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Help Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter Be More Bulletproof!!

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Being Bulletproof is all about feeling amazing and living in the highest performance state possible by continuously upgrading your mind, body, sleep, environment, and  anything else that helps.

As a biohacker, I regularly revisit what I do in order to make sure it’s still working. It also serves to create the information you find here. Here I share some new info about something I continue to recommend, Kerrygold butter, and to ask for your help in signing a petition to make it, and the world, a little better. I do not have any financial relationship with Kerrygold, even though earlier this year Bulletproof coffee helped to sell out Kerrygold across much of the US, and they sponsored the Bulletproof® Conference. I have also taken them to task in the past for selling low calorie fake butter to boost profits.

I continue to recommend Kerrygold grass fed butter for making Bulletproof® Coffee because it’s the most widely available healthy source of butter in the United States, even though it recently came to light that up to 3% of Kerrygold cows’ diets may be from GMO feed. This post explains how the info came to light, how it may or may not affect the Bulletproofness of your diet, and what we can do to fix the problem.

If this is all you need to read to know that you want Kerrygold cows’ diets to be 100% GMO free, then  scroll down and show your support by signing the petition below. Or read on for the details…

How we learned of the problem

At Jimmy Moore’s annual Low-Carb Cruise, health and nutrition experts met to share the latest nutrition info. While giving a talk on the cruise, I hung out with my friends, podcast guests, micronutrient specialists, and authors of Naked Calories: How Micronutrients Can Maximize Weight Loss, Prevent Disease and Enhance Your Life and Rich Food Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System (GPS), Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton. Over dinner, the Caltons mentioned that in the process of researching their book, they discovered that up to 3% of a Kerrygold cow’s diet may consist of GMO feed. They had badgered Kerrygold on the phone to get the info!

In light of this disconcerting news, many of you emailed, Tweeted, and Facebook messaged asking for answers to some important questions. Does this mean my favorite drink is not 100% Bulletproof? Will this have an affect on my corn and soy allergies? Is it safe to feed to my children?

Kerrygold is not organic. I don’t like that. I also don’t like it that Kerrygold has stepped onto the slippery GMO slope, but I will continue to suggest it as a much better option over industrial butter or fake butter. While not perfect, it is so much better than 99% of commercially available butters, and you can buy it for $3 even at Safeway in Arkansas. The 3% GMO feed is so low that doesn’t have much impact on our health – other than destroying the environment and all – but I don’t want any of my hard earned dollars supporting GMO industries.

Some misguided bloggers are encouraging their readers to jump the Kerrygold ship entirely and get their CLA elsewhere. Newsflash: there is a global shortage of true 100% grass fed butter. And I just spent this week in China and Korea educating people about the massive benefits of grass fed butter. If we create the demand, even large dairy companies will eventually make what we want.

I have always recommended that you choose organic 100% grass fed butter from a local farm, if you can find it and afford it. For the rest of us, Kerrygold is so similar that it’s a great choice. I give it to my kids. Here’s why I recommend you still use it (or other near-perfect butters) to make Bulletproof Coffee:

Why I Still Recommend Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter

  • Roughly 90% of a Kerrygold cow’s diet is composed of pesticide-free grass, with 10% supplemental feed, which is common in lots of dairy cows to offer more nutrients (especially for nursing cows). Because of this 10% of supplemental feed, there is a chance that up to 3% of a Kerrygold cow’s annual diet may be from GM sources.
  • Grass fed butter (even 90%) still contains dramatically higher quantities of omega-3. This is why Kerrygold is yellow and industrial butter is almost white (Some industrial companies are even started using yellow dye – gross!)
  • Kerrygold cows are not given antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Kerrygold doesn’t use pesticides in their pastures. Irish dairy cows graze outdoors on grass all day long for up to 312 days a year. In fact, Irish cows graze on grass for longer than almost every country in the world.
  • Irish farmers do not use mechanical irrigation systems like other countries, as Ireland is swept by Atlantic rain carrying water, which is pure and unpolluted and provides natural irrigation. No fossil fuel-driven pumps supporting this dairy!
  • Milk from cows that are grass-fed is rich in natural beta-carotene.
  • Kerrygold cows are bovine somatotropin (rBGH producing supplemental hormone) free.
  • They confirm that the butter itself is free of GM ingredients
  • Even very sensitive people who don’t tolerate corn-fed butter (like me) tolerate Kerrygold well in my experience.
  • Kerrygold grass fed butter is the most widely available healthy source of butter in the United States.

Use Your Economic Power to Help Upgrade Kerrygold Grass Fed Cows to be 100% GMO FREE – Sign the “No-GMO Kerrygold Petition!”

The Bulletproof community wants Kerrygold to assure that the supplemental feed they use is composed of ZERO percent GMO grains, and is minimized as much as possible, and limited to no more than 10% of an animal’s diet, except in emergency situations (like droughts).

Thanks to awesome Bulletproof readers, I am now actually in contact with farms near Kerrygold that are ready to help supply Kerrygold with small amounts of non GMO supplemental feed. This is an important issue that deserves immediate action. Let’s create a clear demand for Kerrygold to transition to 100% GMO FREE by delivering this petition with at least 1,000 signatures in support.

Other Bulletproof Grass Fed Butter Options

If you can afford to make the switch away from Kerrygold butter now, here are other Bulletproof options to explore:

  • Local butters: Get to know a farmer near you, learn how their cows are fed and how their butter is produced. Do this. It’s awesome especially if you’re Canadian!
  • Smjor Butter: An Icelandic butter produced from 100% grass, hay, and silage fed cows (watch out – silage can be a major mycotoxin source, but the butter is pretty clean most of the time. Not as clean as Kerrygold though.)
  • Anchor Butter: A New Zealand butter produced from 100% grass fed cows 365 days a year (I love this stuff but it’s hard to find in most of the US.)
  • Fond O’ Foods Butter: A German butter produced from 100% grass and hay fed cows (hay storage conditions affect milk quality dramatically, but so far this butter has been awesome!)

Whether or not you choose to continue using Kerrygold butter, please help to protect our food supply by urging Kerrygold to upgrade what they feed their cows, simply by signing the petition above.
Let’s help Kerrygold become 100% Bulletproof!


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  • Devin

    For the Californians out there, Organic Pastures ( has an awesome raw, grassfed butter that is readlily available.

    • Chad Lott

      They have a good operation for sure. I used to work next to them at the Marin Farmers Market for years and that’s the butter I prefer.

      Be prepared for a much “grassier” flavor.

    • PT

      Just make sure to remove the parenthesis at the end of the URL. Thanks for the link.

      • Devin

        Thanks. Just fixed it…I think.

    • sarah

      our naturopath tested this butter and found that it actually wasn’t of very good quality, that perhaps they are not using the freshest milk to make this butter.

      • Kevin

        The milk is raw and it’s the most gold butter we’ve ever used. I’d like to know what your naturopath recommends if you think it’s not good quality.

      • Peter

        What test did they do on this butter?

  • Kathleen

    Rather than sign –answer via your wallets. DON’T BUY IT !! Even better option

  • Steve

    Being Canadian I can’t get Kerrygold (well, not without a really long drive and then being able to legally import only $20 worth at a time.) I jut stocked up on 24 lb of L’Ancêtre butter, figuring that at this time of year it has the best chance of being at its most grass fed. I’ve looked locally and asked my grass fed beef producer if she knows of any locally produced butter (Calgary), but no luck so far.

    • Grendel

      I’m also in Calgary, and just sent a friend down to great falls for a day trip and kerrygold. One of the Albertsons stocks it, apparently a few guys at the local army base created enoughh demand for them to bring it in regularly. none of the other grocery / organic stores in great falls have any unsalted.

      he bought their entire inventory. Customs gave a bit of a hassle for having 16lbs of butter, but did not levy any fee even though that’s ~$120 worth of butter.

      I’ve started talking to top of the mountain beef (local grass fed / finished farm) about getting into dairy. If that bears no fruit I’m debating buying land and a few cows.

      • Steve

        I’ve thought about the doing the trip, could stop in Lethbridge and visit my brother. Good to know there is a supply down in Great Falls, or that there might be one based on timing. Let me know if you get into the milk business.

    • Aaron Moritz

      I live in vancouver, and whenever i have friends going down to the states I get them to buy me some butter.. when that runs out, I buy organic meadows unsulted. It’s organic, cultured, and their webstite says the cows eat ‘primarily grass’. It’s the best i’ve found. There is one local farmer here that sells grass fed butter.. but it’s $17 a pound!! I can’t afford it. :(

    • Michelle

      I live in Toronto and the whole butter cartel thing that is going on in Canada is just crazy. What do we need to do to raise this to our government and get some changes made? I buy Kerrygold (and once Smjor when I was able to find it) whenever I travel in the US. I stock up and keep it in the freezer. Organic Meadows is my backup, but it’s so pale in comparison. After some searching, I found local grassfed butter but it’s $20/lb and it didn’t seem much different in colour than Organic Meadows.

      • Steve

        I have tried Organic Meadows but, like you, found it rather pale and not very buttery tasting. You should see if you can find the L’Ancêtre butter. It’s the same price as Organic Meadows, but is yellow in colour and tastes as I imagine butter should. Now is probably a good time of year to stock up as the cows are out on pasture and there is lots of grass available. I’m going to call my MP and bring my concerns to his attention. Being as my MP is the PM, at least I’ll be ignored by the guy in charge.

        • Michelle

          I’ll check my local store that carries L’Ancetre Cheese to see if they have the butter too, good idea on stocking up now and through the early fall. I order Purity Farms, Organic Ghee ( says it’s grass fed) from – their shipping charges are really inexpensive so often ordering just one item is worth it but I always order as close to 4lbs as I can – above 4lbs the shipping charges increase exponentially. Never have had any additional customs charges or issues in the years I’ve been ordering from them but it does take up two weeks to receive shipments.

        • Steve

          I’ve always gone with Ancient Organics Ghee , but may have to give Purity Farms a look.

      • Kotoula

        Canadian dairy is controlled by a dairy mafia headed up by saputo. I refuse to allow saputo products in my house. Canadian dairy products are mostly disgusting once you’ve tasted real dairy made by people who know what they’re doing such as in France and Germany, and even Greece. I found grass fed sheep ghee in grocery stores in Greece for 8euros for 1lb. It was amazing. Indescribably amazing. Vital Greens is one supply of at least grass fed milk and cream (even tho raw is outlawed) it’s the best we can get.

    • daynah

      where in the states do you buy it? Tried sams club (found that on the Kerrygold website) in buffalo, but they didnt carry it.

    • Kotoula

      Steve, I’m in Calgary as well and you can get Liberty goat butter which I believe is grassfed. It’s at Planet Organic and Safeway. Also you can buy 1l of cream from Vital Greens dairy and make your own butter, it’s $14/litre for the heavy cream, but it makes amazing butter. My friend in Airdrie is getting a raw milk share from Ruis/Rius farms (google it sorry) so things seem to be moving in the right direction, altho slowly. The $20/ diary limit is fscking ridiculous. So much for ‘free trade’.

  • Oniiko

    For the UK..
    Waitrose sell a brand called Insigney Ste Mere, it’s French butter that comes in pasturised and unpasturised varieties both unsalted and sea salted. Their cows are grazing on outdoor pastures the great majority of the time, when indoors (rarely) they are still fed grass. As far as I have heard there is nothing else they feed their cows.
    I also received (and posted in the forums) a response from Kerrygold that their cows diet is approx 90% pasture and the rest is silage, cereals and supplements to “maintain health”.
    I absolutely agree with Dave, Kerrygold is a fantastic butter thats very widely available and I’d still recommend it. This is a great petition, Kerrygold is the perfect channel with it’s global availability and excellent quality to be focusing efforts in order to make bulletproof butter available to the world.

    • Tricky For the UK folk, might be worth noting that by the Organic standard ALL organic dairy is fed at bare minimum 60% grass fed EVERY day of its life by law. Meaning of course, usually more. Organic standard in the UK is pretty strong stuff, with rules on feed, welfare, drugs etc. Its not just that they have been fed organic Snickers and injected with organic antibiotics…..

    • ShoTo

      It’s Isigny not Insigney.
      Thank God for this message! I’m French and wasn’t aware of that, now I don’t need to order Kerrygold on amazon anymore…

  • Duane

    I found Anchor butter @ the local Whole Foods here in Long Beach, but it’s damn near twice the price of Kerrygold.

  • Butt ererer

    I’d rather support organic valley at this point

    • Abe Blue

      I would wager that Organic Valley is two to three shades worse!! Firstly, Ireland is known for it;s low toxin milk and fields. Secondly, it doesn’t look or taste as good and leaves your mouth more greasy.

    • Sara S

      I’m with you!

  • Richard

    On my last trip to my local Whole Foods store, the only Kerrygold they had in stock was a “new low fat” version. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?

    • Kevin

      My gf and I both shop at a small natural food store. It’s a bit cheaper for certain things and for the most part it’s a lot cheaper compared to Whole Foods. It’s hard but try your best to find a small local store. We’ve been to Whole Foods once and never went back after we found different places to buy from.

  • derek

    This is one of the chief flaws of the Bulletproof diet, as I see it. It relies on finding the perfect meat and the perfect butter — both of which are downright dangerous when consumed in their incorrect, but more readily available, forms. So people cheat. Or, even more likely, your retailers cheat. That grass-fed meat is grain finished. That kerrygold butter is low fat or a GMO. And these are consumed in copious amounts, day after day.
    I applaud Dave for using this platform to invoke change.
    Until then, however, I fear most people are putting dangerous products in their body and incorrectly believing they’re healthy. And frighteningly, the proof won’t come until twenty years down the road.

    • MC

      Even if you didn’t eat 100% grassfed meat and butter, but were trying to eat towards a green side bulletproof diet as much as possible, you’d be healthier than the most organic standard American dieter and most organic vegan dieter out there.

      • derek

        No, that’s just not true. Classic case of someone deluding themselves. (I was guilty of this too, until I took a closer look at the nation’s beef.)
        You would be consuming all sorts of hormones and antibiotics and grains and toxins. Do you realize just how awful the meat in America has become? They can’t even sell it internationally anymore — it doesn’t meet Asian or European standards. Amazingly, the lack of demand has sent the industry in a downward spiral; in order to make up for lost revenue they’ve lowered the quality even further and shot the beef with more hormones and bizarre new drugs that even other, smaller farmers are balking at.
        I know, I know. I should shut up because no one wants to hear it. But facts are facts.
        If you love your meat, search high and low for the appropriate farm to buy from.
        Anything less is waaaay worse than a few mycotoxins.

        • MC

          I don’t live in America, so I don’t know if your meat really is that bad, or not. But if you buy the leanest cuts, drain the fat further using halogen ovens, and up the kerrygold butter, you’re probably pretty darn good, since the toxins would only be stored in fat.
          Of course grassfed is still the way to go, nutritionally, and for the well being of the animal, but Kerrygold butter is not “downright dangerous” like you said. That’s just nonsense.

        • derek

          No, I agree Kerrygold isn’t downright awful. I was referring to people who can’t track it down and buy lesser butters.

          That said, I strongly disagree with your logic regarding buying the leanest cuts.

        • lee

          The idea that toxins such as antibiotics and hormones are only stored in fat is patently ridiculous.

        • MC

          Mostly stored in fat. The animals don’t live very long, so I doubt there’s much that can build up in the muscle since your body likes avoiding that.

        • Kevin

          My gf and I are both eating 100% grassfed steaks and I’m still in college both getting paid minimum wage. We go out of our way to find quality products. What derek is saying if someone wants to cheat, it’s dangerous. If you’re in Canada I’m sorry your government screws you over there. My gf told me they won’t allow grass fed anything there or raw milk. Godspeed Canadians.

        • derek

          Exactly Kevin. In Canada, the US, and I’d wager in Europe as well, grain fed, antibiotic/hormone-infused meat is dangerous. It is NOT about improvement — that’s like saying a little poison is better than a lot. Sure, I suppose…but you are still being poisoned. Or, to be more blunt, you are still speeding up your death. Your arteries, your heart, your liver and your kidneys don’t care about “improvement”. They need to be free of carcinogenic chemical toxins, period. God knows they are under enough stress and strain as it is.
          So contrary to what MC is saying, I would actually suggest that being vegan IS better than partaking in chemical-meat. And from what I’m reading, the situation really isn’t much better the UK, so don’t allow yourself to be fooled.
          Go grass-fed or simply abstain. But don’t get caught in the middle ground under the guise of Paleo or some other health-trend.
          This is the essence of what being Bullet-proof is all about.

        • DJM

          not true – have found many grass fed and grass finished meats. just have to look around like anyone else, an abundance of wild meat here also.

        • MC

          “That said, I strongly disagree with your logic regarding buying the leanest cuts.”
          It’s the smartest thing for someone to do if they can’t get grassfed, so I don’t know the disagreement.

        • derek

          I hear you MC. We’re on the same side. It’s a minor quibble. But even Dave says that when he goes to a steakhouse and they don’t sell grassfed he eats the fish. He’s absolutely right — it’s by far the safest, smartest choice.
          And I guess that’s my point. If it’s not grass-fed not only is it not Bullet-Proof…it’s the bullet!

        • MC

          There’s a difference between going to a steakhouse, and preparing the meat yourself to minimize toxins.
          Though I agree that it’s a bullet, but only if you’re already eating only grassfed.
          If you normally eat soy burgers and drink coca-cola, it’s a major step towards being bulletproof. The point is to strive for improvement, not perfection.

        • Zorica Vuletic

          What do you eat then ? Many people cannot afford…don’t be rude like that.

          For me, I like to have hunted meat if I am lucky enough to get/acquire some. :D I need to make more hunter friends. Moose is one of my favourite meats.

          I buy from regular super markets though…and I don’t stress about it. I am very economical in my selections too. I believe that one can be ‘bullet proof’ or otherwise very healthy on such a limited budget so long as you stay away form the Dollar Store processed cheap foods, and especially food from Asian grocers. (I got poisoned).

          I do not eat fancy/expensive organic or non-GMO or ’100% grass-fed’ foods and I have never been healthier than right now.

        • Zorica Vuletic

          Also in Canada we don’t give hormones, but we do give anti-biotics. We feed them grain for some of the time. I am a bit confused on the corn fed beef that Zehrs was promoting as ‘Local Ontario, corn-fed’ as if it was good…but I am not sure this is the standard. I think hay is fine though.

    • Zorica Vuletic

      I think I found a work around for that: consume Chinese food for 4-5 months worth of Chinese sourced food (mainly seafood, from frozen) and poison yourself—-recover—then I think anything after that is ‘safe’. I think people are making too big a deal of this especially Canada, Europe, and possibly Aus/NZ.

  • jeffgibb

    Hard to find unsalted kerrygold in my area…Scottsdale, AZ. Not at Whole Foods, Sprouts or most stores. I’ve searched. All offer the salted, herb & garlic and “new” low fat varieties but not unsalted. I resort to buying the stores’ organic unsalted instead. Best I can do.

    • Kristen Suzanne

      It’s at Trader Joe’s I thought and cheaper … and I think Costco sells both (salted/unsalted) but don’t quote me on that. ;)

    • dav8
  • Sarah

    What about Strauss creamery butter out of Marshall, CA (west marin)? They provide only about 10-20% of organic grains (tested for GMO’s) to supplement their diet on grasses.

    • Kristen Suzanne

      I like the higher fat content of Straus but not crazy about 20% as grain etc. At least it’s organic.

  • Suze

    I definitely support this and signed the petition, but… did you know that iPetition nabs you for a donation after you “sign”? I just closed the window – and so far, I don’t see my signature… Not cool.

    I take part of it back, I did find the siggy. ;) But wasn’t expecting a nabbing.

  • Adam J

    Thank you for the European butter-recommendations, Mr Asprey! I personally can’t have butter or ghee but these options will definitely be helpful. :)


  • danimal

    I’ve found kerrygold to be much more pale in recent years then when I first bought it. Smjor and anchor butter (only bought once) did have the goldenness that i remember kerrygold used to have. obviously all are till better than regular butter

    • NewYorker

      I switched to Smjor recently. It is definitely more yellow and tastes creamier than KG. Yum.

  • Nick

    I know we’re talking about GMO additives here, but there is a related article on Business Insider today I thought was worth mentioning here…
    The Myth of Grass Fed Beef

    “What most people don’t know… is that all beef is grass fed for about 85% of its life. It’s finished off on grain.”

    The article focuses on carbon footprint, but anyone buying grass fed knows its about health. One commenter gets it, and summed it up nicely:

    “This article is totally off the mainstream view on reasons for eating grass-fed beef. It’s not about a carbon footprint. It’s about eating meat which is healthier. If the animal is fed other ‘stuff’ at the end of its life it defeats the point. Animals eating a diversity of plants pick up much more nutrients and don’t get the chemicals found in feed. The corporations raising meat only care about the product coming fast and furious and that profit. They don’t give a hoot about what drugs and chemicals they put into the process. So, the grass-fed animals we want available are the ones raised eating wild plants for their entire life. Stop the ignorance. It’s the same with all animals including fish. Wild salmon is much healthier than farm raised salmon. Wake up and think.”
    All of this infuriates me so much. The profit driven culture of Wall Street gives incentive for corporations to act unethically. They don’t care about the end consumer, they care about the bottom line, and use clever marketing to cover the bs. I thought Kerrygold (The Irish Dairy Board) was worthy of my trust… I hope this petition is successful in showing this company we want them to cut the marketing crap and fully deliver what they claim (not 97%, defeats the purpose), but I still feel we need to do more… But what else CAN we do? Boycotting their product will not educate the average consumer, nor change this brand’s practices, and definitely won’t effect the industry as a whole…
    American profit culture = prey on the uneducated consumer.

    • Ben

      I think many of us have this assumption that because it’s from Ireland, it must be good! Well I read up on Irish farmed salmon, which I know stores and restaurants use as a selling point: “It’s IRISH farmed salmon!” I didn’t see any local studies but saw saw from the earlier 2000s where apparently the salmon was so polluted that it was recommended to only eat it a couple times per year to avoid overloading on toxins….WTF?

      • Zorica Vuletic

        Nothing can’t be worse than food from China. You can, and will get sick (aka. poisoned) if you consume this stuff on a daily basis. Ask how I know…

        • TommyLikey

          how do you know?

        • Garrett K

          Doing some research pulls up some pretty nasty stuff about the food that’s coming from China.

          This being said… Zorica Vuletic… how do you know?

    • Abe Blue

      Yeah the carbon foot print is bigger!! Laugh. We are carbon based lifeforms! People need to look up how small of a percentage CO2 our atmosphere contains. More CO2 equals more life. Global warming Pseudo-science is crumbling as their predictions constantly fail. Anyways, paying Al Gore carbon taxes will only further Agenda 21 and make us more unhealthy.

      • james

        lol ya globing warming.. totally bullshit eh?.. wow your dumb.

        • Abe Blue

          Have you ever even looked into the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere? Have you ever even seen the report by the warming liars that the sun has no effect on global climate? No, I didn’t think so.

      • TheSuitIsNotBlack

        If climate change is psuedo-science, why is it supported by 97% of qualified scientists? Have they somehow monumentally missed some vital data that only you, as a layperson, have managed to discover? What methodology are you using to come to your conclusions? Are you a climate scientist? What credentials do you have that gives you the confidence to conclude that the overwhelming majority of scientists aren’t as qualified to analyze the evidence as you are?

        “as their predictions constantly fail”

        Except for the fact that they don’t. Would you care to give some examples?

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Anchor is on amazon too though I’ve not ordered it or tried.

    • David Rael

      i’ve bought kerrygold on amazon and think it’s great. the only problem is the price. buying kerrygold at my local grocery stores is roughly half the cost.

  • Deane Alban

    Trader Joe’s carries organic grass-fed butter. It’s fairly reasonable Does anyone have any opinions about whether it is a decent product?

    • sarah

      trader joe’s also sells what they call extra virgin coconut oil, but it is cut with 50% copra (which is a major source of mycotoxins) which is why their coconut oil is so much cheaper than other places. i’m a bit weary of trader joe’s.

      • Deane Alban

        Thanks for your input. I’m wary, too.

      • ylama

        Sarah, would you be able to share where you saw that Trader Joe’s coconut oil is 50% copra? What brand do you recommend?

        • ylama

          here’s a response I got from Trader Joe’s on the subject, take it for what it’s worth.

          This product is NOT made from copra. Our organic coconut oil is made from fresh organic coconuts that are ground and slowly air dried (at an average of 104 degrees) prior to cold pressing. No chemicals added, no bleaching. The natural nutrients are preserved.

          Customer Relations

  • Fig
  • Kenny Sky

    In Ohio, use Hartzler Family Dairy products. They are exceptional.

  • Kris

    I live in Iceland and have the benefit of endless Smjor butter, creamy, smooth and yellow, not pale, like butter should be.

    For those of you not living near a Whole Foods Market you can buy it online:

    The unsalted butter:

    The slightly salted version:

    Grass fed cows, plus the user of antibiotics and hormones in banned in Iceland:

    • Kris

      I should add, the best way to eat Smjor butter is to scoop it up with “hardfish”, a popular item in Iceland. Dried fish filets or “fish jerky” that you tear apart and chew on. Dried fish like this is one of the ways the vikings used to preserve food. The fish retains all its nutrients.
      Hardfish + smjor butter = bulletproof meal.

      • NewYorker

        Love my Smjor. Recently switched to it. Tasted better than KG!

      • NewYorker

        Where to get Hardfish?

  • BulletproofTinMan

    I live in Canada and have to go to Washington to buy my Kerrygold Butter. I think us Canadians need to rally together and get our government to allow healthy butter to be sold here! it just ridiculous!

  • Cindy Locklear

    i’ve been buying Kalona Supernatural Grass Fed butter from Tropical Traditions. Use it daily in my BP Coffee. Seems like a solid BP choice to me.

  • Harry

    Why not also post on They seem to get better visibility

  • Freewill

    Does anyone know of a suitable butter in Australia?

    • billy

      Westgold butter available from woolworths seems to be the most popular, and my own, choice. Relatively cheap and sourced from New Zealand

  • Fee

    Can anyone confirm that the Anchor butter is 100% grass fed? And if it’s organic, all the more better.

  • monique

    what about dioxins in butter? this seems to be a rather big concern.

    • Ryan Christensen

      Dave, I too would like to know what you think about dioxins in butter, and vinyl in general. Huge fan! -Ryan

  • Ben

    There’s a new brand of grassfed butter that I just saw for the first time at Trader Joe’s called Kriemhild. It’s from NY. All they had was the salted version, I’m not sure if they make an unsalted version. Just wanted to throw that one in the pot as well!

    • Robert

      Just bought some unsalted from their website, so we’ll see how good it is!!! Thanks Ben

  • enemee1982

    what about this crazy idea… homemade butter… you pick the cream and whip it, whip it good

    • Jason Farris

      Crrrack that whip!

  • Neil Stansbury

    For the UK, Yeo Valley Organic Butter is easily the best bet. It’s available in all the major supermarkets and they make a big deal about sustainable as well as organic grass reared farming methods: The butter goes great in coffee too!

  • Fionn Daly

    It’s a shame that this is the first of your posts I read. It’d seemed like a promising blog.
    The level fear mongering around GMO is ridiculous, with very little basis in science.

    Sorry Dave, I have little time for irrational scaremongers.

    • Abe Blue

      Gmo is worth being scared. Go let your kids play in a round up sprayed field or an organic garden. Which one would incite fear in you? Go to India and see the mass suicide that Monsanto is aiding.

    • Jason Farris

      The better the animal is fed and treated – the better feedstuff or meat it produces. Go try a grass fed beef rib eye, and compare it to a (likely GMO) grain fed rib eye. Try a cage free range fed egg and compare it to a (likely GMO) industrial farmed egg.
      If you want to eat only GMO go ahead, I know from simple taste tests and experience that GMO foods and GMO fed livestock are crap. I just hope they label it so you can go and buy up all the GMO for me, we’ll see who is healthier in 20 years

  • Nathan Snyder

    I am lucky enough to have access to Raw Milk from grass fed cows. I make my own butter.

  • rTfact

    German test of organic butter:

    Sample Quote:
    “Nur Bio-Butter weist eine grünfuttertypische
    Zusammensetzung auf. Da wir die Butter im Januar/Februar eingekauft
    haben, fanden sich in keiner Butter wirklich hohe Werte an
    Omega-3-Fettsäuren. Grund ist die Winterfütterung. Die Bio-Marken
    erreichen mit 0,9 bis 1,1 g pro 100 g Fett trotzdem relativ hohe Werte.
    Von den konventionell erzeugten Sorten schafft das hingegen keine. Die
    Produkte von Lidl, Sachsenmilch (Milchwolke) und Penny liegen mit 0,5 g
    pro 100 g Fett sogar auf einem sehr niedrigen Niveau. Laut Experte Dr.
    Daniel Weiß deutet das auf mindestens ein Drittel Mais und eine
    entsprechend hohe Menge Kraftfutter in der Futterration hin.”

    Google translation:

    Only organic butter has a typical composition of green fodder. Since we bought the butter in January / February, occurred in either butter really high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Reason is the winter feeding. The organic brands reach 0.9 to 1.1 g per 100 g of fat still relatively high values. Of the varieties conventionally produced the other hand, creates no. The products from Lidl, Saxony milk (milk cloud) and Penny are at 0.5 g per 100 g fat even at a very low level. According to expert Dr. Daniel White suggests that at least a third of corn and a correspondingly high amount of concentrates in the ration.

  • corrie

    Kerry: Help us help you… give your market what they want and they will reward you for it. Don’t and you will feel the impact. Choose to be a leader in your niche!

  • Jon Edwards

    Anchor butter isn’t GMO/GE free. I have seen the text below on the Fonterra website as well but it’s not true. NZ Fonterra (Anchor brand) cows are feed GMO feed, Palm Kernal feed imported from Maylasia and grass is sprayed with fertilizer. It’s the worlds largest dairy producer so this is what you would expect, same as Kraft, Nestle etc. It’s only about the money
    Anchor Butter: A New Zealand butter produced from 100% grass fed cows 365 days a year (I love this stuff but it’s hard to find in most of the US.)
    See more info about the reality here

    • Peter

      Thanks for the link. This disgusts me. Being originally form NZ I thought I would never see the day.

  • Barbara Garrett

    Dave should address the palm kernel oil in his MCT oil. Deforestation for the purpose of establishing palm oil plantations is
    directly responsible for habitat loss for threatened and endangered species, including Asian elephants, tigers, and orangutans. Palm oil and palm kernel oil is in practically all processed foods, the very foods Dave wants people to avoid. I would like to know what he plans to do about replacing the palm kernel oil with a more environmentally and ecologically friendly substitute.

  • joe

    Ive been using this where i get it at Wholefoods.. bomb!

  • Kronah Wood

    No mention of Organic Grass Fed Ghee, is there any info on why Organic Pasture Raised Grass Fed Butter is better in the coffee vs Organic Pasture Raised Grass Fed Ghee?

    I just found this dairy survey for the US:

  • Believer

    How do you feel about making your own butter using organic heavy whipping cream?

  • JackMarse

    Kalona SuperNatural Grass-Fed Organic Butter available at Whole Foods.

  • andyc

    it seems to me that if you really want to biohack, you have to give up caffeine. it takes from the body, it doesn’t add. full stop.

  • TheSuitIsNotBlack

    And why is the 3% GMO feed considered to be inferior? Do you have any evidence to show that it’s harmful?

  • Jon

    More bulletproof more smarter!

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  • gmotyka

    Kerrygold products come from Friesen (Holstein) A1 Cows, not the prefereable Jersey or Guernsey A1 cows.

    “The cause for concern with milk containing A1 beta-casein is that the
    67th amino acid switch from proline to histidine readily allows a
    digestive enzyme to cut out a 7 amino acid segment of the protein
    immediately adjacent to that histidine. When proline is present in that
    location (as it is in A2 beta-casein), that same segment is either not
    separated at all or the separation occurs at a very low rate. The 7
    amino acid segment that is separated from A1 beta casein is known as
    beta-casomorphin-7, often abbreviated as BCM-7.

    BCM-7 is the real “devil” in A1 milk for a number of reasons. It is an
    exogenous (doesn’t naturally occur within the human body) opioid that
    interacts with the human digestive system, internal organs, and
    brainstem. While no direct causal relationships have been demonstrated
    between BCM-7 and these diseases due to a wide range of contributing
    factors for each illness, BCM-7 has been linked to type 1 diabetes,
    heart disease, autism, and other serious non-communicable diseases as

  • Percyfaith

    What about Organic Valley Pasture Butter

  • Sarah Harding

    But GMOs are banned there, are they not? So where would the GMO feed come from?

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