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James Krieger: A Non-Bulletproof View on Artificial Sweeteners – #15

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James Krieger is a nutrition expert and the founder of Weightology, LLC, a weekly publication and consulting service based on providing non-biased health information and weight loss advice.  He also runs a blog debunking health myths called the “Health Sleuth.”  He is the former research director for a corporate weight management program that treated over 400 people per year, with an average weight loss of 40 pounds in 3 months.  His former weight loss clients include the founder of Sylvan Learning Centers and The Little Gym, the vice president of Costco, and a former vice president of MSN.  He has given over 75 lectures on weight loss-related topics to physicians, dietitians, and other professionals.

In addition, James has authored five peer reviewed studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Journal of Applied Physiology.

James joins us today on Bulletproof Executive Radio specifically to talk about how artificial sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives may be affecting your health.  We don’t agree with everything James says, which is why it was so fun talking with him.  It’s important to examine every side of the argument, and challenge your current beliefs.  Please be sure to let us know what you think of our conversation with James in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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What We Cover

  1. How did you get interested in fat loss and nutrition?
  2. Are artificial sweeteners as bad as many people think?
  3. Why do you think artificial sweeteners have gotten such a bad reputation?
  4. The history of some of the most common artificial sweeteners, and their possible health effects/safety.
  5. A research based approach to aspartame, neotame, Sucralose, acesculfame Potassium, stevia, and lohan wo.
  6. What are the main concerns with preservatives, and are these concerns founded on research?
  7. What are some of the preservatives people should try to avoid?
  8. Are preservatives like MSG really that bad?  What about nitrites and nitrates found in bacon?
  9. Are there any health risks with dyes/colorings?

Links From The Show


James Krieger

The Health Sleuth 

Food & Supplements





Nicotine Gum

Saw Palmetto Extract 

Lindt 99% Dark Chocolate

Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee Beans

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein



VRP Magnesium



Ceramic Pans

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

Tivoli Cookware

Grape Seed Extract

Green Tea Extract

Dextrose Powder (glucose)


The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

The Better Baby Book by Dave Asprey

Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes


Garmin Forerunner 405 CX GPS Watch

HeartMath emWave 2


Click here to view the transcript of James Krieger: A Non-Bulletproof View on Artificial Sweeteners – #15


Listener Q & A Summary

  1.  Should you use L-Glutamine?
  2. Wil Saw Palmetto improve your health and increase hair growth?
  3. Is nicotene gum a good way to boost emtnal performance?
  4. How does the Bulletproof Diet differ from paleo?
  5. What are Dave’s top 3 baby hacks?
  6. Can you use a Garmin 405 to track heart rate variability?
  7. Will smart drugs improve endurance performance?
  8. Does piracetam improve ADHD symptoms?
  9. Should you take a multivitamin?
  10. What is the safest cookware?

Biohacker Report

(latest studies & research)

“Healthy Older Adults’ Sleep Predicts All-Cause Mortality at 4 to 19 Years of Follow-Up”

“The effect of particle size of whole-grain flour on plasma glucose, insulin, glucagon and thyroid-stimulating hormone in humans.”

“Concord grape juice supplementation improves memory function in older adults with mild cognitive impairment.”

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Listener Questions


Can you go into more details on L-Glutamine? Who should take it, how much, when, etc. thanks.


My wife is reading “The Healing Codes.”  Do you have any experience with those guys and their techniques?


What are your thoughts on Saw Palmetto and health, particularly for hair loss?

You all mentioned in a recent podcast that niacin is in coffee. What are your thoughts on supplementing with nicotine gum for focus?


How does the Bulletproof Diet differ from paleo?


I recently started adopting a few of the lifestyle and diet changes you recommend and could not be more pleased with the results – I feel like a different person. I would like to ask you a question about your Better Baby Book. Do you have an update of when it will be available (I live in the UK)? I have a 5 month old baby boy who we are soon to start introducing solids to and would love your advice on what would be best to give him – or any other advice while we wait for the book!


Could I use the HRV monitor on my Garmin 405 to achieve ‘coherence’ instead of buying the emWave2?

After listening to your podcast with Tim Noakes about the Central Governor Model of fatigue, I’m curious if it would make sense to take cognitive enhancers during a hard workout in addition to the usual carbohydrate supplementation to fight fatigue during endurance events?


Does piracetam help with ADHD symptoms?


What are your thoughts on multi-vitamins? Do you also take a multi? Is it worth it to take one?


What your recommendations for the best cookware? Should I use cast iron, stainless steel, porcelain, etc.

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  • Michael Allen Smith

    Thank you for answering my question regarding L-Glutamine.

    Regarding the guest and the topic of diet colas, I stopped drinking them not because of the artificial sweeteners, but because I didn’t understand if the benzoates were harmless or carcinogenic.

    Dave, you’ve researched this topic extensively. What is your take on the potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate found in some diet colas? Thank you.

  • zingbo

    There was some discussion of use of -racetams during excercise; in particular Dave said he wouldn’t consider doing high altitude excercise without aniracetam. My question is: are aniracetam and piracetam basically interchangeable in this context, or is there something that piracetam lacks that makes aniracetam relatively more valuable at altitude?

  • greg

    Does James Krieger work for Monsanto? Jeez – there is piles of SCIENTIFIC data that shows Aspartame to be basically poison!

    • Anonymous

      The dosage is the poison.

  • greg

    this guy recommends aspartame vs stevia? uh? jeez!

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  • Nancy

    Hi Dave and Armi,

    I am a big fan of the show and Thanks for all the research that you do. I currently suffer from a Candida overgrowth at the age of 26. I was recently listening to podcast # 12 where Candida was talked a little and I understand most listeners don’t suffer from this but I am sick of it.
    I have suffered with GI issues all my life which resulted in 7 surgeries, even losing my gall bladder at the age 16 because doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. I have always eaten healthy and cut out gluten over two years ago as I found I was allergic. I started the Paleo diet a month ago but I still catch everything where I am always sick (Just got over Bronchitis and the flu at the same time) and I am still always tired. I am currently training for my first marathon and it is hard staying with my training with me being sick. What is the best way to make sure Candida is out of your body for sure? Also any great tips on training is also welcomed.

    Thank you again and any advice is always welcomed,


    • Armistead Legge

      Great question Nancy, we’ll be sure to answer it on a podcast soon :) I’ll have some tips on Marathon training for sure.



  • Guest

    I know you guys covered a lot on cookware, but what about cutting boards? Most of the stuff in the market is plasticware or wood. I don’t want my knife chipping away at the plastic to enter my food, nor do I want mold to form and collect onto the wood and entering my food that way either. Is there a good compromise somewhere?

    • Nique

      Glass cutting boards

      • jb

        glass ruins sharp knives

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  • Zorica

    I understand that kids need/tolerate higher levels of carbs…what does that look like in daily life? With an adult not needing it everyday, would a child (under the age of 7) need it every day, and how many times?

    Also, when is the age that kids approach adults in terms of needs for carbs? Teens?

    • Dave Asprey

      My kids eat some Bulletproof starch (sweet potato or white rice), on most days, but usually in the evening. Breakfast is mostly fat and protein, maybe a small amount of apple or a couple rice crackers. Lunch is meat and vegetables and fat. Dinner is 1/3 starch.

    • Armistead Legge

      It also depends on their activity levels. If they’re playing soccer or some other sport 2 hours a day, they need a lot more carbs.

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  • Alex B

    How do you leave a question to be answered on the next q and a ?

  • Alex B

    Activated Charcoal contains carbon, isn’t carbon a very toxic element to the human body known to cause cancer? How does that work?

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  • Aaron Chin

    Yea just cause sucralose MIGHT not cause cancer or headaches doesn’t mean its okay, your glut micro flora is pretty dam important I am really surprised he hadn’t seen this

  • Tom Borges

    the whole artificial sweetener deal is where I differ from bulletproof, please someone post any study that disproves what this guy is saying here is true. Stop the hysteria!

    • LR Svare

      Bulletproof doesn’t condone James Kriegers thoughts on artificial sweeteners. This is a guest who disagrees with bulletproof. The guy interviewed is a hack, possibly a plant and obviously wrong. We aren’t buying it!!!

  • LR Svare

    Just listened to this, as I’ve gone back to listen to the early stuff. What a bunch of crap. I don’t know how you held it together, Dave. That guy (James Krieger is it?) is so far off base! He came up with reasons for people NOT to take stevia and told you aspartame was safe. I don’t believe that for a second! I’m not sure who he really is, or if he really believes what he said, but that was the worst guest ever on bulletproof radio. I wish you would have been able to rip him a new one, but I appreciated your good behavior. Had I been interviewing that guy, I would not have been so restrained. I realize he was your “guest” and you had to respect that. I didn’t listen to the rest of his interview, because nothing he could say would be reliable now. He is deluded, pompus and just plain wrong, as anyone who heard him would find. Just had to share my horror having listened to his interview. So glad we know better and THANK YOU for showing us the other side of healthy living by talking with James Krieger. I hope he never returns to your show.

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