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#1: Biohacking 101 Podcast


Andrew is a member of the Bulletproof team who has been coached by Dave for years.  Andrew talks about some of the basic principles of biohacking and what kind of results you might obtain from this fascinating new practice.

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What We Cover

  • How Andrew lost 20lbs of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle in 6 months.
  • The diet that allows you to shed fat, gain muscle, become smarter, and eat as much as you want.
  • Supplements you can use to become stronger, smarter, and healthier.
  • How to eat healthy every day of your life (and make it easy).
  • Where to look for mycotoxins in your food.
  • Andrews most successful experiments.
  • The principles of biohacking.
  • The experiments Andrew is currently running on himself and what you can learn from his tests.
  • How Andrew is falls asleep faster than ever before.
  • How to practice biohacking on a budget.
  • Andrew’s favorite tools for hacking his biology and mind.
  • Practical advice for people who want to start biohacking.
  • The best resources for amateur biohackers and health enthusiasts.
  • How to boost your IQ by 28 points in 20 days.

Links From The Show

Upgraded Self

Life Extension Magazine

T-Tapp Exercise Program


The Carbohydrate Hypothesis of Obesity: A Critical Examination by Stephan Guyenet

“The China Study: Fact Or Fallacy?” by Denise Minger

Bulletproof Coffee

The Bulletproof Diet

How To Fall Asleep 4 Times Faster


Zeo Personal Sleep CoachSleep Cycle

Heart Math EmWave 2

Pzizz. sleep audio track generator

Food & Supplements

Grass-fed Meat

Kerrygold Grass-Fed Butter

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein

Natural Calm Magnesium (very tasty)

Vitamin D

Paleo Pemmican Powder Upgraded™ Whey Protein

Brain Fuel

Jarrow Formulas Phosphatidyleserene

Extension IQ

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Books & Magazines

The Four Hour Body

Life Extension Magazine


Click here to view the transcript of #1 Biohacking 101 with Andrew Clark

Listener Q & A

  1. Can you get fat on a super low carb diet?
  2. Are omega-3 eggs healthy?
  3. What are Gary Taubes and Stephan Guyenet talking about?
  4. What’s in the China Study?
  5. What kind is deadlift should you be doing?
  6. Are mushrooms okay on a low carb diet?
  7. Does vitamin D boost the immune system?

Biohacker Report (latest studies & research)

How A Fatty Diet Gives You Type 2 Diabetes

(Article debunking “How a fatty diet gives you type-2 diabetes”)

Scientists Highlight Link Between Stress and Appetite


Check out the conference in Sweden where Dave is presenting on the privacy rights of biohackers.

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Listener Questions

1. Marrel (dave)

My question is about carbs and calories.  It seems like a lot of people are saying carbs make you fat.  Okay, I get that, but what confuses me is that so many people act like if you cut out carbs you can eat as much as you want.  I’ve heard Gary Taubes say this before and it seems like you could still get fat from eating too many calories from fat.  I’m not a fat person, but I want to be leaner and I love to eat.  If I don’t eat any carbs, can I eat as much protein and fat as I want?

2. Randy

Why should you avoid omega-3 eggs? You mentioned somewhere in the comments that you should avoid omega-3 eggs.  Why is this?

3. Chuck

What’s the difference between what Taubes and Steven Guyenet are arguing about?

4. Chuck

Yo! Have you read the China Study? Can you describe what it apparently said, in your next podcast? That would add a lot of clarity.

5. Johan

In my local gym I often see people doing deadlifts in two different ways.  One way is to have your knees in between your hands and have the knees directly over your toes.  The other way i see people doing them is with their knees outside of their hands.  I’ve tried both, and it feels easier to do it with my knees outside of my hands.  Is there a proper way to deadlift, or does it make any difference?

6. Sheilagh (dave)

Great work! In the event that one is low-carb, what are the issues with mushrooms? Particularly medicinal ones like Reish, Cordyceps, maitake, or Shiitake? Their digestive enzymes may be beneficial, at least for those who can tolerate them.

7. Jonathan

Boosting your immune system. I heard your interview on the Speculist podcast where you recommended taking vitamin D3 for this. Is this in addition to, instead of, or superseded by grapefruit seed extract?

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By Dave Asprey

  • MarkJacob

    Did Armie forget to edit this?

    • Armistead Legge

      Hiya MarkJacob :) I actually spent about 90min piecing together the interview after skype tried to destroy it. The sound kept cutting off and I had to put it back together.

      Next time it will sound much better – promise. Thanks for the feedback!

      P.S. It’s “armi” no “e” on the end.

      Take care man 😛

      other than sound quality, did you enjoy the podcast?

      • wow

        I’m pretty sure what he means is that there are a few points which you clearly should’ve edited out, around 5-6 min or so in you say you’ll edit out a false start. then around 12:00 you say you’re in your brothers room and that your house is fucking retarded. This seems like a pretty mickey mouse organization, pretty unprofessional… I stopped listening after that. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a lot more if it continued.

        I like the premises you preach, too many generalities. If you have all this data, why not tell us exactly what is taken, when? Amounts of food, supplements, etc. …

        I’ll give it to you though, neat way to sell coffee.

  • Shashi

    Dave, Thank you for posting this. Can you please post the brain supplements you recommended to Andrew for his LSAT? I am studying for the MCAT and I would love to try this stuff! I bought the I 3 (cubed) recently and looking forward to this!

  • chuck feerick

    Hey guys- great podcast! Thanks for answering my questions- that really made a lot of things make a lot more sense for me

  • Jared

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve been doing the bulletproof diet for a few weeks and just started to listen to old pod casts. I was a little worried when Armi said that he will be doing a ketosis diet for the first time. I was thinking that you guys were pretty much no carb. I’ve been basically eating coffee, butter, beef, oil, and fish. I’ve been using some Ketone Care sticks and have been showing at least a moderate level since I’ve been checking. Is this bad? Should I be taking more carbs? If so how much? I do eat some vegetables like broccoli, or spinach with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but that isn’t too calorie dense. It is also usually only with dinner. I am scared that I am not taking in enough carbs, after hearing the pod cast.

    (I’ve been low carb for a while and only recently started avoiding my morning wheat english muffin, so this isn’t too much of a change for me.)

    • Armistead Legge

      I don’t eat the same diet all the time, but I rarely go into ketosis. As an athlete, that’s a bad idea. I tried it and noticed no difference in my mental performance or mood, I just recovered slower and felt worse during workouts. Whether or not you do low carb depends on your activity levels, personal health, and food preferences.

      There aren’t any major health risks from dipping into ketosis every now and then, but you shouldn’t do it for long periods of time. If you’re still eating wheat muffins, being in ketosis is the least of your concerns. Focus on food quality first.

  • Jonathan Roseland

    I’ve been on piracatam for a couple weeks and am not really impressed by it, I will definitely be trying aniracatam! To encapsulate he took magnessium for relaxing around sleep I’m going to look into the Mwave & Zio products for meditation. One small point of critical feedback, Andrew is obviously a super sharp guy but he drops WAY to many ums & ahs into his speech… That is not a bulletproof way to communicate.

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  • Megan

    I wish the transcript was still available….:)

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