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Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Glutathione Force

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Upgraded Glutathione Force
Price: $59.00

Master Antioxidant – 8x Stronger Than Other Liposomal Glutathione!

  • Supports optimal brain and immune function
  • Detoxifies the body by removing cell waste and heavy metals
  • Counterbalances inflammatory effect of toxins in the body
  • 8x stronger than other liposomal glutathione due to the innovative and pharmaceutical grade delivery system
  • Now in a delicious orange spice flavor (we’re serious this time — it’s tasty)
  • Convenient oral dispensers clearly marked for individual servings

Description: Package contains 8 oral dispensers, each filled with 5 1ml servings for 40 total servings!

Overview & Benefits

Single Most Powerful Supplement to Bulletproof Your Body

Upgraded Glutathione Force is the result of a never-ending search for the single most powerful supplement you can take to feel better, increase your performance, fight aging, and improve brain function all at the same time.

Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant in your body. It is found in every cell and protects the body from inflammation, toxins, and pathogens. When your body doesn’t make enough glutathione, normal health functions and your immune system are critically compromised1. The innovative, high velocity, and pharmaceutical grade delivery technology formulated in Upgraded Glutathione Force is designed to send liposomal glutathione straight to the specific gut cells without being degraded by your digestive system.  Getting adequate amounts of glutathione into the right cells helps to:

  • Optimize your central nervous system
  • Detoxify your body
  • Protect your body from mold toxins and alcohol damage
  • Promote heart health
  • ‘Serve and protect’ your gut
  • Fight infections
  • Flush out heavy metals
  • Promote healthy aging

Use & Ingredients

Use Upgraded Glutathione Force as a daily supplement like a master antioxidant to support optimal performance. The oral dispensers allow you to dispense 1 ml servings. Each dispenser has 5 clear markings to indicate 1-milliliter portions. Applying gentle pressure to the plunger squeezes out 1 ml of glutathione onto your spoon.

Suggested Use

  • Use 1 serving per day in the morning.
  • Best to take on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before a meal.
  • Gently press out 1ml gel onto a spoon and then swallow.
  • Refrigeration after uncapping is recommended, but not required.
  • Store at room temperature or refrigerate. Use this product within 6 months after the manufactured date.


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.59.24 AM

Glutathione is infamous for tasting horrible. The flavor of Upgraded Glutathione Force is superior to all other liposomal glutathione products on the market. It contains natural orange, cinnamon, and clove oil, and it’s sweetened with stevia.

Other ingredients: Glycerin, Lactoferrin, Oleic Acid (from Olive Oil), Phosphatidylcholine, Polysorbate 80 (vegetable based), Bulletproof XCT Oil (Capric and Caprylic Triglycerides (sourced from coconut and/or palm oil)),  Stevia (Rebaudioside-A) and Natural Flavors (Essential Oils of Orange, Cinnamon, Clove).

Upgraded Glutathione Force
Price: $59.00

Why Upgraded Glutathione Force is Better Than Other Glutathione Sources

Most oral liposomal glutathione supplements are ineffective because your stomach enzymes tend to degrade the glutathione before your gut even gets to absorb and deliver it to the right cells. Upgraded Glutathione Force uses a new, proven drug delivery composition to target glutathione into gut cells and hold them in place until released into the blood. In this patented delivery technology, glutathione binds to a peptide called Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin bypasses stomach and enzymatic degradation and deliver the glutathione straight to your gut2. Lactoferrin also crosses your intestinal mucosa through a process called Cell Receptor Mediated Endocytosis (CRME) that allows Lactoferrin to deliver iron to blood plasma3. Binding Glutathione to lactoferrin allows the Glutathione to be more readily available for absorption into the intestinal mucosa.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Optimizes the Central Nervous System

Glutathione may help improve your short-term brain function, long-term memory, and help protect against cognitive decline. Glutathione helps counterbalance inflammatory effects of toxins in the brain that inhibit optimal brain function. There’s even evidence that maintaining higher glutathione levels is associated with healthier aging of the brain and body4. Other studies indicate that degenerative aging is associated with oxidative stress, a sign that glutathione levels are depleted5,6.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Detoxifies The Body

Glutathione is needed to help bind and remove toxins from every tissue in your body. If you don’t have enough glutathione, toxins may build up in the body. Some of the best evidence behind the powerful detoxifying effects of glutathione comes from drug research.

Acetaminophen poisoning is one of the most common drug related problems in developed countries. Acetaminophen depletes mitochondrial glutathione levels, which makes them more vulnerable to oxidative stress9. Doctors often use glutathione to help protect people who’ve consumed too much acetaminophen from liver damage, and to remove the drugs from their system10,11. This is because glutathione is one of the most powerful natural detoxifying agents.

Studies have also shown that glutathione supplements may be useful in providing nutritional support during cancer treatment12-14.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Protects Your Body from Mold Toxins

Mycotoxins, also known as mold toxins, are damaging compounds produced by various molds and fungi. They can cause cancer, brain damage, and heart, liver, and kidney disease. These mold toxins are almost everywhere in modern society, especially in food. While there are steps you can take to avoid them, almost everyone is exposed to (at least some) mold toxins on a daily basis.

Upgraded Glutathione Force helps protect you against exposure to these toxins. In vitro, glutathione helped protect against the toxic effects of aflatoxin and fusarium, two of the most common mold toxins15,16.

Mold toxins are a serious, often unavoidable risk to health–one that Upgraded Glutathione Force can help reduce.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown that low glutathione levels are associated with an increased risk of poor cardiovascular health18. Glutathione plays a key role in counterbalancing inflammatory effects associated with compromised heart and artery health.

People with high triglycerides typically have lower glutathione levels19. When blood cells from people with compromised arteries are incubated with glutathione, they become less prone to stick together. Inside the body, this means the cells would be less likely to cause clots and heart issues20,21.

Upgraded Glutathione Force
Price: $59.00

Why Upgraded Glutathione Force Helps “Serve And Protect” Your Gut

Research has shown that glutathione supplements may help improve gut health by decreasing oxidative stress. This may help promote proper digestion and intestinal functions23-25. Some research even suggests that glutathione may help support the gut issues in people who are gluten intolerant26.

Even small amounts of toxins can damage your gut and cause inflammation, brain fog, and lethargy. Upgraded Glutathione Force can help defend against these invaders and keep your gut functioning at full capacity.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Fights Infections

While inflammation is caused by too much immune function, too little immune function can also cause problems. If the immune system isn’t prepared to fight off pathogens, viruses and bacteria can gain a foothold and decrease performance. Studies have found that glutathione supplements may help improve immune function by reducing oxidative stress in the immune system’s cells27,28.

Your body needs a strong immune system to fight off infections, and good control of its immune system to keep it from overreacting. Upgraded Glutathione Force increases your resilience by improving both of these factors for high performance.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Helps Protect Your Body from Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy metals like mercury damage cells and decrease performance. Heavy metals are present in many household items and in some cosmetics (some makeup and deodorant products) and foods (some fish). Glutathione helps detoxify mercury, cadmium, and arsenic in at least two ways: it increases the cells’ ability to resist the toxic effects of heavy metals, and it helps remove them from the body33,34.

The human body isn’t very good at getting rid of toxic heavy metals, so they often build-up and decrease performance. Upgraded Glutathione Force may help increase the resilience of cells to deal with heavy metals and eliminate heavy metals from the body.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Protects Your Body from Alcohol Damage

Sometimes, you probably expose yourself to some toxins on purpose – like alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with a drink every now and then, but long-term alcohol consumption is not good for you. Alcohol depletes glutathione levels, and can make your cells more susceptible to oxidative stress35.

Upgraded Glutathione Force can help shield your body against the negative effects of alcohol, so when you do have a drink, it doesn’t decrease your performance as much as it would otherwise.

How Upgraded Glutathione Force Helps Prevent Aging

Inflammation is tied to aging, which may be why people with high glutathione levels tend to live longer than those with low levels36.

Some research indicates that damage to the power plants of your cells – the mitochondria, is a key factor in aging. Your body needs glutathione to protect your mitochondria, and when you don’t have enough, they can get damaged. This is especially true for liver cells. When mitochondria are low in glutathione, the liver is more susceptible to the negative effects of toxins37.

Upgraded Glutathione Force
Price: $59.00


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