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Interview on the Bryan Callen Show

Bryan Callen
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Living in the Information Age provides limitless opportunities to connect with many ambitious and curious minds like Joe Rogan, Dr. Doug McGuff, Dan John, and now Bryan Callen.

Click to listen to the interview.

It was fun talking with Bryan Callen about a whole myriad of topics ranging from driving Hummer SUVs, to the wretched ‘Big Food’ industry and what foods to have on a deserted island.

The Bryan Callen Show features an array of different personalities (celebrities, authors, producers, filmmakers, directors and other accomplished individuals) to discuss a variety of topics, focusing on perspective and experience. Bryan is an actor, comedian, regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, and most importantly – a thinker.

It was a great pleasure to be on Bryan’s show to discuss and help answer his listener’s common questions. It is so exciting to see the Internet and podcasts cultivate what seems to be a serious information revolution! Podcasts like the Bryan Callen Show and Bulletproof® Executive Radio are working to provide more perspectives, more science, and more questions!

Listen to the episode here!

What We Cover

  • 2:45 The new wave of health and how/why Dave has taken this to the next level
  • 3:40 What they don’t teach about nutrition in medical school
  • 5:10 Why ‘Big Food’ is killing people
  • 6:40 Specifics behind bad vs. good fats
  • 8:00 The ecosystem’s need for grass-fed cows
  • 10:10 Feed efficiency in cattle food
  • 12:30 Why you should increase butter in your diet
  • 13:00 How grass-fed butter became part of Bulletproof Coffee
  • 16:40 The science behind MCT Oil
  • 19:00 How a Hummer has less carbon footprint than a Prius
  • 21:30 Why 70% of the Dave’s diet is fat
  • 23:30 How Bulletproof® Coffee helped a 60 year old physical trainer cut sugar cravings
  • 25:15 How going Bulletproof helps you destroy food cravings
  • 28:00 Dave’s stand on nootropics – provigil, aniracetam, & Alpha BRAIN™
  • 32:00 7 foods Dave would take with him if stranded on an island
  • 34:30 LIVER!
  • 35:45 How to Upgrade Your Kale (& Why to Cook Your Vegetables)
  • 38:15 The Raw Vegan Trap
  • 40:45 Why you Need SOME starches in your diet
  • 43:30 Butyric Acid?
  • 44:30 The two main anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine
  • 46:00 Dave’s take on yogurt
  • 51:00 A standard day of meals (Bulletproof style)
  • 54:30 Dave’s exercise regimen
  • 55:00 The down side to TOO much protein
  • 57:20 Why today’s fruit is basically sugar

Links From The Show


Desertification TED Talk

Food & Supplements

Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee

Upgraded™ Collagen Protein

Alpha BRAIN™

Upgraded™ MCT Oil


Whole Body Vibration


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  • Transcendental Trainer

    Some good reiterations, enjoyed hearing the explanation for white rice over brown.

  • Anony-mouse

    Dave can you explain these claims made on your Reddit AMA please?

    “Dave, could you explain why the following citation from PubMed was used by you in an article inciting mycotoxin alarmism in coffee as PROOF that mycotoxins exist in coffee when the conclusion of the authors of the paper was that it is irrelevant?

    “So you use testosterone replacement therapy (steroids, more or less) and provigil (an extremely powerful speed-like substance), and then attribute your body aesthetic/lack of fat and amazing mental ability to your diet and supplements?

    How is this ethical or honest?

    Do you disclose this at the beginning of each recommendation you make?”

    • RebelLibertarian

      “Steroids”? He uses bio-identical T to get his blood levels to those of a healthy 30yo man. A far cry from juicing. He’s explained countless times that obesity, mold toxins, and general 21st-century environmental contamination (BPA, phthalates, &c.) lowered his T initially. WTF is unethical about putting a chemical into your own body that never affects another person? (He’s never denied or concealed the fact, either). If you think that T is a miracle drug that allows you unlimited mental acuity despite toxins, etc., why not take some? (obviously, it’s not)

    • RebelLibertarian

      “Mycotoxin alarmism?” – b!tch, please. Unlike our gubermint’s endless wars for Israel and banking scams, no one’s forcing you to pay for Dave’s coffee.

    • Jake Jaglarski

      I find it fascinating how little people dig into things. If you’ve followed Dave and/or the blog for some time you would know he is honest and open about both testosterone and Modafinl usage. He has described why and even explained how you can possibly go about getting Modafinil if it’s in your right mind. Secondly, he has been posting blogs and airing podcasts before he even sold a single product. He simply couldn’t find the quality of products that he needed/wanted for family/personal use. He offers a tremendous amount of information for free on this blog, as well as two others. He has also given many speeches at other conventions and what not that you can find on youtube, has been on other podcasts (again search youtube), and has given presentations at the SVHI. If you so wanted you could devour everything on this blog, the podcast, and the youtube videos featuring him, as well as his SVHI presentations and get a wealth of information for free, and not spend a single dollar.

      Also, if you’re skeptical of his products, I would suggest you look at the amount of high performance individuals that promote his products. Kelly Starret enjoys BPC, Dr. Dough McGuff, Dr. Jack Kruse says his coffee beans are the best and recommends his Whey Protein as well, Joe Rogan and Tate love BPC, and there MMA fighters who at the minimum use BPC to enhance their energy and physical state of being. Keith Jardine uses Dave’s ‘Get Some Ice Cream’ recipe. Almost everyone else on the podcast enjoys his products. They are top quality without a doubt. I don’t drink coffee if I don’t have Upgraded Beans, although i’ll admit I’ll be sampling a new brand that is cheap and seems Bulletproof – organic, shade grown, single origin, central American, in a biodegradable bag. Regardless, there is no need to try and claim one (Dave) is not ethical or honest. He obviously is.

  • craig

    Dave – I want to start a site with BP stuff and respect your IP. How do I do this?

  • craig


    Is Doug Kauffman the biggestcar-carry-ing member?

  • Seb Nilsson

    Dave, you should link directly to the show with YOU at Stitcher, not just Bryans show in general:

  • Bonnie

    “What I learned from Dave Asprey”. Someone should write that book.

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