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Recipe: How To Make Bulletproof Coffee In 5 Simple Steps

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You read about how Bulletproof Coffee came to be after a trip to Tibet.

You’ve learned how to find the best (safest) coffee in your area.

You can spot low quality butter and choose the real thing that makes your brain work better.

You know what you should be eating to keep your body primed for fat loss and energy.

You understand why some coffee is good for you.

You discovered why bad coffee makes you weak.

Now you can learn how to make the best cup of coffee on earth (with a catch).

Bulletproof Coffee is becoming popular for a reason.  Aside from tasting awesome, it makes you feel lean, focused, and energized.  It allows you to transform your diet without resorting to chewing on sticks of butter (though that’s not a bad idea…).

The only problem is that one of the ingredients – coffee without toxins from the coffee manufacturing process – is hard to reliably find. Until now. After nearly 10 years of searching for a consistently high quality coffee with superb mental effects, without the jittery, anxious feelings caused by mycotoxins in coffee, I’ve produced a coffee that literally upgrades your head.

To celebrate the launch of the finest coffee beans the world has to offer, here is the simple version of how to make Bulletproof Coffee.


5 Steps To Bulletproof Your Coffee

#1 Make coffee: Brew coffee as you normally would.  Make sure it’s the right kind of coffee.  If you haven’t purchased Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans, read this post to find the best coffee in your area. Use a brown paper filter.

#2 Pre-heat blender: Boil extra water and pour it into a blender while your coffee brews to pre-heat the blender.

#3 Froth: Empty hot water from the now pre-heated  blender and add the brewed coffee, butter, and MCT oil.  Blend  until there is a thick layer of foam on top like a latte. A Blend-tec or Vitamix blender will do it quickly, a normal countertop blender takes longer, and a handblender works ok if you don’t have a real blender.

#4  (optional) Add cinnamon, vanilla, dark chocolate,  or a sweetener like Stevia, erythritol, or xylitol (this is technically a sacrilege if you use awesome beans, but some people love their mocha…)

#5 : Put on a satisfied look and enjoy the high performance buzz from your creamy mug of Bulletproof Coffee as you watch your chubby, tired coworkers eat low-fat yogurt and twigs for breakfast.  It’s almost unfair.

Oh, and what’s the catch?  You will have no excuse for not getting things done now that you’re powered by Bulletproof Coffee.

Key Points

  • Not all coffee is created equal.  The wrong coffee will sap your energy and leave you feeling lethargic and irritable.  This is the main reason people believe they don’t tolerate coffee.  It’s not coffee they don’t tolerate, it’s the mycotoxins in the coffee.  Make sure you read “3 Steps To Finding The Highest Performance Coffee In Your City” before making this.  You can find coffee that’s guaranteed mycotoxin free here.
  • Only use grass-fed butter like Kerry gold.  Butter from grain-fed animals has a different fat composition.  It doesn’t blend as well, doesn’t taste as good, and lacks fat soluble vitamins (which is one of the reasons this makes you Bulletproof).
  • The MCT oil promotes high energy, fat loss, and brain function. It will make you feel better and get thinner. It also makes the coffee have a better feel in your mouth, but coffee with just butter is ok too.
  • Low-fat diets reduce the amount of fat-digesting enzymes you produce.  If you’ve been avoiding fat for some time, add less butter and allow your body to adapt.  Digestive support may be necessary.  Taking a betaine HCL or a digestive enzyme supplement will help your body digest the butter as you ramp up to digesting real food. This goes double for vegans or people who have been starving on low fat or low calorie diets.
  • Don’t you dare use a low-fat butter substitute. Bleah.
  • Butter is better than even unhomogenized, grass-fed, raw  organic cream.  Processing denatures the casein proteins in normal cream.  This makes them less bioavailable and potentially harmful.  Besides, raw cream isn’t raw after you add it to hot coffee.
  • If you must use a sweetener, use xylitol, erythritol, or stevia.  I’ll be writing more about the negative effects of aspartame, Ace K, sucralose, and other sweeteners soon.

Did you enjoy Bulletproof Coffee?  What does Bulletproof Coffee do for you?



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  • Kevin

    I’m not knocking your coffee and am inclined to believe it is better than the rest, but could you provide some concrete examples of coffees that you have no vested interest in?

    • Clay

      In step one, Dave points to a link on buying coffee in your area. Obviously, he doesn’t have a financial interest in those.

      • Kate

        From coffee-shops. What about grocery providers, or bulk purchasing?

    • Bryan

      Not sure why it matters if he has a vested interest. It’s clearly stated, nothing to hide. For me, I was happy to buy from dave because he has done the research to find the best quality stuff. Frankly, living in the suburbs, I found it hard to find good quality coffee.

      Try a bag to see for yourself. I know am glad I did. Or you can take your chances with your local barista, if you have one.

    • Dave Asprey

      Kevin, look at the “how to find the best coffee in your city” post for examples. I have shared extensively all I know on the topic, and only offered my coffee after enough people asked me to do it. I’d rather people be healthy than me make a few bucks selling coffee. But if both are possible at the same time, that’s even better. But not required. :)

  • Mirabai Galashan

    Kerrygold is out of stock on Amazon currently -how would grass-fed organic Ghee work?

    • Dave Asprey

      Even better! :)

    • Edward Vega

      One of his blogs said u can use any organic UNSALTED grass fed butter but he prefers Kerrygold.

  • Karen Phelps

    Forgive me if it’s obvious, but the link on MCT oil is busted, and I’m wondering if coconut oil would suffice?

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  • Ankit Shah

    Would it be ok to take your fish oil along with the bulletproof coffee in the mornings? How about Vitamin D?

    • Dave Asprey

      Those are both best with fat at the same time!

  • Christina Hatziemmanuel

    Dave, I have a large amount of organic virgin coconut oil sitting in my house. Would this be an ok substitute for the MCT oil?

    • Dave Asprey

      Our MCT is about a 1:6 extract. Coconut oil is good but you’ll get fewer mct that way.

  • Christina Hatziemmanuel

    sorry, double post

  • Beth

    How would you recommend making it iced?

    • Dave Asprey

      Any decent blender can blend ice in!

  • Hunter

    On days where I don’t want to wake the family up, would mixing it by spoon be alright?

    • Dave Asprey

      Health wise yes, but shaking it in a sealed thermos makes better results. Small battery powered frothers are super quiet too.

  • Peter Deep

    I brought organic coconut oil (I live in México, no one has heard of MCT) and organic sweet butter to my favorite cafe (which serves locally grown organic coffee) and a bunch of us customers tried this. It is delicious and everyone loved it. Unfortunately, I went back later in the day for another cup, went home and felt like I should eat something as I hadn’t eaten all day. Eating resulted in a huge stomach ache for me for the rest of the day. Not surprising (I guess) since I had already consumed a stick of butter. At any rate, this stuff tastes great and I’m interested in doing the intermittent fast diet. One step at a time.

  • Dana Solof

    Just wondering what you think of using an espresso maker? You’ve said that toxins are killed with the high heat, and I prefer Americanos. Also, the Hario pour over is plastic, why wouldn’t you use a ceramic one?

    • Dave Asprey

      Espresso is just fine. I use the hard clear plastic because it is lighter in my suitcase, it does not require preheating like ceramic, and it doesn’t break. It also costs $8. ?

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  • Eric Calkins

    Is there any downside to stepping all the way up to, say, half a stick of Kerrygold (~7.5-8 tbsps) per two cups of coffee? Is that too much, particularly with the MCT oil? Easier for my wife and I to just toss the whole brick in the VitaMix with 4 cups of coffee and split the results, but I’ll go back to cutting it up if it’s better to reduce that…

    • Dave Asprey

      I did that much for a while with no ill effects!

      • Eric Calkins

        Good to know, thanks!

        Also, just a couple of data points for you: my wife actually prefers the mouth feel of Bulletproof Coffee *without* the MCT oil. And while adding it doesn’t bother me, and I don’t feel any ill effects from it, I don’t exactly love it either. I’d swear it tastes subtly not-as-good, even though MCT is supposedly odorless/tasteless.

        Quick Vita-Mix question: Is it possible to blend the coffee *too much?* If you have a Vita-Mix, you know that blending on high for an extended amount of time can actually cook whatever it is you’re mixing. Can that heating action cause any unwanted effects to the grass-fed butter? I just want to hit that sweet spot where everything is nicely, thoroughly blended with a huge head of foam, but I’m not destroying any beneficial compounds through excess heating/agitation…

  • JenniferLove F.

    I could have done this in the vitamix, but I actually prefer a french press for this. I used to froth milk for my espresso in one (I don’t drink milk anymore since going keto) by adding hot milk to the unit, then giving it a good couple of pumps. The fine wire mesh does a fantastic job of getting everything blended and whipped, and produces a wonderful foam.

    I was skeptical at first, but this coffee is really, REALLY delicious. I usually add Horizon Organic Heavy Cream to my coffee but I think I’ll be making the switch to butter and coconut oil. Thank you for the blog post! Now I have something to link back to when friends or family tell me that I’m killing myself by using so much fat in my coffee.

    • Dave Asprey

      Cool idea! I’m going to try this. ?

      • JenniferLove F.

        I learned that trick a year or so ago from after I was looking up reviews for a milk frother that didn’t require my having to turn on my espresso machine.

        Also Dave, I’ve gone up to the 28g (2 tbsp) of grass fed butter to mimic the taste of heavy cream, do I need to increase the MCT as well? I’m currently using coconut oil, which I’ve kept stock of for years (since it’s great for cosmetic uses as well as for cooking. There is no better lip balm or skin conditioner out there, and it makes tasty fried eggs!) I’m currently keeping that to 1tbsp. My coffee is now around 500kcal, however, compared to what I used to order at Starbucks a decade ago, it’s still lower in calories, ZERO carbs, and it tastes a hell of a lot better.

        • Dave Asprey

          The MCT is 6x stronger than coconut oil, and it helps with the mouth feel of the coffee. It’s worth trying once to see if you can feel it. Most can!

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  • Kim

    The link to the post about finding the best (safest) coffee in your city doesn’t seem to be working. Is it just me? I’d really like to read that article.

  • cbelling

    How long do the Bulletproof coffee beans stay fresh for?

  • Angela

    I’m tempted to try this. After having the bulletproof coffee, can I have regular coffee until I break my fast at 2:00? Also, when I make the bulletproof coffee, is it ok to save half of it for later (heat it up in the microwave)?

    • abright

      If by regular you mean black coffee made with high quality beans, sure. And saving some for later… with reheating? better to reheat on a stove. Or even better make it fresh.

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  • Jenny Anderson

    Do you have any alternatives to adding the butter? i am lactose intolerant, but would still like to try the morning combo of the coffe with fat.

    • Nerd Stalker

      If you can handle it Grass fed ghee is a good option.

    • dayea

      this article claims that butter has zero lactose content: (fourth paragraph)

  • Nerd Stalker

    I must be missing something painfully obvious but nowhere can I find how many (suggested) “scoops” of the ground coffee to put in, to make a single serving? and what would a “scoop” be?

    • Edward Vega

      me 2, i cant find the right ratio. I am now grinding 2 tbs of beans to 4 cups of coffee on my french press but it seems like im going thru coffee way to fast. I only have one cup a day. Also add 2 tbs of Kerry butter and 1 tbs of MCT. If anyone else would like to share it would be great.

      • Nerd Stalker

        So I finally found a general trend that most use 2tbs kerry unsalted, 2tbs mct oil, 5tbs Bulletproof coffee to 16oz. of water.

        • Ahmad Awadallah

          Thanks! I was looking for this.

      • ray williams

        I htink the general rule of thumb is 5-7 grams of coffee per cup. I use around 15 grams for a sixteen ounce brew.

        • Garrett K

          The official recipe on the “How to make your mornings Bulletproof, and your coffee too” says 2 1/2 tbsp for an 8 oz cup of coffee. 15 g seems VERY diluted (that’s 1 tbsp). Bodum’s french press requirements are ~1.5-2.5 tbsp / 8oz cup. :)

        • ray williams

          I can assure you that one tbsp of whole bean coffee does not weigh 15 grams. That is easily two tbsp

        • Garrett K

          Brew 1 cup (8 oz.) of coffee using filtered water, just off the boil, with 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons freshly ground Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee Beans. (French Press is easiest.)”

        • Laurie

          I just started making this but I have a Keurig brewer so I fill the filter cup 3/4 of the way full for largest setting. It seems to work.

        • ray williams
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  • Crystal

    What are your suggestions about home roasting? From the reviews I’ve seen, all of the nearby coffee shops sell their coffee in blends. There is one place that I plan to check out this week since they aren’t listed online, but I don’t know if they will be any different.

    However I just found a shop that sells green coffee beans for home roasting. Is home roasting recomended? What type of bean would you suggest to use?

  • Abigael Crecca

    I use Artisana Coconut Butter – is that MCT? I am going to try this right now before I go for my walk. I will use the Artisana- but, would love to hear is Coco butter is what you mean!

    • Abigael Crecca

      after reading down- I have my answer. I am sticking with what I have for now. Maybe try the MTC later.

      • abright

        yeah you need about 6 tbsp of coconut oil to get the same amount of capric and caprylic in 1 tbsp of MCT oil

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  • Albert

    Is using an italian mocha express to make the coffee fine?

  • Bronson

    whats the best way to brew the coffee? I though i read somewhere that it’s best to use a steel filter because paper filter absorb the oils from the coffee. But in this article it uses a paper filter as best method.

    • abright

      Initially Dave was using a paper filter until he learned about the benefits of cawehol and cafestrol that get filtered out when using a filter– now he uses a steel filter, or no filter (and carefully pours the coffee in another cup)…

      • Thomas


        If I use an electric variable temp kettle would the following process work well:

        - set kettle to 205 degrees
        - once water temp reaches 205 add BP course ground coffee 2 tbsp per 6 oz of water

        - wait 4 minutes, stir occasionally
        - serve by pouring thru metal filter into cup

        How does this process sound? Is course grind preferable?


  • mezza027

    Tastes SOOOO good!! But I think the MCT oil is giving me a stomach ache.

    • abright

      How much are you using? Start small, like with a teaspoon and work your way up. Many who aren’t yet adapted to full fat meals find using digestive enzymes helpful at first too.

      • Guesty McGuesterson

        I had some mild heartburn and the runs when I started with BP coffee. After 3 or 4 days I had no issues.

        I found at the beginning spacing the cups of coffee helped; I drank them about an hour apart and that helped, too. Now I just drink them however I want.

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  • Danielsan

    I have just started drinking BP coffee (250ml Coffee, 2 tbs butter, 1 tbs MCToil ) and although the coffee has a nice frothy head like a latte, it tastes very thin, like an instant coffee not a latte. Any suggestions how to make it feel like a latte and still stay BP?

    • abright

      Use a few more beans when brewing for stronger flavor.

  • Peter

    Hi. I’ve received my first and hopefully not last shipment of bulletproof coffee today. The first step starts with ‘Brew coffee as you normally would’ Unfortunately for me that consists of boiling water and adding instant coffee. How would I go about brewing Bulletproof coffee? I pretty much only have a kettle and blender to get this job done. Thanks for your time… All of it. :)

    • biggs

      Try “cowboy coffee”. It’s essentially coffee grounds in just below boiling water on the stove. Let it sit as long as you want, strain or let the grounds sink to the bottom and poor off the top.

    • abright

      If you don’t have a grinder, a blender will do for grinding the coffee. You’ll get a pretty coarse grind. Then boil some water, let the grinds steep in it for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Let the grinds settle to the bottom, and pour the coffee into a new cup, it’s ok to let a few grinds into your cup… extra texture ;)

      And then using your cleaned blender, blend grass-fed butter, mct, and coffee! Then enjoy!

      • Joseph

        You might also look into getting a small capacity French Press. It’s uses the same process as “Cowboy coffee”, but it has a stainless steel plunger that strains the grounds out for you when the brewing is done. No filters to buy, less chance of a mess (or too many grounds in the cup), easy to clean, just need a kettle for hot water and you’ve got that already. Use the grounds on your garden as fertilizer and you’ve got a no waste coffee machine.

    • ale

      buy a french press. 10$ basically and super simple to use to make coffee

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  • Nick In ‘t Ven

    Is there a video out there? I find the explanation still a bit confusing

  • pablo tacchini

    There is a link to different option for recipes.I just started with this and I’m a bit lost. I got the book but I will like to see other options on recipes. For example for breakfast. So I don’t drink bulletproof coffee everyday.
    Or maybe that’s the idea?
    Today I have coffee with 40 gr of butter and now I’m hungry after 3 hours. But I can still taste the butter in my mouth and is making me feel nausea. :/

  • Don Wynkoop

    I typically drink my coffee black. Can I just add the MCT?

  • jen

    How will this coffee help my energy levels. I’m extremely low on energy.

  • Luis Alvarado

    Can you use a nutribullet to blend the coffee, or is that too powerful?

    • Kate

      He said you can use Vitamix and that’s more powerful than nutribullet so it should be fine

  • magnerrachel

    This may seem like a silly question, but does it matter how you brew the coffee? I have a moka pot and it doesn’t have a filter, and it makes an espresso style shot.

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  • paul

    Would it be ok to add a bit of raw, unpasteurized grass-fed cream to the blend or does that raise insulin too much?

  • Ben

    Just wanted to throw this out there…Was annoyed that my water bottle was retaining coffee flavor when I put water in it so I scoured the web for a good glass one. This is actually meant for scientific use I believe but it’s 32 ounces and works great and is only $7 (found it on Amazon of course):
    Vestil Glass Square Graduated Bottle, 32 oz Capacity, Clear

    Also you’ve probably already seen this but this is an MCT oil alternative, also on Amazon ($16):
    NOW Foods Mct 100% Oil, 32-Fluid Ounces

    As for ratios I use 2tbsp MCT, 2tbsp kerrygold and 4tbsp coffee…any more MCT and my stomach starts complaining lol.

    • Rosie

      Thanks for your ratio idea. Is that for 16oz or 32oz? My husband & I are both going to try it, so we will be doing 32oz.

  • Chad

    This isn’t much different than what the dentist Weston Price discovered with his Butter Oil + Cod Liver Oil combination almost 100 years ago. It seems the more we go into the future, the more we realize that we are losing everything humanity had right. For those who don’ t know, Weston Price spent his later years traveling the world and studying primitive cultures that had perfect teeth and health – and here we are in 2013 trying to figure out how to live as well as people 1000s of years ago. Crazy. It seems the only thing we use technological progress for is populating ever more into technological/artificial life-support and the associated duties/obligations to the “machine” that keeps us all alive.

    • AprilSmith

      Not really. The internet is making it possible for people to learn more.

      I have heard of Dr Weston Price. On the internet.

      We have the opportunity to educate each other.

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  • Megan Bowes

    I’ve made this with tea (as I don’t care for coffee) and it is yummy. I used coconut oil because it is what I have right now. When I get MCT Oil, I’ll use that. I put stevia in and that is perfect for sweetener; I can’t wait to try some cinnamon or vanilla, or dark chocolate :)

    • Tom

      Just trying to get this seen. If you do use/like cinnamon, please try to use Ceylon type of cinnamon as it contains the most beneficial ‘brain’ — anti-amyloid ingredients while avoiding some other non-desirables. Research it … Since with this coffee we’re trying to benefit our brains we might as well think long term ! Cheers :-)

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  • Kyle

    will the additives such as the vanilla, cinnamon ect not take the body out of the fasting state if added?

  • cady

    Just wondering am I doing something wrong or maybe it takes a while but I’ve not noticed a change (it is only the 1st time today) I used 2 tablespoons of coffee, 1 tablespoon mct n 1 tablespoon butter….help :-)

  • Ron H

    Heard about this from a friend. He’s in incredible shape and highly recommends it, so thought I’d give it a try. Of course, being skeptical, as are most peope with anything out of their comfort zone, I did it gingerly. It;s surprisingly tasty and if it’s as good as you all say, It’s my new favourite. I’ll have to get some MCT oil though to complete the ensemble but hey. I’m into getting fit and healthy. Everyone in my family has a weight problem of some kind. I was 260 (at 48), now only 200 (at 58) and improving still. Younger brother (now at 56) is 400 pounds, older brother (at 59) and both parents have had bypasses. Had a nuclear heart stress test last week. Results came back all clear. Exercise and healthy eating are making the difference. My strong, fit friend/mentor is a prime example. I’m taking his advice. Thanks for this ‘non traditional’ kick start to the day.

  • MelisD

    When I did this for a couple of weeks, later in the day I would have rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. To find out if it was the coffee, I stopped doing and and sure enough it returned to normal. As crazy as it sounds, I would like to restart as it helped give me a boost in weight loss and my brother, who has both researched and had success with this coffee (and other changes in diet) has convinced me that this is really good for you. I am just wondering if something in particular could be making my blood pressure spike or if I should cut down on any ingredients? I use 1 tbsp of MCT, 2 Tbsp butter, 2 cups bulletproof coffee. Could this be an issue with the MCT? I do notice that it makes my stomach burn a little too. Not in an intolerable way but in an annoying way. Does that go away after some time using this recipe?

    • MelisD

      I should state that I am otherwise healthy. I workout and am not overweight. I’ve also never had blood pressure issues before.

      • ryan10

        check out what coffee you are using, light roasts are higher in caffeine and dark roast are lower but better tasting. I do not know if this is what is causing it but you may be a person who extremely caffeine sensitive.

        • ray williams

          Better tasting is open to interpretation. I prefer the milder, sweeter taste of light roasts and enjoy that I don’t have the lingering coffee taste that you get from a dark roast.

        • Joe

          Mix it half and half with naturally decaf.

    • Larisa Mc Anally

      The MCT oil is affecting you thyroid!!!!!

      • Ms Hanson

        Larisa, could you expand on this a bit, please?

    • Nicky820

      I can’t do coffee, so I use Bulletproof Matcha Tea or mate. It’s fabulous.

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  • Jon

    So I was looking for MCT oil at various shops and they both told me the coconut oil had mostly MCT oil. Since there was only one brand (twin lab) that had pure MCT oil and it was flavored, I decided to opt for the coconut oil. It looks to have the same amount of MCT oil as the one sold on this site (14 g per serving).
    Why then is coconut oil not recommended?

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  • Jayme Gordon

    First of all, bless your heart for this. Holy crap it’s good. And that’s coming from a former Starbucks junkie, I’d rather drink this anyday of the week. Second, I’ve been using coconut oil instead of mct oil, should I switch? I LOVE cocnut oil and it gives me so much energy in the morning so I just stuck with it but if the nutritional value is much different ill buy the other stuff. Btw a dash of cinnamon literally makes it taste better than a cinnamon dolce latte:)

    • Alexandra Grayson

      Coconut oil IS a medium-chain triglyceride oil, so you’re all set.

    • dayea

      this article is about MCT oil by Tropical Traditions, a coconut oil manufacturer that posts many research articles on their site. It is claimed here that MCT oil does not have lauric acid, the most valuable fatty acid found only in coconut oil and breast milk. h Based on this article, I would prefer coconut oil, especially hand-pressed if I can find it.

  • kaye211

    omg..I just tried this..this is the best coffee I have ever had, no sweetner added

  • steph

    NEVER use abbreviations. Please…. there are many of us that do not know all the “lingo”… like MCT oil.

    • Angelo

      It means Medium Chain Triglyceride and if you don’t understand something it would be more productive to just Google it

      • Hans Gruber

        It’s also fairly productive to not waste your time trying to sound smart on internet comment chains.

        • Useyourhead

          In the time it took this guy to type up his complaint he could have easily identified what MCT oil is via a search engine.

        • EasyPicks

          Doesn’t it make sense though that when you are posting something instructional that you write it for your entire audience. Including those that are not familiar with some of the ingredients that are used.

        • dayea

          this guy is such a whiner and so insecure, thinking that abbreviations make someone sound smart. like LOL sounds smart. LOL

        • dagnew

          man, everyone seems a little aggressive. In his first article on this, he writes that MCTs are Medium Chain Triglycerides.

        • clarify

          It’s called MCT oil.

  • Guest

    two get 2 cups of coffee how many tbsp of bulletproof coffe beans should i use

  • wolverine1972

    i usea coffee maker not a french press how many tbsp equals two cups of coffee

  • debi

    does nespresso make a cartridge pod you would recommend

  • Michelle Streitmatter Glasser

    Can a Person use a Keurig to make this coffee?

  • Josh

    Quick question. I want to order the k cup version of Dave’s toxin free coffee but was wondering something. He always states to make two cups in his recipe but I only drink one cup in the morning. Do I need to reduce the serving size of the butter and mct oil? Since I’m only drinking one cup of bullet proof coffee?

  • Tim Delany

    arrgh i bought salted instead of unsalted kerry gold by mistake. Three bloody bars of it. How badly will this hinder the effectiveness of the coffee / affect my health? X

    • Noodles

      I’m not sure that it would “hinder” it but it would definitely make it taste bad. the unsalted one delivers a creamy delish cup of coffee – I tried it for the first time this morning and I’m loving life (now 2:00 pm). I haven’t eaten a thing, but I’m energized, not angry and not really particularly hungry. I also have not had a single craving for carbs, whereas on a normal day, I’d have already eaten a ton of them (carbsumption!) Good luck to you!

    • Chris

      I use salted Kerrygold. Don’t even notice the salt.

  • Christopher

    What kind of grinder are you guys using? Thanks! I love in advance anyone who answers :)

  • AdamG

    probably a dumb question… when picking an MCT oil: Should one use one of the MCT Oil general products (i.e. Now Foods) or can one use Coconut Oil? Thoughts? Advice?

  • Joannabanana1989 .

    wow. i’m drinking my first cup now and this stuff is insane!! i added a tsp of cinnamon and it has such a warm, satisfying flavor.

  • Mike!

    Can someone give step by step instructions please. I use a French press. When do I add the oil and butter? I don’t have a blender , can I just stir it? How many scoops of coffee should
    I use?

    • LogicalLady

      Most French presses make three to four 8 oz cups. If you don’t have a blender and don’t want to purchase one, simply brew in your French press, strain into a large glass or jar that already has your butter and oil in it, rinse the grounds out of your French press, and then pour your mixture back into the press. You can use the plunger- carefully!- to froth the mixture. Not perfect, but cost-efficient and it works.

  • KW

    I would like to make this at work but without the use of a noisy blender. Could I melt the butter first, then add to the coffee, MCT oil and use a small milk frother to mix it all together? ( example of frother: )

    • AlPal

      You shouldn’t need to melt the butter before putting it into your hot cup of coffee! Just let it sit for a minute in the cup with the coffee and use your frother, making sure to get to the bottom of the cup.

  • Oisin Lunny

    MCT Oil arrived yesterday so had my first BP Coffee this morning, can’t quite believe how delicious it is, thank you :)

  • Liz

    will adding chocolate powder and collagen powder to the coffee break the fast?
    I’m trying to lose weight. Also could a person have two bulletproof coffees and one meal to accomplish this fast?

    • Rosie

      I would have the same questions.

  • Amy

    Is there a way to get the coffee as a K-cup?

    • Sarah

      You should be able to grind up the BP coffee and put it in the reusable insert that comes with most Keurigs. If you don’t have or can’t find the insert, you can buy a new one on Amazon for $5 or less. Look up “Keurig My K Cup”.

      • Amy

        Great…Thank you!!

    • Believer

      You can buy the k-cup style coffee on this website….

  • Keke

    Does the machine blending homogenize (the butter and oil in) the drink? I read somewhere to avoid consuming any such fat emulsions. Some recommend unhomogenized milk products (if any) for that reason… How about you just mix the thing with a spoon and that’s it? Any thoughts?

  • A R

    I want to try the intermittent fasting, but I can’t have coffee because of my adrenal fatigue. Is it possible to make to a green tea equivalent?
    Thanks for your time.

  • Ellison

    Can you use the Upgraded Decaf coffee instead and still get the same effect? I am pregnant and don’t want to do caffeine.

    • Cinesnatch

      Decaf is toxic, so no.

    • LogicalLady

      Unless your doctor has specifically told you not to drink caffeinated coffee, drinking very robust, high-quality dark roasts in small quantities is okay. Dark roasts have a lower caffeine content, as well as a lower acid profile, than light roasts or anything with robusta beans in it.

  • Mina Kelly

    I started this yesterday and I have some questions. I am small framed and petite, so I figure I probably need a lot less than average sized people. I started with 1 tbsp Kerrygold butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tsp vanilla extract. It was delicious and gave me a ton of energy and focus, but it also gave me acid indigestion which interfered with my yoga practice and lasted all day.

    So today I tried it with coconut oil and vanilla with a splash of heavy cream to see if it was the butter that caused the acid feeling and it was. I had no indigestion at all without the butter. But it also wasn’t nearly as satisfying.

    So I’m just trying to figure out what to do next and I’m wondering:

    What is the advantage of using butter over grass fed heavy cream?
    Should I drop down to ~1 tsp butter and see if I can slowly work up from there?


    people keep telling me to add gelatin. What would be the advantage or disadvantage to doing this?

    I should add that I am at my ideal weight and am not doing this to lose weight, but rather to optimize my health and my energy. Doing coffee the bulletproof method is for me an attempt to upgrade my previous habit of having nothing all morning but black coffee, which I can see, as I age is becoming detrimental to my blood sugar levels, etc. I have always preferred to go longer stretches between meals than people have generally recommended because I feel better that way so I am happy to discover that Intermittent Fasting now has its advocates!

  • Aladin

    upgraded coffee is pricey. can i drink green tea or arabica coffee instead would the effect be positive or negative on the long term ?

  • Zyle McDonalds

    Stop bullshitting people. This is a complete BS product, not only does it not do what it says but it may even add more fat to your frame. Have fun with your money made from scamming people.

    • YonLittleSwine

      Indeed. A fool and their money are soon parted.

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  • Kamile Ko

    You will not make any good coffee without good coffee machine, because it helps not only to get perfect espresso but also to get great foam, without any bubbles :) Not far away I bought an espresso machine like this- Philips
    Saeco kavos aparatai namams
    , and believe me, it was the best choice I have ever made, because now I can enjoy my coffe as much as I want :)

  • Cheryl Robineau Guillet

    I have tried MCT oil in my coffee but truthfully it tastes sooo oily , not creamy .MCT oil helps with hot flashes but gave me the runs.too much too soon , I’d guess

  • Ms Hanson

    Love my morning cuppa Joe, helps greatly with asthma symptoms, but I’m allergic to dairy. Anyone have any ideas?

    BTW, speed-reading left me thinking the recipe was 2 lbs, not 2 tbs of butter…LOL!

    • Amalir

      I’ve been told that butter technically isn’t dairy, because it is just the fat that has been separated from the cream and has no lactose in it… but I have not researched this.

      • Palpunny

        Butter IS Dairy, or at least contains dairy/lactose, even if it is high quality butter or from grass feed beef (though grass-fed butter is way yummier) because its basically churned milk fat. GHEE is basically ‘clarified’ butter and the dairy/lactose is skimmed or separated from the natural butter fats… see and other sources. Not entirely sure if all GHEE products are entirely dairy free, but depending on your allergies Ms Hanson, I’d skip the butter.

  • Biggly

    I’m lucky enough to live on Borneo, where I can get local organic coffee, roasted in the shop I buy the beans from. For blending I just use one of those little hand-held things for frothing milk :)

  • Dani

    Just an FYI – the link for the MCT Oil in the ingredient list does not work. :)

  • pbenz

    does HiLine coffee or Nespresso capsules qualify as “good coffee” for this?

  • aman

    so weird how something with butter and sugar in it would taste good. quite the concept

    • AllDay206

      Where’s the sugar?

  • Tyler Kasprzyk

    What a flippin’ joke. Buy our beans, buy our oil, buy this specific butter and lastly buy our blender to get the best results. How about you people try a daily routine of eating healthy and working out. There is no one answer to getting healthy or better brain capacity, otherwise everyone would have already been doing it for years now.

    • CF

      This is based off butter tea which has been consumed for hundreds if not thousands of years in Asia. Buttered coffee is very common in places like Africa and the middle East also and it’s actually quite nuritious (comparitively so to what most people consume as far as clean, efficient energy sources.) Do your homework before making such ill informed comments. Also nobody is forcing you to buy this particular brand, you could do your own investigative research and find medical journals and studies that back up what he says. He’s not the first but he’s saving you from hundreds of page flipping and hours of chin-scratching.

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  • Pingback: a day in my life - Lori-Lyn HurleyLori-Lyn Hurley

  • Annie Hébert

    Does the use of a blender very important? I’m going camping this summer and I was wondering if you could just put the coffee, butter and oil in my coffee mug and give it a good shake…

    • sunny

      check amazon for a portable battery operated frother. I don’t know the correct name but they sell them.

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  • Pingback: Nootropics for Traders - 4 Step Plan | The Trading Edge

  • Kyle Del Bonis

    So now what kind of butter do we eat now that Kerrygold has fallen from grace?

  • jr

    I am going to try this coffee, just to see how it tastes, but this, among other statements, is unclear, if not suspect:

    “Butter is better than even unhomogenized, grass-fed, raw organic cream. Processing denatures the casein proteins in normal cream. This makes them less bioavailable and potentially harmful. Besides, raw cream isn’t raw after you add it to hot coffee.”

    Butter, last I checked, is made from cream, so if casein proteins are denatured in cream, they will be denatured in butter. Or is his point that in making butter you remove the casein proteins altogether and leave only the fat? And “potentially harmful?” What’s that about? I have no idea; I’m not a food scientist. But am I supposed to be? Clear explanations would go a long way to convincing me this isn’t a lot of b.s. pseudoscience, however delicious and filling the coffee may be.

  • Colleen Vercouteren

    Question, is it better to use the MCT oil or the Brain Octane in my bulletproof coffee or both? I’m a runner and I want to be able to access fat for fuel in the most efficient way possible. Also is it best to have the coffee about 30-60 minutes before my run?


    I love bulletproof coffee! Makes me feel great! Check out my article on bulletproof coffee at

  • sara

    I noticed no change from having regular coffee. I’ll probably stick to regular coffee, so as not to waste my money again.

  • Carol White

    When you drink the coffee, do you also eat. Say at breakfast or mid afternoon snack. If I am doing all LCHF, where does fiber come in so that there is no constipation.

  • Neal

    Been doing BPC for about a month now (along with IF) and enjoyed the experience (and modest results). My day is fairly long (6am start – 8:30pm end) so I’m always looking for good ways to reduce my admin for good habits. I’ve tried to condense your approach above to suit my time scales and would appreciate if you could critique it in case I’ve introduce something (bad) without realising it.

    1. Kerry gold butter becomes Kerry Gold clarified butter/ghee (clarified it myself, amazingly the vario filters work a treat if you don’t have muslin).

    2. MCT oil mixed in with the KG clarified butter, in the ratio that i have it, and then whizzed with one of those latte frothing things and then stored in a glass bottle.

    3. Make coffee as per normal the night before (pour over), mix in my dose of Bulletproof mixture, blend, drop into a heated thermos for the morning. Consumed within 14-16hrs of being made the night before.

    given that the casein in the butter would have acted as an emulsifying agent for the MCT oil and probably the fat in the butter, using clarified butter doesn’t have the same smoothness/evenness to the mix, do you have a recommendation for an alternative emulsifier. Is storing the coffee at a high temperature for a long period of time detrimental to it’s value, damaging to the fats/oils?

    Thanks for your research, if you make gazillions from my suggested process above, please start making T-Shirts and send me one.


  • Kol67

    When I put the coffee, butter, and MCT in a magic bullet blender and process it, am I NOT homogenizing it (breaking the butter down into tiny globules ) so that the three substances become one frothy (and delicious drink). I like it, don’t misunderstand, but I know the homogenization process is unhealthy.

  • Heather

    Unfortunately I’ve never developed a taste for coffee. Can same results be obtained with a hot tea?

  • Barry Wong

    The first time I made BPC (following this exact recipe) I definitely felt the mental clarity and focus. I drink coffee almost on a daily basis and make BPC 1x to 2x per week and don’t feel the performance benefits as much. I thought it was supposed to curb hunger for a few hours but even with 2 tablespoons of Kerry Gold butter I get hungry for breakfast after 2 hours of finishing my BPC.

    Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  • Sue

    Are you really recommending a PLASTIC pour over brewing product?

  • dayea

    this article is about MCT oil by Tropical Traditions, a coconut oil manufacturer that posts many research articles on their site. It is claimed here that MCT oil does not have lauric acid, the most valuable fatty acid found only in coconut oil and breast milk.

  • butterbaby

    can I use coconut oil? I don’t have MCT oil and it’s pretty much the same thing right?

  • Angela Speakman

    Will I have the same results if I only add the MCT oil? I don’t do dairy.

  • jan607

    I was recently losing hair and my skin was dry. A friend recommended your coffee recipe. Not only is it delicious, but my skin glowing and hair is shining. Yay!

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  • Kristina Virissimo

    Is it okay you use organic grass-fed ghee in place of the kerrygold butter? Will I still reap the health benefits as if I were using the butter?

  • Kelley Ann

    Went dairy free a couple weeks ago and was miserable without my bulletproof coffee!! Just tried it with home made cashew milk and it’s delicious!! happy again.

  • Hamish The Man

    A friend of my mom brings this over every Sunday and it is extremely tasty. I am normally a cream and sugar man but this is Awesome! BTW the Mycotoxin coffee thing is a bit laughable, just go into your bathroom and take a deep breath and you have just had your Mycotoxin fix for the week. Still this stuff is yummy.

  • Iris Koh

    Sorry how much coffee beans for one cup of coffee?

  • Sew Exhausted

    I am on my 3rd week of BP coffee… And just so you know I was a coffee drinker who HAD to use all those store bought flavored creamers… and I liked my coffee SWEEEEEET. I tested the butter and cocont oil before buying to see if I could stomach it… (lol) After figuring I could handle it I went for it and got the beans and MCT oil. So here I am- someone who has been drinking sweet coffee for years and I LOVE the BP coffee. I am getting low and today I thought I’d use the organic beans I had stashed in the freezer to supplement… I had to throw it out. YUCK… It didn’t even SMELL good compared to the BP coffee… Anyway, I really DO feel good. More alert and more energy. Now I am working on getting my diet under control. Would like to lose 40 pounds! I am a female in my late 40′s and was a little worried about the extra fat but am embracing the diet you have and will see what happens. Definitely feel better and lost a few pounds this week! I am off to buy more coffee now… :) Not normally a commenter but wanted to share!

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  • Frances Ryan

    I drink only iced cold brew coffee. I don’t suppose there is any way to accomplish this even if I heated the cold brew. Once I iced it the butter and oil would congeal?

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  • Andrew Bennett

    So I added a half scoop of low carb whey protein to the recipe. This gave me a nice hint of vanilla and fortified it that much more. I kinda thought the claims of extra energy were BS and this was just a good way to eat a high fat breakfast but I’m amazed at the energy I had this morning on my daily hike/trail run. My loop is 5 miles with 1000′ of vertical gain and I was 7 minutes faster than my normal time. I had to slow down because the dog was getting tired.

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  • Mavrick Goodrich

    Anyone have a preference or direction on whether to use salted or unsalted Kerrygold butter. Are there merits of either?

    • Mavrick

      Nevermind just saw the recipe. My bad.

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  • TheoDusko

    I’m curious how this would work with actual yak butter? I live in China and have easy access to yak butter where I live. If I substitute the grass-fed cow butter for some super rich grass-fed yak butter, would I still have to add the MCT oil? Or would the triglycerides from the yak butter offset the need?

  • TheoDusko

    I’m curious how this would work with actual yak butter? I live in China and have easy access to yak butter where I live. If I substitute the grass-fed cow butter for some super rich grass-fed yak butter, would I still have to add the MCT oil? Or would the triglycerides from the yak butter offset the need?

    • TheoDusko

      Sorry, double post

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  • Anon Emus

    Why does the butter have to be unsalted?

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  • Ashley Brown

    I see Planet Organic is ripping off your idea, I thought you had trademarked/patented it?

  • elaine

    Can you tell me why some say not to use heavy whipping cream? the first recipe I read, used HWC so that is what I have been using all this time with butter and coconut oil.

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  • NoleJag

    Would it ruin the outcome if I skipped preheating my blender? I get up really early for work already and this would just add more time to my morning routine. I’m looking forward to trying this!

  • Lori

    Is Bulletproof coffee organic? Coffee is heavily sprayed with pesticides so I usually buy a good quality organic coffee. Any comments?

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