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Dr. Jack Kruse: Live Longer than Most People – #87

Jack Kruse
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Most people want to live longer, healthier lives, right? The infinitely knowledgeable and epically controversial Dr. Jack Kruse comes on Bulletproof Radio to talk about how he thinks it’s possible to live an optimized life using a high fat diet and some serious biohacks. Have you ever accidentally turned the microwave on with metal inside and seen the sparks fly? On this episode, Jack talks about how many people are microwaving their own cells without knowing it, and how certain lifestyle choices can put your health at major risk. He talks fervently about how important it is to live a Bulletproof lifestyle and even how to hack your flying experience. You’ll also learn about the dangers of EMFs, how physics dictates biology, and what he thinks is the most nutritious food to pack a punch out there. Bring a pencil and enjoy!

Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group. As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Kruse’s research has been published in respected dental and medical journals. His popular blog, gets over 150,000 unique worldwide visitors per month.

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:00 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   1:40 – Welcome Dr. Jack Kruse
  •    3:11 – ATP and high fat diets
  •   7:30 – How to live longer than most people
  • 11:00 – Flying in a microwave oven
  • 12:50 – How to hack your flying experience
  • 17:00 – The altitude effect
  • 21:00 – People who live in skyscrapers
  • 24:00 – How physics dictates biology
  • 29:00 – How to not stop flying
  • 33:00 – How diet isn’t the end-all, be-all
  • 37:00 – Recapturing your longevity through menopause
  • 45:00 – The health benefits of oysters
  • 48:00 – Top three recommendations to perform better!


Epi-Paleo RX

Twitter – @DrJackKruse


Books by Robert Becker

Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level



Upgraded™ Glutathione Force

#73 SomaPulse & Electromagnetism with Dr. Bill Pawluk


Click here to view the transcript of Dr. Jack Kruse: Live Longer than Most People – #87

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  • Howard Lee Harkness

    I downloaded the MP3 & plan to listen to it later.

    I have been wondering a bit about Dr. Kruse. He basically dropped under the radar after the brouhaha with Carnival cruise lines with the 2012 Low Carb Cruise. I wonder if he ever caught up with the SOB that caused his expulsion from the ship. (

    • Vasil Karpachev

      He does not seem to be responsible for some random twitter message

      Your link seems to be broken:

      • Howard Lee Harkness

        I tested this morning and the link works for me. However, it’s hosted on #hostgator, which has recently had some problems. The post contains a photo I took of the captain’s message which admitted that Dr. Kruse was not responsible for the tweet that got him expelled from the LC cruise. Question remains: Who did it?

        • Chris Wyllie

          Hey Dave, I’ve been waiting for this podcast with Dr. Kruse! Can you comment on your personal bio-hacks that you currently utilize to minimize EMF and inflammation, beyond diet and supplementation. I would have liked to see Dr. Kruse outline his top three bio-hacks that we could implement immediately.

          I commenced CT a little too ambitiously. The cold uticaria was not pleasant. Do you perform CT on a daily basis?

          If so, have you found CT to increase productivity, energy and recovery? As an avid Qigong practitioner, I’m also weary of the possibility that the cold could dampen my fire and life energy, so to speak. Rather than fueling profound mental growth, my energy would be directing to warming the heck up.

          My personal theory: By minimizing entropy and inflammation and increasing conductivity, your energy levels should become much more robust

        • Lucretia

          Chris I would have to agree with you. I have MUCH more energy in warm weather in Maui than cold weather in Maui. Obviously the ocean waves beating against the sand produces great grounding energy but the warmth does help tremendously. I think you will find this article by Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, a great bio-hack on increasing one’s energy; one’s voltage:,%20The%20Key%20to%20Rebuilding%20You%20Life.pdf

        • Lucretia

          Chris also go to Dave’s article in which you can see the 8 parts of Cold Thermogenesis with Dr. Kruse explain and proving it IS energy producing(!):

  • Cate

    Great! Love your new site JK.

  • Melinda

    Dr Kruse has some very Interesting perspectives and suggestions. Thanks for bringing them Dave!

    I like how he makes it clear that the intensity with which you might apply some of his suggested protocols depends on your personal context – eg your level of wellness or your environment.

    Thanks again both of you!

  • Tom

    Dave you mistakenly put 48:00 as when the top three recommendations to perform better. It actually starts at 61:00 approximately.

  • jeffharts

    I cant find Energy and Epigenetics 7 anywhere on Jacks blog… it only seems to go to 5

  • Cathy

    Oh my gosh, Dave! I have the same issue with krill oil and nosebleeds! Therefore, I never go the long haul with it. If you figure out what’s going on and how to rectify it, please let us know!

  • Luke Z.

    This was an excellent podcast Dave. I don’t normally comment on here, but being someone with a microbiology background I was able to follow the language Dr. Kruse utilized.The energy transduction pathways he described took me back to a classroom

    Thanks for having him
    on your podcast!

  • Rick

    Great Poscast!

  • Brandon Adams

    Anyone else notice the growing number of pauses in Dave’s speech? Normally I wouldn’t care or comment, but it’s been very noticeable on the last several podcasts, and given the nature of this site, I’d like to know if something undesired is happening with his mind.

    • BulletproofTinMan

      Working out more. IMO

    • Ben

      Dave periodically suffers from periods of brain fog. I’m certain he’s noticed the issue and is taking steps to identify the cause and restore his cognitive function.

    • betsy

      Give me a break! Who cares It’s all relative. Every day can’t be a day of perfection but aspiring to be perfect is great but demanding it is simply OCD and boring. I suppose next you’ll want a Stephord wife? Being human is way more interesting than being perfect.

  • Go Packers

    I work as a car salesman right across the street from a major electric plant that supplies energy for my entire city. My boss insists I spend most of my day outside waiting for customers. This podcast is making me re-think my job. Anyone have ideas on how to protect myself from the electro-magnetic radiation or is it time for a job change?

    • Jack Kruse

      We did a EMF mitigation series for members on my site. You might consider joining that. 7 part series that was excellent and you can ask the people on my forum if they felt it was worth it.

      • Go Packers

        Thanks for the reply doc! I found some good solutions on your site.

        My wife and I started purchasing and drinking reverse osmosis water from a dispensary machine at our local health foods store. I’ve been reading online conflicting ideas on whether or not to add trace minerals back in to the water. Do you think it is necessary to go about adding trace minerals and if so how?

        • Jack Kruse

          Well I think you can stop with RO water but I do go further. I put my water through stone matrix to vortex the water. You could use a wine aerator if you do not have a stone one. I also sit the water on top of a magnetico sleep pad for a few hours. This helps order the water since it is a magnetic dipole. Some may think this is extreme but non native EMF is an extreme stressor.
          And his latest EMF report.

  • eric

    nixon much?

  • Lucretia

    I can’t agree more with Dr. Kruse that most all Americans are desperately deficient in iodine however I disagree with the source he recommends as Dr. Brownstein, MD. who has been on this situation for 8 years or more has tested seaweed and said the most popular brands all contained way to high a level of arsenic in them! He therefore no longer recommends any type of seaweed consumption. He recommends the Lugol’s solution or the iodine supplement named Iodoral.

    Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Miller and Dr. Flecha (all M.D.s) have said they believe one must start with taking small amounts of iodine as it detoxes other heavy metals and especially bromine (causing detox reactions – you will notice very brown pee). Then you can hear them say they recommend working up to 50 mg of iodine per day (different parts of the body need potassium iodine, other parts need potassium iodide and other parts need both) and they should take that amount for at least a year and then re-test for iodine sufficiency. Most people have no idea that EVERY cell in the body needs iodine – it is not just needed by your thyroid. 20% is in your skin preventing skin cancer and 70% is in your organs and glands and muscle…that is IF you have been taking sufficient amounts. The rests is in your brain, stomach and such. Check out and for more information. Also one can listen to the interviews with Dr. Flecha, Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Brownstein on the need for more iodine and amounts we should be taking here – in the Dr. Flecha interview you will hear Dr. Flecha talk about the research Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent Gyorgyi did, collaborated the research on iodine by governments around the world and the amounts he personally recommended as the optimal amount. You will hear he took much higher amounts than this and lived to the age of 93.

    Interestingly, on the site click on “research” and then “Lyme.” Dave should especially find this article very interesting having recovered from Lyme Disease:

    Lyme disease: A Look Beyond Antibiotics
    Klinghardt DK

    “For a while selenium should be given in high doses to suppress viral replication and render bioavailable mercury non-reactive. The element most critical in the Lyme patient however is iodine….Filling up the body’s mineral reserves has always been the most essential part of our heavy metal detox program. It is also the most essential part of our Lyme treatment.”

    All to say, iodine is critical to the healthy function of every cell in our body.

    • Jack Kruse

      Arsenic is not a problem when your diet is balanced in selenoproteins. Dr. Brownstein does not tell people this. Moreover, if you have read my book, The Epi-paleo Rx, it is a diet high in brain specific nutrients that offset this risk. Supplementation of iodine is not and will never be the best way to solve issues. Once we restore the nutritional balance to the brain (Read Crawford and Cunnane’s work here) the immune system magically improves. I spoke about the link of neurogenesis and the MHC1 gene in this podcast and in a blog on my site named Energy and Epigenetics 7. You might have a look.

      • John

        Dr. Kruse, I’m a bit confused. Don’t you recommend iodine as a top 10 supplement on your website?

        • Jack Kruse

          this is for those moving to a paleo template. My top choice is to eat an Epi paleo template which provides for iodine in its evolutionary and biologic package of food from the marine food chain. This is why my book is called The Epi-paleo Rx. If you can not or do not chose to eat this way then a supplement is plan B. I believe I said that in this podcast as well. I reach for real food before supplements as a rule.

  • debbie

    What were all the books recommended in the podcast?

    • Jack Kruse

      1. The fourth phase of Water by Gerald Pollack
      2. Life at the cell level and below cell level by Gilbert Ling
      3. The Body Electric by Robert O Becker
      4. Going Somewhere by Andrew Marino

  • John

    Great podcast Dave! Really enjoyed the emf aspect. This seems to be something that not many other people are talking about. Would love to hear more about this on future podcasts.

  • Alex Vigano

    The discussion on krill oil was cut short, I know that Chris Kresser has his reservations about it too. What’s Dave’s take on their view?

  • Pasi

    Thank you very much for this great interview, Mr. Asprey! Podcasts with Jack Kruse are always loaded with information, pushing the rewind button and making notes is a must.

    A question about the safe amount of proteins: Dave Asprey and Jimmy Moore say that excessive protein causes inflammation while Jack Kruse says proteins reduce inflammation and that protein loading is safe, at least for cold adapted eutherian mammals, incl. humans. Who is right?

  • Kent

    Could you clarify iodine sources and supplementation … Living in the midwest it’s not easy to get fresh raw oysters. Easy to find pastured eggs but my wife hates eggs. What would be the next best choice???

  • less-a-moron

    It is more than usual. He is not a great interviewer. Oddly he gives great interviews. But yes, much more.

  • robin

    I am really confused by what Dr. Kruse said regarding the use of bioidentical hormones. i take progesterone, DHEA, Testosterone and an estriol cream which I apply to my skin. He said something about never taking estrogen in that form, but didn’t elaborate. I’d love an explanation as to why that isn’t a good idea.

  • John

    II am a fan of Dave and Jack… as a result there was a time I did both CT and a vibration plate session in the same day.. Unfortunately I think the combo released too many toxins and caused me to have Insomnia. Also I am wondering what the quality of cabin air is in planes, and whether that has anything to do with why air travel is so stressful.

  • betsy

    Thank you sooo much for introducing Jack I have been able to use many of his ideas to help me. I’ve mixed Jacks ideas with bulletproof because I realized I have a lot of things I need to optimize and I have a lot more to learn about how to read my labs fixing my gut issues, EMF issues, doing CT now and then I can start to explore my hormones but first I need to clean up my gut issues they are causing havoc in my life. This podcast was the best. Love the new website it is really cool!!!

  • Dr. Chas Simpson

    An interesting podcast but some of this seems a bit of a stretch. Can you provide peer reviewed scientific journal articles for some of the topics mentioned (books don’t count as a book doesn’t necessarily go through the same rigorous scientific review process)? Particularly entropy causing inflation? I don’t understand that jump.

    Secondly the change in water density with the change in electrical current when Dave put a battery to his foot? Sounded to me like you didn’t even have a closed circuit so it wouldn’t have done anything. But how this would lead to a change in water density is beyond me. Density is a function of temperature volume and pressure. I don’t see any of these variables changing with a change in a miniscule amount of current if that circuit was closed. Perhaps I misheard, I was driving at the time.

    Further, some of the comments on the movement of electrons and protons around the body were made as if they’re almost equivalent in nature, just oppositely charged. Pushing electrons around is easy but protons are a different story…..

    And then there’s the conversation about transition metals. Equating a piece of metal in a microwave oven to the effect wifi EMF has on a protein-complexed transition metal is a significant leap …. if you want to talk about quantum mechanics, then the quantum environment of a bonded transition metal is significantly different to that of an alloy. At any rate, the sparking in a microwave is caused by the dielectric breakdown of air in the microwave due to the metal reflecting the microwaves and charge build up at the edges of the metal and not a direct effect of something within the metal itself. Further quantum mechanics is exactly that, for an electron of an atom to be effected it needs a specific quanta (read frequencies) of electromagnetic radiation. What is the frequency of the EMF that you are referring to because it is my understanding that the frequencies you are referring to are only in the realm of the rotational/vibrational modes and not able to excite electrons to higher valence states (like Xrays)?

    Not claiming to be an expert and very happy to be pointed out where my understanding is incorrect or simply misheard but with a Ph.D. in computational chemistry I found some of this just too much of a very long stretch to believe. Some academic papers would be most grateful. Thanks

  • Dr. Chas Simpson

    Following on from my previous comment, I listened to an interview with Gerald Pollack. This is complete and utter pseudoscience and both Gerald Pollack and Jack Kruse show a lack of the basic understandings of quantum mechanics and solvation of solutes

    How Jack Kruse can pontificate about EMF and the effects of microwave radiation and yet show clearly no understanding of how a microwave oven works is beyond me. Then preaching Gerald Pollack’s work again shows no understanding of basic chemistry and physics.

    Gerald Pollack claims that EZ water is something new and mysterious. H3O2 is not new as Pollack claims. A simple search of H3O2 provides numerous academic papers on the subject showing how its coordination chemistry. Here’re a few papers (there are a plethora available):

    Gerald Pollack’s research is hardly peer reviewed. Publishing your research in a book or in your own journal (he’s the founder and editor of the journal Water) does not meet the basics of the peer review process. Why has he not published his “revolutionary” work in prestigious journals with huge impact values which would give far greater impact of his work reach the masses in journals such as Nature, PNAS, or any of the other leading scientific journals if it is able to stand up to the scrutiny of the peer review process?

    Looking at what Pollack’s states about EZ water: He states the EZ water forms solvation shells around a solute and that there is balancing positive charge around this negative solvation shell. And from there suddenly leaps to the fact that cells are negatively charged and the entire body has a negative charge. Here’s a brief summary of what is wrong with Pollack’s claims:

    – Any first year chemistry student knows that there are more than 3 phases of water without Pollack’s new phase which immediate shows Pollack’s lack of knowledge of chemistry.

    -If the entire cell was negatively charged, our cells would repel each other and our bodies would fall apart. (High school physics, Coloumbs Law)

    – Proteins have both electrophilic and nucleophilic (read somewhat positively charged and somewhat negatively charged). To have an entire solvation shell that is negatively charged does not make sense

    – Even if the solvation shell was negatively charged with “EZ water” alone, how this suddenly makes the entire cell negatively charged is beyond me. First off, what happened to the balancing positive charge shell? It magically disappeared? Secondly, the size of a protein and the size of the cell are of the order of magnitudes different. The localised structure around a protein does not translate to the entire cell. It’s tiny in comparison to the cell.

    – Solvation shells are extremely transient. They change on the level of pico seconds. So “EZ water” structure would not last for more than pico seconds should you manage to magically ingest it.

    – Solvation shells have many layers, not just 1 layer (or “charge countering layer” as Pollack mentions and then conveniently forgets about)

    – Yes water does behave interestingly at interfaces whether it’s the border of a bottle or sounding a protein. This is very well known and not some mysterious process as claimed by Pollack. But these can only be investigated using complicated molecular calculations. In fact because Pollack claims quantum mechanical processes are at work here the only way to studies these effects would be through QM/MM or QM/MD calculations such as Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics. (See as an example). Modelling an entire protein and its solvation shells at this level is beyond our current computational power for all but the smallest proteins.

    I could go on at length at the other nonsense I heard Pollack pontificate. He makes wild claims but does not substantiate them other than saying “it must be” or “it’s likely”. This is not fact based science, this is on the same level as the homeopathy water memory nonsense.

    The fact that Jack Kruse recommends Pollacks work shows his equal lack of understanding of the fundamental processes at work.

    To qualify my response here: I have read a Ph.D. in computational chemistry studying the solvation effects of polymers in solution, so I offer a qualified comment in this space. I am not associated with any academic or pharmaceutical or chemical institution in anyway.

  • Juan More Time

    I’ve watched half of this podcast. I was wondering what was so significant about the longevity of the albatross. According to wikipedia it’s about 50 years. There are birds with much longer live spans, for example the macaw can live upwards to 100 and the african grey to about 70.

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  • David Pete

    Why would you interview a pathological liar?

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  • Colin P. Müller

    LOL @ giving Kruse the time of day. He’s a nutjob who discards all science in favor of his own hallucinations. A postmodernist hero.

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