but damn it was good.

    • Dave Asprey

      Yep, some of that yak butter tea was rancid…but fresh was awesome! 😉

  • Zack Leman

    What is the book you mention that talks about honey? Thanks

    • Dave Asprey

      It’s on loan to someone! The Honey Miracle or The Honey Solution.

      • Zack Leman

        Would it be “The Honey Prescription: The Amazing Power of Honey as Medicine” by Nathanial Altman?

        • Dave Asprey

          You nailed it!

  • Laura Holt

    Oh. My. God. Oh my god. I tried making the smoothie you talked about in a recent podcast (I can’t remember which one or I would comment there) and you are exactly right in your description. It is the creamiest, most delicious concoction I have ever tasted. It’s like a milk shake but better. I followed your basic instructions with a few deviations for what I had on hand:

    1 cup raw, grass-fed milk
    2 yolks
    3-4 Tbs Kerrygold
    1 Tbs high-fat cocoa powder
    20 grams whey concentrate (or 3 Tbs collagen)
    1 packet stevia/erythritol sweetener

    You were right, you do need to blend the crap out of the first three ingredients, and–like magic–suddenly the butter emulsifies into an amazingly creamy, wonderful… ok, I need to make one again today.

    I just want to thank you so much for this amazing recipe and for what you do here! You have changed the way I think about myself and the world. Especially love the podcast!!

    • Dave Asprey

      Laura, so glad you nailed the recipe. If you get the blending right, you might not even need the “get some” effect of the recipe to have a wonderful night. ?

    • Mia

      Great! Can’t wait to try that! How much is a packet of stevia?
      Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Zorica

    Regarding non-grass fed butter in Canada, I use L’Ancetre butter. It says access to pasture weather permitting on their website. I will try to get some across the border, it’s just that I don’t get a chance to do that very often.

    Is L’Ancetre OK, and even as you mentioned on another podcast cultured (from conventional cows), is that OK? I need to be optimal but of course look at my budget too. If it ends up that conventional but cultured butter is the same as the L’Ancetre, then I’ll get the cultured and save ~$3 dollars per pack.


    I DO spend on pharmaceutical grade MCT oil, good quality coffee, the L’Ancetre butter, and just recently found a place to get grass-fed beef. I also get wild caught fish, I get eggs from free-run (chicken scratch…I don’t know exactly what that is…) that is hormone and anti-biotic free…the yolks are closer to orange colour and it tastes different/better. Veggies I still get from crap supermarket, but with farmers markets now open that’s my new source.

    • Zorica

      O, and Nutiva coconut oil too!

    • Dave Asprey

      Sounds like you’re on the right path. You can buy grass fed ghee mixed with coconut oil at the garage grocery store too!

  • Jonathan Roseland

    What a story! A man who life hacked his way through crones disease. I love Ari’s life hack for parking tickets… What a way to save money considering the cost of parking in NY!

  • anb

    Another great blog I came across via Mark Sisson is SuppVersity at

  • desperate

    Hi & thanks for the great podcasts –
    my question is about maca. I have an autoimmune thyroid disease so I am trying to balance my endocrine system (while continuing to take my desiccated thyroid hormone). I have been taking a Tbsp of raw maca powder in my smoothie daily for about a month. I have noticed no ill effect but heard you say (on the Joe Rogan podcast) that nobody should take raw maca, and that all Peruvians cook it first. I still have about a pound of the raw maca and am wondering if I can cook it, or gelatinize it myself? Would baking it work?


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